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Although the Illusory Perennial Domicile was in chaos, no one had  ever dared to use brute force to get into the Value Assembly Courtyard. It was said that in the Illusory Perennial Domicile, if the Value Assembly Courtyard opened, everyone would be welcomed in. If the Value Assembly Courtyard closed, a drop of water could not have gotten in. At that time, not only did a person use his strength to get in, but he also destroyed the door.


Anyone who had destroyed the host’s door to get in would not be seen as a guest.


Despite the mask, An Zheng still saw cold mind in Zhuang FeiFei.


Two guards were lying at the doors and groaning. Their arms and legs were ghastly broken. That he had even taken such cruel actions on just the two guards.


An Zheng turned back to look. He was a bearded strong man and about one meter nine tall. His shoulder was broad and his waist was flexible. His appearance looked aggressive. Half of his body was draped with a feather coat. Inside was a silk shirt. He also wore bright pants. He held a bag in his left hand. The bag was quite long and narrow. There was a picture of a strange tree. His right hand was handling a shiny axe for hunting.


After the strong man were ten people with the same wear like him. What made people surprised was a beautiful girl among those people. She was around twelve or thirteen years old.


– “People of the Ancient Hunting Clan?”


Zhuang FeiFei knitted her brows and asked.


The strong man nodded:


– “That’s right. I heard that you had opened something called the ceremony of treasures examining today. Therefore, we come to see what treasures you have and to see it they are as precious as the ones in my hand.”


The situation was little nervous as if a battle could happen at any given time. However, people there were not so stupid that they would appear for the Value Assembly Courtyard. Everyone knew that the Value Assembly Courtyard did not lack tartars, much less they did not want to be related to the Ancient Hunting Clan.


Gao SanDuo whispered An Zheng:


– “The Ancient Hunting Clan are native people of the Blue Boorish Mountain. In the golden age, their people had reached the number of millions. Their intelligent army had reached the number of a hundred thousand. However, because they did not know their own strength tens of years ago, they had recklessly jumped into the war of the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan. Therefore, they had gotten terrible losses. From then on, the Ancient Hunting Clan had to live deep within the Blue Boorish Mountain. Now, they can really be seen. They are very rude, and they work without any rules. Therefore, they must not know what the Value Assembly Courtyard is.”


The strong man rudely said:


– “I’m Gu Man. I intended to come here politely to exchange items with you. But the two guards of yours did not allow me to get in, so I had to hit them.”


After saying, he pitched the axe on the ground, and then he took out a yellow bag from his chest, throwing it to the ground:


– “Our Ancient Hunting Clan are upright people. Once we injure other people, we will compensate. These pieces of gold can be seen as our compensation for their medicine.”


In a short while, Zhuang FeiFei did not know what to do. She was about to kill Gu Man’s people, but when she heard that Gu Man people would like to come to her place, she changed her mind.


– “You hit my people, and you destroyed the main door of the Value Assembly Courtyard. Do you think it will be fine for you to just throw a bag of gold there?”


Zhuang FeiFei smiled coldly:


– “Although the Ancient Hunting Clan are essentially rude, but it is not your reason to injure other people. Therefore, no matter what your reason is, the matter is that you cannot leave here now.”


Gu Man turned to that girl, and then he slapped on his chest:


– “So, tell us what we can do. It was because your people did not allow us to get in, but I needed to get in for my business.”


An Zheng looked at Zhuang FeiFei. He knew that she really did not want to kill them. He looked around and saw that the Value Assembly Courtyard’s tartars had arrived. They could have taken action at any moments notice.


– “If you have a reason, I think we should temporarily ignore this fact.”


An Zheng stood up and turned to Gu Man:


– “Essentially, that the Value Assembly Courtyard can do big business like this is because of two words “Truly” and “Willing”. If you really have just reasons to come here, let’s tell us your reason so that everyone can consider if your reason is enough for your rude behavior to be forgiven.”


Gu Man looked at An Zheng:


– “Who are you?”


An Zheng replied:


– “A guest.”


– “Man child, show them.”


The little girl who was standing on back suddenly raised her voice. As soon as she raised her voice, An Zheng immediately noticed her. At first, An Zheng thought that the little girl was the woman of Gu Man, but later her voice looked like an order. Really, Gu Man immediately put the bag on the ground, and then he kneeled down to open the bag.


– “Our master told us to show you this, so I will do it right now.”


As soon as Gu Man opened the bag, a flare appeared.


– “Seal the door!”


Zhuang FeiFei suddenly shouted out, and the air seemed to be frozen immediately. After that, tens shadows of people flew toward from all directions. They immediately threw the broken door aside and installed a new one. After a long while when nailing sound was raised, the room turned dark.


Gao SanDuo was quite scared and he took An Zheng’s hand:


– “It had been long time since the Value Assembly Courtyard sealed the door!”


– “What happened?”


An Zheng asked.


Gao SaoDuo explained:


– “The Value Assembly Courtyard has a rule. If any guest brings a treasure which is precious to the Value Assembly Courtyard and needs help, the Value Assembly Courtyard will immediately seal the door to protect that guest with all of its strength.”


An Zheng nodded:


– “It’s my first time hearing about this rule.”


Gao SanDuo smiled and said:


– “How old are you now? The most recent time when the Value Assembly Courtyard sealed the door was thirty seven years ago.”


An Zheng asked:


– “How old were you at that time?”


Gao SanDuo thought for a while and answered seriously:


– “I was just eighteen.”


While they were talking, Gu Man opened the bag. All the people stood up and came closer to see. They wanted to know what was in the bag that had made Zhuang FeiFei immediately seal the door. Such a thing like that was not worthy enough for Zhuang FeiFei to determine. If she wanted to seal the door, she had to discuss it with the elderly and all the supervisors of the Value Assembly Courtyard. Moreover, they had to invite the general manager of the Value Assembly Courtyard to come to have final decision.


