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The knife that An Zheng had used to attack  those guys was obviously not his suitable weapon. However, it was more than enough since those people were groaning non-stop. Those groaning sounds were more pitiful than cats in heat. The silver bars were full of blood, and the blood infiltrated into the ground, changing the soil into a dark bloody red-like evil soul.

The two-meter circle was not big, but it was a perfect diameter for An Zheng to have used his knife. He stood at the center of the circle, so he could use his knife precisely no matter what direction they came from. The knife slashed wildly and made the people fall to the ground, unable to stand up. Therefore, outside there were many people laying down although they did not die.

With An Zheng, killing people was not too difficult. However, An Zheng had his limitations. If anyone went beyond the limitations, he would surely die. If he was still within the limits, he could have saved his own life once. These limitations were for the truly evil. The people who had rushed into his house did not deserve death.

When tens of people had fell down and heaped up like a wall of bodies, the others from the outside finally understood. They began to step back and looked at each other as if they asked why you didn’t rush in there. After all, they all responded with the same question. In the South Mountain Town, using weapons for fighting was a daily routine.

However, those who were beaten down were strong adults, and the one who defeated them was a skinny ten-year-old child. Therefore, the scene was so attractive, and the smell of blood was so enticing.

An Zheng cleaned up the blood from his face. The warm blood gave him a joyful feeling from gratitude and revenge. In the past, he had used the long swords to make the rules, each strike wrote down a regulation.

– “You have not answered me. Why do good people have to obey the law, but the evil do not? Who had finally made this kind of regulation?”

The youth was covered entirely with blood all over his body. When he asked this question, no one had dared to see him as a dummy.

-“Is it true that people who break the rules are bad?”

From outside, a man responded unconsciously. He could not feel that his legs were mushy.

An Zheng stretched his lips and laughed with his bloody face. His teeth were ice white and caused the people to be terribly frightened:

– “That’s a good answer. Therefore, rules were basically made not to force good people but the evil. On the other hand, this circle is the rule. Because you dared to break the rule, you must now pay for your faults.”

No one had understood what he was saying.

When the first person turned back and ran, it was hard for the remaining ones to reject. They all ran away. However, the sunrise had not come yet. It had been just some minutes since An Zheng took down the first one and the others ran for their lives. He set out so precisely that everyone was totally scared. The traumas seemed to be quite serious on the outside, but no one was terminally injured on the inside.

Chen Pu stood at the end of the street and continuously changed his feelings because he did not know if he should stick with his plans or not. The Great Nine Bandits’ men did not appear. Not only did the nine black turtles did not dare to appear but also the ruffians did not show up themselves. Obviously, the Great Nine Bandits had already known the Chen’s family’s plan. Therefore, if that youth was killed, were there any advantages in this plan?

A youth with white feather clothes came to Chen Pu and stared at the house. This youth was older than ten years old. He was a head taller than An Zheng. His clothes were so beautiful, and he was so handsome with an arrogant manner that no one could understand. He was only a teenager, but his eyes were more profound than an adult’s.

His face was like pearl, his lips were pinky-white, and he looked so handsome.

– “Third uncle, you wanna kill that orphan boy?”

The youth pointed to An Zheng.

Chen Pu bowed and said respectfully:

– “Little dandy, the first plan was to aim at the Great Nine Bandits, and that little child was just a prey. However, the Great Nine Bandits’ men had not showed up. It was obvious that they had planned to free that little child. Therefore, this plan shall be postponed. I was about to go home and ask for instructions from the master. And he will show us what to do next.”

– “Such a small thing like this does not need my father’s hand.”

The white-coat youth waved his hand to say:

– “If the plan was revealed, we just fall back. Besides, that little child is quite interesting. He is many times stronger than all of Zhang Lei’s men. Third uncle bring him home for me. If the Great Nine Bandits don’t want him, then I want him. This person is typically cruel. If he is trained well, he will become a talented assistant in the future.”

He turned back,

– “In the future, I am going to inherit the Chen heritage. Now I am eleven years old. It’s time to find an assistant for me.”

Chen Pu felt a bit chill. He was little scared of this eleven-year-old child. He wondered why he had never felt that the little dandy was human whenever they had met. The little dandy was as cold as a demon from hell. He looked at An Zheng sitting on the chair resting and felt that the little child had caused many people in having much more deep feelings.

– “As you wish! If little dandy has already made his decision, we will stop this plan.”

Chen Pu waved his hand, and the assassins of the Chen family fell back.

– “Third uncle, I am eleven years old. From now on, call me dandy without the word “little”. It is too difficult to hear.”

The white-coat youth left the order and went away. Many of the people escorting him looked like the protectors of the Emperor. Those children were taught by the white-coat youth. Maybe they will become the loyal dogs of the white-coat youth soon. No matter who the white-coat asked them to attack, they would immediately tear up the target.

