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An Zheng looked at the blood on his hands, and then he turned to Wang Meng who was lying on the floor screaming. His mind was still painful and equivocal, everything seemed to be illusory. The owner of this body had died, and the fully weak child was dead, too. If he still had revived this child’s body, it would have been a joke. An arrogant person like him agreed to live in such a weak body.


A dagger was stabbed into Wang Meng’s thigh, and the trauma was very deep because it was stabbed with cruelty and arbitrariness, but it was stabbed exactly into the artery. This body had just stopped moving for a while, so An Zheng’s hands were still shaken, and he stabbed again unmercilessly.


“It’s fine. Anyway, I am still alive. Although this body is quite weak, it is also acceptable.”, sighed An Zheng.


When his body was stiff, the childhood life flew into his mind like a movie show.”


An Zheng?


The name was not too smutty. It can be used from now on.


An Zheng stepped onto the trauma on Wang Meng’s thigh, looked down, and said calmly:


– “When you beat me that time, there were two strikes to my weaknesess. With only one dagger, you had not finished your debt yet because those two strikes could kill me.”


He took back the dagger strongly, Wang Meng shouted painfully. Boof! The sound had just made, An Zheng used the dagger to stab him again. The dagger was stabbed exactly into the old trauma without any deficiencies. The dagger and the trauma gap mixed together perfectly. It looked like the dagger had returned back into its cover. The best doctor even, could have not realize that the wound had been made twice.


The face of Wang Meng was as white as a sheet. He shouted out terribly and fainted. Who knew such an aggressive one like him was frightened to faint by An Zheng.


– “An Zheng!”


Kou Lu had an inappropriate face. Such a student who was seen as a waste in the school obviously did not pay attention to his orders and that drove Kou Lu nuts. At that time, in front of him, An Zheng was usually subservient. He obeyed all orders, and he did not dare to speak loudly. But now, An Zheng did not count on him. Kou Lu roared loudly, said angrily:


– “You already have the skills and spirit now, don’t you? It is obviously that you even ignore my words?!”


Although An Zheng turned his look to Kou Lu, he did not have any admirations but seemed to be despised, somehow.


– “How did Mister Lu teach us at that time?”


An Zheng took back the dagger and turned it around his hand:


– “Mister Lu used to say that this area belonged to the Great Nine Bandits, and the only regulation in this place was to see who the most cruel one was. If the one who was bullied did not dare to fight back, no one would feel pity for him. So Mister Lu persistently did not count on me. Now I am doing as Mister Lu has taught, but it seems… that, Mister Lu, that this is not pleasant to your eyes?”


Kou Lu was quite tall, at least a meter and nine, and as strong as a horse. Although he was not the cruelest one in the land of the Great Nine Bandits, he was the evilest. Of the Great Nine Bandits, he was the one who had the most ideas. Moreover, his hobby was to study the human body. It was said that he used to use six hundred sixty-six cuts to skin the enemy perfectly, and again with those stabs to cut through all the bones.


Kou Lu looked at An Zheng differently, and he was speechless for a while.


He was surprised for a moment and said:


– “That’s right. I used to say it like that. But I had never ever seen them bully you, but you.”


Du ShouShou was standing by his side, interrupting:


– “Mister Lu, Gao Di, Wang Meng, and Wang Zhuang have just beaten An Zheng to death. It was because they had picked a quarrel with him first.”


– “Beaten to death? Why is he still alive in front of me if he was beaten to death?”


Kou Lu continued:


– “Du ShouShou, you clearly know that I am not fond of being cheated, and you also know the results of the ones who dared to cheat me.”


An Zheng sighed coldly:


– “It does not matter if you used to see or not. I only remember when Mister Lu taught us, he usually said that the one who was bullied but did not dare to fight back was wasted, and everyone would disregard him. But it was different for the bully. When he bullied other people, he did not need to teach them about morality. If he was like that, then he would have not been a bully. Therefore, it does not matter if Mister Lu used to see or not. Because you could see that I was bullying them, not they were.”


Having finished the saying, An Zheng slowly moved toward Wang Zhuang who was shaking. He laughed out loud, asking:


– “Your elder brother has just received two stabs, now he has fainted. Being his younger brother, don’t you want to take revenge?”


Wang Zhuang suppressed his desires difficultly:


– “No… no need, my elder brother… is fine. Today’s problem was my fault. An Zheng, I beg you to drop your dagger. All before I was just joking.”


– “Joking?”


An Zheng had a cold smile:


– “Your elder brother has beaten me two times, you had beaten me up sixteen times and stepped on me seven times. Now my body is still bleeding, it really hurts. However, don’t worry! I will not aim for your weakness. Now I do not want to kill you… At least I do not want to kill you right now because from now on, I am going to gradually pay back what you have done with me before. Today I just demand payment of today’s debt, so don’t worry, you are not going to die.”


