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An Zheng had recently flirted with Ye Aunty, in fact, he thought of the differences. If he had wanted to heal himself, secluding in the Illusory Perennial Domicile was not a bad choice, but this place was just too poor. To be healed, he needed many kinds of spiritual pills and herbs. Moreover, resting was not the only problem but also of money.

I had never lived in such a poor condition before. It didn’t matter in finding a good place to live or seeking some spiritual pills and herbs to cure his injuries, money was the first priority. The little silver bar which Kou Lu gave him was nothing. He just needed to eat for a few days and had his bare hands. The dirty clothes also made him uncomfortable. Whatever! No money, no talk.

While he was thinking about this, Gao Di brought with him a group of hooligans. In such a place like the Illusory Perennial Domicile, the rule was very simple, survival of the fittest. If it was in the past, An Zheng would not have dared to have even looked at them. Now was different, his eyes had become shiny.

Money was paid right at the door?

He knitted his brows and looked at those little ruffians. Normally, they were always oppressing people, so they must have had a little bit of money, even though it was not too much, it was still very attractive to him.

– “Damn it! Who is the black turtle of you two? Show yourself to your father!”

The leader of the little ruffians was just around seventeen or eighteen years old. He was muscular. He wore silk clothes, but they were not so good-looking. His left hand was holding a longsword and it seemed to be made of common iron which cost a maximum of 20 liangs [1]. While the ruffians were yelling at An Zheng, he was measuring their value.

– “Sob… how difficult it is to earn money in such this place.”

An Zheng mumbled.

Du ShouShou was hurried and he basically did not hear what An Zheng was mumbling about. He unconsciously moved foward to protect An Zheng, turned his head, and said a word,

– “Let me face them here, you run first.”

An Zheng smiled, and slapped Du ShouShou’s shoulders,

– “ShouShou, are you bored of a hard life?”

– “Huh?”

Du ShouShou was surprised, and he did not know what An Zheng had meant.

An Zheng looked at Ye Aunty, told himself that she was not trivial. Those ruffians outside must have clearly known that they could not have made any troubles with her, so they did not dare to rush into the tavern. If the two did not leave, they would not have been harmed. However, they had to go out sooner or later. Moreover, An Zheng now did not care about those ruffians.

He put the sleepy kitten into Du ShouShou’s chest, and then he went out. Du ShouShou held him back, An Zheng waved his hand, and Du ShouShou kept silent.

Seeing An Zheng’s behavior, Ye Aunty was doubtful. She had wanted to help those good children, but when she had saw An Zheng’s manner, she then wanted to observe the situation.

Du ShouShou was obviously frightened as fuck because those little ruffians basically did not follow any rules or regulations. They were not only cruel but also wicked, Gao Di compared to them was just a little child. However, Du ShouShou did not hesitate, asking Ye Aunty to keep the kitten, and then he chased out after An Zheng outside.

An Zheng was outside and counted. There were a total of ten rats with daggers, sticks and canes in all their hands. Some of them were also holding bricks. This made An Zheng recall a familiar feeling.

– “You are An Zheng?”

The leader of the ruffians stepped forward, his face was arrogant,

– “I am the leader Zhang Lei of the Tyrants, do you know me?”

An Zheng smiled a bit,

– “I am not your father. Seeing your face cannot help me recognize if you are my relative or not, so I don’t need to know you.”

Zhang Lei looked stupid for a while, and then he was terribly angry. Since he and the tens of the ruffians that established the Tyrants, even the Great Nine Bandits’ men communicated with them and hoped to have them become the men of the Great Nine Bandits. These days he was bargaining with the Great Nine Bandits. In such a place as the Illusory Perennial Domicile, only the fittest would have such a position. Therefore, when he was looked down upon by a ten-year-old child, he got mad.

– “Zhou An, Zhou Wen, Lou LaiZi, Wang DaCheng, go teach that black turtle how talkative he is. Tear his mouth up, cut his tongue, and then break his legs. I do like to see how I am going to kill him on the main street of South Mountain. Fuck those who dare to stop me.’’

The pedestrians all moved to hide on the sidewalk, and no one had dared to cause trouble with those ruffians. Those people were like bloodsuckers, getting involved with them would definitely make one die or at least lose a layer of skin. In the Illusory Perennial Domicile, there was no law, and there were also no good people. The ruffians all grew up in such a condition like that, so that all of them saw that it was normal to bully others. Beating people to towards great injury was their routine.

– “Wait!”

An Zheng suddenly swung his arm, the ones who rushed towards unconsciously stopped.


Zhang Lei gave a cold sigh,

– “What? Are you scared? You black turtle, let me tell you. It is too late for you to be scared. Your father has already ordered for your tongue to be cut, it must be definitely done. However, if you kneel down and bow to me for three hundred times, then I may think twice and will not break your legs so that you can live unwillingly.

– “No, no, you must have gotten me all wrong!”

An Zheng smiled a bit,

– “I just only wanted to know if you ruffians have your price list when you work?! For example, how much does it cost to cut one hand or one leg, or even to kill a human being? You must have your prices. I just wanna ask how much is it that my life costs?”

Zhang Lei had a cold smile,

– “This motherfucker was also reasonable! So, your father will tell you that such a poor cad like you will cost almost nothing, even selling by weight. In the Illusory Perennial Domicile, if anyone gives his price for killing a human, your father then just needs five liang,s.

An Zheng turned his look to Gao Di,


– “I was just thinking that you were dangerous, but you had paid five liang,s to rent them to kill me. If you had dared to seek me for revenge, I would have looked at you, but you had not. So, I won’t need to talk to you any more.”

