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Du ShouShou immediately kept silent and dared not say anything. Even Shan Ye could feel serious. It lay down in An Zheng’s arms and looked at Gao SanDuo.


The atmosphere became so quiet that they could clearly hear Gao SanDuo’s footsteps, which made them uncomfortable.


Gao SanDuo went to the first girl, stopped, took a deep breath, and then he tapped gently on the gold cover. A pure sound was raised, the item inside was not big. Gao SanDuo knitted his brows a little, the solemn look on his face faintly disappeared as if the first item was not a big problem with him.  He did not tap it again but stepped forward to the second girl.


He continuously passed over the four beauties as if their items did not pose any problems with Gao SanDuo. To the fifth girl, he tapped three times continuously. Although he got his ear close to the cover, his face revealed hesitation. He went to the last tray and tapped two times. When he went back, he stopped at the fifth tray. He tapped on it a few more times and leaned in closer to hear. He shook his head and went back to his seat as if he could not identify what was really in the fifth tray.


After going back, Gao SanDuo picked a pencil from one of the beauties and wrote down his answer.


From then on, the people had kept silent, they did not say anything.


Zhuang FeiFei smiled gently:


– “Although this is just a little game, it is not possible to cheat in this game. You guys are not allowed to help each other.”


Gao SanDuo stared at An Zheng as if he was worrying if An Zheng could guess. An Zheng smiled at him and said nothing.


Du ShouShou was anxious. His hands were full of sweat holding the pencil steadily. The girl on his side smiled and took out a fragrant tissue from her breast to clean the sweat on his forehead. Her gentle manner caused Du ShouShou to be even more frightened, and he smiled at the beauty.


The beauty was about one meter seven tall. Her body was shapely and attractive, which could easily attract people. She put her hand on Du ShouShou’s shoulder and nipped softly, and Du ShouShou grunted satisfactorily.


Because the situation had made Gao San recall the moment when Du ShouShou said the male frog said ‘ugh, ugh’, and he could not help laughing.


The second person who came to examine the treasures was an old man. He was around more than seventy years old and was already white-haired. People around him seemed to respect him. They all called him old Liu. Old Liu was helped to step forward by a girl. He tapped on each cover to guess. It took him much more time than Gao SanDuo. When he went back, his face revealed feelings of doubt.


Zheng ZhuangBi was nearly the last one. He stepped forward confidently. According to Du ShouShou’s saying, it was ‘the empty vessel makes greatest sound’. However, that person seemed to have experience of treasure examining. An Zheng realized that the way he tapped on the cover was different from other’s. He did not tap on the same position like the former ones but tapped around.


Came An Zheng’s turn. When Zheng ZhuangBi sat down, he sighed coldly:


– “You little newborn also dare come here to show off. I do want to see what trick you will use to pass this test. Later on, we will know if he is a counterfeit or not when we have the answers.”


An Zheng did not care about him, and he did not even stare at him.


Seeing that he had failed to provoke An Zheng, Zheng ZhuangBi had his eyes wide open:


– “You have to know yourself that if a little boy who has just reached the Essence Stage wants to jump into the senior world, he has to watch for blood and flesh fly. It’s to be afraid that a newborn will be unlawful while learning imitation at his early age.


Du ShouShou stood up:


– “Could you please just shut up your mouth?”


Zheng ZhuangBi curled his lips:


– “I say it by my mouth. What does it have to do with you? Mistress Great just forbade talking to one another.  But I didn’t talk with you. I was just mumbling.”


He tried to do so in order to distract An Zheng’s hearing. His finger was also tapping on the armchair.


Gao SanDuo sighed coldly:


– “Being human and self-disrespecting human life, no other ways to cure it then.”


Zheng ZhuangBi also understood that he would lose his position, so he had his eyes wide open to Gao SanDuo and said nothing then. However, his finger still did not stop tapping on the armchair. At that moment, even a person who had a close relationship with him also saw him as close-minded.


Maybe because of checking An Zheng, Zhuang FeiFei obviously did not say anything to stop them. She consistently turned her beautiful eyes to him. Her eyes seemed to be expecting something.


The beauty who served An Zheng was quite curious. She could not help leaning toward to see An Zheng’s expression.


But actually, An Zheng did not have any expressions.


Other people had tapped on the cover to guess the sound, but An Zheng did so differently. He gently glided his fingers past the cover. The sound created, was pretty. Although it was not clear, it was similar to the sound of musical instruments. What made people surprised was the sound became clearer in following his finger, and the sound was even made with prosody. An Zheng examined the treasures quite quickly, double times faster than Zheng ZhuangBi. Finally, he came back to his seat leisurely.


The beauty who served him immediately put a piece of paper in front of him. She held a tray with paper and pens. At first, she gazed at An Zheng’s face, and later she gazed at his hand.


An Zheng wrote very fast. He wrote without hesitation. Du ShouShou did not clearly see what An Zheng was writing. However, he could see the beauty’s face was painted with an unbelievable expression on it.


– “It’s alright now.”


Zhuang FeiFei stepped forward:


– “You guys have finished examining. I guess you all have the answers. Before you show your answer, I will tell you the prize for the winner first.”


She turned back and brought an item from the tray of a beauty behind her.


– “This is a small item. Although it is not seen as to cost an arm and a leg, its special ability is in dismissing worms and insects.”


An Zheng raised his head to look. In Zhuang FeiFei’s hand was a rosy hairpin which looked very attractive. The most beautiful thing was the rose shape. It was perfectly beautiful. The size of the rose was equal to a real rose. Its appearance was so sharp that everyone had to admire. Although they were not close to the item, their eyesight was still strong. Moreover, they all were experts, so they could see that the hairpin extremely sharp.


