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An Zheng did not know the dried corpse in the Blue Boorish Mountain had changed. However, he was less stressful then. With the knowledge of magical weapons of old Huo, no one could be compared. Moreover, based on what old Huo said, he was the only living specialist of weapon refining who could create a purple item. Old Huo said that there were only nine hundred ninety nine purple items, adding his Repugnant seal was two hundred rounded.


An Zheng was very curious: “Who finalized the number of magical weapons?”


Thinking about this, he realized he was scared.


Actually, what made An Zheng happiest was he could practice then. Moreover, his level was broken through strangely. Now, the atmosphere around him seemed to be powerful. An Zheng recalled carefully when he broke through the level, there were three explosions of air. The first explosion, surrounding people fell down, the second explosion, walls collapsed, and the last one, nearby trees cut off.


It was a not bad beginning.


An Zheng smiled a bit because his natural power was not weak as it was before. After he thought of the fate which old Hue had just mentioned: “What does fate finally mean?” Although An Zheng used to reach very high level, it was also difficult for him to explain because his former natural power was not lucky, and he did not also catch a good luck, even did he self-rise from adversity.


Now, good luck came incomprehensibly. At first, he was deigned by old Huo. Old Huo gave him the Reugnant seal, a low-level purple item because he came to TianQi Martial School and inherited this place. After that, An Zheng went to the Blue Boorish Mountain and he got the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin by chance which used to belong to him. Finally, he got the herbal valley in the mountain along with the Blood Cultivating Pearl, a high-level purple item.


It was not end. That mysterious Chen ShaoBai also gave him a green bronze bell which seemed to be a purple dark weapon. However, that was not all… did’t forget the kitten named Chen Ye… the eyes of Nine Cycles of Reincarnation. The eyes of the kitten could see all hidden treasure in the world.


Devil beasts were also classified into levels from low to high. Similar to magical weapons and pellets of the practitioners, the devil beasts were also classified into five groups such as green, white, red, gold, and amethyst. Old Huo said that no matter what animal had the Eyes of Nine Cycles of Reincarnation, it belonged to purple, a high-level devil beast among the senior devil beasts although it was weak.


However, except sleeping, Shan Ye seemed not to know anything more.


An Zheng did enjoy his current status. He had Du ShouShou, Qu LiuXi, Xiao QiDao, old Huo, Qu FengiAn, and Shan Ye. In such a cruel place like the Illusory Perennial Domicile, he could have a small family which was full of warmth. There was a saying: “Birds of a feather flock together.” It may be true.


Who made An Zheng the most incomprehensive was Chen ShaoBai. In the South Mountain Town, Chen family was not seemed to be weak, but it was only a small street in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. In comparison with the boss of casinos like Gao SanDuo, Chen family was so weak. However, Gao SanDuo was at the Sumeru Stage only, so on what Chen family relied to win the heart of Devil Hand Jiu ye who reached the Sumeru Stage?  If Chen family was supported like that, why did they still lived in the South Mountain Town only?


An Zheng felt that he needed to drink a sip of wine and quietly thought of what had happened recently. After that, he still needed to adjust the practice way of those three people because their revelation was beyond other people’s mind.


He brought the wine gourd with him and left the room. Although the trauma was itchy, it did not affect his action. The Blood Cultivating Pearl did not only take too much blood from him, it also healed the injuries. Moreover, those changes were because he had started-up. Before he had started-up, the Blood Cultivating Pearl actually affected him somehow.


Not looking through, An Zheng could know that many people were observing the martial school. The bronze bell was actually so attractive to practitioners, but until then, no pioneer wanted to take over it.


An Zheng went to the martial courtyard and sat on the high dais to drink wine and enjoy the moonlight. Shan ye suddenly appeared and went to him. The bronze bell on its neck moved without causing any sounds. Shan Ye jumped on An Zheng’s knee softly, and then it rolled its body silently.


Right on time, the bronze bell shot out the green light beam with bass sounds.


An Zheng smiled and thought to himself: “Finally, someone cannot take it anymore.”


The kitten said meow as if it was bored and disrespectful. It seemed to very well understand what the bronze bell was, but it was pity of it to be unable to speak human words.


Right on time, An Zheng found a dark shadow coming to him slowly. The distance was very close, but the bronze bell did not react. Therefore, An Zheng knew who was coming, and he knitted his brows a little.


– “A man drinking is more boring.”


Chen ShaoBai sat cross-legged on the high dais and adjusted his black silk clothes. He took over the wine gourd from An Zheng. He raised his head to drink a sip of wine, and then he spitted out:


– “You are on money shortage? Why do you drink such the low quality wine like this? It is not pure wine, too. It was mixed with some water.”


He took out a crystal wine gourd from his clothes as if he was playing jugglery and gave An Zheng:


– “Try this one. This one is the green jade wine of your dandy. Drink it and you can know the true wine.”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “No. If I am addicted, how can I find it later on?”


Chen ShaoBai stared at him:


– “You are really serious at many things. That’s right, you are not only serious, but you are also impolite. No matter what good or bad I am, I was also the one who saved your life. Why don’t you bow down to say thank you to me?”


