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At that moment, what mostly made An Zheng stumped was the Blood Cultivating Pearl. That bracelet had turned into a dark purple color. Normally, the bracelet would lose its color after a long time of using it, but An Zheng’s hadgone darker and darker. Only two pearls of the Blood Cultivating Pearl had already opened, and one stored the herbal farm. When An Zheng was injured or got level-up, the herbal farm would provide herbs to cure him.


Another pearl seemed not to have much effect. It could only be used as an inventory.


Now, the third pearl seemed to be changing. If An Zheng had not seen those small words, he would not have realized it.


– “How strange it is!”


Old Huo did not also understand:


– “The pearl revealed four words, was it made possible by the fish scale? But once the pearl had opened, you must have felt it.”


An Zheng said:


– “I completely felt nothing.”


Old Huo smiled:


– “So, you have to explain to the people of the Ancient Hunting Clan by yourself. You are keeping their people’s property, so I want to see how you can explain yourself.”


An Zheng stood up:


– “Although they don’t want to hear it, I also have to explain. I really didn’t have any intentions towards this fish scale.”


He asked Old Huo:


– “What does “The North Ming Fish” mean?”


Old Huo shook his head:


– “I have never heard about any historical event like that.”


An Zheng unwillingly went to Gu Qian Ye to explain although he knew that it was hard for him to do so.


– “Watch the blue rag!”


Old Huo shouted out from behind:


– “Don’t use it too much!”


An Zheng stopped:


– “What’s that?”


Old Huo replied:


– “I had tried to find some books talking about it, and when you left, I had found out the answer. It is not a magical weapon but a dark weapon… Its characteristic is hard to guess because its only effect is to cope with dead people. Why did Shan Ye realize this? Because Shan Ye itself…”


Right that moment, old Huo seemed to hesitate.


An Zheng nodded:


– “I know, Shan Ye is a kind of demonic beast.”


Old Huo said yes:

– “Shan Ye’s eyes that went through Nine Cycles of Reincarnation can find treasures. No matter whom The Pair of Eyes that went through Nine Cycles of Reincarnation used to belong to, its owner used to come to many tombs or graveyards. And such places always had guardians or treasures to control dead people. The raw name of this blue rag is the Corpse Covering Rag. Besides, it is also known as the Ghost Tie Rag which specializes in facing dead people. Shan Ye was familiar with the Ghost Tie Rag because the former owner of The Pair of Eyes that went through the Nine Cycles of Reincarnation possibly used to use the Ghost Tie Rag in fighting.”


An Zheng nodded and said nothing more. According to the legend, The Pair of Eyes that went through the Nine Cycles of Reincarnation was godlike. That pair of eyes was perhaps not Shan Ye’s nature, but no matter how it was, Shan Ye still had some pieces of memory about its previous life.


When An Zheng passed by a classroom, he saw Qu LiuXi feeding Shan Ye with medicine. Shan Ye’s physical health was too weak, so it needed to be fortified so that its eyes, which had gone through the Nine Cycles of Reincarnation, could be activated. Once The Pair of Eyes had gone through the Nine Cycles of Reincarnation was activated, Shan Ye could get stronger. This was an endless cycle. Therefore, if he wanted Shan Ye to be able to self-protect, he had to base on many kinds of herb or holly germs from magical beasts so that Shan Ye could increase its physical health.


Qu LiuXi saw An Zheng, and her face turned red. She leaned aside in order not to see him.


An Zheng went to the martial courtyard and sat down opposite with Gu Qian Ye. He did not also know what Gu Qian Ye had said to her henchmen so that those rude strong men laughed out loud when they saw An Zheng. An Zheng sat down, and they automatically stood up to move away.


– “Have you thought twice?”


Gu Qian Ye asked.


An Zheng asked again:


– “Thought what?”


Gu Qian Ye said:


– “Follow me home.”


An Zheng nodded:


– “Already thought. I will never ever go home with you. However… however, I have lost your fish scale. It may be hiding somewhere. But I really can’t find it. I will try my best to compensate you until you feel satisfied.”


Gu Qian Ye smacked her lips:


– “You have lost my item, so just be mine, and I will not consider more.”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “Be serious! I am very good at treasure examining. If you agree, I will help you to examine treasures in the future. If I can find out any useful treasures, I will bring them to your hand.”


