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Remembering when Chen ShaoBai had left, he said his goal was at the Stars of the Sea. An Zheng did not care much because he just believed half of Chen ShaoBai’s words. However, An Zheng was not too far away from the Stars of the Sea because it was right in the kitten’s eyes.


Since he came to the Value Assembly Courtyard, Shan Ye’s eyes began to move. However, no one cared about the kitten’s eyes. They just cared about the upcoming treasures. This time, the Value Assembly Courtyard just invited some famous people who were good at treasure examining. Maybe it was to value the treasures so that they could not be auctioned off too cheaply.


Gao SanDuo was seen as a famous person in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. He had wide connections, so his voice quite influential. However, since the TianQi Sect competed with the Illusory academy, he and Zheng ZhuangBi now seemed to be rivals. This showed that Gao SanDuo was an honest person, and he was also knightly. Old Huo had done him a favor, and he immediately repaid it. He did not also care to whose toe’s he would step on when he repaid the favor.


– “How unfortunate it is!”


Gao SanDuo opened the Mountain and River fan:


– “Before I met Zheng ZhuangBi, no bad luck had come to me. But now when I have just met him, it seems to be so.”


Du ShouShou:


– “It’s not really a bad luck. Maybe it would be a good luck instead.”


Gao SanDuo:


– “Why do you say so?”


Du ShouShou:


– “Isn’t that shit very smelly? But it is said that stepping on shit is a good luck. Last time, San ye kicked on Zheng ZhuangBi’s face, so it may be your lucky today.”


Gao SanDuo clasped his hands:


– “It makes sense. However, other people call me Gao ye or Du ye, why do you call me San ye?”


Du ShouShou:


– “Now I understood why An Zheng called you Mister Gao.”


Gao SanDuo laughed. His personality was naturally open-minded. Throughout the years, he had been living in the underworld. Although he was quite wickeder, he was still open-minded. In his eyes, An Zheng and Du ShouShou were lovely little brothers, especially An Zheng who was very willing to good deeds, and people in the underworld did like those who were willing to good deeds.


– “What’s position of the boss of this Value Assembly Courtyard? How can she always find good items?”


Du ShouShou asked.


Gao SanDuo said with low voice:


– “I have heard that the son-in-law of this Value Assembly Courtyard does not live in the Illusory Perennial Domicile but in the outside. People say that the Value Assembly Courtyard had been established by one of the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan in the purpose of earning money for the army. The army usually attacked and conquered land, and that they sometimes found  treasures was normal. Therefore, the Value Assembly Courtyard invited the outsiders to come to examine the treasures. Because they belong to the army, they only know how to conquer not in evaluating treasures.


– “I have heard that the Value Assembly Courtyard owned many branches, and the biggest branch was in the capital of the Yan Kingdom.”


When Gao SanDuo said this, he looked like an intellectual person.


Du ShouShou:


– “No wonder they always find good items. Moreover, they like to sell them in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. No one manages this place, so money can do everything here. If in another place, causing trouble with its landlord is a big problem.”


Gao SanDuo nodded:


– “It’s the way that it goes. Moreover, the Illusory Perennial Domicile has many hidden dragons and crouching tigers, so it is fearless of unsellable items.”


While they were talking, there were many beautiful girls in skirt queuing up to get in. Those girls owned various kinds of appearances, voluptuous, tall, or thin. They wore uniform skirts which were pleated up to their thighs. Therefore, they did attract other people when they moved. They were twelve in total and were divided into two lines coming from behind. They all smiled happily.


However, An Zheng recognized that their shoulders did not move while they were moving. Moreover, they moved very steadily, so they must be martial trainers. It was hard to say if they could practice, but they all could reach the maximum level of body refining.


Zhuang FeiFei was walking in last. When she had just showed up, the whole stage seemed to be brightened up.


– “Great Mistress, you are really the best treasure in this Value Assembly Courtyard.”


Someone shouted out.


Another fatty shouted out:


– “Don’t value her by money. If I could buy her by money, I would not need to be uneasy like this.”


Zhuang FeiFei smiled. Although her face was half hidden, people could still feel her charm. People did not also know why she always hid her face.


– “I invited you, the seniors, to come here in order to examine the treasures not me.”


Zhuang  FeiFei bowed down to pay her respects:


– “That the Value Assembly Courtyard could be in good condition is by your help. Therefore, today, I hope you will help us more, and we will have enough remuneration for you all.”


Right on time, Zheng ZhuangBi pointed his fan to An Zheng:


– “Other people are famous for their treasure examining skills, but why did you let such a little boy get in here? Is it possible that the door of the Value Assembly Courtyard has not been closed? Such a kind of animal like him can also come here. Be careful, for he will dirty this place.”


At first Zhuang FeiFei smiled and said sorry to An Zheng, and then she told Zheng ZhuangBi:


– “What’s wrong with you, Mr. Vice Dean? Why did you get mad by no means? Although you and An Zheng have some misunderstandings, it would be better for you to be peaceful in this place. All the people had been invited by me, so please don’t break us up.”


Zheng ZhuangBi had a cold sigh:


– “People here are specialists in treasure examining, so I do admire them. However, on which basis can such a little boy rely on in order to compare with us? Is it because of his dummy title ‘sect head’? They are just children in a playground. Is it possible for you to recognize them?”


With that saying, not only An Zheng and Du ShouShou got angry but also Zhuang FeiFei did.


– “Who are you aiming at? Me or An ye?”


She asked coldly.


