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Although Zhuang FeiFei said softly, her murderous aura was shot to all directions.


Even An Zheng had to be shocked, and he could not but think about her again. Due to a fish scale, that girl had erased another auction store in the area. Recently, the tartars that had just left a short while ago, but no one could have known how many people were killed by them.


Seeing An Zheng change his look, Zhuang FeiFei did not know why she was worrying. After that, she laughed and mocked herself…although An Zheng was a monster or an innate Master as he said, he was all of him. So, why did she worry? He was just a boy. Although his eyesight was good, he just specialized in treasure examining. In the Practicing world, An Zheng was nothing.


But why was she still worrying?


Maybe Zhuang FeiFei would never know why she was afraid of An Zheng’s eyes.


It was the way the Illusory Perennial Domicile went.


And no one knew why Zhuang FeiFei had explained to An Zheng:


– “No one can prove if we can still be alive until tomorrow’s dawn. For people here,  their deaths cannot atone for their guilt. All the people of De BaoZhai are cruel people. The treasures which they had displayed mostly came from their robbing. What I have done can be seen as that I have executed them under Nature’s law. The most significant importance is that I have planned to kill them all since the first time.”


She sat down and hid her thought:


– “The Illusory Perennial Domicile cannot be seen as big, so one auction store is enough. If people of De BaoZhai are really capable, they would have taken action on the Value Assembly Courtyard.”


An Zheng shrugged his shoulder:


– “It doesn’t have anything to do with me. I should leave now.”


– “Stop right there!”


Zheng ZhuangBi stepped forward to stop An Zheng:


– “You are keeping the item. So, is it possible for you to say leave and then you can leave?”


Zhuang FeiFei also said:


– “An ye, the fish scale is still inside your body.”


An Zheng basically did not care about this matter. No matter the Value Assembly Courtyard or the Ancient Hunting Clan, he did not plan to play a joke on them. Although the fish scale was related to the ancient legend, in his eyes, it was just nonsense. He clearly knew about the Fuxi Dynasty, and he did know about the emperor of the Fuxi Dynasty. He did not believe in the legend of something called the Holly Fish. He did not also believe that such a fish scale could lead to a treasure.


– “So, I didn’t want to take it with me.”


An Zheng took off the bronze bell from Shan Ye’s neck, and then he put Shan Ye in Du ShouShou’s hand.


He put the bronze bell on his palm. He brought it forward and said:


– “If you want, come here to take it.”


Zhuang FeiFei said unwillingly:


– “An ye, you must be kidding. That item belongs to the Ancient Hunting Clan. Moreover, due to the trading with the Ancient Hunting Clan, I had to destroy the people of De BaoZhai. Now you are leaving with that item. Isn’t it over?”


An Zheng turned down to look at his hand and laughed:


– “I basically work by morality. Although other people cannot understand my ways, I also have to tell them clearly and hit them until they obey me. But now, I’m just working by my thought. I obviously didn’t want to put my nose into your business. I have only come here to examine the treasures. But you made me feel unhappy. Once I am unhappy, I will not follow any rules.”


He moved a chair to him and sat down:


– “Come here and take it, if you want.”


Zheng ZhuangBi stepped forward and stopped. He had met with Qiu ChangChen for many times in order to borrow academy’s treasure, but Qiu ChangChen did not pay attention to him. He was not sure that he could stop the bronze bell. Anyway, a practitioner of the Desire Internment Stage like Devil Hand Jiu ye could not also stand one kick of the bronze bell.


Gu Man was also very angry. He wanted to step forward, but Gu Qian Ye stopped him. Some argument seemed to happen then, but finally he followed Gu Qian Ye. He stood still there and had a cold look at An Zheng.


– “No one?”


An Zheng tapped the bronze bell on the table and said unwillingly:


– “The fish scale automatically sneaked in here, it was not robbed by me. Now it is still inside and doesn’t appear, and I also can’t take it out by myself. Well, once I can take it out, I will inform you to get it, is this ok?”


Zhuang FeiFei intended to raise her voice, but Gu Qian Ye suddenly stood up:


– “Okay!”


The little girl just said shortly and left.


Zhuang FeiFei was surprised:


– “What do you mean?”


