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The robe made from ox’s vein was hardly able to keep the ancient devil tied and bounded. It was extremely powerful. Moreover, its body was as hard as steel, so the bodyguards basically could not have done anything. Moreover, Zhuang FeiFei had ordered not killing the ancient devil, so the Value Assembly Courtyard had suffered many great losses.


An Zheng looked at Zhuang FeiFei coldly. He looked at a girl owning a beautiful face but wicked. He used to think that she had characteristics of a trader. But he could not believe she was so wicked like that. Because the ancient devil can be used to refine medicine, she did not care about how many people had died. But a second then, An Zheng suddenly thought about… using the ancient devil to make medicine. Moreover, the ancient devil was a thousand-year-old one, so there was only one possible reason.


He looked at Zhuang FeiFei:


– “Are you going to recover someone’s soul and last his life?”


Zhuang FeiFei grinded her teeth and said:


– “You ask too much.”


The bodyguards at her side did not dare to kill the ancient devil because they were afraid that the ancient devil would release its poison. Therefore, they seemed to hesitate, and the ancient devil had based itself on that to kill many more people. The more blood that was dyed on the ground, the more aggressive it became.


Gradually, many tartars of the Illusory Perennial Domicile had surrounded, but most of them just stood there to observe. No one intended to take action.


An Zheng held the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin in his hand and said:


– “I don’t care whose life you want to last, but this one has killed too many people.”


He bent down and jumped to the ancient devil.


At that time, An Zheng heard someone call him. He stopped and looked back. He saw Qu LiuXi and old Huo running toward.


– “Go!”


Old Huo waved his hand, and something blue flew out from his hand. When An Zheng saw that item, he was shocked, and then he realized that was the rag which Shan Ye always gazed at when they were on the main street. It was unbelievable that the rag got bigger and bigger. After a while, it was about three or four meters wide like a cluster of clouds. The rag seemed to have spiritual mind. It automatically flew to the ancient devil.


The ancient devil roared loudly and it turned back to run away. Its jugular vein was cut apart by An Zheng, so its head leaned aside while it was jumping, which looked very awkward. His rag like cloud flew toward. After a while of chasing after the ancient devil, it quickly covered the ancient devil. Although the ancient devil was very powerful, it could not struggle to escape.


The blue rag fastened the ancient devil, and the ancient devil struggled nonstop like a worm.


Old Huo shouted:


– “Cut off its leg’s vein.”


An Zheng immediately ran forward and opened the rag. He found two legs of the ancient devil and cut them apart. The Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin was a purple-level treasure. Although An Zheng had not made use of its power, he could at least use it like a sharp weapon. The ancient devil with its hard body could not stop the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin. An Zheng cut of the leg’s vein of the ancient devil so that it could not jump anymore.


– “It’s mine. You cannot take it!”


Zhuang FeiFei saw An Zheng catch the ancient devil, so she was frightened. She ran forward from afar, jumped up and struck An Zheng’s nape.


But she did not intend to injure An Zheng. She just wanted to force An Zheng in giving the ancient devil to her.


An Zheng turned around and pointed the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin accurately toward Zhuang FeiFei’s artery. Zhuang FeiFei avoided and sent out a fist to An Zheng’s nape. An Zheng also avoided and stabbed the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin in Zhuang FeiFai’s palm. Zhuang FeiFei knitted her brows. She closed her fingers and stabbed An Zheng’s throat, but the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin had been waiting there. Zhuang FeiFei’s power was far leading An Zheng, but she did not want to injure An Zheng by her cultivation base. Therefore, after three times acting, she could not prevail.


– “Whom do you want to save?”


An Zheng put the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin close to the ancient devil’s chest:


– “I can give the ancient devil to you, but I wanna know your purpose in using it.”


– “Save…”


Zhuang FeiFei thought for a while, and then she grinded her teeth, saying:


– “Save my husband.”


An Zheng was shocked. He could not believe the answer.


In a short while, he did not know what to say. However, he was still bored of the way Zhuang FeiFei had carried herself recently.