Chen Pu went for a distance and he looked back. He found that An Zheng was throwing those groaning people out of his yard’s fence. That youth took the legs of the injured people and he pulled them like pulling dead dogs. Finally, he threw them from his door.

An Zheng felt tired because he did too much. Moreover, his body was serious injured. Therefore, whenever he acted, his trauma made him hurt. After throwing the last one out of the door, he breathed hard and came back to the yard to sit down. There was full of sweat on his face. It was not due to tiredness but pain.

The trauma caused by those students in the school was not healed, and his internal organs were as hurtful as being wrenched. An Zheng found around for healing medicines. If I can’t stand, then I must use medicines. Anyway this body is not similar to it was in the past. There are thousands of medicines in his mind. Healing medicines of the Tribunal were based on his research and making-up. However, he didn’t even have enough ingredients to make even the most simplest of medicine now.

At that time, An Zheng heard some footsteps on the mud. He did not need to look to know Du ShouShou’s. This person walked and breathed very strongly. He ran to An Zheng.

When An Zheng turned up and looked, he saw Du ShouShou full of surprise. The bloody scene outside must have shakened Du ShouShou.


– “An Zheng, are you ok?”

The fatty stepped on those people’s blood while rushing into the yard, and his sandals were dyed with blood color.

An Zheng shook his head:

– “I’m fine. However, the internal injuries caused by Wang Meng and Wang Zhuang doesn’t feel good.”

Du Shou Shou bent down and carried An Zheng on his back:

– “Let’s go. We will go to the pharmacy. You scared me. I also do not know if the blood is yours or the others.”

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He went two steps and looked back at the silver bars. He picked up some and put inside his chest. Doctor Song did not accept person but money. People without money could not dream to check at his pharmacy. The fatty looked at the silver bar circle:

– “What a pity! If we leave, this silver bar can be stolen.”

An Zheng waved his hand, and the knife launched on the center point of the circle. His action was accurate and beautiful.

An Zheng turned on Du ShouShou’s back and smiled:

– “Let’s go! With this knife, those little ruffians in South Mountain Town will not dare to come. Chen family saw that the Great Nine Bandits did not appear. If I am not wrong, they may help him to take care of the silver bars.

Du ShouShou did not know why An Zheng was so sure, but he just worried about An Zheng’s injury. He carried An Zheng to the only pharmacy of South Mountain Town. The kitten went out from An Zheng’s chest and turned its tiny head to look around innocently.

At the end of the street, Chen Pu waved his hand:

– “Protect this house. If anyone dares to touch the silver bars, just kill them. If the Great Nine Bandits’ men come, tell them from no on An Zheng will be Chen family’s guest. He does not have any relationship with the Great Nine Bandits any longer. A person who the little dandy wants cannot say no with him.”

Having finished saying, he turned back and left. Tens of people from Chen family separated to the house and protected An Zheng’s house.

On the main road, Du ShouShou was carrying An Zheng and running as fast as lightning. An Zheng was so shocked that he felt his internal organs were shaking around inside his body. However, it was lucky of him that Du ShouShou was fat, so the shock was not too terrible. Therefore, An Zheng couldn’t help asking:

– “Fatty, you don’t even eat much. Why are you too fat?”

– “Damn it! How can I know? Tell me! Do you think I’m happy with all these meat?”

– “Obviously not!”

– “So An Zheng, with three thousand liang’s, how long can we spend for meat?”

– “You’re a poor person. Was your life goal for eating meat only?”

– “Damn it! If I can eat meat for the rest of my life, why do I need a life goal?”

– “Haha. That’s a good point. I give up!”

An Zheng laughed out loud, making his internal organs hurt. However, he was excited of laughing, so he could not stop. It seemed that he had not found out such a true friend like this for a long time. An Zheng laid on the back of the fatty and thought to himself that from now on he had to give meat to this fatty every day non-stop for the rest of his life. However, when he thought again, he realized that the life goal of this fatty was so simple that he needed just meat. A person who had a simple life goal would be easy to satisfy, so he would be also happier.

– “Fatty, what if I give you a senior mandarin position later?”

– “It’s not very good. That position should be yours. It’s enough for me to be your subordinate. ”

– “If so, you will beat anyone whom I ask you to do?”

– “That’s right!”

– “So we make a deal. From now on, if I ask you to beat anyone, you must rush toward him and beat.”

– “It’s no problem except my parents.”

– “It’s nonsense! Why do I need to beat your parents? One more thing, fatty! What kind of girl do you like? Is she fat, beautiful, or skinny? From now on we are famous people of South Mountain Town. We will surely have many fans then.”

– “I like a girl who is white and fat. Skinny girls may not have enough meat to eat, she will fight with me for my meat. But it may be different for the fat one!”

– “Meow meow!”

The white kitten Xiao Shan made a sound as if it looked down on the life goal of Du ShouShou.


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