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An Zheng did not stop. After he had smacked Feng XiaoShi down, he turned to Chen Zhou,


– “An Zheng from the TianQi Sect, declares war on you!”


Chen Zhou was essentially disappointed because he saw that his rival too weak. He thought that An Zheng was very strong and had met his requirements as a rival. However, as soon as Zheng ZhuangBi confirmed that An Zheng had not started-up, he felt unhappy. Humiliating such a weak rival was obviously not enough to satisfy him. However, when An Zheng rushed towards him, his inspiration had once again returned.


– “Come on!”


Chen Zhou shouted out a word and also rushed forward.


An Zheng did not know Chen Zhou’s real power, so he used up all of his strength to maximize his fighting power. He had spent days after nights training in the Repugnant seal so that he could cope with current situation. He could not put Du ShouShou in direct danger. Although Du ShouShou had already started-up, he still lacked experience in fighting. Moreover, his natural and physical power was not very excellent. If the opposite academy had arranged a cruel disciple, it would have been hard for Du ShouShou to cope with.


An Zheng’s fist came very fast. It was so fast that the crowd could not see. Feng XiaoShi reached the Second Stage of Essence, but he had been smacked down by An Zheng as soon as he made a movement, which was obviously enough to know how fast his speed was.


But when An Zheng’s fist got close to Chen Zhou, Chen Zhou basically did not pay attention.


– “You have just said that he was so slow, but in my opinion, it’s you who is the one that is slow.”


Chen Zhou leaned aside to avoid An Zheng’s fist, and then he scorned,


– “I had thought that you were my rival, but I cannot believe you are that weak. How much does the maximum body refining costs? My abilities are far more superior than yours.”


An Zheng was terrified, how could Chen Zhou have improved that fast? When An Zheng had disabled the one arm of Chen Zhou’s, his real power was many times far behind An Zheng’s. But now, in Chen Zhou’s eyes, An Zheng’s speed had meant nothing. “How long has it been? Why can Chen Zhou’s level suddenly increase?”


An answer suddenly occupied An Zheng’s mind…, “It’s because of the spiritual pillets.”


During this time, Chen Zhou had probably been using many spiritual pillets which had quickly increased his powers. Chen Zhou had taken over some underground powers from the Chen family, so he could do so, more or less, his physical powers were not bad. With the help of the spiritual pillets, his level could increase fast.


– “Are you ready for my humiliation?”


Chen Zhou had a grim smile to look at An Zheng,


– “It is similar to that day when you had disabled my arm!”


An Zheng,


– “I had known earlier that it was you.”


Chen Zhou,


– “Know? How?”


The two were maintaining a close position, Chen Zhou’s words unconsciously occupied An Zheng’s mind,


– “I now have ten thousand ways to make you live, not by death, but to give you the appearance of looking well on the outside whil your internal organs have all been imploded, silently hemorrhaging over time. Waiting until the crowd had left, you would vomit out blood, finally dying. I will control my powers well so that you can slowly die.”


An Zheng stepped back and kicked at Chen Zhou’s neck,


– “Speak later! Let’s fight first!”


Chen Zhou had also taken a step back when An Zheng’s kick grazed his neck. In a twinkling of an eye, Chen Zhou smoothly raised his hands to catch An Zheng’s ankle, and then he rotated half way to throw An Zheng away strongly. An Zheng tried to make an upside down, reverse front flip in the air and slid on the ground with his four limbs, like a wild lynx for some meters before stopping.


– “My goodness!”


A person in the crowd was screaming,


– “The power of that Chen Zhou is really strong. Although An Zheng had reached the maximum level of body refining, he could not prevail in speed. In my opinion, the cultivation base of that Chen Zhou is at least at the Fifth Stage of Essence.”


– “The academy has never had such a genius who can reach this level at such a very young age like him. Although his maximum body refining can compete with a practitioner of the Essence Stage, the first priority is that the rival has not refined his body equivalently. You can see that Chen Zhou is not far behind An Zheng in body refining, even his speed is faster.”