– “You let many people die just because you wanna save a dying person?”


An Zheng sighed.


Zhuang FeiFei suddenly kneeled down, her knees touched on the hard ground:


– “I beg you… I can use anything to exchange with you. I also reject the thing that the Ancient Hunting Clan brought here. By the way, you can take anything from the Value Assembly Courtyard. I will never change my mind. I essentially bought that coffin because I wanted to save him. I have asked you to come and examine because I wanted to see if it was really a thousand-year-old ancient devil…”


An Zheng asked:


– “At that time, your henchman let a blood drop down to the coffin carelessly. Was it arranged by you?”


Zhuang FeiFei opened her mouth widely, but she was speechless.


– “How snaky you are!”


An Zheng said coldly:


– “Due to saving your husband, you did not hesitate using us to release the ancient devil.”


– “I had no other choice.”


Zhuang FeiFei raised her head:


– “If not, kill me now. You kill me, and then you ask my henchmen to bring the ancient devil home. An ye, I only need your ancient devil, and then the Value Assembly Courtyard will owe you a great gratitude. I don’t care when you will come and ask for your returning, the Value Assembly Courtyard will not refuse for sure.”


It was the first time An Zheng had seen Zhuang FeiFei cry.


She was a girl whom An Zheng could not understand. Maybe An Zheng would never know the secret behind her. She was unstable in her mind. She even had no just reasons of what she was doing, but she was so madly in love that she could die for her husband. An Zheng was a little shocked. He suddenly understood a saying which he could not understand when he was a practitioner… ‘Love, sometimes it is scary.”


– “Did you bring a jar with you?”


An Zheng asked.


Zhuang FeiFei nodded strongly, and she took out a jar which seemed to have been made from refined steel.


– “You need Jiangshi’s poison, but I can’t give you its corpse.”


An Zheng opened the blue rag, and the ancient devil’s chest was revealed. At the first sight, the rag seemed to be old and ragged. Moreover, there were many holes on the rag. But An Zheng had recently known the power of the holes. Thanks to them he could open any position on the rag.


– “Jaingshi’s poison is in its heart, so you can take it.”


An Zheng did not want to see Zhuang FeiFei’s face anymore, so he stepped aside. Zhuang FeiFei took out a glove from a kind of magical weapon which had been prepared before. After that, she took out a knife which was as thin as the cicada’s wings. She tried to open the ancient devil’s chest. Although the knife was not normally sharp, it was really inferior to An Zheng’s Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin. At that time, the ancient devil struggled crazily, but it could not escape from the blue rag.


Having taken the ancient devil’s heart, Zhuang FeiFei carefully put it in the jar. Finally, she sighed with relief and bowed down to An Zheng:


– “Thank you!”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “Bring the Buddhist Relic Furnace to the martial school.”


Zhuang FeiFei immediately agreed:


– “I will immediately order my people to bring it to the martial school.”


An Zheng turned back, and he suddenly did not want to see Zhuang FeiFei anymore. He tied the ancient devil’s head with the robe and dragged it to the martial school. He looked very tired. The crowd swarmed over him to see, and then they applauded.


– “Long live An ye!”


Among the shouting voices, An Zheng looked lonely.


Back at the martial school, An Zheng had burnt the ancient devil with a torch, and then he brought its ashes to be buried behind the mountain. Maybe the ancient devil had an unhappy old story, but no one could find out that old story. Someone used to say that each ancient devil had its own debt from previous life which could not be dissolved. Otherwise, it would not have released such  intents of hatred like that. An Zheng did not know how many ancient devils or Jiangshies would appear in his world, but he knew that there were some people who were not likely different from the ancient devils or Jiangshies although they were still alive.


Gu Qian Ye seemed to be more curious about An Zheng. Wherever An Zheng went, she followed up. She consistently put her hands on her back. She did not also say anything, and her eyes got shinier and shinier whenever she looked at An Zheng.


– “Not bad, really not bad. Although he is quite young and skinny, he will become stronger if he is fed with more meat. His face is not very handsome, but it is good-looking. I am very pleased with him.”


