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An Zheng carefully remembered that the Chen family was a big family in the South Mountain Town. All the stores on the streets were his real estate. All trading activities were protected by him. Moreover, it was said that Chen’s family men had relationships with the boss of the Illusory Perennial Domicile, and even the Great Nine Bandits respected the Chen family.

Du ShouShou kept An Zheng tightly and begged him not to go, An Zheng suddenly understood. That such a small clan like Zhang Lei’s men could have gone around this South Mountain Town, and even the Great Bandits Hall did not kill them. There must have been a great influence behind them. Now it seemed that the Tyrants had been just a flock of dangerous dogs raised by the Chen family.

The person who had come to invite An Zheng was only around fourteen years old. He looked simple with a nice smile. However, the An Zheng now was not the An Zheng of the past. He just stared at that person to see the murkiness behind that smile.

– “My name is Chen Pu!”

The middle-aged person politely introduced himself, and then he talked to An Zheng:

– “Our Master has known that it was you who had just taught Zhang Lei’s men a lesson. Our Master had said that a hundred Zhang Leis could not have been as strong as you, and although a hundred of the Tyrants could not considerably be compared to you. The Tyrants were only established so that Zhang Lei’s men could play with our little dandy. Trading in such a place like the Illusory Perennial Domicile, one must not ignore studying from cruelty. Our Master established the Tyrants in the hopes that our little dandy could study, and it was not really of importance. Our Master said that An ye had just came and played with our dandy, the results must have been more efficient than the Tyrants.”

He pointed backwards:

– “There are five thousand liang’s inside, our Master knows that An ye is quite difficult in your daily life. It was because our Master did not find out who you were sooner. If he had found out who you were sooner, he would surely not have let you live in such difficulties.

An Zheng turned his look to Du ShouShou:

– “Check the money!”

Du ShouShou nodded but could not stop reminding An Zheng:

– “An Zheng, for thousands of times, please do not go.”

Chen Pu smiled:

– “It is not necessary that An ye follow us right now. Our Master has said that he could wait. An ye also knows that our little dandy is the only inheritor of our Master, so our Master can do everything for the little dandy. You and the little dandy are of the same age, so it is easy for you to make friends with our little dandy. You only need to think twice, and then you can go to Chen house at any time.

An Zheng said yes shortly:

– “I will surely come to greet your Master sometime.”

Chen Po clasped his hands, turned back and intended to go when An Zheng asked him again:

– “Three thousand liang’s are mine, the remainings are not related to me. If you don’t mind bringing it back! Thanks for your help, Chen ye.

Chen Pu’s face changed a little:

– “This is from our Master…”

An Zheng knitted his brows:

– “Who told you that the sincerity must be accepted? Sincerity is your business, accepting or not is mine.”

An Zheng extremely hated this kind of speech. He used to meet those kinds of people in the Tribunal. Because of hating them like that, An Zheng had many enemies. There were many people who had wanted to dump him because his existence had damaged their benefits. It was because of those people that had beaten him stealthily, that his body was seriously injured.

However, those problems were far behind An Zheng. No healing, no revenging. The haste now is to heal quickly. The people who had wanted to dump him would surely not stop once, if they were not sure that An Zheng had died.

What An Zheng had just replied to Chen Pu was from his unconsciousness. It was his characteristics. However, when Chen Pu had heard that, his eyes revealed cruelty. Everyone in the South Mountain Town must have respected the Chen family. However, that youth rejected his sincerity. It was his first time in seeing such a situation like that. However, when thinking about his Master, Chen Pu temporarily controlled himself.

– “An Zheng did not want to receive, so I will bring it home.”

Chen Pu turned back and waved his hand at the men carrying the chest with the two thousand liang’s to leave.

