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An Zheng stood still in the yard for a long time, his slim shadow looked like a lonely tree.


He pushed the martial school’s door, and old Huo stood up to pull him back, but he did not keep him tightly.


Zheng ZhuangBi had hidden in a secret corner for a long while before he dared to show up. After that, he looked at the headless corpse of Qiu ChangChen and yelled some wicked words.


When he raised his head, he saw An Zheng walking to the academy. He was quite nervous and bent down to see something in his hand. That was the item which was left by Mu ChangYan. People said that it came from the Yan Kingdom, and that it was something unpredictable. Zheng ZhuangBi used to see Mu ChangYan use that item.  In the past, he used to ask Qiu ChangChen to borrow it for him many times, but Qiu ChangChen consistently refused. At that time, An Zheng had stepped forward. Although he was not tall, he looked like a mountain pressing on Zheng Zhuang Bi’s chest.


– “You… what are you doing?”


Zheng ZhuangBi asked roughly.


– “Kill you!”


An Zheng said:


– “Before dying, Master Qiu had told me not to interrupt those people because I was not their opponent.”


Zheng ZhuangBi held the item tightly in his hand, but he still stepped back:


– “Do you think you can still overwhelm me?”


An Zheng walked for half a way. Suddenly, he stopped and moved back.


Zheng ZhuangBi sighed with relief:


– “I have already known that you dare not. From now on, there will be no bastard like Qiu ChangChen protecting you anymore, and you will have not peaceful days anymore. Your father wants to sell you to be servants, and the girl to the parlor house.


An Zheng came back to the martial school, and then he rang the bell.


Du ShouShou’s people were sleeping deeply, and none of them knew what was happening.


Du ShouShou cleaned his face while going out. He was the final one going out. Even Xiao QiDao had reacted faster than him.


An Zheng stood at the gate and saw them. His face was quite emotionless.


Gu QianYe pushed opened the windows. She wore her sleepwear and seemed to be skinny. She was very surprised and wondered why An Zheng had rung the bell at mid night.


– “There are some problems and I need to have your opnion.”


An Zheng thought for a while and said:


– “Based on the plan, we are going to the capital of the Yan Kingdom within three more years because Xiao QiDao’s mother used to tell me that we shouldn’t go there too soon. But I have to discuss with you right now. After tonight, maybe we can leave the Illusory Perennial Domicile forever to come to the Yan Kingdom and the city of Feng Gu. If you are not ready, I will give up this idea, and we’ll go to another place.”


Qu LiuXi was still asleep, but she could feel the seriousness from An Zheng:


– “I’ll follow you. However, we should listen to Xiao QiDao.”


Xiao QiDao nodded gently:


– “Although I don’t know what bro An Zheng is gonna do, I still follow you. No matter what decision bro An Zheng gives, I’ll still obey you.”


Old Huo held An Zheng’s hand tightly:


– “No.”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “Yes… Although I didn’t agree with Qiu ChangChen, he still mentioned a thing to me before he died. He asked me to join the army of the Yan Kingdom. I haven’t thought about this yet, but now I cannot but think twice. Ye Aunty essentially didn’t want the Yan Kingdom to know about Xiao QiDao’s background. But now that Master Qiu is dead. If the Yan Kingdom knows of this information, they will probably arrange people to come here to inspect, and they may find us.”


He spoke slowly:


– “But for Xiao QiDao, we still have to go, not necessarily to Feng Gu city but another place is possible.”


All the people did not know what had happened to An Zheng until they heard that Master Qiu was dead.


– “Now you guys should think.”


An Zheng went out:


– “If I return, I hope to hear your results. If I cannot return, fatty, you lead their way.”


– “Where’re you going?”


Du ShouShou shouted.


An Zheng waved his hand and the bronze bell flew to his hand.


– “Kill, or be killed!”


He went to the main gate of the martial school. The kitten, Shan Ye, seemed to feel its owner’s feeling. It ran forward from afar and jumped on An Zheng’s shoulder. A man and a kitten then went to the opposite academy.


– “Lead them to the Repugnant seal.”