Gu Qian Ye went to An Zheng’s side and told Zhuang FeiFei:


– “That item is mine. You have not traded with me, so what you say will be nothing. I said okay which meant I have agreed. Why don’t you understand?”


Zhuang FeiFei’s murderous intent was more and more horrible. The tartars of the Value Assembly Courtyard also surrounded them.


Gu Man pitched the axe on the ground:


– “What my master has said is what it is. If you want to take action, let’s try! More than tens of thousands knights are waiting from the outside, and they are ready to flatten this place.”


Zhuang FeiFei turned pale. Although she was sure to destroy all De BaoZhai, she was not sure to win the oncoming battle. Although Gu Man was brutal and rude at his first appearance, his power could not be looked down on. The little girl was the patriarch of the Ancient Hunting Clan, and she was protected by Gu Man, which proved that Gu Man was not a normal person. The Ancient Hunting Clan had old history, and they had many tartars who used to make the Southern Border shocked.


Moreover, the Ancient Hunting Clan’s knights could turn into beasts with awesome power.


In the past, the former patriarch of the Ancient Hunting Clan saw the Blue Boorish Mountain a wild and silent place, so he was intending to take all clan’s people to leave the Blue Boorish Mountain in order to come and live in tableland. Therefore, they came to the You Kingdom. You Kingdom was the strongest one among the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan at that time. However, no one could believe that terrible failure had made them fallen in the alliance of the Yan Kingdom and Ba Kingdom. As a result, Yan’s army unconsciously came into the capital of You Kingdom. If it was not because the army of the Youngguo Kingdom and Zhuo Kingdom had fought from behind of the Yan Kingdom, the You Kingdom would have been smoked.


After the battle, the Ancient Hunting Clan had great losses. One hundred thousand knights left the mountain and only about five thousand ones could return. After tens of years rehabbing, the power of the Ancient Hunting Clan was recovered a little compared with their golden age.


However, until that moment, the battle skill of the Ancient Hunting Clan’s knights was still the people’s fear. In the past, the only battle in which the Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry of the Yan Kingdom failed was the battle with the Ancient Hunting Clan. They were stopped by an army of seven thousand men-in-beasts of the Ancient Hunting Clan. However, the Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry just had three-thousand soldiers at that time. Finally, thousands of soldiers had died in the battle, = there were only four people in the beast army that had survived.


From then on, the You Kingdom fell into a crisis which had lasted tens of years. Until six years ago, the General Fang ZhiJi reconstructed the Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry, so the Yan Kingdom made the other kingdoms cautious.


An Zheng looked through Zhuang FeiFei:


– “Mistress seemed to not agree. The TianQi Sect will always welcome Mistress to visit us. You can always come to me for anything that you cannot give up.”


An Zheng knew his current level. If he did not rely on the powerful bronze bell by his side, with the Third Stage of Essence, he would have been torn in pieces. Zhuang FeiFei’s murderous intent was so terrible as if she could skin people at any time.


– “Uh huh!”


Zhuang FeiFei suddenly laughed loudly:


– “What are you talking, An ye? If you have to go, just go.”


An Zheng said yes shortly and pointed to the green-mossed coffin:


– “You had better not open it.”


Zhueng FeiFei asked:


– “Why?”


An Zheng did not answer. He just pointed to a corner of the coffin and left.


After he went out, he immediately pulled Du ShouShou’s hand:


– “Run with haste! This place is going to have a big problem.”


Du ShouShou held Shan Ye in his chest and got shocked:


– “What do you mean?”


An Zheng did not answer. He just ran faster and faster. As soon as he turned back, Gu Qian Ye along with ten knights of the Ancient Hunting Clan followed him and maintained a distance from him.


– “What happened finally?”


Du ShouShou asked while walking.


An Zheng ran more quickly and quickly. Finally, he pulled Du ShouShou’s hand to run with haste.


Not only him but also Gao SanDuo rode a horse to run away with haste.


After a while since they left, terrible groans were raised inside the Value Assembly Courtyard. The groaning sounds were sorrowful.