Gu Qian Ye basically did not pay attention to An Zheng’s speech. She just sat with her chin on her hand and looked at An Zheng:


– “I don’t care about any other things but you.”


– “Succubus!”


Qu LiuXi suddenly ran forward and took An Zheng away:


– “We won’t care about her anymore!”


An Zheng smirked unhappily:


– “But I’m in debt with her…”


Du ShouShou also ran forward:


– “Although you are in debt, you cannot use yourself to pay.”


An Zheng:


– “Shut up!”


Gu Qian Ye smiled and shouted out from behind:


– “I’m not in hurry. I’ll wait for your answer. From now on, I will live here. What you guys do, I’ll do. Where you go, I’ll go, too. Little sister Qu LiuXi, I’ll go to bed with you at night.”


Qu LiuXi plugged her ears:


– “No way, no way, no way.”


Although the age of Qu LiuXi and Gu Qian Ye was not too far from each other, Qu LiuXi obviously could not surpass Gu Qian Ye. One was so light-faced, another one was so artful. Therefore, who was superior than the other, was so clear.


No one could believe that Gu Qian Ye was so said so done. She just kept Gu Man and a girl who was the same age to her to stay with her there, other people were asked to go home. When leaving, those strong men also respectfully paid their respects to An Zheng. When they left, they also spoke in the language of the Ancient Hunting Clan for a while. Anyway, An Zheng understood nothing. Du ShouShou also sat down and pretended to be an interpreter:


– “Majesty, we have to go now. You should treat our queen by your best. Otherwise, we will emasculate you.”


An Zheng gazed at Du ShouShou, and Du ShouShou laughed evilly:


– “Maybe I am also an Innate Master because I can understand ethnic minority languages.”


With the existence of Gu Qian Ye, people there met difficulties in practicing. Normally, they would get in the Repugnant Seal to practice, but Gu Qian Ye was there, so An Zheng did not dare to reveal the miracle of the Repugnant Seal.


It was very strange that Gu Qian Ye basically did not care about An Zheng’s people. An Zheng instructed Du ShouShou, Qu LiuXi, and Xiao QiDao to practice, but she was sitting not far away from them, swinging her beautiful legs. Sometimes she smiled.


– “Practice in short is ‘opening’.”


An Zheng stood at the martial courtyard, and those three sat down on the chairs to listen seriously.


An Zheng kept saying:


– “The more you open your Qi Sea power, the more power you can take in. Every time you get leveled-up, is the time when it is opened. Leveling up is the result, practicing is the accumulation. We practice nonstop and accumulate power to the Qi Sea, and then we get through it. Just do it many times. What follow your success is leveling up. At the Essence Stage, you don’t need too much power for your Qi Sea. Your natural power is all good, so you will get leveled-up very soon.


– But, don’t be hasty!”


An Zheng said:


– “Don’t think that quick leveling up is good. Doing it too fast is basically not stable. Therefore, with some practitioners, although they see that they are going to get level-up, they still control themselves in order to accumulate much more power.”


Xiao QiDao leaned his little head and asked:


– “But I couldn’t control it, so what?”


An Zheng smiled and answered:


– “With you, the best choice is to follow your nature.”


Du ShouShou did not agree:


– “Why? Is it possible that natural power is greatly different like that?”


An Zheng said yes shortly. Just one question but it was too difficult for An Zheng to explain to Du ShouShou more.  Before leaving, Ye Aunty had said An Zheng that Xiao QiDao did not belong to the human way… he was the will of God.


In the past, An Zheng used to meet a person who was the will of God. So far that person had still been a thorn in An Zheng’s side.



An Zheng asked them to keep practicing, and then sit cross-legged in the martial courtyard to stabilize his breathing. It was very difficult for him to open his Qi Sea, so he did treasure practicing. Since the Qi Sea was opened, An Zheng’s cultivation base proceeded quite smoothly. But he did not know why he could feel enough. Typically, once the Qi Sea was opened and the cultivation base was increased, a practitioner could get leveled-up.


However, since the competition with the academy and An Zheng in one step having reached the Third Stage of Essence, his level so far had not increased yet. He could still feel that power was consumed and went through the Qi Sea inside, but he could not have any reaction. It seemed that his Qi Sea was still empty, and he could not feel that the power had accumulated inside him.


