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An Zheng was really fine. They were all external injuries. Even Qu FengZi could cure it well, not to mention that Qu LiuXi was much better than her master at the moment. The injury on his abdomen looked serious, but it just needed to be sewn up.


For those who desired the bronze bell, they did not dare to rob him in the end. Even a practitioner of the Sumeru Stage like Devil Hand Jiu ye was easily killed by the bronze bell, so no one dared to do stupid things. Although they were greedy, they were still not so stupid to rush forward to take over it. No one could know if the bronze bell would turn the Illusory Perennial Domicile into a bloody sea when it was annoyed..


Qu LiuXi changed the medicine for An Zheng, checked the trauma mouth, and found that it had already closed itself.


– “Your physical health seems to have changed.”


Qu LiuXi said doubtfully,


– “The trauma has closed so fast. It’s beyond my imagination.”


An Zheng pretended to be hurried:


– “Is it good or bad?”


Qu LiuXi smiled a bit:


– “At the moment, it seems to be good!”


An Zheng rubbed his hand on her forehead:


– “It’s good now. No need to worry.”


Du ShouShou next to him was surprised when he saw the situation. He compared enviously:


– “Why is she as good-natured as a kitten when you stroke her hair, but when I stroked her hair last time, she had beaten the hell out of me too, dummy?”


Qu LiuXi ran out with her red face.


An Zheng was immediately awake and hesitated. He had forgotten one thing, when facing the person she likes, a girl could be very meek. Otherwise, once touching her hair, it would be  most likely to have annoyed a lioness.


Du ShouShou sat down next to An Zheng and tried to give an experiential speech:


– “Little Zheng Zheng, one thing I would like to tell you. Although I know you always protect me, you shouldn’t contend with me for my merits. Whatever it is good or bad, I am also a practitioner. If you help me even in fighting, what meaning does practice have finally? Staying at home to sell sweet potatoes would be better than practice without fighting.


An Zheng:


– “Alright, if you wanna fight in the future, I will not contend you.”


Du ShouShou nodded:


– It should be. Although you are our Sect Head and we have to obey you, you should know moral standards. There is a saying, “Moral standards before travel.” Therefore, without moral standards, it would be better to go home and sell sweet potatoes…”


An Zheng laughed, and even the kitten sleeping in his chest opened its eyes to stare.


– “Lately, Shan ye has been more and more favorite in sleeping.”


Du ShouShou pulled the kitten to him. Although the kitten struggled a little it still agreed to lay down on the fatty’s belly.


– “My goodness! Why did you let Shan Ye wear the bronze bell?”


Du ShouShou saw the bronze bell on the kitten’s neck, so he was surprised:


– “This is a treasure, but you wear it on Shan Ye. What if Shan Ye had played outside and got caught because of it?”


An Zheng smiled a little:


– “Have you ever seen Shan Ye play outside? Except having lunch, it sleeps all the time. I let Shan ye wear the bronze bell because I want the greedy people not to pay attention to its eyes. The bronze bell is really a treasure, but it is not comparable with Shan Ye’s eyes which can discover potential treasure.”


Du ShouShou:


– “It’s also correct. Shan Ye is really a one-of-a-kind kitten.”


The kitten closed its eyes and said:


– “Meow meow!”


It seemed to be very satisfied with the fatty’s praise.


Du ShouShou laughed out loud:


– “You’re really shameless!”


He bent down to look at the bronze bell:


– “This item is very mysterious. It is just a small bronze bell, but it is very special. I have heard that that old man was Devil Hand Jiu ye who was famous all around the underworld for his brutality. When he worked, he just only paid attention on his benefits, and he had never paid attention to people. Therefore, both good and bad groups of people wanted to chase to kill him. He had skillful hands which could change faces, so he had hid himself very carefully. Who knew that he had just died t due to the matters of our martial courtyard?”


An Zheng nodded. Although in comparison with big cases of the Tribunal which he had been solving, Devil Hand Jiu ye was just a small character. However, in such a place like the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan, Devil Hand Jiu ye was really a great scoundrel. The Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan was completely incomparable with Fuxi because Fuxi was a huge monster. All Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan together were not as equal to a piece of hair of that huge monster.


If it was not because the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan had been a rough place, the army of Fuxi would have flattened it all.


Old Huo came from the outside. He was coughing while walking as if he got flu. Du ShouShou immediately stood up and helped old Huo sit down:


– “Huo ye, that you are coughing makes me worried.”


Old Huo smiled:


– “Don’t worry. I have been coughing for years. It’s just a small disease.”


Du ShouShou:


– “No, I am just worried that you will transmit your disease to other people.”


Old Huo:


– “F*ck off!”


Du ShouShou:


– “I’m f*cking off. I know you have something to tell An Zheng. Now I will go to practice.”


He held Shan Ye in his chest, left the room, and closed the door.


An Zheng sat uprightly and clasped his hands, saying:


– “I insist on appreciating your generous help. Without your help, I would have been done on that day.”


Old Huo shook his head:


– “I had helped you with nothing. It was the bronze bell which helped you.”


An Zheng said:


– “If it was not you who came to meet Gao SanDue, the competition could not have taken place so smoothly. Well, do you and Gao SanDuo have a prior relationship?”


Old Huo:


– “What’s the relationship? It is just because the handy fan was made by our Star Goods Watchtower. It was named the Mountain and River Fan. Its quality was not bad. If you have a chance to use it, it can help you to activate the powers of a gold item. However, the natural power of Gao SanDuo is too weak, so it is the maximum for him to reach the Sumeru Stage. Therefore, he can just activate the power of white item. You see, even a weapon refiner like me, feels angry when seeing the magical weapon trodden upon. Therefore, at the first time meeting Gao SanDuo, I could not help advising him something.