After following An Zheng for two hours, she finally raised her voice. However, her words had made An Zheng thunder-stuck.


– “What do you mean?”


An Zheng asked.


At that time, Qu LiuXi came and stopped in front of An Zheng:


– “She used to say that… she wanted to take you to be her husband!”


An Zheng laughed:


– “You must be kidding. You, mistress patriarch, are you blind?”


Gu Qian Ye looked at An Zheng satisfactorily:


– “I’m very pleased with you. Later on, I will order my people to bring the betrothal gifts here.”


An Zheng got dizzy, and Qu LiuXi was so angry that her face turned red.


Gu Qian Ye did not also say anything more. She put her hands behind her back and went to the opposite martial courtyard. Gu Man’s people were grilling meat there, and the sweet smell of the grilled meat spread out to all directions.


– “She… hey An Zheng, your good luck in love is gonna come.”


Du ShouShou burst out laughing:


– “That little girl is also good-looking. When she grows up, she will be a beautiful girl.”


An Zheng:


– “F*ck off!”


Du ShouShou curled his lip:


– “She doesn’t like fat meat but skinny one.”


Qu LiuXi stepped down, turned around and ran away.


At the same time, people of the Value Assembly Courtyard had already arrived at the martial school with the Buddhist Relic Furnace. An Zheng received the furnace. He hesitated for a while and asked:


– “Where’s your mistress?”


Their expressions were quite complicated:


– “Mistress has left the Illusory Perennial Domicile.”


An Zheng said yes shortly and thought to himself: “Maybe I will never see Zhuang FeiFei from now on.” However, he did not know why he felt relaxed. Because he was bored of her, he had better not see her again.


The sunset was exposed to the martial school, and the shadow of each person was stretched out.


An Zheng sat on the stair to chit chat with old Huo. He gave old Huo the Buddhist Relic Furnace and asked old Huo to give it to Qu LiuXi.


– “Why don’t you give it to her on your own?”


Old Huo asked.


An Zheng smiled:


– “Why do you let a sect head like me do such a little job?”


Old Huo:


– “You were startled!”


An Zheng:


– “Don’t play a joke on me anymore… You’re a senior, so can you be more serious?”


– “That little girl seems to be quite strange.”


Old Huo said.


An Zheng nodded:


– “That’s right. I don’t also know why Qu LiuXi always gazed at me whenever she saw me.”


Old Huo curled his lip:


– “I’m talking about Gu Qian Ye.”


An Zheng was surprised for a while, and his face turned red:


– “So… what’s strange? She follows me, and she definitely doesn’t want to force me in being her husband. Their Holly Fish’s scale is still in my hand, so it will be strange if they leave here.”


Old Huo picked up the bronze bell to look, and then he shook his head:


– “Not see.”


An Zheng argued:


– “It had clearly sneaked in there.”


Old Huo looked for a long while:


– “Really. I can’t see it.”


When An Zheng bent down to see, he realized something strange with the Blood Cultivating Pearl. He looked carefully and found a pearl inside which still closed its mouth. Moreover, there were also some words on it, but the words were too small, so he could not clearly see it.


An Zheng moved it higher to see more clearly, and he could vaguely see four words. However, he did not know what those four words meant. Old Huo saw that An Zheng was trying to see something, so he pulled An Zheng’s hand toward so that they can together see. Old Huo was old, and his eyesight was weak. Therefore, it took him very long time to see. Those were four ancient words which were very complex. Moreover, they were too small, so it was very difficult to see them clearly.


Those four words were… The North Ming Fish (1).




(1) The North Ming Fish: According to the legend, North Ming refers to a place resided at the northern end of this world, where the sunlight cannot reach. Dwelling there is a fish and his name is Kun. Kun is a mythological creature which can turn itself into a massive bird called Peng. This myth arose from an actual fossil discoveries in northeast China. China recently made an animation based on this myth, which was called “Big Fish & Begonia” ( I’d recommend you to watch it haha ).

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