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The big hand suddenly appeared and frightened everyone. Even a practitioner of the Sumeru Stage like Gao SanDuo and Zheng ZhuangBi were frightened. Formerly, when Chen Zhou had used the Transforming Technique, Gao SanDuo had already felt a bit strange, but it had turned out that there was a senior person who was silently supporting Chen Zhou. The Transformation Technique of this person was many times higer than that of Chen Zhou’s.


– “Showing off in my area. Did you ask me?”


Gao SanDuo opened the handy fan and then he pointed to the sky.


More than ten bones were shot from the handy fan with bright light. The higher they reached, the bigger they got. Finally, the ten bones then turned into ten bright rapiers. Those rapiers flew in the mid air half round and then kept their position. The tip of the rapiers were all aimed towards the black hand and waited for further orders.


Following Gao SanDuo’s direction, more than ten rapiershad turned into light beams and rushed towards the black hand. The rapiers then flew, creating extremely sharp airwaves.


This was the differences between a practitioner of the Sumeru Stage and another one of the Pure Essence Stage. The one that was at the Sumeru Stage could not only release his air, but he could also control things by the air. To the Ninth Sumeru Stage, killing people from twenty miles far away was not a big matter. More than ten rapiers full of color had directly stabbed into the black hand. Although Gao SanDuo knew the owner of the black hand was powerful, he was also a powerful person in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. Therefore, he could not let himself be inferior.


In contrast, Zheng ZhuangBi seemed to be more timid.


– “Naive!”


The deep sound appeared again and then the hand was raised. It slapped the palm of the rapiers, creating tinkling sounds. All the rapiers were swept away that made it seem as if they were useless parlor magic tricks. The rapiers then flew scattreredly away in different directions, some of them had hit the people in the audiences, some had broken through great trees, and some were stabbed on the wall.


Gao SanDuo was surprised for a while and then he got mad,


– Looking down on me? You are just a black turtle as well, you don’t even dare to show yourself. ”


He waved his hand and threw the handy fan towards him. When the handy fan reached the sky, it suddenly opened and created a hundreds-meter-long picture. The picture flew in the air, creating a majestic scene. Gao SanDuo made a high jump to the handy fan and then he pointed it toward the hidden assailant. The handy fan flew to the black hand and tightly held it.


Gao SanDuo jumped on the hand and then he pressed it with his two fingers,


– “Get it broken!”


The rapiers which had been blown away came back and were positioned in the air again, and then it stabbed down. The hand was covered by the handy fan, so it struggled nonstop like a big python. More than ten bright rapiers came and constantly stabbed at the hand nonstop.


Gao SanDuo seemed to be satisfied,


– “Now I will waste your arm and let you show yourself!”


– “Naïve!”


The sound appeared and the two words were repeated again.


After a shocking sound, the hand escaped the fan. Although the fan had not crashed, there were many holes in it. More than ten rapiers also flew away and turned around in the air. Gao SanDuo was pushed down to the ground, and he stood up tremulously. He bent down to look at the fan.It was quite damaged.


At that time, the rapiers could not come back at all. They turned back into the bones and fell down.


Gao SanDuo’s face was quite pale white. Finally, he could not stand and vomited blood.


Chen Zhou laughed satisfactorily,


– “How can you garbage possibly stop me? An Zheng, as I have told you, I am far leading you now. Although you are lucky to have won over me today, you will still have to die.”


He pointed to An Zheng,


– “Kill him, and we don’t owe each other at all.”


That mysterious person made a long sigh, and then the big hand pressed down on An Zheng’s head. The palm was so big that it seized hundreds of meters of the air. Moreover, its speed was extremely fast. With the current powers of An Zheng, he basically could not have avoided it. Qu LiuXi and Du ShouShou were all by his side. If the hand had touched them, they would have all died. However, An Zheng suddenly caught Qu LiuXi and threw her away, at the same time, he kicked on Du ShouShou’s buttocks,


– “Run!”


After finishing that, he had intended to jump out, but there was obviously not enough time.


He had just run for some meters, when the palm pressed down on him.


Chen ShaoBai sat on the roof. His look had changed a little. He yelled one word “stupid”, and then he contributed the one arm, shouting out,




The tinkling sound echoed. The bronze bell in An Zheng’s chest suddenly flew out, got bigger, and created a bronze shield on An Zheng’s head. At that time, the palm pressed strongly downwards with massive force.


Within hundreds of meters, those who could not escape were all dead. Bricks, rock, and trees were smashed to pieces, and the wind blew in every directions. Suddenly, the sky had turned dark. All the people had the same thoughts that An Zheng would surely die. Such a practitioner of the Sumeru Stage like Gao SanDuo was not even considered the rival of that person, much less An Zheng.


They unclearly heard a terrible scream, so they all opened their mouths in fear.


However, the scream did not come from An Zheng but from the owner of the hand. When dust had dissolved, the people then realized that there was a bloody hole in the big hand.


The bronze bell was steadily positioned there, but no one saw An Zheng’s figure. The palm had slapped the bronze bell, and the bronze bell had pierced through it. The owner of the hand shouted outwith horrendouspain, and then the voice was shaken.


– “The Bell… how could he have the Bell?”


After preventing the slap of the huge hand, the bronze bell became smaller and flew around An Zheng. Finally, it had disappeared into the skyline. While An Zheng and the other people were surprised, a painful scream was made, and then an old man jumped out from the crowd, and fled away tremblingly.


