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There was an explosion in the air accompanied with the strange sound of a door that was being opened.


It all then came strangely and suddenly. An Zheng had been standing there entirely covered with blood all over his entire body. He then bent down like a devilish beast that was about to wake up.


When he raised his head, Chen Zhou unconciously took a step back.


There was a wicked gleam in An Zheng’s eyes which was hard to interpret.


– “Thank you!”


An Zheng said.


“Thank you?’’


‘’Why thank you?”


Chen Zhou was thoroughly shocked because he did not know what was happening at this very moment. However, he clearly felt frightened by An Zheng, and his spirit was a little lost.


An Zheng bowed down to look at his abdomen and saw that his garment had been soaked red in blood. When Chen Zhou’s arm turned into a python and had bitten his abdomen, it had torn off a piece of flesh from his abdomen. At that time, the opened wound looked quite terrifying, and it was still profusely bleeding nonstop.


An Zheng sighed with relief and smiled happily,


– “It’s familiar. It’s so comfortable.”


No one understood his words.


While Chen Zhou was being frightened, An Zheng looked at him,


– “What’s wrong? Why don’t you continue?”


Chen Zhou was so angry that he laughed,


– “If so, I will now finish you off!”


He jumped up and rushed towards An Zheng. His left hand turned into a python flying through the air, and then rushing towards An Zheng’s neck. His right hand then turned into a bear’s paw and directly made a strike towards An Zheng’s face. Everyone in the Illusory Library knew very well how powerful the strengths of both the python and the bear paw were. Were there any kinds of devils or wild beasts that could not have been found in the Blue Boorish Mountain?


An Zheng stood still. When the python had gotten close to his neck, he raised his hand to catch the python and then pulled his hands backwards. Cheng Zhou, who was rushing towards An Zheng, thus when he was pulled off of his path by An Zheng, the added strength of An Zhengs pull had propelled him much faster off of his intended course.


As the bear paw was about to make contact with An Zheng’s face, it was stopped by An Zheng’s right fist. The bear paw and An Zheng’s hand had crashed with each other and made the strong sound of a direct collision. Time was most likely to stop and so was air. In the end, the force of the explosive sound pushed Chen Zhou’s body backwards. The bear paw had also exploded into blood pudding.


Although Chen Zhou’s body was pushed backwards, his left hand was still in An Zheng’s hand. The mouth of the python could not help but opened itself to bite An Zheng, but it was held tightly by An Zheng, and it had no possible ways to struggle. An Zheng pulled the python down and stepped on it. Chen Zhou’s body was pulled forward, so he ran towards An Zheng unsteadily.


An Zheng sent out his right fist bringing the whizzing air to Chen Zhou’s chin. Chen Zhou was then pushed back by his fist. He tried to fly up to escape but he basically could not because his left hand had been stepped on by An Zheng. His left hand was stretched up, and then crack! It was cut off… his arm was again broken by An Zheng, and history had again repeated itself.


Chen Zhou’s body landed on the ground and he screamed out with pain.


– “You… you have actually lied. You have obviously already warmed-up!”


He looked at An Zheng as if he saw a monster before him. His eyes did not reveal any arrogance from before but complete fear. At that time, he was in the same situation as the time when his arm had been disabled by An Zheng. He was not only frightened but was also filled with hatred. When his fear came back to him, he did not have any further enthusiasmsto fight An Zheng anymore.


Zheng ZhuangBi’s face was also very inappropriate. Chen Zhou was about to get victory and Gao SanDuo was about to stop him, but he had stopped Gao SanDuo instead.


Seeing An Zheng sending out a fist to break Chen Zhou’s arm, Gao SanDuo shrugged his shoulders and sat down with comfortable face,


– “As you wish, since you had prevented me from interrupting.”


Zheng ZhuangBi was as mad as an irritated hornet and turned back to An Zheng,


– “You didn’t follow the rules!”


An Zheng took a deep breath and adjusted his cultivation base. He asked,


– “What’s the rule?”


Zheng ZhuangBi had his mouth wide openbut he could not raise his voice. Really, did he really want to say that An Zheng had lied? However, at first, It was he, himself, that confirmed that An Zheng had basically not warmed-up. At the moment, where An Zheng’s power came from was a hard question for Zheng ZhuangBi.


– “You… you have said that we would stop at the right time and that we could not injure anyone!”


Zheng ZhuangBi finally had a reason, but his tone was weak.


An Zheng said,


– “If he admits defeat, then I will stop.”


– “I don’t!”


Chen Zhou stood up by his broken arm. He gritted his teeth and said,


– “I have not been defeated. I can still kill him and I must do so.”


Zheng ZhuangBi sighed,


– “Enough, you will not be able to go on further. Your arm has been disabled, so you still have time to find a doctor to get it healed, if you hurry. The Illusory Perennial Domicile does not lack skillful doctors, so I can take you there. The academy also has its own clinic room which can heal you. However, it you take any longer, your arm will be really disabled.”


– “It’s not true!”


Qu LiuZi was watching the competition and suddenly took a step forward, saying,


– “This arm has something wrong with it.”


All the people looked at the broken arm and waited for Qu LiuXi to keep going,


But Qu LiuXi pointed to Cheng Zhou’s right arm,


– “The problem is on that arm. When he hadtransformed, his left arm could turn into a wild beast perfectly. However, his right arm could not do so, only the palm of his hand could, and his performance was inflexible. When he had attacked, he insisted on using his left arm, which showed that his right arm was not comfortable or capable of doing so. Therefore, it is not the exception that he is strong because of his left arm.


– But you should see the joint between his right arm and his shoulder.”