An Zheng told old Huo and threw the key of the Repugnant seal to him. Old Huo caught it and lured other people to the Repugnant seal without any hesitation. Only Gu QianYe was standing without any motion at the windows. After a while, she jumped out and ran to the main gate.


An Zheng took a deep breath and mumbled:


– “This job is quite rude. Anyway, I have a revenge which hasn’t got… but this is me.”


He cut a strain on his finger while walking. He applied his blood on the Blood Cultivating Pearl. He held the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin in his right hand and the bronze bell in his left.


At the opposite academy, Zheng ZhuangBi looked weird. He was holding a sword, a very common longsword. Mu ChangYan used to say there were nine famous swords in the Yan Kingdom, and that one that he was holding was ranked seventh.


Its name was Duan Li.


– “If you want to die, then I will die.”


Zheng ZhuangBi sighed coldly:


– “You are only at the Essence Stage, but you dare declare war with me. I am thinking if I kill you with my current position, people will laugh at me. At the moment, you are finding death for yourself, so don’t put any blame on me.”


An Zheng went to the main gate of the academy and looked at the disciples gathering together:


– “You should go now. If not, I’ll kill each and every one of you tonight, and I won’t care about anyone.”


Some people were scared, but some smiled coldly.


– “An Zheng, do you think you are very good? Finally, you are only at the Third Stage of Essence, but our master has reached the Sumeru Stage for many years. Even a thousand of you are not his rival.”


– “You are crazily ambitious. If you kneel down to ask for mercy, maybe our master will give you a living chance.”


Zheng ZhuangBi thought about the sword in his hand, and his anxiety had decreased:


– “Have you thought twice yet? Although your bronze bell is very strong, I only need to avoid one strike of the bronze bell, and I can kill you in the twinkling of an eye.”


An Zheng took a deep breath and wondered if he was quite aggressive at that moment. After that, he answered himself… “That’s right! You’re quite aggressive. In this world, no one at the Third Essence Stage dares to declare war with a person at the Sumeru Stage. The one of the Third Essence Stage and the one of the Sumery Stage were far different from each other like heaven and earth, like sea and wave. If people could declare war at any time, then level classification would be meaningless.”


But An Zheng knew that although he was aggressive, he could only stay strong in his mind. Although he did not take any actions on his own, Zheng ZhuangBi would also do so. Zheng ZhuangBi would not have allowed for them to keep living. Therefore, his action was not revenge for Qiu ChangChen but for everyone and for himself.


It was not beyond declaration but suicide.


– “Idiot!”


Gu QianYe spoke lowly, and an item appeared from her hand. Since the time she took over the patriarch position until that moment, she had never used the item. She usually wore it on her neck or put it on her clothes.


An Zheng knew Zheng ZhuangBi was not wrong, and he just had one chance to take action. If the bronze bell could kill Zheng ZhuangBi at the first attack, it would be the best. If the bronze bell could, then he would surely die.


Their level was too far different.


It was a battle which could not but happen. At the time that Qiu ChangChen died, An Zheng did not have any ways to fall back.


– “Little hybrid. Although you are very stupid, your name may be mentioned for very long time. You will be seen as the number one idiot because you used your Third Essence Stage to declare war with me.”


Zheng ZhuangBi laughed loudly:


– “I’m holding the Duan Li sword, and your bronze bell may not be able to cope with it.”


In the Repugnant Seal, old Huo was feeling dizzy by the sound of the bronze bell.


– “Don’t worry. An Zheng may not lose.”


Old Huo knew his saying was not different from idle talk, and those children would not believe. However, in his mind, he really thought so… It’s true. Although An Zheng was a child, and his cultivation base was just at the Third Essence Stage, he was very lucky. Until that moment, he could not explain An Zheng’s fate. A person who had just practiced and a person who had just jumped to the practicing world… but that person had met many strange and ghostly chances.


He was so strange that old Huo had no way to explain. Purple level treasures usually have spiritual mind. They would not fall to those who had just started to practice. Although that person could own them, they would not recognize them their owner.


