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Everyone in the Value Assembly Courtyard was nervous and ready to fight. But Zhuang FeiFei seemed not to notice. She moved to the little girl with her shaking fanny. She sat down in face-to-face position. She sparked up her toe, looked at the little girl, smiled and said:


– “If all of you have come here to seek wealth, I will have nothing to care about. I essentially ordered them to seal the door because I was afraid that you would have met some trouble which you could not explain.”


The little girl said:


– “In the Blue Boorish Mountain, we can handle even the cruel magical beasts. But for those outsiders like you, we cannot but beware of you. Before passing away, our patriarch had told us that the cruelest thing was the mercilessness.”


Zhuang FeiFei smiled while saying:


– “Before passing away, the patriarch had told you this which meant he had treated you not badly.”


– “He was my father!”


The little girl replied shortly, showing up her full experience which was not suitable with her. But for Zhuang FeiFei, that kind of experience was just pretentious.


– “My name is Gu Qian Ye.”


While talking, the little girl was always serious:


– “I’m the patriarch of the Ancient Hunting Clan, so I have the right to trade with anybody.”


Zhuang FeiFei said:


– “You come to the right place because only I know the true value of that item.”


The little girl shook her head:


– “No, now all your guests have known.”


An Zheng looked at the other people. Most of them revealed greed, even old Liu, the oldest one among them. For Zheng ZhuangBi, his greed was also clearly revealed.


– “An Zheng, what is that item finally?”


Du ShouShou could not help asking.


An Zheng replied:


– “Fish scale.”


Du ShouShou said:


– “I obviously know it is a fish scale, but what is the Holly Fish?”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “I don’t know.”


Gu Qian Ye looked at An Zheng with scornful eyes, and then she talked with Zhuang FeiFei:


– “I chose your Value Assembly Courtyard by my reason because I know this place contains the most treasures in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. I will not be so greedy. I can even lower down the value of the Holly Fish’s scale to the lowest rate. I only need all the treasures of the Value Assembly Courtyard. Bring all of them here, and I will immediately hand this fish scale to you.”


– “Uh huh!”


Zhuang FeiFei laughed out of her wits:


– “You got to be kidding me, little sister. You only base the fish scale on an untrue legend to ask the Value Assembly Courtyard to exchange all of it’s treasures with you?”


Gu Qian Ye:


– “I don’t have free time to bargain. I am here on behalf of the Ancient Hunting Clan in coming here.”


Zhuang FeiFei stopped laughing and shrugged her shoulders:


– “You also know that this item is just a symbol. No one knows if it is valuable. Although our Value Assembly Courtyard does not have any real treasures, if we bring them all here, they are enough to cause a huge wave. Therefore, your request is beyond us.”


Gu Qian Ye stood up:


– “If you do not have favorites in trading, I will find another one. The Value Assembly Courtyard was our first choice in the Illusory Perennial Domicile, but it is not our only choice. As I have known, there is another auction store named De BaoZhai.”


Zhuang FeiFei nodded:


– “It seems that you have your preparations that except our Value Assembly Courtyard, there is still De BaoZhai which agrees your deal. If so, give me an hour to think.”


The little girl thought for a while, and then she nodded:


– “Good. You have an hour.”


Zhuang FeiFei stood up and waved her hand. The tartars immediately got closer to her. An Zheng saw Zhuang FeiFei mumbling something, but because she hid her face, An Zheng could not know if her mouth as well as what she had said. At that moment, An Zheng knew the effects of the mask. Waiting until Zhuang FeiFei finished, those tartars left the Value Assembly Courtyard.


– “We should come back to treasure examining.”


Zhuang FeiFei smiled while saying:


– “I ordered my people to ask for further instructions. After an hour, you will have my answer.”


She looked at Gu Qian Ye:


– “You have to wait somehow. So, why don’t we play some games?”


Gu Qian Ye shook her head and said nothing.