For a little while, Du ShouShou was full of sweat:

– “An Zheng, I think that you should leave here. You have made a mistake towards the Chen family, it will be hard for you to live in this South Mountain Town. Even the men of the Great Nine Bandits will not be able to protect you. Now you have a lot of money, you had better leave the Illusory Perennial Domicile and live in another place.”

An Zheng shook his head and smiled:

– “You believe that this amount of money is easy to take?”

Having said that, he again thought of what he had done before.

Du ShouShou did not pay attention to the changes on An Zheng’s face. He said anxiously:

– “So what should we do now? We cannot make mistakes towards the Chen family. At first if we knew the Tyrants had belonged to the Chen family, we would have avoided them. What should we do now? Men of the Chen family will surely not cool it down. Moreover, you also rejected that Chen Pu, and you did not respect him at all.”

– “Respect?”

An Zheng blinked:

– “Haven’t you heard about the Tribunal? Respecting the scoundrels is not much more different than being on the same boat with them.”

Du ShouShou was terribly surprised, and he did not understand why An Zheng had mentioned this, but he still nodded:


– “Who doesn’t know about the Tribunals of Fuxi Dynasty?!”(1). The Blue Boorish Mountain where we are living is located just in a small corner of the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan. The Illusory Perennial Domicile compared with any of the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan will be as an ant compared to an elephant. However, the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan compared with the Fuxi Dynasty will be as small as a grain of sand in the desert.”

Having finished his words, Du ShouShou’s eyes got shinny:

– “In the legend, the Fuxi Dynasty was hundreds of millions square miles, and it was the largest dynasty in the world. In the past, those who came to live in the Illusory Perennial Domicile was told that the Fuxi Dynasty was the richest empire in the world, and no place could have been compared with it. And then the most well-known things in the Fuxi Dynasty was the Tribunal… Those robbers or thieves were as scared as a mouse whenever they had heard about the Tribunal.”

An Zheng had a smile in which Du ShouShou could not understand. Was it an arrogant smile?

Du ShouShou might not have believed that the person who was standing in front of him was not his close friend An Zheng anymore but Fang Zheng, the Tribunal leader who had set those crimes on fire. Talking about Fang Zheng, who in the Fuxi Dynasty didn’t know of him? Maybe each name had the word “Zheng”, thus Fang Zheng was familiar with this body.

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An Zheng was obviously dead. Now the living one was Fang Zheng, the leader of the Tribunal, the one who used to take the winds out of its sails, now borrowed An Zheng’s body to spawn.

Maybe hiding something inside had made people uneasy, so An Zheng sat down next to the road, and said:

– “I have also heard so much about the Tribunal of Fuxi Dynasty. Do you want me to tell you?”

Du ShouShou liked to hear about hero’s stories the best, and he was also very external. He sat down next to An Zheng:

– “You stay at home all day, how can you know more than me? However, just go ahead! Let’s see how much you know more than me.”

An Zheng smiled, used his tone in which Du ShouShou did not understand, and said:

– “You just see that this is the story of another one… the Fuxi Dynasty was so huge, and its one state was also tens times bigger than the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan. Moreover, the Fuxi Dynasty had 99 states like that. Due to its hugeness, the Emperor of the Fuxi Dynasty did not know of everything that was taking place in the dynasty, and he could not solve everything by himself.

– Fuxi Dynasty was so huge that there were also many baddies as well as their bad occurrences there. If he had wanted to maintain justice in this dynasty, there must have been a powerful supreme court to share with the Emperor. ShouShou, let’s think that in such a small South Mountain Town like this also exists those like the Chen family and the Great Nine Bandits, so in the Fuxi Dynasty, how much would there be? They did not care about the laws of Fuxi, and they only wanted to earn money.”

An Zheng pretended to be thinking, which surprised Du ShouShou. This manner was as an adult that was thinking about something painful. However, at An Zheng’s age, where could he have find out about such a painful thing like that?

An Zheng’s eyes seemed to be worried, and he pretended to look at something far away, but it seemed to be nowhere.

