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Qu Liu’er was a naturally timid girl. In the morning before going out, she had hesitated for a while before putting on the new uniform given that was given to her by old Huo. Because the outfit was for girl, it did not have the long line like An Zheng’s and Du ShouShou’s.


From an early age until now, Qu Liu’er always wore men’s clothing. Qu FengZi understood how to protect his disciple as if she was his own daughter in such a place like the Illusory Perennial Domicile. He was also afraid that Qu Liu’er would be bullied. Therefore, he had changed her name from Qu LiuXi to Qu Liu’er and let her wear men’s clothing in order to avoid people’s attention.


Qu FengZi said that whenever people heard of the name Qu Liu’er, they would think about an orphan. The more awkward that her name was, the longer it was that she could live.


Therefore, when she decided to wear the school’s uniform, she told herself not to be Qu Liu’er anymore.


Zhen ZhuangBi looked at the children with the scornful eyes, and then he had a cold smile,


– “Being a senior, I must give you some advice. Do you know when you commit evil, you cannot live? Let me be your boss. If you agree to lose, you only need to be present, twenty days a month, to come to the academy to be on fatigue duty, and then the competition will stop from here.”


– “Stop here?”


Gao SanDuo waved his hands and two crews carried a chair to him. Gao SanDuo sat down on the chair and opened the hand fan. At that time, the manners of an intellectual person disappeared, and there was only the manner of a great errant left.


– “Right now, although you are the vice Dean of the academy, your words will cost nothing.”


He used the hand fan to point at the surrounding crowd,


– “You agree, but they don’t. People may not die in today’s competition, but victory must be drawn.”


Zhen ZhuangBi was surprised for a while. He thought to himself, “What’s wrong with Gao SanDuo today? In the past, whenever Gao SanDuo saw me, he’s spoken to me very respectfully. But today, he simply, does not mind me. Something must be wrong here.” However, Zheng ZhuangBi thought again. Tens hundredsof thousands of liang’s were made on this bet, so that Gao SanDuo’s behaviorhaving changed was normal.


– “Are you talking to me?”


Being a vice Dean of the Illusory academy, Zheng ZhuangBi had never cared about that great errant, too,


– “Mister Gao, are you not forgetting your position?”


Gao SanDuo smiled a bit,


– “If it’s about money, I will not care about my position. I am only a gambling-ghost. Therefore, if I make any mistakes towards you, vice Dean, please never mind me.”


Zheng ZhuangBi knitted his brows, but he did not also have free time to argue with Gao SanDuo. He came close to An Zheng, cleared his throat with a cough and asked,


– “If you still want to compete, we have to make clear the rule first. No matter whether you are a child or an adult, once you are in the underworld, you have to understand that words can’t be taken back. Men attach much importance to the word “Constancy”. You have just said that if you lost, you would leave here on your own. However, it is not enough.


– “If you lose, all of you must kneel down before the academy and prostrate yourselves three times. After that, you must crawl to leave the Illusory Perennial Domicile. Carefully remember, crawling not walking.”


An Zheng said yes shortly,


– “If we lose, we must crawl to leave the Illusory Perennial Domicile. What about you?”


Zheng ZhuangBi,


– “Haha, if we lose? Good. Betting must have a cost. If we lose, this academy will open three days for you.”


An Zheng said,


– “Who wants to come to your academy? Don’t say three days. In spite of three years, we will not care to come in. What we need are holly germs. If you lose, I want 20 low-level holly germs, one medium-level holly germ, and thirty jins (1) of Unicorn Steel.


Zheng ZhuangBi:


– “You must be crazy, mustn’t you? Once you bet, you have to bet with equal value. 20 low-level holly germs and one medium-level holly germ are equivalent to tens of hundreds of thousands of liang’s (2). Moreover, the Unicorn Steel is priceless. On what basis are you to bet like that?”


Gao SanDuo spoke,


– “Not really. Although they are children, it doesn’t mean they have no money.”