– “That’s right! It’s done for the martial school. It’s illusive for them to have any possible victory now.”


– “Chen Zhou’s power is that strong? Even though An Zheng had hit him with ten or twenty fists, it still wouldn’t have mattered to him. However, he only needs to hit An Zheng with one fist, and it’s enough for An Zheng’s body to get exploded.”


Chen Zhou was very satisfied with the discussions of the crowd. At that time, the ashamed feeling of being defeated by An Zheng had disappeared. He knew that he had nearly succeeded in his revenge. Moreover, he could pay back An Zheng tens or hundreds of times. In the eyes of ten thousand people, he could act out his revenge perfectly.


– “An Zheng, although you may kneel down to ask for my mercy, it’s still useless.”


Chen Zhou stepped towards strongly,


– “I will never forgive you.”


An Zhen stepped aside quickly to avoid Chen Zhou’s fist, and then he used his palm sword to strike at Chen Zhou’s nape. Chen Zhou stood in position with one leg. He turned around to face An Zheng. He sent out a fist to An Zheng’s armpit, and crack! An Zheng’s arm was dislocated. Chen Zhou intentionally wanted to humiliate An Zheng, so he sent another kick to An Zheng’s knee to push An Zheng away.


An Zheng’s right arm had been dislocated and was limp, so when he was about to fall to the ground, he pushed up his body upwards by pushing his left arm off of the ground.


Chen Zhou did not stop but rushed up. His speed was extremely fast which could not be caught by normal eyes. His foot stepped on the ground and crack! The solid ground was destroyed leaving a big crater the size of a watermelon. He rushed towards An Zheng as fast as the bullets that were shot out from a gun. Just in a very quick second, Chen Zhou’s shoulders smashed into An Zheng and pushed An Zheng backwards with great force. An Zheng’s body had terribly folded downwards, which made the people terribly frightened.


With a normal person’s bearing, his spine would have probably been broken.


An Zheng tried to endure the sharp pain and used his left hand to lift his arm back into its socket with a snap.


He vomited blood. His fighting spirit was burning away. He remembered the first time that he started to practice. He had competed, and killed people nonstop, so he could reach the Basic Sky Stage quicker later on. At the moment, that spirit had returned to him and changed into fire within his eyes.


– “Ouch! Your body is not bad, so you can still stand up.”


Chen Zhou looked at An Zheng with his scornful eyes,


– “Such a waste who cannot practice like you, even you can maximize your body refinement, so how?” Waste is the way that it is. If you faithfully went to a small county or a region to take up a guard post, you can even earn your living. However, you have always tried to jump into the world of the practitioners. How Could you? The world is obviously unfair. If you cannot practice, you will always be from the inferior shades of the color spectrum.”


An Zheng waved his hand to clean the blood from his mouth,


– “You have not won yet!”


Chen Zhou laughed out,


– “You still won’t give up? Let me see how you can survive!”


He made a vaporous movement and An Zheng leaned back to avoid it. However, it basically was not Chen Zhou’s skill. It was just because Chen Zhou moved so fast that he had created an illusion.


Chen Zhou moved aside and waited for An Zheng to lean on his side. After that, he sent out a kick to An Zheng’s abdomen.


An Zheng’s body had completely folded downwards again. The extreme pain in his abdomen was transferred to An Zheng’s mind, shattering his mental capacities, making him extremely dizzy.


– “I have told you. A weak person is always a weak person. The one who is unable to practice will be always rubbish. An Zheng, your biggest mistake was declaring war on me. Otherwise, you would have lived for a couple more days.”


He took An Zheng’s hand up and threw it to the ground strongly.


– “That’s enough!”


Gao SanDuo stood up,


– “He failed!”


– “Not yet!”


Chen Zhou turned back to Gao SanDuo and roared,


– “He hasn’t declared failure!”


