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When An Zheng was reading in his room, a person knocked on his door. Qu LiuXi with her hands behind her back got inside clumsily. She seemed like she wantedsay something but stopped then.


– “What’s the matter?”


An Zheng put the book down and asked.


Qu LiuXi stood in front of An Zheng, looked at his eyes and asked:


– “Can I… can I discuss with you a problem? From now on, whenever you see Zheng ZhuangBi, please stay away from him. You have made mistake towards him, so he will cause  great troubles.

An Zheng smiled and said:


– “I still have to face him tomorrow, but don’t worry. He dares not touch me, and I don’t need to touch him now. I have told him that I will use my cultivation base to kill him uprightly, not based on the bronze bell.”


– “Ah… I am only afraid that you will get mad and fight other people.”


Qu LiuXi mumbled and suddenly took An Zheng’s hand:


– “I’ll take you to my furnace.”


It was night time, and Xiao QiDao and other people had already gone to bed. Qu LiuXi took An Zheng’s hand to the Repugnant Seal. An Zheng suddenly kept Qu LiuXi’s hand and got her scared:


– “What’s wrong?”


An Zheng pointed to her foot. The small ant had gone for one-thirtieth of the way. Before, it only could have just passed the one-fiftieth mark.


– “The way which it has to pass may also be the practicing way.”


An Zheng said and passed the ant to go forward.


There was no night time in the Repugnant Seal. Light in there was very soft and bright. Seeing from afar, the herbal farm was lying on the grass. So many herbs had already blossomed and released a sweet fragrance.


– “Have you finished your furnace?”


An Zheng asked.


Qu LiuXi moved forward excitedly. She looked really interested. She ran to a space in the middle of the herbal farm. There was a small top right there, and it was her first furnace.


– “You see!”


She smiled while looking at the furnace. Her smile was more beautiful than any herbs in the herbal farm.


An Zheng saw that the furnace was quite small. It was only about 10cm tall. As usual, such fifty jins of the Unicorn steel must have fulfilled the furnace which was half a meter tall.


– “Old Huo was excellent.”


Qu LiuXi smiled while saying:


– “He froze the Unicorn steel, fifty jins was filtered of unsuitable element and low quality, and then there was only forty jins left. After that, he used a strange method to treat it. He once again froze the Unicorn steel, and finally, it was all of it. What a pity that I still cannot refine medicine… old Huo said that until I reach the fifth stage, I can refine medicine. My current power is still weak, so I cannot control the furnace.


– Once the furnace explodes, it will be very dangerous. Moreover, my current cultivation base is still weak, so I cannot condense the Original Spiritual Fire.”


An Zheng:


– “Use your natural talent and freezing time in the Repugnant Seal, and you will reach the fifth stage very soon. Don’t worry.”


– “Uhm!”


Qu LiuXi nodded:


– “The main importance is that I’m happy because I finally have my own furnace. But old Huo does not agree for me to be his disciple. He said that my natural talents were too high, so he dared not recognize me as his disciple. He was afraid if he had taught me something wrong, that it must have ruined his disciple. He told me to base my cultivations on my destination, if I could discover a medicine refining expert and ask him to be my mentor, it would be much better for me.


– You see, the first medicine refiner had not been instructed by anyone, it was pure ingeniousness.”


An Zheng smiled while saying:


– “So, you don’t need to wait. Get yourself creative in medical research and don’t be afraid of failure. The more you fail, the closer success comes to you except if you willingly go on the wrong path.”


Qu LiuXi nodded:


– “I know. I like medical skills, I do like it.”


She released her right hand, and there was something red in her palms:


– “For you!”


An Zheng asked:


– “What is it?”


– “Longevity Stone.”


Qu LiuXi said intentionally:


– “Only the luckiest person may bring the Longevity Stone to be of use, even if it is a normal stone. I know this is a way of self-inspiration as if you will get good luck when you can find out a four leaved clover. Bring this Longevity Stone with you, and you will not be in danger anymore.”


– “Thank you!”


An Zheng received the stone. It was really a normal stone. It was only different because of dark red color, which was rarely seen.


– “Never mind. We are family.”


Qu LiuXi sat down on the chair and waved her legs:


– “Old Huo said that, if we had not met you, our life would not have been like this moment. He also said that you were a person who could change the whole world, so it was lucky of us in meeting you. He said morality in society was almost two-faced, and it was really cruel. You were the one who had went against the tides of social morality, so you might be able to cope with lots of risk and evil the rest of your life. I know I am still too weak and that I can help you with nothing. I only hope that the Longevity Stone can bring you good luck.”


An Zheng rubbed her hair:


– “How superstitious! But I will always bring it with me.”


Their talk lasted for quite a long time. Qu LiuXi told him her childhood stories, one was telling, the other one was laughing. An Zheng advised her a lot so that she could finally go to bed. Her eyes revealed full of excitation as if chatting with An Zheng had made her feel very happy.


The next morning, An Zheng asked Du ShouShou to go out with him. As in previous times, that An Zheng had asked the other people to get in the Repugnant Seal.


– “Today if you meet Zheng ZhuangBi, he may only aim at you.”


Du ShouShou:


– “I heard that Li Hu had been taught by him.”


An Zheng did not care and said:


– “Zheng ZhuangBi is not that fearsome. The only fearsome thing is that the academy has some kinds of senior magical weapon. However, as long as Qiu ChangChen is still the dean of the academy, it will not be easy for Zheng ZhuangBi to touch the magical weapons. Therefore, Zheng ZhuangBi is not worthy enough to be worried about. What I am worrying, is if we will fail in the Value Assembly Courtyard.”