Zheng ZhuangBi:


– “It is not you, obviously.  My eyes just don’t have those children in them. It is like I am looking at a table which has been well-prepared with all kinds of precious food, and then I suddenly see a piece of dog shit in one of the plates of food. So, how can I eat?”


An Zheng smiled:


– “Mister vice dean is really honest. Normally, when seeing dog shit, not many people can think if it is eatable.”


Zheng ZhuangBi was surprised for a long while, and then he said angrily:


– “Do you think I dare not touch you? In this Illusory Perennial Domicile, I can still control you.”


An Zheng held the kitten in his arms. The kitten looked at Zheng ZhuangBi and said meow. The bronze bell on its neck moved a little.


Because of the bronze bell, Zheng ZhuangBi was quite scared. Keep yelling? He was really afraid that An Zheng would get mad and throw the bronze bell out. Even a practitioner of the Desire Internment Stage like Devil Hand Jiu ye had been killed by the bronze bell, much less Zheng ZhuangBi who was still far away from the Desire Internment Stage.


– “Hmmm!”


He sat down and turned to another side.


– “So, you…”


Gao SanDuo rubbed Shan Ye:


– “Sometimes it would be better just to shut up your mouth. Those who show their face for being slapped must have gotten emo syndrome (1).”


People saw that Gao SanDuo was on An Zheng’s side, so they did not say anything. Anyway, making any mistakes to either Gao SanDuo or Zheng ZhuangBi was not a good choice.


– “Alright, alright.”


Zhuang FeiFei smiled again:


– “All of you have come here in order to help the Value Assembly Courtyard, so don’t break us up. Let’s put our preconceptions aside, and focus on treasure examining.”


– Twelve girls in skirts immediately stepped forward. Each girl was at one person’s side to serve tea. It was the first time that Du ShouShou had been served tea by a beautiful girl, so he got bewildered. Again and again, he had to sit down politely. He could not behave rudely. However, his eyes sometimes turned to the beautiful girl.


An Zheng stretched to Du ShouShou and whispered:


– “Don’t think ill. You are just tall enough to reach  her armpit, and your hair has not even grown yet, so what do you expect more?”


Du ShouShou:


– “I will just pretend to be a child, so I will stand up and ask the beauty to hug me. Am I gonna be hit?”


An Zheng said:


– “She will not. She will just ask for your lower part’s health.”


Du ShouShou was startled, and he felt cold in his lower part.


They two smiled while speaking, which made Zheng ZhuangBi angrier.


Zhuang FeiFei waved her hand, and then another team of beauties queued up to get in. Each girl brought a tray. On the tray was something not so big. It was covered by a gold cover, and no one knew what it was.


Zhuang FeiFei smiled gently:


– “It seems to be boring if we use old ways to examine the treasures. Today we have made a little change. Maybe everybody was impatient, so, we will play a game. Although these six items are different, their characteristics are the same, so they are put in one place. Now we will check each other’s ability. You don’t open the cover, and you are not allowed to use your cultivation base either. Just knock the cover and guest what is inside. The winner will get a big prize.”


It was to check the ability of examining treasures, so Du ShouShou shook An Zheng with haste:


– “Can you?”


An Zheng:


– “I definitely can. Did you forget the day that although we were sleeping on the lake side in the South Mountain Town, we could distinguish between the female and male frog based on its sound?”


Du ShouShou laughed:


– “What the heck are you talking about? We were just joking on that day.”


Gao SanDuo picked up the tea cup. As soon as he drank, he heard them talking, so he could not help asking:


– “It’s really a strange ability. What did the male frog say? And what about the female?”


Du ShouShou immediately explained:


– “We were just joking. Don’t care about us.”


Gao SanDuo drank a sip of tea:


– “Tell me some…”


Du ShouShou coughed a little:


– “This… the male frog said ‘ugh, ugh’, and the female one said ‘ah~, ah~’.”


All the people were surprised, and then the spouting sounds were continuously raised. Gao SanDuo also spat out his tea, and he coughed nonstop:


– “Du ye, could you please be more serious?”


Du ShouShou:


– “It was you who asked me to…”


Zhuang FeiFei also smiled, and her face was quite red. Waiting until everyone settled down, she immediately stretched her arm to invite:


– “Who goes first? We don’t have a referee here, but you must follow the rules. You cannot mess it up, and you cannot use your cultivation base either. Just guess by your ears. Normal people cannot recognize the sound from the cover, but all of you here are tartars, so it is not too difficult for you. Each item has a different sound, and the cover can consume and convey just as one, so you can guess what item is based on that. Those who can guess correctly will immediately win.


– I don’t care who goes first, so you guys don’t need to be on double time for your answer. Just write down your answers on the paper, and we will open them.”


After saying, Zhuang FeiFei asked six girls to step forward:


– “Let’s get started!”


Gao SanDuo clasped his hands to An Zheng:


– “After you, An ye!”


An Zheng smiled and said:


– “I am still young, so I cannot lead the seniors here. I will be last.”


Gao SanDuo stood up and adjusted his collar:


– “So, I will lead, and people here will guess.”


Du ShouShou immediately took An Zheng’s clothes:


– “Finally, can you do this? Why I am feeling that no one can guess what is under the cover?”


An Zheng:


– “Be quiet… Mister Gao has begun. Let’s listen before speaking.”




(1) Emo syndrome: a kind of disease that the teenagers like to self-hurt in order to release stress on their own. In this case, I used the word Emo syndrome to infer Zheng ZhuangBi an old teenager who was trying to win a little boy like An Zheng.

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