An Zheng shook his body to stand up and had a bloody smile,


– “That’s right. I have not declared failure yet.”


Chen Zhou vanished again, and then he appeared behind An Zheng, sending out a fist to An Zheng’s nape.


– “Now, I will make you feel as if death is much more pleasurable than living.”


If the fist had reached its destination, everyone would have been sure of the immediate, final result.


An Zheng closed his eyes. Because his natural power was too weak, he could not catch up with Chen Zhou’s speed. At that time, the only minute possibility that he could have located Chen Zhou, was through his sense. Sense was more trusted than the eyes.


As soon as Chen Zhou’s fist was close to An Zheng’s nape, An Zheng swiftly bent down forcefully and kicked back. Chen Zhou missed his fist, so he leaned onwards, and his abdomen was kicked by An Zheng. Chen Zhou was so painful that his face turned pale, so he got wildly mad. He clasped his hands and hulk smashed An Zheng’s back..


An Zheng kicked Chen Zhou’s leg and made his stance shaken. He made use of the situation to move onto Chen Zhou’s back and kicked himself off of Chen Zhou’s back, completing a full midair backwards flip. Chen Zhou stepped forward two times unsteadily, and in his eyes revealed, full of madness.


Obviously, being hit two times by An Zheng was just like his own failure.


At that time, no one shouted, and the crowd was as quiet as a mouse. All the people fluttered while observing, no matter whether their bet was on the academy or on the martial school. They all held their hands tightly. It was not a competition between children anymore, but it was the fight of men. An Zheng’s unyielding spirit made the people there feel hot.


If no one had stopped Qiu Liu’er and Du ShouShou, they would have rushed forward and helped An Zheng.


Gao SanDuo’s look changed nonstop but he still had no hope for An Zheng,


– “He has struck him with all of his strength behind it, but his power is still too far behind Chen Zhou’s.”


Chen Zhou stepped forward unsteadily, then he suddenly turned around, his arms even in that moment had softened up, and turned into a python.


– “Transforming!”


– “Oh my god! It’s the Transformation Technique, a medium-level skill.”


The crowd made noises again.


“This is a medium-level skill, and it is priceless. It is created by the practitioner who has reached the Pure Essence Stage but could not use their cultivation base to make the air shield. Therefore, the skill like the Transformation Technique can increase the power of the practitioner of the Pure Essence Stage. Chen Zhou’s arms had turned into a python, which increased his damage potential by an exponential factor.”


At that time, An Zheng did not have enough time to react as soon as he was bitten by the python.


Chen Zhou’s hand had turned into the python’s head. Its five fingers were the five fangs of the python. The python then bit into An Zheng’s abdomen, and its teeth were deeply pierced into his abdomen.


– “Come back here!”


Chen Zhou shouted a word and he pulled An Zheng back towards him.


At that time, his mind felt a deep sound which was similar to a heavy door opening.


Chen Zhou thought that he was delusive, so he did not care much. His left hand turned into another python pulling An Zheng close to him. In the meantime, his right hand turned into a beard’s hand and slapped An Zheng’s face. If that fist had been hit on An Zheng’s face, he would have had his face ruined.


– “Stop!”


– “Don’t interrupt!”


Gao SanDuo shouted a word and intended to stop them, but Zheng ZhuangBi was in front of him to prevent any interferences.


At that time, no one could have saved An Zheng.


However, An Zheng had a smile,


– “Thank you!”


“Did he just say thank you?”


After that, the air outside of An Zheng’s body exploded like a bomb. The explosive air was shot in every other directions and flattened the crowd downwards. However, it was not the end because another bunch of air appeared… the first explosion had pushed people down, the second explosion demolished the walls, and the last one had sliced the surrounding trees in half.


Three explosions continuously took place. They not only pushed the surrounding people down, demolished walls, and sliced off the trees, but they had also pushed Chen Zhou back.


But An Zheng, full of blood on his body, was standing there like an awakened devil beast.

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