Therefore, when Zhuang FeiFei said to seal the door, people of the Value Assembly Courtyard were all shocked.


– “What’s that thing?”


Zheng ZhuangBi was also very shocked because it was his fate to see the Value Assembly Courtyard seal the door. It must be a special item which everyone had not seen for years.


Zhuang FeiFei in front of other people also kneeled down to look at the item. An Zheng was not very shocked. He had already seen many treasures, and he had already owned even a purple item. Therefore, nothing could shock him.


– “Why’s this thing?”


But An Zheng changed his look when he saw the item.


There was not a special item but waste. Anyway, no one could have identified its value or characteristics.


It was half of a fish scale.


It was only half of a fish scale, but An Zheng felt complicated. If he had not had a chance to come to the Blue Boorish Mountain, he would not have known about the item. It was the scale of the huge carp which An Zheng had used to see. Why An Zheng could be that sure was because the carp had jumped up from out of the water and swallowed the Unicorn engraved Bird.


That huge carp still gave An Zheng the jitters whenever he recalled it.


An Zheng knew the item because he had experienced it, but it was strange that Zhuang FeiFei also knew. In the past, An Zheng was the Tribunal, so what he had seen was many times more than Zhuang FeiFei. If An Zheng had not met the huge carp, he could not have recognized what the item was for sure. Zhuang FeiFei was just a general manager of the Value Assembly Courtyard branch, how could she know more than him?


At that time, the little girl of the Ancient Hunting Clan stepped forward and looked at the people there. She raised her pure voice with a little tint of disrespect:


– “At the first sight, only this sister can identify this item, the rest of you are just vulgar people.”


The little girl was just twelve or thirteen years old, but she said without any respect.


An Zheng looked through her and found out the only special point on the girl was her white skin. Her skin was not sickly but freshly white. She had big eyes, small nose, and a high forehead, but they did not affect her beauty. Her hair was lightly curled and red with silver jewelry on it. She wore a dress of the Ancient Hunting Clan, and there was a pair of giraffe-fur shoes on her feet.


Her manner was quite unruly.


– “What are you looking at?”


The little girl gazed at An Zheng:


– “If you keep looking at me disrespectfully like that, I will immediately tear your eyes out.”


An Zheng shrugged his shoulder and said nothing.


Gu Man got mad:


– “My master is talking with you!”


An Zheng did not pay attention to the guy, instead, he comforted the kitten in his chest because when Gu Man got in, the kitten shook nonstop, especially when the bag was opened, the kitten shook more. It perhaps also recalled of what had happened to it in the Blue Boorish Mountain, so it was scared by the fish scale.


Gu Man stood up immediately. He picked up the axe and pointed to An Zheng:


– “Kneel down and say sorry!”


Zhuang FeiFei’s eyes were not released from the fish scale, but her voice was as cold as ice:


– “If you dare to act carelessly, I will kill you all. Here are my guests, dare you touch them?”


Gu Man was shocked and turned to the little girl unconsciously. The little girl shook her head lightly, and Gu Man stepped back.


– “If you have realized this thing, you should have known its value.”


The little girl went to a wooden chair and sat down. She said pretentiously:


– “Our Ancient Hunting Clan doesn’t know much about trading, so we are usually deceived. But what we do know is the value of this item. If the Holly Fish has appeared it meant that the world is going to be chaos. Possessing the scale of the Holly Fish meant possessing a talisman which could bring them safety during their whole life.”


Zhuang FeiFei stood up, and her eyes were still staring at the fish scale:


– “This is only a legend. This is not really true.”


The little girl said:


– “Our Ancient Hunting Clan has no doubts in regards to this legend. Hundreds of years ago, the Holly Fish had appeared, and the world was really chaotic. The Fuxi Dynasty rose in rebellion in the south to flatten the world so that we can live in peace now. In the legend, the Fuxi Dynasty could become the ruler because they were protected by the Holly Fish.”


An Zheng knitted his brows because he had never heard of that legend. He was the leader of the Tribunal of the Fuxi Dynasty. How could the Ancient Hunting Clan know of such a legend which he had never known? Moreover, the Fuxi Dynasty rose in rebellion was because of a practitioner of the Great Sky Stage. Basically, it did not have any relations to the appearance of the Holly Fish. However, at the first sight, Zhuang FeiFei had no doubt of the little girl’s saying.


– “Once the Holly Fish appeared, it was an omen to inform that the world is about to be in chaos.”


The little girl kept on saying:


– “The scale of the Holly Fish was equivalent to owning an instruction of the Holly Fish. It was a legend that the fish scale would protect the person who possessed it and help him to avoid the chaos of the world. It would even help its owner to find out a one-of-a-kind treasure. Those who had found the treasure would rule the world.”


An Zheng asked:


– “Why didn’t you go to find the treasure by yourself?”


The little girl gazed at An Zheng, but she still replied seriously:


– “Because… I understand that our Ancient Hunting Clan cannot keep this item. Keeping it is not different from bringing disaster to kill all of our tribes. It would be better for us to exchange it with other better items.”


An Zheng asked:


– “Aren’t you afraid of the current disaster?”


The little girl knitted her brows:


– “I still do not put this Illusory Perennial Domicile in my eyes. Although the Ancient Hunting Clan is no longer prosperous as it was before, it still has thousands of heroes. If anything bad happens here, the entire Illusory Perennial Domicile will be flattened.”


Immediately, there was a horning sound was raised outside and conveyed far away. Suddenly, there were shouting sounds were horribly raised outside.


– “The Army of the Ancient Hunting Clan!”

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