At night, An Zheng asked people to go to bed first and wait for Gu Qian Ye to sleep so that they could get in the Repugnant Seal.


An Zheng was bored and sat on a stair to have a chit chat with old Huo.


– “I’m feeling that you are not an Innate Master.”


Old Huo stared at An Zheng:


– “You have something more special.”


An Zheng smiled:


– “You bribe me, and I will tell you.”


When they were talking, they heard some noise from the opposite Illusory academy. After that, the three-floor building collapsed.


An Zheng stood up strongly and saw some people help Qiu ChangChen to jump out from the academy. Behind them were ten people in long red silk outfits were chasing after. The bodyguard of the Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry consistently protected Qiu ChangChen. At that time, there were only four or five people left. Under the moonlight, the people in long red silk outfits looked very impressive. In front of the outfit was a picture of a big sun.


The leading man among them waved his hand, and then hundreds of light beams were shot down like rain.


– “Sword formation!”


Four, five knights of the Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry were protecting Qiu ChangChen in the middle. They moved the longswords in their hand as fast as lightening. They had cut many shot-down beams, but they finally died because their power was far behind. Those light beams were sharp knives and as thin as a cicada’s wings cutting off the bodyguards.


– “Good brothers!”


Qiu ChangChen pitched the great javelin to the ground and saw his henchmen die with tears.


An Zheng immediately stood up and waved his hand. The bronze bell flew to him from afar. However, when he was about to take action, he saw Qiu ChangChen look at him and shake his head. Suddenly, Qiu ChangChen laughed loudly:


– “On the battle field, men of the Yan Kingdom would rather die than fall back. The Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry, kill!”


Although he was injured, he still rushed forward.


At that time, a voice was raised in An Zheng’s mind:


– “An Zheng, hope you think twice my words. In the future, if you agree, please join the army of my Yan Kingdom. Today you cannot take action. The enemies are from the Clan of God of the You Kingdom. Therefore, you are not their opponent. If you take action, you will only get harmed. You have to be careful in the future because these people have come here by Zheng ZhuangBi… From now on, the Illusory academy is ruled by Zheng ZhuangBi will find all means to get revenge from you. I am no more now, so you have to be careful.”


When hearing those words, An Zheng was quite shocked. But he was just quite shocked because Qiu ChangChen returned.


The great javelin released bright rays which were extremely powerful. It directly killed the leading man in the red outfit.


– “I, Qiu ChangChen, have joined the Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry. I have killed endless enemies on endless battle realms. After I had come to this academy, I lived in pleasure and slept with many girls. Until my last breath, I can kill some enemies. My life is really meaningful!”


He strongly threw the enemy’s general away, and the rest of people in red from behind attacked at the same time. Endless light beams were shot out, and they created many holes on Qiu ChangChen’s body as if he was shot by bullets. His whole body was dyed with blood.


Qiu ChangChen raised his head:


– “Kill!”


He threw the long javelin out, and the javelin immediately got through two enemies and got them exploded.


Qiu ChangChen was standing there unsteadily, but he did not fall down.


– “I was born to be a man of the Yan Kingdom… my life is not wasted.”


He just died in a standing manner. Although he had died, he did not close his eyes. He coldly looked at the people in red who were rushing towards him.


An Zheng held his hands tightly. He felt extremely sorrowful, which could not be explained.


He and Qiu ChangChen did not have any relationships, and they were not familiar. But he knew that thanks to Qiu ChangChen, Zheng ZhuangBi did not dare to take action on the martial school. Until that time, the You Kingdom and the Yan Kingdom were like water and fire. The tartars from the You Kingdom were arranged by Zheng ZhuangBi. To kill a deputy general of the Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry was a suitable reason for the You Kingdom to arrange their people to pass through miles far to come there. An Zheng felt bleeding inside, but he could not take action because he still had old Huo, Du ShouShou, Qu LiuXi, Qu FengZi, and Xiao QiDao on his back.


– “Chop off the head and bring it home!”


The leading man in red ordered, and a person immediately stepped forward to chop off Qiu ChangChen’s head.


– “You Kingdom will cite you for your merit.”


That person turned to tell Zheng ZhuangBi. After that, a glow flared up and those people disappeared.

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