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The Chen family seemed to be polite enough to help bring the three thousand liang’s to An Zheng’s rustic house. Du ShouShou looked at the chest full of the silver bars, and his eyes revealed a thing which was so familiar with An Zheng which he hated. He came to Du ShouShou, smiled and said:

– “You like them? You can have them all.”

Du ShouShou was surprised:

– “An Zheng, what did you just say?”

An Zheng said:

– “I said that I would give it all to you if you like.”

Du ShouShou was dumbstruck:

– “But these silver bars are for you.”

An Zheng slapped Du ShouShou’s shoulder:

– “Fatty, I hope you will keep in your mind that money is very good, specially good. It can help us get a better life. However, money cannot be compared with people’s friendship. If you like them, just keep them for yourself. You are my friend, so these silver bars are nothing because you did dare risk your life for me, so that is the most valuable thing.”

Du ShouShou was totally shocked and was about to cry:

An Zheng, I really cannot believe that you have such a sense of honor. But I won’t take these things because you have truly deserved them.

An Zheng waved his hand and said:

– “Fatty, you must keep in your mind that money is just a tool for us to get a better life. Once being a tool, it can never be compared with friendships, ever. However, I forgot one thing. With our capacities now, how can we protect these silver bars? If you bring them to your parents, it will not be good but terribly dangerous.”

Du ShouShou turned pale:

– “So, what should we do now?”

An Zheng said:

– “Let me see. Since we have defeated the Tyrants, news of it must have spread out in the whole South Mountain Town, those little ruffians must think about their positions. As you know in such a place like the Illusory Perennial Domicile, three thousand liang’s are enough for the deaths of many people. Now, you should go home and take your parents to the school. At night, you must not go out no matter what happens. The school belongs to the Great Nine Bandits. Temporarily, no one will dare to rush into there.”

Du ShouShou pulled An Zhen’s hand in hurry:

– “What about you?”

An Zheng smiled while saying:

– “When we were outside of the tavern, I was thinking of how to live freely later. I wanted not only to have money but also to scare the baddies. Once scaring the baddies, they will not dare to cause anymore troubles. The three thousand liang’s is a big hole, and I will wait here to see who will jump into it.”

– “An Zheng, let me help you!”

Du ShouShou seriously said.

An Zheng pushed him at once:

– “Go with haste! If those people know you, they will come to your house and find you. They obviously work without humanity. What if they hurt your parents? Now you should go with haste and bring your parents with you to the school.”

Du ShouShou hesitated for a while, but finally he turned back and ran. While running, he looked back and shouted loudly:

– “An Zheng, you have to wait for me. Once I finish taking care of my parents, I will come to you. We will overcome all dangers and difficulties! We will together, dare all hells!”

An Zheng waved his hand, and then he went back inside. Creeeeak! The door was opened from the inside, and Kou Lu slowly showed up. Kou Lu’s face looked unpleasant. However, An Zheng had known that it was Kou Lu that was there, so he was not surprised at all.

Kou Lu moved forward. He looked at the wooden stick and the wooden body in the yard, and he also saw a knife on the ground. This wooden body had obviously been made by An Zheng, and the body was marked with spots. Kou Lu used to know about these spots. They were accurately marked with no errors. Moreover, the slashing marks were very clear at the pressure points.

– “You did lie.”

Kou Lu pointed at the wooden body:

– “It is obvious that you always trained yourself. Moreover, it seems that you used the long sword accurately. Tracing the slash marks, I can see that you can precisely aim towards an enemy’s dangerous points whenever you fight. Therefore, I was more curious as of why you had showed up yourself as really weak boy in the school. If you acted as cruelly as you had done with this wooden body, Gao Di’s men would not have dared to cause any troubles with you.”

An Zheng shrugged his shoulder:

– “At school, I used to explain, so I don’t want to explain again. It’s just because I want to be alive.”

Kou Lu moved to the chest full of silver bars, turned down and took a look:

– “I know what you did outside of the tavern.” Those people were the dangerous dogs that were raised by the Chen family so that the little son of the Chen family could have played with them. The Chen family are very strong, and they are so strong that even we have to respect them. Therefore, although your behavior had made me excited, the Chen family are still more powerful.”

An Zheng said:

– “I know that you came here to check if I had told you a lie, and then you will have left.”

Kou Lu nodded:

– “Yes, I will leave. Though I want to train you more, but I don’t want to make any mistakes towards the Chen family. Do you think that the Chen family had given you the three thousand liang’s because they had respected you?”

An Zheng stretched his lips:

– “At least within today, I am not as valuable as these three thousand liang’s. The Chen family gave me three thousand liang’s which means that they will take action towards the Great Nine Bandits. If the Great Nine Bandits protect me, the Chen family will probably have reason to declare war. They will say that you had asked the students of the school to beat their men into serious injury. However, the Chen family is committed to continue their relationship with the Great Nine Bandits, so they refunded the three thousand liang’s. In contrast, the Great Nine Bandits did not know what was bad or evil…”

An Zheng had not finished speaking when Kou Lu interrupted:


– “It’s not necessary for you to tell me all. Your thoughts are far beyond my imagination. Therefore, if anyone comes here in a while, I am not going to take any action and I will not show you up. Although the Great Nine Bandits are not that strong within the Illusory Perennial Domicile, they do not bow down to ask for mercy. If you can still live, after tonight, I am going to accept you as my disciple.”