– “The Tribunal was the most frightening thing of those people because the Tribunal had an honest and upright leader whose name was Fang Zheng, and the “Zheng” is similar to my name. For the justice of the Fuxi Dynasty, Fang Zheng made a lot of mistakes to many of the big bosses. Those people felt strong hatred towards Fang Zheng. They had used all means to dump Fang Zheng, but Fang Zheng was so strong and clever that they had no chances in doing so.

– One day, the Emperor of the Fuxi Dynasty was informed that one of his sons had met trouble in the area of the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan, but he could not go there. As a result, he had assigned the duty to Fang Zheng in whom he trusted best. Fang Zheng and that prince also had a good relationship. Hearing that the prince was in danger, he immediately ran to the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan… and he was trapped in the Blue Boorish Mountain.”


An Zheng glanced at Du ShouShou:

– “ShouShou, do you know anything about practitioners?”

Du ShouShou was already crazy about the story and he unconsciously shook his head:

– “No. Practitioners are too far beyond my knowledge. Although my big brother stays in a sect, he in fact cannot practice, and he just does chores there. However, all the people in my family are honored through him, and Gao Di’s men did not dare to tease me.”

An Zheng said:

– “Practitioners are divided into levels based on their capacity. The very first step is Cleansing the Marrow. If the sect finds that a person has potential for practicing, they will take him to Cleansing the Marrow. After Cleansing the Marrow, his body can afford the Sumeru stage. This is the very first stage called the Pure Essence Stage. After the Ninth Stage of Essence, coming to the Cultivation Base. After the Cultivation Base, your body can consume as much cultivation power as possible, creating powerful force. Like Kou Lu, because he could not practice, he could only do the Body Refining. However, the Ninth Stage of Body Refining is just equivalent to the First Stage of Sumeru. Obviously, there is an exception for the Opening Stage. Once a Body Refining Practitioner reaches the Opening Stage, his capacity will be high. However, such a person like Kou Lu will not be able to have a chance for the rest of his life. At the most he is only able to practice to the Fifth Stage of Body Refining.

– Higher than the Sumeru Stage is the Desire Internment Stage. It is called the Desire Internment Stage because only you can control your own desires, the practitioner can get higher. Higher than the Desire Internment Stage is the Basic Ampleness Stage. Once being able to control his desires, it can be seen as the basic satisfaction, so it is called the Basic Ampleness Stage. The Basic Ampleness Stage is already so strong. I guess that the whole Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan cannot find out such men of the Basic Ampleness Stage. Higher than the Basic Ampleness Stage is the Great Ampleness Stage, and above the Great Ampleness Stage is the Sky Stage.”

An Zheng kept saying:

– “Looking at people, I see that there were just a few people who could reach the Sky Stage. Fang Zheng was the one who reached the Sky Stage. Moreover, he had reached the Ninth Stage of the Basic Sky Stage. In the whole of the Fuxi Dynasty, those who could have practiced more powerfully than him could just be counted on the fingers of one hand. What a pity… he was trapped and had died outside of the Blue Boorish Mountain.”

– “Aha!”

Du ShouShou surprisingly shouted:

– “The leader of the Tribunal Fang Zheng was dead? How could you know?”

An Zheng was startled a little, and then he smiled:

– “Certainly, I just made a wild guess. How could such a person like him die?”

Du ShouShou beat on An Zheng’s shoulder:

– “You scared me to death. How could such a great hero die?! It’s good if one day I could be able meet him, but I am only afraid that I will die by excitement.”

An Zheng turned up and looked faraway:

– “You will meet him, I’m sure.”

– “Meow meow…”

The kitten in An Zheng’s chest made a sound which was most likely to tell Du ShouShou: “You must believe in my master’s word.”


(1) Fuxi is a mythical emeperor who credited with creating humanity and teaching them how to hunt, fish, cook as well as inventing the Cangjie (Kanji) writing system.


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