– “Who’s there?”


Someone asked.


– “He looked like the Ninth Brother of the Great Nine Bandits in the South Mountain Town.”


– “Oh my god! Is it true that he is the Devil Hand Jiu ye? People said that he could move the sky with just his one hand.”


– “If it’s truly him, it’s clear that he had helped Chen Zhou to replace his arm. Devil Hand Jiu ye was too cruel, so he had been chased, threatened with death by both good and bad groups of people. I can’t believe my eyes that he had hidden himself in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. I have heard that he had broken through to the Sumeru Stage. It now makes sense when Gao SanDuo couldn’t defeat him. Thus it is with proper reason why that Gao SanDuo could not win.”


– “If so, who is the Devil Hand Jiu ye really? Who is An Zheng? And what is the bronze bell?”


– “How can a child who has just begun practicing has such a precious item like that? And the precious item had automatically protected its owner.  Moreover, it could defeat the Devil Hand Jiu ye. It may be a gold item, even a precious purple item.”


– “It’s a good item, really good item.”


Hearing these sayings, people of the martial school were all worried. They clearly knew that although he could have overcome this situation, they could not have a peaceful life afterwards. That bronze bell had saved An Zheng, but it had brought him an unspecified amount of trouble. Qu LiuXi and Du ShouShou all ran to An Zheng and asked if he was fine.


An Zheng shook his head,


– “I’m fine!”


Du ShouShou looked at An Zheng carefully. Until he saw that An Zheng was really fine, he sighed with relief,


– “You had nearly frightened me to death. It’s good to see that you are now fine.”


Qu LiuXi checked An Zheng’s pulse on her own, and then she also chilled out as well,


– “Not too serious, they’re just only external injuries. Let me help you stop the bleeding first.”


She then went home to get her first aid kit and then she treated An Zheng’s injuries.


At that time, Devil Hand Jiu ye was still chased after by the green light beam. Devil Hand Jiu ye looked very old, but he was extremely fast. However, no matter how fast he ran, the bronze bell still chased after him. Devil Hand Jiu ye could not stop jumping to and fro on the roof, and the bronze bell was chasing close after him.


– “You didn’t keep your promise!”


Devil Hand Jiu ye shouted terribly as he was running,


– “You have said that we would not owe each other at all!”


Hearing his saying, everybody looked at Chen Zhou, but Chen Zhou was also surprised. He seemed not to understand what was happening. He just knew a few secrets of the Chen family, but he basically did not know what else was behind the secrets. In his thoughts, Devil Hand Jiu ye was the first-ranked tartar in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. No one could believe that he was being chased after to be killed by such a tiny bronze bell.


On the roof, Chen ShaoBai laughed out loud and mumbled,


– “Little Chen Qi, you basically do not know how the Chen family can survive, and you also do not know as to why your father was successful. Is it possible for a practitioner of the Desire Internment Stage like Devil Hand Jiu ye whose heart was won over by the Chen family only to be killed by a person of the Essence Stage like your father? I only made a mistake in my plan because I did not believe that such a boy like you could have made such a carefully detailed plan. You have priorly known of how to take advantage of the Chen family’s secrets… what a pity! You will never be able to discover any of the deeper secrets.”


He stood up and looked over at An Zheng,


– “It’s interesting. Hope you will not die young because the two of us have not finished.”


After having said so, he turned back, and left. His body had turned into a shadow and disappeared.


The bronze bell insisted on chasing after Devil Hand Jiu ye to kill him, but Chen Zhou was standing unsteadily there. After a while, the bronze bell reacted and rushed straight into him,


– “Beat him to death!”


– “Beat that cad to death!”


Many people were rushing towards Chen Zhou, and Chen Zhou was shouting for help. Some loyal henchmen hiding there wanted to take advantage of the occasion by rushing into the crowd and bringing him out, but they were also hit by the crowd. Although Chen Zhou had used to kill people unstoppably, he could not survive with so many people on his own back. On the ground were many corpses, and some of which were Chen Zhou’s henchmen. There were also corpses of other people as well as those on his side. All the fiery angers of the entire mob burned upon him so that his body could not possibly have a single moment of peace.


– “What’s that?”


Du ShouShou pointed to the green light beam from afar and asked.


An Zheng shook his head,


– “I… don’t know either!”


– “It’s your item. Why don’t you know?”


– “I really don’t know. I had picked that item off the ground by chance. It felt pretty nice, so I wore it on my neck. Who knew that it was a treasure?”


– “You are really lucky. You had picked up a treasure, even by chance.”


Du ShouShou slapped An Zheng’s shouder, making him a bit hurtful. Qu LiuXi said with haste,


– “Be more careful!”


Du ShouShou hesitated,


– “I know, I know. I will be careful…”


He softly slapped An Zheng with his finger,


– “Is this careful enough?”


An Zheng sighed longly,


– “You really are a jerk…”


Afar, Devil Hand Jiu ye seemed to be exhausted, and he was finally caught by the bronze bell. The bronze bell slapped his nape and his head had exploded into smithereens. His body fell down from the heights and was crushed.


The bronze bell turned into the light beam and flew back. It flew around An Zheng and moved towards his face. He raised his hand and the bronze bell fell on his hand.


At that time, the crowd could not help surrounding him and many people seemed to have greedily desires.

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