Having finished speaking, Kou Lu turned back and left the small house.

– “Mister Lu!”

An Zheng looked on Kou Lu’s back and shouted:

– “Would you mind doing me a favor? This matter isn’t related to Du ShouShou, so will you please take care of his family, won’t you?”

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Kou Lu stopped and said without turning back:

– “Yes! The school of the Great Nine Bandits is not a place where everyone can just senselessly barge into. Rushing into your house is different from rushing into the school.”

An Zheng smiled, and he felt more relaxed. If he had been able to heal even one out of ten thousands times, he could have been able to protect Du ShouShou. The Great Nine Bandits, however, were not sure about their promise. However, the more cruel they were, the more that they kept their promises. If the Chen family really fought the school, then the Great Nine Bandits would have certainly fought back.

– “Mister Lu, one more thing.”

An Zheng shouted out loudly:

– “In being a good person, one must follow regulations and laws, so they are the barriers. But a bad person is different. He will not care about any laws and regulations, and he will work on his own. Therefore, in this world, should we allow the good to live or the evil? Is this world fair or not?”

Kou Lu stopped, thought a little, and then he shook his head:

– “If the good do anything that they like, are they still good?”

An Zheng replied:

– “If so, it is necessary to see if that person is still him.”

Kou Lu did not say anything, and he left in hurry. Maybe it was because An Zheng’s words were aimed directly to his weakness, he walked quickly and uncontrollably. A person who had reached a high level in Body Refining could not have walked uncontrollably like that. Therefore, when An Zheng saw Kou Lu leave, his eyes had revealed something complicated.

Waiting until Kou Lu had left, An Zheng kicked down the chest. Such a big chest needing many strong men to carry it, had been kicked down by him, and silver bars were scattered on the ground. An Zheng kicked the scattered silver bars and made a two meter circle, and then he moved the chair to the center.

Having finished, he put the kitten into his chest. The kitten was so scared at first, but it was later chilled out when being inside of An Zheng’s chest, so it slept very well. An Zheng comforted the head of the kitten, and he said softly:

– “There are too much unfairness in this world. However, regulations fail to control the evil but the good. From now on you will follow me. Together, we will use our own rules to build up order in this Illusory Perennial Domicile. Sometimes, good people must go on the same way with the evil and overcome all difficulties. I will give you a name called Xiao Shan.”

He looked at the knife on the ground and shook his head.

“There are no other weapons… so we must accept.”

He stood up, picked up the knife, put it on his back, and then he came back to the center of the circle and sat down. Having just sat down, he shouted out. He stood up immediately and looked at the knife on his back. It seemed not to be so good because it touched his lower part. An Zheng opened his pants, looked at his “little brother”, and got surprised. Such a small body had such a powerful item…

– “This boy was not only small but also skinny, but the “little brother” was strong and big. It certainly was not equivalent for this body.”

An Zheng talked with himself, and then he sat down, and took a nap until night.

When he heard the sound of footsteps, it had not been sunrise yet. An Zheng sighed, greed always occupies people’s mind. Those people must not be the Chen’s family’s men because the Chen family will not have been hasty like this. He could guess from the sound of footsteps that these people did not know kung-fu because they stepped too strong and too fast.

An Zheng slapped the knife and said: “Tonight you will be full.”

– “Oh my god! There are so many silver bars!”

He heard from outside a shout full of greed. After that, someone used his tone to overwhelm him:

– “That little bunny, get the fuck outta here if you are wise. These silver bars belong to ye ye. If you are still there, I will stab you to death.”

– “You little child, do you hear that? We have given you a chance to run away. Don’t think that in having defeated some ruffians means that you are very good. In this Illusory Perennial Domicile, anything can happen, and you are nothing. You should get the fuck outta here now, or your father will be very cruel with you.”

– “What are you wasting your words for? Come inside and take the money!”

An Zheng opened his eyes and looked outside. It’s very good. There are at least six to seven people. There are many kinds of greed on their cruel faces. In a place like the Illusory Perennial Domicile, I can see such faces everywhere.

An Zheng stared at them and asked them an honest question as he had used to ask Kou Lu:

– “Do you know that good people will be controlled by regulations, but the evil are free from such rules. If the evil are allowed to live, where is the fairness?”

– “We don’t care if your motherfucker is the good or the evil. Your father has come here just to take the money.”

– “No more words! The Illusory Perennial Domicile has no good people!”

They jumped down from the wall.

Faraway at the end of the street.

Chen Pu stood and saw those baddies moving into the small yard. He had a cold smile:

– “You must be crazy. Did you think that it would have been easy to take money from the Chen family? You just need to wait for a while to see if the Great Nine Bandits show up or not. If the Great Nine Bandits protect this little child, you should just move forward and say that we had come to visit An Zheng but get injured. After that, you will ask the Great Nine Bandits to explain. If you succeed in this, all of the Southern Mountain Town will belong to us.”

Having finished speaking, he changed his look:

– “Wait a minute!”

In the small yard, there were many people on the ground outside of the silver circle. Once anyone came into the circle, An Zheng would raise his knife and chopped without any mercy. After a while, the silver bars turned into red, and corpses were covering the silver bars. That youth looked like a wild beast which had not matured but still showed its sharp teeth.


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