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When Du ShouShou saw the ancient devil, he was obviously frightened. No matter who it was, whenever seeing a Jiangshi (1), people were terrified. Du ShouShou had never seen a Jiangsi. When the ancient devil jumped to the door of the martial school, Du ShouShou was so terrified that he was about to fall down. Finally, the ancient devil was scared by the bronze bell and ran away. It was also scared by the great javelin of Qiu ChangChen, so it had to jump far away.


– “Why didn’t you kill it?”


Du ShouShou asked.


An Zheng was about to explain while Gu Qian Ye put her hands back and said pretentiously:


– “I was thinking that you were geniuses, but actually, you are idiots… The fearsomeness of the ancient devil is not from its power. It is not more than a steady bone. Getting it killed is not a difficult job. Its true fearsomeness is its poison. Once we kill it, the poison will be spread out, and the whole Illusory Perennial Domicile will become hell. Finally, it will attract an infinite amount of Jiangshies from under the mountain to come here and destroy all the villages where ever they may pass.”


Du ShouShou’s body was shaken:


– “Any way to solve?”


Gu Qian Ye said:


– “Yes, but it’s too dangerous. People of the Illusory Perennial Domicile have to go outside and clean up the covering snow. However, who dares go outside to do this risky job? The power of the ancient devil is at least at the Sumeru Stage. Once you are careless, you will be killed by it.”


Du ShouShou saw An Zheng jump to the wall. He could not help shouting out:


– “Hold on! That creature is too dangerous!”


An Zheng said:


– “People in the town cannot stop the ancient devil.”


Du ShouShou:


– “But you cannot, either. Although the bronze bell can kill it, how can it stop the poison?”


An Zheng:


– “The bronze bell will stay here to protect you. I will go out to observe.”


At that time, Du ShouShou understood that An Zheng returned with haste because he worried for the safety of Qu LiuXi and the other people. At that moment, the bronze bell was placed at the martial school, it was clear that An Zheng had planned to cope with the ancient devil all by himself.


– “You turned out to be an idiom.”


Gu Qian Ye mumbled.


Du ShouShou:


– “Shut up your mouth!”


He also jumped to the wall:


– “An Zheng, you should think twice. This job is too dangerous.”


An Zheng said:


– “That creature is really dangerous, but it has no brain, and it completely depends on its ghostly feeling. It can feel the power which is stronger than it, so it dares not get any closer to us. If it is a brainless creature, it is not too fearsome although it is stronger than us. I will go to see it, and then I will consider the situation. Later on, we will have a plan.”


After saying, An Zheng jumped down and went ahead on the main road. Du ShouShou also jumped down and chased after.


Gu Qian Ye shrugged her shoulders:


– “Two idiots.”


Gu Man tapped on his head:


– “But their courage is appreciated.”


Gu Qian Ye pointed to the opposite martial courtyard:


– “Go prepare meal!”


Gu Man said yes shortly and took the henchmen to the other side.


Gu Qian Ye found a place to have a seat. As soon as she had just sat down, she saw a little beautiful girl gazing at her.


– “Who are you?”


She asked.


Qu LiuXi replied seriously:


– “Qu LiuXi from the TianQi Sect.”


Gu Qian Ye felt excited:


– “Why did you gaze at me?”


Qu LiuXi replied:


– “Our sect head is not an idiot, and neither is Du ShouShou. You are not allowed to yell at them.”


Gu Qian Ye was shocked, and then she laughed out loud:


– “You turn out liking him, the skinny or the fatty?”


Qu LiuXi’s face turned red:


– “I am a TianQi Sect’s person, so I do not allow other people to speak ill of my sect head behind his back.”


Gu Qian Ye:


– “Just show up your mind, don’t try to hide it. You are twelve years old, aren’t you? It is really the age for a first love. However, the one who you are in love with is really interesting. Even I am falling in love with him. I was just thinking if I should take him to be my husband.”


Qu LiuXi immediately got nervous:


– “You dare!”


Gu Qian Ye:


– “The little girl is worrying now. You seem to respect him very much. However, the more other people love him, the more I want to possess him.”


Qu LiuXi:


– “This place does not welcome you. I ask you to leave.”


Gu Qian Ye:


– “Good. Let’s wait until he comes back, and I will take him with me.”