Followed the groaning sounds, the roof of the Value Assembly Courtyard exploded and broken pieces of wood flew to all directions. When An Zheng and the other people had gone far away, they saw many pieces of body’s flying out. An Zheng turned back to see, and he could just see a wicked shadow launching to the sky.


When they arrived at the TianQi Sect, An Zheng immediately arranged a high stage, and then he put the bronze bell on the stage. Everyone saw An Zheng’s strange behavior, so they got stumped.


– “Now, can you tell me what? Anyway, there are no outsiders here.”


Du ShouShou immediately pulled An Zheng’s hand to ask, but as soon as he looked back, he saw Gu Qian Ye along with ten knights of the Ancient Hunting Clan was looking at them.


– “Yes, I am not considered an outsider.”


Gu Qian Ye turned back and looked at people of the Ancient Hunting Clan:


– “This building is quite big. Find a place for yourselves. Don’t wait for people to cook for you, just prepare dinner on your own!”


An Zheng looked at Gu Qian Ye:


– “This place seems to be my area.”


Gu Qian Ye smiled and half closed her eyes:


– “But you are keeping my item, so I have to stick with you. Otherwise, how can I find you once you have disappeared? Moreover… the outside is not safe now. The Ancient Devil has appeared, so I don’t know how many people will die. You are making the Exorcising Devil Formation, and you have also summoned such a powerful magical weapon, so this place is quite safe, and I will never ever leave.”


An Zheng knitted his brows:


– “Don’t you fear that your people will be in danger?”


Gu Qian Ye shook her head:


– “Fear not. Because we have The Great Sorcerer in our clan, the Ancient Devil dare not rush in.”


Du ShouShou did not pay attention to those people. He still asked An Zheng nonstop.


An Zheng sighed:


– “That green-mossed coffin was somewhat weird. It was shut tightly, so it might not be buried but sealed. That thing had been buried deeply in an unknown river of the Blue Boorish Mountain, but the flood that suddenly took place had dislodged and swept away the seal with the current of the flood. The green-mossed coffin was naturally strong. If Zhuang FeiFei had not arranged the people to destroy De BaoZhai, and they came back with murderous air and blood dropped down from the clothes of the one who was next to the coffin, then nothing would have happened. Now the Ancient Devil has already caught the murderous air, so I am afraid that no one can touch it.”


Gu Qian Ye applauded:


– “I cannot believe that a boy like you can know many things. That Ancient Devil had been buried under the Liusha River (1) for at least a thousand years. When it died, it had essentially died with hatred, and it was sealed by the Copper Ox, so it could not do anything bad. However, the flood suddenly flowed away the Copper Ox, and the Value Assembly Courtyard did not know its origin, so they separated the Copper Ox from the coffin. Therefore, it would be strange if nothing happened.”


– “The Copper Ox is also at the Value Assembly Courtyard?”


An Zheng asked.


Gu Qian Ye nodded:


– “Of course! If not, how could Zhuang FeiFei dare to buy it? However, she did not know how to use the Copper Ox, so it is useless for her to own it.”


At that time, An Zheng saw Zheng ZhuangBi run away with full of blood on his body whose left hand had already disappeared. He seemed to see An Zheng’s eyes, so he turned to An Zheng wickedly and walked into the academy unsteadily.


After a surprising moment, something bounced to the academy and looked at An Zheng along with other people. The bronze bell flared up. The Ancient Devil kept going towards the direction of the academy. After that, a ray appeared from the academy. When the Ancient Devil saw that, it turned back and jumped away. An Zheng saw that the thing which had just appeared from the academy was a great javelin.


The javelin’s body was two meter four long, and its head was one-three of a meter long.


It flared up in all directions.


On the second floor of the academy, Qiu ChangChen was standing there and clasping his hands.




(1) Liusha River (Kaidu River): It known as the ancient name of Kaidu River, literally: “Flowing Sands River”. It is a river in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China and an important source of water for the region. Not without a bit of conflict, however. The Kaidu River is responsible for many substantial effects on the environment, affecting the land and its people in many different ways. This region used to be mentioned in the famous movie named “Journey to the West” in which it was the habitant of Sha Wujing (???), one of four disciples of Xuan Zang (??) on his way throughout China in search of sacred books of Buddhism named Journey to the West.

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