– “That’s right.”


Du ShouShou asked:


– “What finally is the rag?”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “Old Huo could not recognize it. He told me that he would have a careful look on it today. He did not see any special points yesterday. Sewing method is just normal, and material is normal, too. But I don’t know why Shan Ye had paid close attention on such a rag.”


Shan Ye in Du ShouShou’s chest said meow as if it wanted to explain something, but it was sorry that An Zheng and Du ShouShou did not understand anything.


The two of them had just gone for a short while, when the carriage of the Value Assembly Courtyard had just arrived. Because they had never sat in a carriage, thus the two had agreed to go to the Value Assembly Courtyard by carriage. When the two guards saw An Zheng, they were more respectful.


As soon as An Zheng got in, he realized that the decoration inside was changed. In the past, there was a high stage in the central lobby, but now the stage was replaced with a red silk carpet. It seemed that today’s competition was bigger, so they turned to the central lobby. Gao SanDuo came there a little late. He rode a tall horse and was accompanied by hundreds of his henchmen.


Not long after then, other people had also arrived. Zheng ZhuangBi intentionally sat far away from An Zheng and did not look at him.


Last night Zheng ZhuangBi met Qiu ChangChen to tell him that An Zheng had killed the disciples of the academy, and that hatred must be avenged or the reputation of the academy would all be ruined. Qiu ChangChen directly refused. He said that dean Mu had noticed him before he left, if it was not still our dead-end, we could not use magical weapons. Zheng ZhuangBi asked Qiu ChangChen to take action on his own because he was the deputy general of the Iron Circulating Flame, so he would be very strong. However, Qiu ChangChen immediately denied and asked Zheng ZhuangBi to get out because he was tired.


Thinking of that, Zheng ZhuangBi was terribly angry. Mu ChangYan was the dean, so he basically rarely stayed in the academy. Therefore, Zheng ZhuangBi had total control of everything at the academy. Otherwise, there would not have been the guards and the supervisors who just received money, not disciples. At the moment, Qiu ChangChen had taken over the academy. Although he usually went out to drink and frequented the brothels, he had actually spent more time in the academy than Mu ChangYan. Moreover, Zheng ZhuangBi’s power was also somewhat taken by Qiu ChangChen.


Zhuang FeiFei changed a new outfit. Although it was still purple, its structure made her more beautiful. Underneath the short skirt was a pair of beautiful thighs which caused people to glue their eyes to it.


She stepped forward to the stage, smiled and said:


– “Yesterday you had showed off all of your wonderful treasure examining skills, which had help opened my eyes. Today the treasures that are to be examined are quite big, so we move them to the central lobby so that you guys can examine. Based on our unwritten law in this field, no matter how many people have come here, only the one who can successfully examine the treasures will have allowance commission. Therefore, yesterday the commission was fully transferred to the martial school and handed to An ye. However, the Value Assembly Courtyard will not be unfair to you guys. Each of you will receive a complimentary gift as in being appreciative of your participation in this event.”


She looked at An Zheng:


– “Today the award is bigger than it was yesterday, won’t you still gift me it as well?”


An Zheng found that she wore the rosy hairpin on her hair, so he smiled:


– “Mistress Great is really good at calculation. If I gift you the award, the Value Assembly Courtyard will have any losses.”


– “I hate you!”


Zhuang FeiFei smiled while saying this, and then she turned back:


– “Because the items are quite big, we will change the method. Yesterday, we competed by hearing. Today, we compete by seeing. Later on, you guys all will come here. Who can answer faster than you, he will be the winner. Moreover, I would like to say something about today’s awards.”


She raised her hand, and three girls brought three trays coming. Each tray contained one stone which was not very attractive.


– “Oh uh, Mistress Great is so generous today.”


Gao SanDuo smiled while saying:


– “These three stones look not very special, but they somehow contain green jade holly germs even white level. No matter if they are at a white or red level, they are all medium-level holly germs. Gold holly germs are senior ones, and the purple ones are rarely senior. There are humble purple holly germs that can release spiritual mind with the quintessence of the universe. Once they are opened, they can possibly contain a unique star which can practice like mankind.”


Zhuang FeiFei grinded her teeth intentionally and said:


– “Although there is a purple holly germ inside, I will still gift it to the winner.”


Gao SanDuo laughed loudly:


– “I was just joking, but you thought that I was serious. You are so lovely.”


Zhuang FeiFei:


– “Just as ruled, later on, anyone who can successfully guess one item will choose one of these three. When you open one of them, it will either be good or bad, and it will be based on your luck.


Next, ten strong men carried something in which was two meters long. Shan Ye had not seen that item, so it laid down, which made Du ShouShou laugh:


– “It had not been carried here, and Shan Ye ignored it.”


Although he said with very low voice, he was heard by Gao SanDuo:


– “Who is Shan Ye?”


Old Liu sitting next to Gao SanDuo was also doubtful.


An Zheng immediately interrupted:


– “It’s me. Because I have a kind-hearted face, they call me Shan Ye.”


Gao SanDuo laughed:


– “Killing people without fear, and then you say you are kind-hearted… you are really shameless.”


An Zheng smiled and said:


– “If you say that I’m not kind-hearted, there is still one more person here.”


Zheng ZhuangBi immediately stood up. He gazed at An Zheng and sat down.


At that time, a deafening crashing sound took place. The main door was opened, and a person strode in:


– “How could such an interesting place not, have included me, this is preposterous?”


An Zheng felt cold on his back because the murderous air on that person was extremely high as if it had been pent up for a very long time and could not be released.

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