Zhuang FeiFei raised her hand, and ten strong men carried something very big in. There was a red cloth covering the item, so people just saw it as a rectangular shape with one small side and another one big side.


– “Unfortuately!”


Zheng ZhuangBi from afar said loudly:


– “Why did you bring a coffin here?”


An Zheng did not care about him much. He still comforted the kitten in his chest. Shan Ye sometimes turned to the fish scale, and then it turned back with haste. However, after a while, it seemed to be quite relaxed.


– “I’m feeling stressful.”


Du ShouShou slapped on his chest:


– “This is the second time I have this feeling.”


An Zheng asked curiously:


– “What was your first time?”


Du ShouShou:


– “My first time was… many years ago when I was only six or seven years old. My house was poor, so I could only see the other families play firecrackers on holidays because I could not afford it by myself. One year in the South Mountain Town, after a rich family finished up the firecrackers, they asked their servant to throw the remaining firecrackers in front of the door. At that time, I passed by. Because I saw no one there, I searched thoroughly. Finally, I could find out some pieces of firecrackers left. Some of them were big, and some were small.”


Du ShouShou raised his hand to describe:


– “The small one was as small as my little finger, and the bigger one was as big as my arm. At that time, I was very excited. I brought the firecrackers home and found a lighter. Because I was afraid of being yelled at by my parents, I found a quiet place to play. Finally, only the biggest piece was left in my hand, so I did not light it up. After that, I thought to myself to let the firecracker finish its job.


– I saw a restroom in the alley. It was usually quiet, so I came to there to light up the biggest firecracker and threw it into the restroom. Who knew… there was a person in the restroom? The power of the firecracker was very strong, so it destroyed half of the restroom. A strong man brought his pants to run out, and then he caught me. He was holding my clothes with one hand, and another hand was about to be raised to hit me.”


Du ShouShou sighed:


– “When I saw him raising his hand, I felt greatly stressful.”


An Zheng smiled and said:


– “That he did not beat you to death was his kindness.”


Du ShouShou said:


– “He did not only beat me to death, but he did not also beat me. He just yelled at me and left… He said that if it was not because he saw me being covered by sh*t, he would have beaten me to death. When he held on his pants and left, I saw him from behind. He looked very lonely.”


An Zheng coughed and spat out all the tea from his mouth.


Gao SanDuo and other people nearby also laughed out loud when they heard his story, but they tried to shut their mouths up.


– “You guys, please come to see what the item is.”


Zhuang FeiFei went to the stage and pointed to the item under the red cloth:


– “This is today’s first item. And it may be the last one because the little patriarch of the Ancient Hunting Clan seems not to be very patient. Therefore, please hurry in examining this item. The award is also increased. Those who can see what it is will possess those three holly germs.”


Zheng ZhuangBi stopped looking at the fish scale. He waved his hand and the red cloth was blown away. Under the red cloth was really a coffin.


However, as soon as seeing the coffin, Zheng ZhuangBi turned pale. He immediately stepped forward and looked carefully:


– “Green-mossed coffin… brings steam with it. Wasn’t it dug from a river? Mistress, although this one is not clear of its background, you still brought it here? Everyone knew there were two kinds of coffin which was untouchable. The first one was the coffin which was hanging in the air, and the second one was the coffin which was dimming under water… especially the one which was under water.”


Zhuang FeiFei applauded:


– “Your eyesight is really not bad. This one was really brought from under water. But it was not brought by me. It flowed to me by itself.”


She explained:


– “Some days ago, a flood suddenly came from the Blue Boorish Mountain. No one knew where the water came from, which had nearly flooded the Illusory Perennial Domicile. However, it was lucky that there were many holes in the mountain, so the flooded water also quickly receded. This coffin was pushed here by the flood. A person took it and sold it to our Value Assembly Courtyard.”


