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Not knowing what the rag was, An Zheng and Du ShouShou returned to the TianQi Martial School with haste. Maybe because everybody had already gotten in the Repugnant seal, and An Zheng and Du ShouShou were not there, so the outsiders had figured out that there was no one in the TianQi Sect and broke in. An Zheng looked at the rooms which were searched thoroughly. He knitted his brows and got angry.


Even the room of Qu LiuXi was not excluded. Female clothes had been thrown all over the place.


– “Fatty, you bring this rag to old Huo and ask him what it is.”


After saying, An Zheng turned back and left.


Du ShouShou asked:


– “Where are you gonna go?”


An Zheng did not look back:


– “Kill people.”


Because of worrying for An Zheng, Du ShouShou followed him. An Zheng went to the main gate of the martial school and stood in the middle of the street, shouted out:


– “I don’t care who had broken into the martial school, and I also don’t care if that person is still hiding around here, but I wanna kill someone. Listen, to the people who were observing the martial school! If you die, blame those who had just broken into the martial school. From now on, no matter who had broken in, if I find out, I will kill your entire sect. Even though I cannot kill your entire sect, I will kill until I die.”


He raised his hand and the bronze bell flew up from the kitten’s neck, rotating in the air. The bronze bell showed up its power which scared people. After a while, the bronze bell released a bright glow around it. The glow got bigger, making a big dome. When the dome was made, people who were hiding ran for their life.


However, they basically could not escape from the dome. The dome looked like a transparent cover jailing them inside.


Before leaving, Chen ShaoBai told An Zheng how to use the bronze bell. After some days in getting familiar with it, An Zheng could command the bronze bell as he wanted. The bronze bell was not much different from a senior magical weapon, recognizing its owner by blood and combining with An Zheng’s mind.


The bronze bell started a massacre inside the dome. None of those hiding practitioners could escape. The bronze bell looked like a bullet in the dome. It bounced up and down continuously and pierced through their heads, one by one. At that time, An Zheng stood in the dome like a powerful god of slaughter. An Zheng killed them like that because he knew that those people had also broken into the martial school with their cruelty.


If Qu LiuXi and Xiao QiDao had not got in the Repugnant Seal, they would have been killed. They would force Qu LiuXi and and Xiao QiDao to tell whether there were any more treasures in the martial school, and they would not have any mercy on Qu LiuXi and XiaoQiDao just because they were still children.


Therefore, this time An Zheng was brutally killing people.


At least more than thirty people from many different powers had been killed.


– “Big brother… big brother! I beg your mercy!”


A disciple of the Illusory Academy kneeled down in front of An Zheng and bowed down nonstop:


– “Please forgive us, and we will not do so next time.”


An Zheng looked at the boy. He was Li Hu who took part in the competition last time. Because this boy was won over by Qu LiuXi, he kept in his mind the hatred. This boy used to say that if he saw Qu LiuXi alone, he would surely teach her a lesson.


– “You have broken in the martial school?”


An Zheng asked.


Li Hu bowed down his head on the ground because he was really frightened. The bronze bell had killed people too fast and sharpl. Whenever it chased after a person, it broke that person’s head. In such a bloody scene, he was too terrified to stand up. While he was extremely shocked, he pissed on himself.


– “It was not me, not me… please spare my life, big bro.”


The one who was taller than one meter eight was kneeling in front of An Zheng and begging with fear, but he did not get people’s sorrow. In contrast, he made everyone more sick and tired.


– “Was it you finally?”


An Zheng asked angrily:


Li Hu was stone-dead, and then he bowed down to admit:


– “Yes…”


An Zheng asked again:


– “Did you break into Qu Liu’er’s room, tore up her clothes, and broke her bed?”


– “Yes…”


An Zheng stepped forward and caught Li Hu’s hair, pulling him up, face to face:


– “Tell me, what did you intend to do with Qu LiuXi, now? If you lie, I am gonna kill you.”