The treasures like the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin, the Blood Cultivating Pearl, the Corpse Covering Rag, and the bronze bell could not be bought by the whole properties of a kingdom.


At the main gate of the academy next to Qiu ChangChen’s corpse, An Zheng took a deep breath and bent down to pay his respects to Qiu ChangChen:


– “Thank you for your consideration, I have never accepted your suggestion, but I now will.”


He stood up and looked at Zheng ZhuangBi.


Zheng ZhuangBi was somewhat nervous. Although he consistently thought little of An Zheng and laughed at him, he was still worried. His humiliation and bully were to get him calm. An Zheng was just a newbie in practicing, but why was he afraid of An Zheng? What was his fear?


It was just his fear and still his fear.


Zheng ZhuangBi unconsciously learned from An Zheng. He also took a deep breath and took action first.


He lost one arm, and it was a great handicap with a practitioner. His power was extremely injured. When he fought with the ancient devil, his cultivation base was also seriously lost. Therefore, he could not be sure he could avoid one strike from the bronze bell although he was holding the Duan Li sword.


Zheng ZhuangBi slashed the sword, and it flared up.


In the night, the flare looked like lightening.


In the sky, there were some dragon roaring sounds.


The sword suddenly flew to An Zheng, and he basically had no time to defend himself. Although he reacted very fast, the difference was still it was.


Zheng ZhuangBi’s stage was Sumeru, so it was child’s play to kill a person of the Third Essence Stage.


If the sword came, it would kill a person.


An Zheng saw Zheng ZhuangBi slash the sword. While he had no time to fight against it, the sword had already come to him.


As soon as the sword was close to An Zheng’s chest, a pearl from the Blood Cultivating Pearl glowed up. It was the pearl with the four words…The North Ming Fish.


The fish scale appeared and shielded An Zheng in front of him.


However, although the fish scale could just only prevent the sword, it could not prevent the power from the sword. As a result, it was pushed backward to An Zheng’s chest. An Zheng felt that his whole body was separated. If the fish scale had not shielded An Zheng, his body would have been crushed.  At that time, An Zheng knew that he was so confident, so he could not find out any way to fight back then.


Yes, he really had no way to have a decisive battle.


But he did not need to fight.


Sometimes, fate was strange like that. For a person, it was called fate. For an enemy, it was called destiny.


If Zheng ZhuangBi had been able to live gor one more second, he would have died by angriness.


But he had not. He died within a second.


The fish scale prevented the Duan Li sword, and the Duan Li sword could not get through the fish scale. Zheng ZhuangBi was quite startled. He felt angry and used up all of his strength to kill An Zheng. The bronze bell got big to protect An Zheng, so his strength was prevented. Zheng ZhuangBi got mad again and one more time used the rest of his strength to attack. After that, he saw the eyes which were endless as the galaxy.


Shan Ye suddenly raised its head and roared. It was not a meow sound but a lion’s roar.


An image of a huge lion appeared. The strong lion slashed his claws on Zheng ZhuangBi’s face. Zheng ZhuangBi screamed terribly and fell to the ground. Shan Ye picked up the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin and jumped up. The image of the strong lion kept Zheng ZhuangBi’s leg, and Shan Ye rushed forward with the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin, and The Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin was stabbed down.


The kitten was then exhausted and laid on Zheng ZhuangBi’s body.


All disciples of the academy were stunned. They stood still there without any motions. They did not even know what had just happened there. They were all waiting to see An Zheng’s body be crushed, but all they had seen was a white kitten kill Zheng ZhuangBi by stabbing him.


Was it a kitten? It was an immature kitten.


Shan Ye raised its head to say meow as if it was talking with the image. The image suddenly disappeared, but the Corpse Covering Rag appeared… the Corpse Covering Rag used to be together with the Pair of Eyes that went through Nine Cycles of Reincarnation in fighting. At that moment, it flew toward and chopped off Zheng ZhuangBi’s head, after that it made a strong wind to blow the disciples of the academy away. No one knew how many disciples were dead, or how many of them had lost their arms and legs.

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