– I helped him to fix the Mountain and River Fan. At first, he could just use three bones, but latter he could use thirteen. Therefore, he had deeply appreciated me.”


An Zheng nodded:


– “He is an honorable person.”


Old Huo:


– “The Illusory Perennial Domicile is a mixing pot with many kinds of people. There are people who look bad but are knightly like Gao SanDuo. There are also people who look good but are dirty like Zhng ZhuangBi. Therefore, don’t look down on this Illusory Perennial Domicile. This is a minimized version of the world out there.”


An Zheng said:


– “At first, I did not count on this place for real. However, since I have returned from the Blue Boorish Mountain, I have known that my eyes are still small.


Old Huo said yes:


– “I came here to remind you that the bronze bell has drawn attention, so not less people wanted to rob it. They are only observing the situation, and who knows if there are any great practitioners behind you. Besides, they are still afraid of the power of the bronze bell, so no one would like to be the pioneer. However, their patience will be very fast no more.”


An Zheng said:


– “I’m thinking about this matter if we should leave. With our current power, it is impossible for us to stop the greedy people of the Illusory Perennial Domicile.”


Old Huo:


– “Hurry not. Although the Illusory Perennial Domicile has tartars, the hidden tartars will not be greedy for the bronze bell. With the current power of the bronze bell, even a practitioner of the Sumeru Stage can be killed by it, so it is not too difficult for the bronze bell to protect itself.


An Zheng:


– “I’ll make decision depends on the situation then!”


Old Huo was thoughtful for a while and kept saying:


– “This bronze bell is a dark weapon. A white magical weapon can help the practitioner of the Sumeru Stage to release strongest power. The bronze bell killed Devil Hand Jiu ye easily, so it must be at least a red item. Moreover, it can attack and defense at the same time. I don’t understand much about dark weapons, but I can know the bronze bell is at least a gold item, even a purple item.


– With your fate of repugnance, it is most likely to be a purple item. See your treasure. Are any of them are not a purple item? Therefore, I am afraid that you will be arrogant, and then you will assume the purple items are just the way they are. You should know, even the practitioner of the Great Ampleness Stage cannot have a purple item in his hand. Purple items are basically in the hand of the practitioner who reached the Basic Sky Stage or more.”


He picked up the wine gourd to drink, and then he said slowly:


– “It is said that there are only nine hundred ninety nine purple items. If including the Repugnant Seal which took me thirty six years to create, there are also two hundreds, much less the Repugnant seal which was still quite inferior to the purple items. Therefore, the Repugnant seal can just be seen as a low-level purple item.


– The Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin which you have found can be seen a low-level purple item. But the item you are wearing on your wrist…  is most likely to be a medium or even a high-level purple item. For this item, I would like to ask if you feel tired somewhat?


An Zheng shook his head:


– “No, the injuries were healed very quickly, so I did not feel any blood shortages.”


Old Huo nodded:


– “It’s good then. That item seems not to have been cursed. Although the Blood Cultivating Pearl is not a dark weapon, it is the strangest one among the magical weapons. You should be careful. I used to tell that your fate was so strange because purple items always found you. If anything bad happens, I am afraid that no one can help you.”


An Zheng smiled a bit:


– “Actually, it is worthy of me being arrogant.”


Old Huo also smiled:


– “Bullsh*t. If this matter is not worthy to be arrogant, what else can be? You also see, although the Repugnant seal and the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin cannot release their powers, they are still purple items. Additionally, with the purple-like-item bronze bell and the Blood Cultivating Pearl, you are possessing four purple items now. There are only two hundred items in all around the world, but you own four. So it is enough for you to be arrogant.


He bent down to look at the Blood Cultivating Pearl on An Zheng’s wrist:


– “Now you have warmed-up. Moreover, If I am not wrong, you have already reached the Third Stage of Essence, haven’t you?”


An Zheng nodded gently:


– “That’s right!”


Old Huo said:


– “I have seen such a strange person like you. In the future when your Qi Sea power had not been activated, even getting warmed-up was difficult for you. You have just warmed-up, and you have already reached three level-ups. You say Xiao QiDao is a talented child, and so do you. Now you have warmed-up, so you can come in the Repugnant seal to practice from now on. Moreover, I will see if I can also move the herbal valley into the Repugnant seal.”


An Zheng nodded gently:


– “So, I have to bother you.”


Old Huo observed for a long while, and then he touched on the Blood Cultivating Pearl. He knitted his brows more and more tightly:


– “It’s not true… this bracelet has obviously taken a lot of your blood, why didn’t you have any feelings? You see, the blood spot on the pearl is getting brighter and bigger than it was before.”


An Zheng looked for a while, and then he realized the changes. He had completely not paid attention before.


– “That’s right!”


Old Huo suddenly slapped his head:


– “I forgot… your bracelet has a pearl to store the herbal valley. Therefore, it can take your blood but can also take the nutritions from the herbal valley in order to fortify you as well. Because it can balance itself, you are safe. It’s wonderful, really wonderful!”


An Zheng thought of the dried corpse senior in the Blue Boorish Mountain and appreciated him in silence.


At that time, the dried corpse in the crystal coffin in the faraway Blue Boorish Mountain had changed. It was different from the time An Zheng visited. Now, it was not a dried corpse at all. Its skin was recovered. Although it was still hard to see, it was not as bone-dried as it was before.


When An Zheng said thank you, the dried corpse stretched its lips, smiled and said, never mind.


If An Zheng knew about this, he would have bounced with fear.

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