Li Hu trembled uncontrollably, and he could not even control his set of teeth:


– “I… I was wrong, big bro. I only… I only saw you leave, and I saw no one in the martial school, so I walked inside to see if there were any powerful magical weapons. I… big bro… I was wrong, really. I didn’t want to do something bad with little sis Qu Liu. I just wanted to humiliate her, and then to kill… however, big bro, I have not done so. I was just thinking in my mind.”


– “You haven’t done so?”


An Zheng kicked on Li Hu’s face, and that strong boy rolled along the street.


– “If you had found out Qu LiuXi at that time, I am afraid that she would have been killed by you.”


Li Hu stood up and bowed his head on the ground nonstop:


– “Big bro, I dare not. Never, ever. An ye, senior sect head, this little creature dares not, for sure.”


Right then, Zheng ZhuangBi ran forward from behind. He saw over thirty headless corpses in the dome, and his beloved Li Hu was bowing down his head on the ground in front of An Zheng, nonstop.


– “Stop!”


Zheng ZhuangBi shouted out angrily:


– “An Zheng, don’t be arrogant like that. You have to respect even the dog’s owner when you hit his dog. Li Hu is a disciple of our Illusory Academy, so he is not in turn to be taught by an outsider like you. If you dare to touch him, it means you have already admitted in being against our academy. From then on, there will be many dead people. I caution you. Don’t think that you can do anything you want because of the bronze bell. Our academy also has magical weapons which can fight against you.”


An Zheng turned to Zheng ZhuangBi and said with deep tone:


– “If so, show me yours.”


After that, he stepped forward and kicked Li Hu’s head. When An Zheng’s leg touched Li Hu’s head, his head exploded with blood and brain mixing together, and his corpse fell to the ground.


An Zheng turned back and the bronze bell flew back to him.


He looked at Zheng ZhuangBi:


– “Today is is the day for killing people. In the future, if any disciples of the academy break in my martial school again, I will get inside the academy and kill anyone I see on my way. I will kill you all or I will die trying.”


Zheng ZhuangBi got crazily mad. He had wanted to react for many times, but he was still afraid of the bronze bell in An Zheng’s hand. At that time, there were many disciples running out from the opposite academy and seeing Li Hu’s head exploded by An Zheng’s kick. They were so terrified that they shouted out. Some of them stayed back and got extremely nervous.


No one noticed that there was a combat vehicle in the cloud, an ancient combat vehicle. That combat vehicle was not made by the current army of mankind but of the Warring State period. There were many scars caused by many kinds of weapons on the vehicle. A boy in black was standing on the vehicle, seeing An Zheng massacre people, and laughing nonstop:


– “An Zheng, An Zheng. This is really the only way to survive in such a place like the Illusory Perennial Domicile.”


He raised his hand:


– “Let’s go. I will not have to worry that the bronze bell will lose its killing power by a kind-hearted man kid anymore.”


After he raised his hand, the combat vehicle flew and disappeared after a second.


An Zheng massacred people of the academy. At least more than thirty people had been terribly killed by him. No one could escape, and the main street was dyed red with blood.


Zheng ZhuangBi grinded his teeth and looked at An Zheng’s back.


Du ShouShou was scared because it was his first time seeing An Zheng’s cruelty. Before, An Zheng had defeated tens of people of the Tyrants on his own, and Du ShouShou assumed that An Zheng had been cruel enough. However, at that moment, he saw An Zheng kill people with no mercy, so he also felt as cold as if he was in an ice cave.




An Zheng tapped on Du ShouShou’s shoulder:


– “You are scared, aren’t you? I have told you to find old Huo, but you have followed me.”


Du ShouShou’s shoulders were shaken. He looked at An Zheng, swallowed saliva, and said:


– “An Zheng, are you ok?”


An Zheng smiled:


– “I’m fine. I have just understood if I haven’t made people who were observing our martial school scared, they would keep flying around us like the insects.”