– “Only men who insist on protecting his woman make up his mind to buy this hairpin. Although it is useless for the practitioners, it is loved by beautiful girls. The rose on this hairpin was specially made of Mountainous Rose. Its size has been mostly reduced, but it won’t die out for another two hundreds more years. This hairpin was made out of blue jade, so it can be seen as a small magical weapon. Wearing this one, your woman will not care about sunlight anymore, especially in summer. Moreover, it can dismiss mosquitos. If you guys have a beloved woman, then you just gift this one to her, and you will surely get a sweet kiss from her as an expression of their gratitude.”


An Zheng asked:


– “Is it really that I will be paid back with a sweet kiss?”


Zhuang FeiFei smiled:


– “If so, let’s see to whom do you want to gift it.”


She looked around:


– “Alright. Now you guys can show your answers.”


After speaking, she told the beauties to uncover the trays.


Zhuang FeiFei introduced:


– “These six items are raw materials for making block houses, but their elements are different from each other. The first one is the Spiritual Veined Iron.”


The beauties picked up the paper to see the answers.


– “You guys are correct.


– “The second raw material is the Obsidian from the The Eastern Pavilion Mountain, and you guys are correct, too. The third one is Zhu Shan Iron from The Unicorn Steel. The fourth material can be seen as a white item, only somewhat wrong, and it is the Veined Cosmis Iron. For the first four raw materials, you guys were almost correct. Only three or four people got them wrong. However, it was not so easy for you guys to guess.


Zhuang FeiFei looked at the fifth item:


– “This, your answers are not similar. However, it seems only the Vice Dean has a correct answer. This is the Golden Pear Wood from Nan Kai. Even fire created from the cultivation could not destroy it. It is pity that it can only resist fire not water, so it is only seen as a jade item.”


Zheng ZhuangBi seemed to be satisfied:


– “It’s just by chance. Because I was born in Nan Kai, I was very familiar with the Golden Pear Wood. You were all born in the north, so that you didn’t know this item is only common sense.”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “You’re wrong.”


Zhuang FeiFei looked at An Zheng’s answer, it was five-hundred-year Huang Bai from the ridge next to Dongting Lake.


Zheng ZhuangBi got mad:


– “Your answer is nonsense. Everyone here knows how Golden Pear Wood and Golden Cypress differ from each other. Golden Pear Wood has milky-way spots but the Golden Cypress has not.”


An Zheng pointed to the fifth item:


– “Your examiners have misrecognized it. This one is not a jade item but white. The former four items are all not as equal as this one. Golden Pear Wood from Nan Kai can resist fire but water, so it cannot be used to refine sseveraltypes of medicine, and it belongs to the jade item. But the Golden Cypress near Dongting Lake is different. Especially those which are more than five hundred years old have their roots deeply grown into the ground, so their body grew along hill sides, and they are extremely precious. That item seems to have milky-way spots, but you should look at its spots carefully. The spots are dotted black, and they are different from Golden Pear Wood’s. Although they just a little different from each other, the difference is very valuable.


– The mountain side of Dongting Lake has The Reincarnation Cycles Sky Mirror which can reflect sunlight to create extremely hot fires. Plants which can survive under such heat are not common creatures. The Golden Cypresses can resist fire, and they can also resist water, especially those which are more than five hundred years old will have the quintessence of plants. Therefore, their quality is much higher. If that item is the Golden Pear Wood, then it can just weigh seven jins six liangs at maximum.  If it is the Golden Cypress, then it will weigh at least nine jins nine liangs.”


Zhuang FeiFei immediately told the people to weigh it, and the result was really amazing. An Zheng was really not wrong. The item exactly weighed nine jind nine liangs, just a little more to be ten jins.


Zheng ZhuangBi changed his expression nonstop. It seemed that he wanted to eat An Zheng alive.


Zheng FeiFei praised:


– “Your guessing-by-hearing ability is really wonderful.”


An Zheng shook his head and said nothing. He was not an expert in medicine refining and he did not also know about weapon refining that much, but he had a lot of experience with raw materials. When he had just joined the Tribunal, due to his young age, he was arranged to work in a warehouse. The Tribunal stocked in endless items every day, and An Zheng assisted them by noting down those items. Therefore, he was so familiar. An Zheng worked at the warehouse for more than eight years, from fourteen until twenty years old. He had worked with raw materials every day.


Later on, because of his familiarity with the raw materials, he was transferred to the Weaponry of the Tribunal to work, which specialized in making weapons for the Tribunal’s soldiers. However, the rule of the Weaponry was very strict, so An Zheng was just in charge of checking the raw materials to ensure that they had met the standards of the Tribunal.


He worked at the Weaponry for two years, so ten years in total. He worked very hard and was much disciplined. His knowledge of raw materials might be many times higher than that of  a treasure examiners.


Zheng FeiFei dared not talk nonsense at all. Formerly, she had said that Zheng ZhuangBi was right, and the result made her extremely ashamed.


– “This last one, it seemed that the answer of the vice dean was similar with the treasure examiner of the Value Assembly Courtyard.”


Zheng FeiFei looked at An Zheng as if she wanted to ask An Zheng if she should tell An Zheng that he was wrong.


But An Zheng stood up and gently moved to the rosy hairpin, and then he moved a chair toward. He stepped on the chair and pinned it on Zhuang FeiFei’s hair:


– “All of you were wrong except me, so this hairpin belongs to me. It does not suit you, but if other people get it, they won’t suit it. Therefore, I should give it to you so that it can beautify you more. On your hair, it will be more valuable.”


After that, he pointed to his face:


– “Any sweet lips kissing here?”


Gao SanDuo looked at Du ShouShou and unconsciously admired:


– “The real tartar… is right here!”

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