Two little girls argued excitingly, but Qu LiuXi was one level lower than her rival. Talking about those two girls was very funny. One girl was just eleven and the other one was just thirteen. They were not even at a suitable age to talk about love. Their love at that moment was just who treated me well would receive my love. However, it was the purest love. Gu Qian Ye was sitting there like a sprite, and Qu LiuXi was standing there like a gladiator.


An Zheng surely did not know that Qu LiuXi was arguing with Gu Qian Ye at that time. He was paying all his attention on the ancient devil. The ancient devil performed roughly, but it was extremely fast. When he was at the Tribunal of Fuxi Dynasty, there was a year in which the Fuxi Dynasty had to suffer from droughts. Rivers had dried up and revealed some coffins. Some people were stupid enough to open the coffins because they intended to steal some valuable things. As a result, they had to cope with the ancient devils.


When the Tribunal people arrived, some villages had already suffered from disaster, and more than a thousand people died. Therefore, An Zheng was so familiar with that creature. He knew how to cope with it, but the only problem was that his current power was too weak.


– “Actually, there is a way to cope with the Jiangshi.”


An Zheng ran fast while talking with Du ShouShou:


– “The Jiangshi cannot bend its knees, so it has to use its feet to jump, and it cannot jump high. A person who cannot practice can climb to a high place. But this ancient devil is so strong, and it is hard as metal, so it can easily demolish the buildings around it. Normally, we just need to buffer a piece of wood under the Jiangshi’s feet after catching it so that it cannot touch its toe to the ground. At that time, although even if it is not tied tightly, it still cannot jump.


At that moment, Du ShouShou believed that An Zheng was an Innate Master, so he had no doubt of An Zheng’s saying.


– “Are you sure to defeat it?”


– “If I were not sure, I would not return to the martial art.”


– “So, why are you chasing after it?”


– “This… although I’m not sure, I still have to do it.”


Du ShouShou also felt that An Zheng was a hero. In Du ShouShou’s mind, the hero was usually a tall person who wore an iron amour and a red overcoat with a long spear in his hand, rushing towards thousands of soldiers as if he was in a desolate place. Or a hero must be a person who wore a white outfit with a flying sword under his feet, flying thousands of miles to kill ghosts and demons. An Zheng’s appearance was many times far behind those heroes in his mind, but again and again, Du ShouShou felt that An Zheng deserved this hero’s title.


There was no one on the main street. All the people were frightened that they all ran home and shut their doors fast. And the ancient devil seemed to be vague. It jumped nonstop on the street. Sometimes, it stopped for a while to look around without knowing what to do.


Du ShouShou and An Zheng were hiding behind a wall. He asked An Zheng:


– “I have heard that the Jiangshi likes to eat children’s brains. Once it has eaten enough one hundred brains, it can be revived.”


An Zheng nodded:


– “The legend is viable, but I have never seen anything like that, that was told in the legend. I have also heard that the Jiaangshi doesn’t like skinny people because they aren’t tasty. It likes the fatties like you.”


Du ShouShou got pale white:


– “Are you serious?”


An Zheng smiled, and he suddenly pull Du ShouShou back. The ancient devil stood on the main street for a while, and then it kept jumping forward.


When An Zheng and Du ShouShou followed it for hundreds of meters, they saw many people fly toward from afar. They were the tartars of the Value Assembly Courtyard. Zhuang FeiFei had changed her clothes, and the silk mask had also been taken off, showing an unimagined beautiful face. At that time, her face revealed a deep shade of anger because the ancient devil had killed many people of the Value Assembly Courtyard. It completely annoyed her.


– “Tie it fast!”


Zhuang FeiFei ordered, and ten practitioners behind her rushed forward. Those people tied the ancient devil by a robe made from an ox’s vein.


The ancient devil roared loudly. Its voice was like the crashing sound of metal, which gave people the creeps. The cultivation base of the Value Assembly Courtyard’s people was not low. Thus they acted very quickly.


But the ancient devil was so powerful. Although they could tie the ancient devil very easily at first, it only rotated and threw away many practitioners later. One practitioner did not even have enough time to stand up but his brain was already burst by one fist from the ancient devil.


– “My turn!”