He pointed to Gao Di, and asked Zhang Lei,

– “How much to kill him?!”

Gao Di’s face turned a white pale and sometimes red,

– “Stop beating about the bush, your motherfucker! You are going to see how painful in a short while.”

Zhang Lei did not pay much attention to Gao Di, stretched his lips and said,

– “He is more valuable than you, killing him would need at least 20 liang,s!”

An Zheng shook his head a bit, said softly,

– “You must be wrong for the price. I am many times more valuable than him.”

Having finished his word, An Zheng suddenly moved forward. The little ruffian nearby named Lou LaiZi who had not already prepared himself was beaten in his lower parts by An Zheng. An Zheng’s body looked really skinny, but he had obviously trained himself for many years. So, his capacity should not have been looked down upon. One fast and clever kick directly damaged the lower parts of Lou LaiZi.

Lou LaiZi shouted out terribly once and fell down. An Zheng stepped on his face, took his hand and snapped it into a right angle. The hand of Lou LaiZi was  immediately damaged.

An Zheng put down Lou LaiZi’s hand,

– “My price list is higher than yours, so you can calculate yourselves. It costs 30 liang,s for my one fist, other 30 liang,s for one kick, another 50 liang,s for damaging a hand, and 100 liang,s more for damaging a leg. Mark in your minds, I am going to charge you in a little while. Oh yes. The previous kick damaging his balls can be seen as the opening price, it’s free.”

This action from An Zheng made Zhang Lei’s men scared. No one could think that An Zheng, who was skinny at the first look, but that he could have shown off too fast and too brutally.

However, these people were wicked ruffians, so it was not easy for them to be frightened by a child. Zhang Lei yelled a word, and pointed the sword to An Zheng,

– “Kill him!”

The ruffian named Zhou An raised his stick and beat An Zheng’s head. An Zheng stepped once and used his shoulders to strike into Zhou An’s armpit. Crack! Zhou An’s arm was broken. He stepped back while catching Zhou An’s wrist, pulling it once, and then Zhou An failed to control himself and stumbled forwards and An Zheng sent out one kick to Zhou An’s knee, and Zhou An immediately kneeled down.

An Zheng sent out one fist to Zhou An’s nape, and Zhou An shouted a word, fell forwards again. An Zheng washed his hand,

– “This one was beaten by me three times, it is 90 liang,s in total… Oh no, one hand was broken, so fifty more, the total is 140 liang,s.” It can be seen as the first time, so I can have some more promotion.

Having finished speaking, An Zheng stepped onto Zhou An’s crotch. Zhou An shouted out hurtfully, and fainted.

Not waiting until the remaining ones took action, An Zheng rushed forward as strongly as a lion. One fist was sent out to the throat of the ruffian named Zhou Wen, and his throat made a “gakk” sound. Finally, he fell down immediately. He had just fallen down and An Zheng took his two arms, sending out a kick to his chest. No one knew how many pieces of bone were broken then.

– Two arms, a fist and a kick, it was now 160 liang,s in total.

An Zheng incidentally threw Zhou Wen aside, and then he avoided the sword striking down from the ruffian named Wang DaCheng. He did not step back but moved forward, using his elbow to beat Wang DaCheng. This one fist was very powerful. It beat Wang DaCheng falling back. Not waiting until Wang DaCheng had landed, An Zheng rushed into the ruffians as bravely as a lion jumping into the flock of sheeps. Each of his fists was as fast as lightning. Moreover, it was extremely precise. Just in a short while, the ruffians all fell down..

Du ShouShou picked up the brick on the ground and prepared to throw it, but while he was still shaken, the battle had been finished. The ten ruffians who had initially violently rushed towards him all were fallen. Now there was only Gao Di having his eyes and mouths widely-opened and Zhang Lei with his face whitely pale.

– “Do you remember how much you have owed me?”

An Zheng smiled, looked at Zhang Lei and asked a question. Zhang Lei was frightened to pale with fear, and he unconsciously stepped backwards.

– “It seems that you can’t remember, and so do I, really.”

said An Zheng,

– “However, it’s fine. We are going to check later on. With such a manner like that, I will discount it a little bit.”

Having finished his words, An Zheng ran towards Zhang Lei. Zhang Lei was so frightened that he shouted out terribly. He tightly held the long sword and brandished it uncontrollably. An Zheng avoided the sword precisely, and then he sent out a fist to Zhang Lei’s stomach. Zhang Lei screamed out in pain, and the long sword fell down.

An Zheng again kicked Zhang Lei down, and then he sat his buttocks down on Zhang Lei’s chest. At the same time, he picked up a brick next to him, thought for a while, and strongly smashed the brick into Zhang Lei’s face, over and over….

– 30 liangs, 60 liangs, 90 liangs, 120 liangs, and 150 liangs…

Clap, clap… these sounds caused the listener’s heart to be squeezed.

Getting tired of smashing his face in, An Zheng stood up, took a deep breath, stretched his lips, and said,

– The Tyrants… hohum, I can defeat you all on my own.

At that time, the kitten in the fragrant breasts of Ye Aunty woke up, yawned, and looked outside. Its eyes looked serious. It jumped out from Ye Aunty’s breast and ran to An Zheng, and then it followed An Zheng’s body upwards, sat on An Zheng’s shoulder, and looked at the injured people.

It was likely to be “A tiger rules the whole mountain”.


[1]: Old Chinese currency. 1 liang is equal with 50 gr.

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