He waved his hand again, and a crew brought him a small bag. Gao SanDuo opened the bag,


– “This is the money which this little senior bet in my place. There are thirty low-level holly germs and one medium-level manual guide of weapon refining. Not including thirty low-level holly germs, the weapon refining book is the priceless treasure. Exchanging the book with your thirty jins of Unicorn Steel is also profitable.”


Zheng ZhuangBi was frightened when he heard that. “Why does Gao SanDuo insist on speaking for that hybrid?”


An Zheng was terribly surprised because he did not know why Gao SanDuo was helping him. He had never given Gao SanDuo thirty low-level holly germs, much less the weapon refining book… An Zheng immediately reacted. He looked at old Huo. He realized that old Huo smiled at him and nodded to give him a signal. He saw old Huo opening his mouth. Although old Huo did not speak out, An Zheng could read his words… you must be victorious.”


In a twinkling of an eye, An Zheng felt hot inspiration inside.


He did not know what the relationship between old Huo and Gao SanDuo was. However, at that time, he did not feel lonely in this battle.


– “Hmm!”


Zheng ZhuangBi turned back and was about to leave because he could not handle this matter.


At that time, Qiu ChangChen went out from the academy. He clapped his hands and said,


– “Gao SanDuo (3) is so luxurious, admire, admire. Although this academy does not possess as many properties as you, we will not let you have the disadvantage. You bet with thirty low-level holly germs and a weapon refining book, so we are obviously more advantageous. If so, I increase my bet by twenty more jins of the Unicorn Steel. The total is thirty low-level holly germs, three medium-level holly germs, and fifty jins of the Unicorn Steel. What do you think?”


Gao SanDuo applauded,


– “The General of the Refine Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry deserves his position. Dean Qiu really makes me admire me. So be it. The most important thing now is to recognize the victory fairly.”


An Zheng raised his voice,


– “Just recognizing victory, not death. Therefore, if anyone kills each other, he also has to die.”


Zheng ZhuangBi,


– “How can we be sure of the victor if the competition does not slaughter anyone? Is it possible to have a life for a life?”


Gao SanDuo,


– “Are there any reasons why a life for a life is wrong?”


Zheng ZhuangBi waved his hands,


– “It’s up to you. It is fine not killing anyone. This is only the competition between the disciples. My disciples! Clearly remember! Your enemies are afraid of death. Therefore, you should be gentle when fighting in order to avoid strong movements from which your enemies will cry and tell a shaggy-dog story that you went against the rule. You see? Your enemies even have a baby who has not weaned yet. Whatever you do, don’t let people think that you are the adults who bullies a child.”


People of the academy laughed out loud. A disciple in the front line said loudly,


– “Mister Vice Dean, don’t worry. We assure you that we will not  beat them to death.”


Zheng ZhuangBi said,


– “You are very good, Li Hu. You will fight first. Feng XiaoShi, you go second. Chen Zhou, you go third.”


“Li Hu was one meter eight tall. He smiled and moved forward. He looked down with a sigh,


– “Among you kids, who wanna fight me? Li Hu of the Illusory academy, the Second Stage of Essence.”


That boy was around eighteen or nineteen years old. He was many times older than those of the martial school.


– “Me!”


Du ShouShou rolled up his sleeves,


– “Let me fight you!”


He had just moved forward one step and Qu Liu’er kept his hand. After that, she moved toward one step,


– “Let me!”


She took a deep breath and moved to the main street. After that, she defended herself moving through the crowd with her arm stretching, showing her invitation,


– “Qu LiuXi from TianQi Sect, the First Stage of Essence.”


Her tone was not loud but clear.


“Qu LiuXi, TianQi Sect.”


“Not Qu Liu’er but Qu LiuXi.”


She turned back to look at An Zheng and smiled. Her smile was extremely beautiful. At that time, An Zheng realized not only him steadfast. Qu Liu’er wore a black long dress. At that time, she was crazily beautiful.


– “You? A child girl?”