– “Stop!”


Kou Lu moved toward, brandishing a hand towards An Zheng. But while he just started to move, An Zheng had already sent out to him 23 stabs. There were 23 stabs neither more nor less because Wang Meng had beaten him with 16 fists and 7 kicks before.


23 stabs were made as fast as lightning, without aiming. So many stabs in such a short time that was so fast that normal eyes could not have caught up. In the twinkling of an eye, Wang Meng became a bloody one. He shouted out terribly, looking down to see the traumas bleeding. Such a fearful situation like that was hard to be described by words. He terribly screamed, using his hands to stop the bleeding traumas. However, he could not stop them all. In a short time, his body was full of blood.


Twenty-three stabs within two seconds.


It was too slow, sighed An Zheng. However, my blood flows normally inside now, and my hands are more stable. What made him surprised was that such the weak body was clearly not weak at all. Actually, the owner of this body trained himself every day because he did not want to be bullied. He was only weak in mentality, not physically. No matter how hard he tried to practice, he did not dare to fight back at least once.


An Zheng felt satisfied, but Kou Lu was terribly scared.


Twenty-three stabs within only two seconds.


Other people would be scared, too, but Kou Lu was a little more scared. Because he was so familiar with the human body, he understood clearly. Twenty-three stabs from An Zheng were too fast to be normal. Moreover, at first it looked like random stabs, but later the twenty-three stabs all avoided Wang Meng’s weakness.


The speed was not only terribly fast, but also precise. Was he the coward An Zheng, who was rejected? This youth was like a big cub. Although he was not too strong, his cold heart and cruelty had been completely showed up. Kou Lu felt that An Zheng in front of him was being different. He was no longer a cowardice orphan.


– “You… how could you?”


When saying this, Kou Lu did not realize that his voice was shaken. If another one could show up such a power like that, Kou Lu would see it as normal. However, this was An Zheng, not anyone else. Two seconds for twenty-three stabs would be disregarded by an enlightened person. Not only common practitioners, even a Body Techniques Practitioner who could not train himself would also see it easy to send out sixty stabs within one second after he reached the First Stage.


Although Kou Lu was as strong as an ox, he could not practice himself, so he chose Body Refining. He reached the Third Stage not too long ago. Within one second he could send out more than two hundreds fists which were too fast to catch their speed.


– “Mister Lu has taught me very well.”


An Zheng suddenly said:


– “Mister Lu used to teach that if I had wanted to be fast in fighting, there were no shortcuts but in training patiently. Every day when I came home, I practiced for more than two hours. At first it was to take out and throw knives, but later it was to stab into wooden pieces, and finally it was to stab into the dangerous spots of this wooden body. Mister Lu used to teach me the spots’ position. When I went home, I marked them all on the wooden body. However, now I do not need any such kinds of toys because I have already kept them all in my mind.”


When saying this, the strong manner of An Zheng made Kou Lu shaken. Was this little child really An Zheng? Why was he more and more different?


An Zheng looked at Kou Lu’s face, smiled and continued:


– “If Mister Lu does not believe, I will welcome you to my house, the wooden pieces and the wooden body are still right there. Every day, I spent two hours in training without any interruptions whether it was raining or storming.”


Kou Lu doubtfully said:


– “But at that time, you…”


He was saying, then An Zheng interrupted:


– “I did not resist by any means at that time? And I was a coward at that time, right? It is not so different because I have suffered enough. I am an orphan, and I have no one to rely on. I used to think that if I could suffer a little, it would be fine because it was only physical pain. However, lately those bastards have become more and more intolerable. They not only want to beat me but also kill me. I have heard that those bastards usually communicated with the hooligans, and they prepared to join a clan known as the Tyrants. They are just teenagers.”


He turned to Gao Di, disregarded:


– “People had said that if you wanted to join that clan, you had to kill humans. But those bastards did not dare to kill humans, and they also did not dare to go out, so they used me as their training tool… If it is like that, why should I suffer more? Long-suffering will cause my death!”


He looked at Kou Lu:


“I was an orphan, I wanted to live not to die, I was totally a coward just because I wanted to live… and so now is… I still want to live now, so my only choice is in resistance. Once I resist, it must be completely done. From now on, how anyone treats me, I will pay them back twice.”


Kou Lu was totally surprised, but he did not know what to say. The eyes of An Zheng really shook him.


When Gao Di was turning to run away, he heard An Zheng’s voice:


– “Wanna go? Have you paid me yet?”

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