Everyone looked at Qu LiuXi’s direction and they immediately saw the problem. Lately, when having fought with An Zheng, Chen Zhou’s right arm had turned into a bear’s paw and collided with An Zheng’s hand, Chen Shou’s sleeves were then all broken. Therefore, Qu LiuXi could see the joint between his right arm and shoulder. There was a 1cm red long spot at the joint.


– “That is a fake arm!”


Qu LiuXi said with high voice,


– Some days ago, many people in the Illusory Perennial Domicile lost their children, and when they had found their children’s corpses, each corpse had been missing one arm. Moreover, that boy had also lost one of his arms, so the answer is immediately revealed… that it was him who had kidnapped those children, and then he killed them and cut their arms off in order to check if it fitted him. At the moment, this arm is quite suited with his blood type. Nevertheless, it was still not very perfect fit.


– “Kill him!”


Someone in the crowd shouted and the other people followed. People of the Illusory Perennial Domicile were not good people, but most of them would not be so cruel that they killed children in such a senseless purpose. Although they did many cruel things, they sniffed to look down on those who had bullied the children. Chen Zhou’s secret had been penetrated, so he turned pale white. He wanted to deny everything, but when facing the angry crowd, he was speechless.


At the same time, Chen ShaoBai was in a long black outfit, sitting with his chin on his arm and was looking at An Zheng,


– “It’s interesting, really interesting. It seems that I have looked down on you. If I had known that you were not rubbish, I would not have given you the bell. It’s really been wasted…”


He was apparently sitting down there, and there were also tartars and strong men who had reached the Sumeru Stage like Zheng ZhuangBi and Gao SanDuo in the crowd, but they could not see him. He was most likely to disappear from the human world.


Amongst the baddies, they did not lack kind-hearted people. There might be a grateful son or a kind-hearted father, much less they did not lose their children or parents, but they still had friends whose relatives had been lost to Chen Zhou. Therefore, an angry fire had burned through them all.


– “Kill him!”


– “Tear him into pieces!”


– “That the Illusory academy could have had recruited such a disciple like him proves that they are blind!”


– “Your father had also used to do cruel things but I have never touched a child. Kill him!”


The crowd was angrier and angrier and started to move forward.


Gao SanDuo stood up and raised his hands, saying,


– “Stop for a minute. Let me ask him!”


The crew started to maintain their quietness, but this time, it was not very possible. Gao SanDuo moved towards Chen Zhou with his cold face,


– “Was it true that you kidnapped the children and killed them?”


Chen Zhou unconciously took a step backwards. He looked at his right arm and he looked at the angry crowd. Suddenly, he laughed,


– “A group of devils and you are trying to pretend to be kind-hearted people? What right do you have to doubt me? What rights do you have in order to talk of right and wrong? You there, haven’t any of you have killed people before? You are now just like jokers and are making me sick.”


Gao SanDuo said with deep tone,


– “It seems that you have pled guilty. If so, let the Illusory Academy tell us of their solution. Anyway, since you are a disciple of their academy.


Qiu ChangChen told Zheng ZhuangBi,


– “Mister Vice Dean, that boy was recruited by you, so his fate is up to your decision. I am tired and the Illusory Academy cannot possibly lose any more face.”


After he finished, he turned back to go inside.


Zheng ZhuangBi was confused looking at the Nine Stars dais,


– “This, now I have no evidence to convict him. Even though if an official mandarin wants to convict him, the mandarin still needs evidence. He is only just suspected of doing so, so it is quite hasty of you in asking to immediately execute him. In my opinion, why don’t we banish him from the academy? If you can find any further evidences, it will still not be too late for you to execute him.”


Right at that moment, there were two strong men helping a couple to come towards him. As soon as the wife saw Chen Zhou, she burst into tears,


– “It’s my son’s arm, my son’s… on his arm is a birthmark of the cherry blossom which I can remember very clearly.”


Zheng ZhuangBi turned pale,


– “What are you talking about? Your son is not the only person who has such a birthmark. There are many people in this world that have birthmarks on their arms.”


– “The Illusory Academy covers up for murderers!”


– ‘’The Illusory academy has to take responsibility!”


The sounds of yelling were continuosly raised, but Zheng ZhuangBi did not care at all,


– “This is the academy’s business. If he really is the murderer, I will, of course, execute him immediately. It’s useless of you to rebel. Execution comes after evidence.”


Before leaving, Qiu ChangChen had said that the Illusory Academy could not afford to lose anymore face, but Zheng ZhuangBi thought that Qiu ChangChen had meant maintaining the face of the academy. Therefore, he insisted on not admitting that the Academy’s disciple is a wicked murderer. He reacted with haste, but he did not realize the inappropriate face of Qiu ChangChen.


– “Shut your mouth!”


Chen Zhou shouted out,


– “You black turtles, you ran away from many places in the world and fled to this ragged Illusory Perennial Domicile in order to survive. You don’t even have the courage of survival. Now you are basing on the crowd to yell and shout. In my eyes, you are like pestilent insects, and you all make me sick. Let me tell you. You wanna kill me? It’s not that easy!”


He raised his head and shouted out,


– “Listen people! If I have any risks, your trace will be shown. At that time, an unspecified amount of your enemies will trace you. If I die, don’t think about your peaceful life then.”


Chen ShaoBai on the roof knitted his brows a little,


– “I again look down on this guy. He clearly knows his position. In the past, the Chen family’s existence was to protect me. Now, they have no other choices but to protect him, so that those people could exist. Now, they cannot disagree but to protect him… Chen Qi, you have made me change my look towards you. However, your thoughts are still simple.”


He had not finished, when an extremely big arm suddenly appeared from afar. The arm was too big to imagine. When the arm had stretched out, it was hundreds of meters long.


That big hand caught Chen Zhou and then a voice as deep as a thunder strike, appeared:


– “I will help you once. From now on, no one owes each other.”

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