An Zheng said:


– “If you see I should bow down, I will.”


Chen ShaoBai avoided:


– “Don’t bow down! I’m afraid to be shortened my life-span.”


An Zheng asked:


– “So, who are you finally?”


– “I am Chen ShaoBai, Chen in Chen ShaoBai, and Shao in Chen ShaoBai, too. You have to carefully remember this name because this name can be famous in all around the world in the future. Until then, you can boast that you used to know me.”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me.”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “You really wanna know?”


– “Yup!”


– “Therefore, I cannot tell you more. I’d like to see your curious manner when you cannot find out the answer.”


He raised his head to look at the shiny moon:


– “You like enjoying the moonlight?”


– “I haven’t told you if I like!”


– “But I like!”


Chen ShaoBai said:


– “Some people like sun because they can feel the power of light. They see the light their creed and belief. Some people like darkness because they can only find their confidence and courage in the dark. But I like the light in darkness because only moon can do this. Appearing from light, you are still injured. Moreover, once you get injured, it is difficult for you to be healed. Besides, staying too long in the dark will lose your nature, and you will fall in the timeless gap.


– So, being in the light of the dark is the most correct way.”


His words were hard for other people to explain. They seemed not to have any relation to An Zheng’s question. However, with his tone, he seemed to answer An Zheng seriously. However, from the beginning until the end, he did not mention anyone.


– “I know you are very curious, but I am feeling bored, much less some small issues in the Illusory Perennial Domicile which have not been solved completely. Therefore, I find you to chat with.”


Chen ShaoBai sipped some wine. However, it was strange that he did not use his wine but An Zheng’s.


– “You are very curious about Chen family, aren’t you? Actually, the existence of Chen family was only a disguise. It was only for hiding my origin. All the existence of Chen family was just for hiding me. However, they were arranged different quests, so they did not know all secrets. For those underground powers whom Chen family could take over, they were the choosers for protecting me. The existence of each person had its own meaning.”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “You can understand like this… I am the descendant of a great family, but with such a great family, fighting with each other over power is a normal job. I am the oldest son of the family, so I have the right to inherit the highest position. Therefore, many people want me to die. For protecting me, my family took me to the Illusory Perennial Domicile. The father in Chen family was fake, and so was the mother. They all were fake.


– “At the moment, the issues of my family have been solved, so I have to go home. However, I have to erase all influences which I have had in this Illusory Perennial Domicile… It is tonight.”


After finishing, he stared at An Zheng:


– “So, if I help your curiosity, are you grateful to me?”


An Zheng asked:


– “If you cannot tell me this time, don’t tell me next time.”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “It’s funny… you really want to make more steps after one. I cannot tell you who I am. However, that I intentionally gave you a luxurious treasure was enough for you to know my family was very powerful. Therefore, I cheated on you before. Basically, there was no mysterious sect. I return to take over my family’s business. Therefore, we may not have a chance to see each other in the future because we are not at the same level. When you can climb up to there, I will hand you out a chance to meet me.”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “Why are you quiet?”


An Zheng:


– “Can I have a foul mouth?”


– “No, you can’t!”


– “Well, I don’t have anything to say.”


– “Hmm…”


Chen ShaoBai glanced at An Zheng:


– “I’m not wicked like that. Although I am arrogant, my nature is very good. Therefore, I will not kill you with haste. You owe me, but I will not also ask for your payback with haste. Wait until I am happy, I will find you to play with.”


An Zheng asked:


– “Is it real that you will never come back?”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “At least it will be a very long time.”


An Zheng:


– “Take it out!”


– “What?”


– “Your good wine. I have to cheer for this!”


– “F*ck off!”


Chen ShaoBai yelled at him but still took out the crystal wine gourd to give An Zheng. When An Zheng drank, he found that the wine gourd had strange flourish like what on the bronze bell. At first, he just thought it was a normal flourish, but now he saw it similar to some signs. He had a sip of wine and praised:


– “It’s really good wine!”


Chen ShaoBai was satisfied:


– “It really is. This wine is extremely precious. At least no kings of the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan have ever tried it.”


An Zheng:


– “Back to the main topic, why did you help me?”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “Because you used to help me.”


– “Don’t talk bullsh*t. All is in your plan. Chen Pu killed Chen family because you planned not to stop him. Those your guards might be famous for their cruelty in the underworld, so you borrowed Chen Pu to kill some of them. However, Chen Pu did not kill them all. You said that you had to solve the issues. Moreover, you had to kill those hidden people like Devil Hand Jiu ye who was dead. Therefore, what I helped you was basically unnecessary. And such a person like Chen Pu was also nothing to you.”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “You’re really smart. It is true that anyone who usually talks with me will increase their intelligence. I am really the genius who has enlightened other people.”


He stood up, wore the long outfit, and then he flew to the sky slowly.


– “An Zheng, if you want to know who I am, you have to grow up fast. Your current power is too weak, but the Illusory Perennial Domicile is just a small lake. Your underworld is outside.”


– “What about you?”


– “My underworld, is in the greatly kind heart… ouch!”


He bumped his head against the flag pole. He rubbed his head for a while and flew away.

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