On the third floor of the Illusory Academy, Qiu ChangChen was looking at An Zheng and knitting his brows.


– “With his characteristics, it will be so good for him in joining the army. Through training, he will become a strong knight. Now the Yan Kingdom was observed by other kingdoms, and it really lacks a backbone like him…”


He mumbled some words, and then he left.


Zheng ZhuangBi stood at the main gate of the academy for a long while. He wanted to yell but he did not dare. He felt that his long-term reputation was ruined by An Zheng in just a second. He had never wanted to kill anyone much more than An Zheng.


– “I will surely not let you exist.”


Zheng ZhuangBi shouted in his mind, and then he went in:


– “What are you looking at? Don’t you still feel ashamed? You are all wastes! Your big brother was killed outside, but not one of you dared stop him.”


A disciple said weakly:


– “Formerly, I advised big bro not to rush into the martial school, but big bro did not follow my advice…”


Zheng ZhuangBi kicked that disciple:


– “Shut up!”


That disciple was kicked to fall down and vomited blood.


An Zheng came back to the martial school when old Huo and the other people had not gotten out from the Repugnant Seal. An Zheng knew once he had killed so many people like that, he would attract many people. However, in a short time, no one would dare to come to the martial school. He and Du ShouShou sat down in the yard, and he saw Du ShouShou’s hand still shake.


– “If you are feeling sick, just let it out. Don’t suffer from it.”


An Zheng said with low voice.


Du ShouShou shook his head:


– “I don’t feel sick… I only… feel scared.”


An Zheng handed the wine gourd to Du ShouShou. Du ShouShou raised his head to drink a big sip of wine, and then he coughed terribly. An Zheng gently slapped on his back:


– “Fatty, this world is far crueler than our imagination. Therefore, you will not see this just once. If you want to become stronger, it will be impossible for you to only get your physical power and cultivation base stronger, but your sufferance as well.”


Du ShouShou nodded:


– “I know. It is only my first time seeing this scene, so I somehow cannot suffer. An Zheng, how can you suffer from this?”


An Zheng answered with implication:


– “I have seen this so many times, so I got used to this.”


Before night time, that An Zheng had massacred people of the Illusory academy was spread out all throughout the entire area. Gao SanDuo along with his henchmen ran to the martial school and hung a signboard in front of the school’s gate:


– “Those who make any mistakes to the martial school will make mistakes to Gao SanDuo.”


The signboard was also Gao SanDuo’s attitude to the martial school.


When it was getting dark, Xiao QiDao and other people got out from the Repugnant Seal and knew what had happened. While hearing Du ShouShou tell the story, Qu LiuXi always turned her eyes to An Zheng. Her eyes revealed complications, some appreciation, some sorrow, and some worries. Old Huo opened the door for Gao SanDuo to get in. Seeing everyone fine, he sighed with relief:


– “Next time, if you have any troubles, you have to inform me. You are still young, so just let me kill them.”


He raised his head and saw the flag with the word “Jiu” hanging at Xiao QiDao’s door.


– “Huh, you wanna run a tavern here?”


Xiao QiDao babbled:


– “What idiot! It is the flag with the word ‘Jiu’. What does it relate to running a tavern?”


Gao SanDuo carried Xiao QiDao up:


– “Oh uh, you dare tell me so. Do you know I am the most famous person in this Illusory Perennial Domicile?”
Xiao QiDao seemed to like him. He smiled and touched his hair:


– “I don’t afraid of you!”


Gao SanDuo also laughed, and then he turned to old Huo. He realized that old Huo was worrying.


– “Are you worrying for An Zheng?”


Gao SanDuo asked.


Old Huo shook his head:


– “No. I am not. I don’t worry for him at the moment but him in the future. This boy… once his killing mind is raised, I don’t know if he will become a Demon, or a Buddha.”

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