An old man in black flew forward from behind Zhuang FeiFei, he pointed one finger toward, and a light beam was shot out from his finger, pitching on the ancient devil’s forehead.



– “Flying sword!”


Du ShouShou opened his eyes widely:


– “It’s my first time seeing a person using the flying sword.”


After a crashing sound, a short sword touched the ancient devil’s forehead, but it could not pierce through but was pushed back. Not waiting until the old man had taken back the short sword, the ancient devil raised its hand to catch the short sword, and then it swallowed the short sword. An Zheng could see that it was a senior white-level weapon, but it had been swallowed by the ancient devil. The ancient devil then forcefully spat out some shards of the broken sword, and many practitioners were struck by the sword’s shrapnel.


Du ShouShou pulled An Zheng:


– “We should step back. Even the tartars of the Value Assembly Courtyard have to give up, so we cannot do anything more.”


– “Hold on!”


An Zheng still gazed at the ancient devil:


– “It has no mental power. All it can do is to rely on its automatic reaction from its body, not on itself. Therefore, you see. No matter what direction it moves, its jumping distance is the same. No matter if it moves or fights, it always maintains the same distance.”


– “So what?”


Du ShouShou had not read An Zheng’s mind.


An Zheng rushed out strongly:


– “It’s easy to cope with.”


When the old man saw that his magical weapon was destroyed, he turned pale white. The magical weapon and the practitioner had the same rate of breathing. Therefore, once the magical weapon was destroyed, its owner was also injured. The old man rushed toward, and his hand flared up:


– “I’ll die with you!”


Zhuang FeiFei shouted out:


– “It cannot be destroyed. That ancient devil can be used to refine medicine.”


The old man stood still, and his face revealed complete sorrow:


– “Mistress, you don’t care about my life, you just care about the ancient devil’s value.”


He screamed loudly and slapped his hand on the ancient devil’s chest.


Zhuang FeiFei beamed out a gleam of regret in her eyes.


Finally, although a strike from the old man had struck right on the ancient devil’s chest, its body was so hard, and basically, it was not injured. The ancient devil stroke its left hand toward, and its whole hand went through the old man’s body. The ancient devil kept jumping forward with the old man hanging on its hand. Blood was splattered all over the ground.


An Zheng waited until the ancient devil had jumped up. He then measured the distance and picked up a brick to throw it exactly to the dropping point of the ancient devil’s feet. The ancient devil stepped on the brick, and its body was unsteady, so it fell forward.


An Zheng rushed toward the ancient devil like a hunting cheetah. His wrist shook a little and the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin was immediately in his hand. He used the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin like a dagger to stab through the ancient devil’s head many times.




The ancient devil’s head was empty.


An Zheng felt that it was not good, so he shook his wrist again and used the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin to cut off the ancient devil’s jugular vein. When An Zheng had not enough time to continue, the ancient devil stood up and pushed An Zheng far away.


The ancient devil stood there with its leaning head. Its posture was quite weird.


An Zheng put his hands on the ground to stabilize his body, and he looked at the ancient devil with high caution.


Zhuang FeiFei turned to An Zheng and shouted out:


– “Don’t kill it. It is useful.”


An Zheng sighed coldly:


– “I only know that it has killed many people.”


Zhuang FeiFei was about to say something, but the ancient devil rushed towards her.


All the bodyguards at her side rushed forward, but they hesitated because they were afraid that many more people would be killed.


An Zheng stood there and looked at Zhuang FeiFei:


– “Is it really more precious than your life?”


Zhuang FeiFei knew that An Zheng was looking down on her, but she still gritted her teeth and nodded:


– “You’re right.”





(1) Jiangshi (??): A Jiangshi, also known as a Chinese “hopping” vampireghost, or zombie, is a type of reanimated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore. “Jiangshi” is read goeng-si in Cantonese, c??ng thi in Vietnamese, gangshi in Korean, and kyonsh? in Japanese. It is typically depicted as a stiff corpse dressed in official garments from the Qing Dynasty, and it moves around by hopping, with its arms outstretched. It kills living creatures to absorb their qi, or “life force”, usually at night, while in the day, it rests in a coffin or hides in dark places such as caves.[1] Jiangshi legends have inspired a genre of jiangshi films and literature in Hong Kong and East Asia.

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