Li Hu could not help laughing:


– “Have you weaned yet? If you have already been weaned, go find a family to be a wife. You shouldn’t study martial arts. Your appearance is acceptable. If you are handicapped, it’s hard for you to marry anyone. Get away! Your father doesn’t want to fight a girl.”


– “On what basis are you to look down on a girl?”


Qu LiuXi asked.


Li Hu said outrageously,


– “It is because you girls are weak! You all are weak!”


Qu LiuXi said seriously,


– “Let’s talk after you win.”


Not waiting until Li Hu made a movement, she struck first.


Li Hu was angry because he was looked down on upon by a girl who was many times younger than him. The angry fire in him increased rapidly. Qu LiuXi was thin and slender. In comparison with Li Hu, she was just as high as his chest. Li Hu’s arms were even bigger than Qu Liu’er’s thigh. Seeing them two, they were not basically equivalent. However, Qu Liu’er looked fearless. In Li Hu’s eyes, her manners made him disgraced.


– “If I cannot beat you to death, I will disable you so that you will live with a handicap for the rest of your life!”


Li Hu sent out a kick to Qu LiuXi’s belly, his skill was quite ignoble. That kick was very strong. He used his natural power and qi power. One fist and one kick could have broken the rock. At that time, Qu LiuXi looked like a butterfly flying through a tree, quickly avoiding the kick.. Li Hu missed one kick. His foot stepped on the ground and broke the stone.


Qu Liu’er stealthily moved to Li Hu’s back and kicked on his foot. After that, she jumped up and sent out a fist to his nape.


Her characteristic was quite kind-hearted, so she did not use her cultivation base. Otherwise, her fist could smack Li Hu down. Strange cultivation base of Qu LiuXi could make Li Hu’s nape stiff. However, because this was just the competition, Qu LiuXi had mercy.


A fist was directly sent to the target. She flew back and turned up her chin.


In her mind, victory was clear.


– “Watch out!”


An Zheng suddenly shouted out. Qu LiuXi was so virtuous. She thought it was the end, but not.


Receiving two fists, Li Hu got terribly mad. He turned down to pick up a broken brick and threw it to Qu LiuXi. Not waiting until the broken bricks had slapped on Qu LiuXi, he sent out continuous kicks. The crumbs continuously flew to Qu LiuXi. Qu LiuXi turned pale and avoided the first piece of broken bricks. Her movement was extremely flexible like passing through a bush of flowers. When the last piece of broken bricks flew towards, she swiped it away with her hand.


However, as soon as she touched the brick, its strength pushed her back. She fell to the wall, and her face was white pale.


– “Sh?!” (4)


Li Hu was extremely mad, so he did not care about any rules. He sent out a fist to Qu LiuXi’s face. He was naturally strong and had also reached the Second Stage of Essence. If being hit by the fist, Qu LiuXi’s face would be ruined.


Qu LiuXi leaned on another side, and the fist directly struck straight into the wall behind her. Boom! The wall was broken into a cave, and rubbles flew out, hitting many people.


The eyes of Qu LiuXi showed up madness. She held Li Hu’s hand and jumped to his shoulders. After that, she used her hand to strangle Li Hu. Li Hu was choked. He moved his hands back but could not catch her. He could not help raising his hand, and his face was redder and redder.


Qu LiuXi sat on Li Hu’s back. Her two hands kept choking neck tightly. Li Hu stood up and jumped back to the wall. Qu LiuXi immediately changed her position to Li Hu’s shoulders. No matter how hard Li Hu struggled, she did not release her hold.


Some minutes later, Li Hu could not suffer anymore, and he fell to the ground. His face was white pale.


Qu LiuXi gently jumped down. Her dress flew with the wind, and her manners were extremely beautiful. She looked at Li Hu on the ground, and then she clasped her hands, saying,


– “Qu LiuXi from TianQi Sect. Thank you for your instruction.”


It was proud and stately.



(1) Jin: Ancient Chinese measurement unit. A jin is equal to five hundred grams.

(2) Liang: Ancient Chinese measurement unit. A liang is equal to fifty grams.

(3) Laoban (??): boss

(4) Sh? (?): kill

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