Gao SanDuo immediately told An Zheng with low voice:


– “Coffin is the thing we should not touch. But there are some people due to their desire of treasures usually steal the tombs. However, although they are professional, they dare not touch the coffins which are hanging in the air or dimming under water. In comparison, the coffin in the air is not as awful as the one under water. The deeper it was, the more dangerous it can become later. You see, it is a green-mossed coffin. It is tightly shut, which demonstrates that it has not been destroyed for hundreds even thousands of years.”


– “As usual, those coffins under water are sealed. It must be because the flood came suddenly, so it unsealed the coffin and the current swept it away. It is fine if we don’t examine this one. Let’s go!”


An Zheng saw Gao SanDuo’s pale face, so he knew that Gao SanDuo was anxious. Normally, the coffins which were sealed under water were extremely dangerous. Once they were opened, they might have caused deadly disasters. Moreover, people of the Ancient Hunting Clan were still sitting there. Maybe a battle would happen then. Gao SanDuo was an experienced person, so he obviously did not want to relate to this. Although An Zheng was curious of the fish scale, he also wanted to know more about the green-mossed coffin. However, his current power was not enough, and he was afraid that Du ShouShou would be in danger, so he was about to leave.


As soon as he and Gao SanDuo were about to stand up, Gu Man raised the axe in front of his chest:


– “If today’s matter is not completely solved, no one here can leave.”


Gao SanDuo was explaining the reason to Zhuang FeiFei when he heard that saying. Therefore, he got mad:


– “In this Illusory Perennial Domicile, once I want to leave, no one can stop me.”


Gu Man was about to take action, but Gu Qian Ye looked at An Zheng:


– “Forget it. They are only cowards. Don’t need your attention.”


Hearing her saying, Gu Man stepped back immediately.


Gao SanDuo sighed shortly, said sorry to Zhuang FeiFei, and then he pulled An Zheng and Du ShouShou to the main door. Zheng ZhuangBi said ironically from behind:


– “I was thinking that you were very courageous. However, you were only the cowards.”


When he was saying, something happened.


When An Zheng did not arrive at the main door, he saw the fish scale on the ground flying towards him. Everyone only had time to scream terribly when the fish scale had caught An Zheng’s back. However, no bloody scene had taken place. The purple glow flared out, and the fish scale got smaller like a fingernail and fell into An Zheng’s hand. An Zheng turned to it and he knitted his brows.


– “Did you intend to bring the item with you?”


Gu Man and Zheng ZhuangBi shouted out at the same time, and two of them were about to take action.


But Zhuang FeiFei was looking at An Zheng surprisedly.


An Zheng turned to his hand, and the fish scale had already turned into something shiny like a pearl. He turned his hand down to throw it away, but it still came back to his hand and got attached to An Zheng.


When Gu Qian Ye saw the situation, her eyes had revealed something strange and complicated.


– “You… who are you finally?”


She asked.


An Zheng shook his head. He put the fish scale on the table, and then he put an ink slab on it:


– “It is not important who I am. The only importance here is that I am not fond of this item.”


However, as soon as he turned back, the fish scale pushed the ink slab away and flew to him again. That time the fish scale sneaked into the bronze bell on Shan Ye’s neck and disappeared.


– “Give it back to me!”


Gu Man and Zheng ZhuangBi cruelly rushed towards at the same time. Even old Liu who was quite good-natured with his appearance also revealed cruel intentions.


Gu Man said loudly:


– “Your Value Assembly Courtyard is really immoral. You have clearly robbed our possessions. Master, I think we should take back our treasure and leave here. In this Illusory Perennial Domicile, the Value Assembly Courtyard is clearly not the only place.”


Right then, the tartars of the Value Assembly Courtyard came back. They whispered something to Zhuang FeiFei.


Zhuang FeiFei laughed out loud like a thousand-year-old fox:


– “What a pity of you! Now in the Illusory Perennial Domicile, only the Value Assembly Courtyard can trade with you. De BaoZhai is history now. Do you see it is mysterious? Why did such a big auction store suddenly become history? I had their bloods flowing like water there, which  no one could have survived.”


Zhuang FeiFei laughed out loud with murderous intent.

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