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An Zheng did not sleep during the long night. He could hear the noises outside. Out there, lights were up and people were crowded. Many people had to fight to get good seats. In the Illusory Perennial Domicile, fighting was not a rare or strange occurence, and it also did not need any reasons.


Moreover, tomorrow was the competition between the TianQi martial school and academythe Illusory Academy. Everyone was excited, so fighting without a reason was even more exciting.


The outside noise caused An Zheng to smirk bitterly. In the half past year, those three people had improved very quickly, but he did not.


Based on common sense, a practitioner could have felt his Qi Sea power, and this was the simplest skill. However, so far, An Zheng had not felt his cultivation base inside of the Qi Sea power.


He stood up, opened the windows, and turned pale.


Du ShouShou, Qu Liu’er, and Xiao QiDao, the three of them stood outside the window tidily. Seeing An Zheng, the three of them bowed down,


– “Sect head!”


An Zheng was terribly surprised and he was about to cry.


Qu Liu’er with all of her courage said loudly,


– “No matter how tomorrows competition results in, you are still our sect head. They assume us to be children, and that fighting with us is just for fun. This does not matter. The matter is for us is to know how strict and how acceptable we are. An Zheng, you perhaps have made yourself stressful because you worry that you have not taught us well. However, all you have done is want the best for us. No one can replace your position in our hearts.”


Du ShouShou waved his hands and said,


– “Together we take risks, and don’t care about the results. Although we may lose, the worst thing for us is just drifting around the world!”


Xiao QiDao also sided with him,


– “Together we take risks!”


An Zheng said huskily,


– “But when I said that I was your sect head, I was just joking. I have cheated you. I am insufficient to be considered as a sect head. I am also insufficiently abled to stably develop this place.”


Qu Liu’er adjusted her messy hair,


– “We all assumed it’s true.”


Du ShouShou,


– “That’s right. So, your joke is not a joke at all. You are really our sect head, our Dean, and our teacher.”


At the watchroom, Qu FengZi held old Huo’s arm,


– “These children… why, I am gonna cry.”


Old Huo shook to take his arm away, but he could not, so he had to unwillingly accept his grasp. Qu FengZi’s grasp became tighter as he continued looking at the children. He used old Huo’s sleeves to clean his snot then Old Huo turned back and bonked the wine gourd on Qu FengZi’s head once.


– “Take a break!”


An Zheng smiled with tears,


– “If you insist on being cheated by me, then I will keep cheating you, together we move onwards. At the moment, we will take a break, and you don’t care about the people outside. We will have the nicest dreams and then we will devote all of our strengths for tomorrow. We may fail, but we cannot surrender.”


The three of them, again bowed down respectfully before leaving. Walking for half of the way, Du ShouShou turned back to look at An Zheng,


– “In my mind, you are the most handsome boy.”


An Zheng laughed and nodded.


He took a deep breath, and suddenly he did not care about tomorrow’s result anymore. He had changed Du ShouShou, Qu Liu’er, Xiao QiDao, and even Qu FengZi so that they believed each other. They were not influenced by the dirty environment of the Illusory Perennial Domicile. They were still kind-hearted. Although they would be apart, they would still have humanity in their hearts.


An Zheng knew that his most successful job was not teaching them how to practice but helping them to care about and believe in each other.


When An Zheng went to the room, Qu FengZi was still holding onto old Huo’s arm and melting in tears. Old Huo asked An Zheng where he wanted to go, and An Zheng pointed out,


– “I suddenly remember that I don’t have any good clothes, but tomorrow I will have to be spiffy. So, I will go out to see if any boutiques are still open.”


Old Huo shook his head,


– “It’s too late now. There must be no boutiques opening at this time. Although they open, it is not possible for you to find a pleasant outfit. It’s lucky for you that I have prepared this.”


He pulled out a box from under the bed and took out some clothes for An Zheng,


– “Things made by me will surely be. I assure you that they will fit you.”


An Zheng smiled and said,


– “Old Huo is really never impossible.”


Old Huo said satisfactorily,


– “As long as things can be made by hands, I can make them all.”


An Zheng took the clothes and left, and then he separated the clothes and put each set in front of the three’s room. When he returned to his room, he realized that the clothes were for an adult, very formal and earnest. The black line lasted right to the ankle no more or less. The clothes totally fitted his body, making An Zheng more state. He looked like a real head of a sect.


On the left chest of the clothes, old Huo carved two more words… Tian Qi.


He was a true hero when he put on the clothes and went out.


He looked at himself in the mirror, and then he took a deep breath,


– “You used to cope with  situations which were thousands of times more dangerous than now, and you have always won.”


When the sun shined, the people outside were crowded on the streets. Especially in front of the TianQi’s gate, the crowd looked as if they wanted to push down the main gate to get inside. Those people could not help shouting, “Come out, come out!”


When An Zheng left his room, those three had already been ready. Everyone wore the black TianQi’s uniforms which were very well fitted. Although they had not rest well, their spirits were quite excited.


Old Huo left the watchroom slowly and opened the main gate of the martial school. The people outside separated like a tidal wave, and they could not help raising their hands.


– “Victory! Victory!”


They did not cheer for the martial school but for their bet.


A bearded person looked at An Zheng’s people and said,


– “My father has bet all of his properties on you, and I will only wait for your victory. If you lose, my father will beat you to death.”


An Zheng turned back, and suddenly he sent out a fist throwing the man away. The man fell back into the crowd, and he did not also know how many people hit him then. An Zheng looked at the crowd with a calm face. At that time, everyone kept silent. They looked at that ten-year-old boy and suddenly saw him as mighty with their reverent awe.


The situation caused the disciples of the Illusory academy to be anxious. They stood and looked at An Zheng’s people from the other side. Because there were too many people on the other side, they felt anxious. One disciple of the academy looked at the human tide outside and felt worried, so he asked with worry,


– “We are going to win, aren’t we? Those children are just showing off, aren’t they?”


No one answered him because it was also the first time the disciples of the Illusory academy had seen such a situation.


On the main road, hundreds of strong men in black separated the crowd. Those who were slow were smacked down by sticks and canes. Those strong men were as aggressive as the Ares. They forced the crowd to step back on the two roadsides. Therefore, not less people were pushed even into the households along the street. After clearing the road, the people in black surrounded a person moving towards the martial school. This person was the boss of all the casinos in the Illusory Perennial Domicile, Gao SanDuo.


Before, An Zheng had never met Gao SanDuo. He just assumed that Gao SanDuo was a vulgar person. However, after meeting that person, An Zheng realized that he had better not believe in people that were humble. Gao SanDuo was not vulgar at all, and he was not even attractive. He wore a silk outfit, and he walked moderately. His was most likely a scholar. He did not look like a wealthy person. In contrast, he looked like a well-educated person.


– “Little senior.”


When seeing An Zheng, Gao SanDuo nodded a little,


– “This is my first time meeting you. I am Gao SanDuo.”


An Zheng also nodded a little,


– “I would like to ask what it is that you need from me?”


Gao SanDuo said,


– “Nothing. I only would like to ask if you need any help before the competition.”


An Zheng replied,


– “It’s noisy, so I feel quite annoyed.”


Gao SanDuo said yes shortly and turned back,


– “For people on this main road, if anyone keeps shouting, cut that one’s tongue.”


The crews in black immediately conveyed his words. However, because the road was too crowded, people could not hear, or they intentionally pretended not to hear. The strong crews did not also have any further words. They rushed toward that person and took him out of the crowd. They opened his mouth and were about to cut his tongue, then the surrounding people immediately separated because they had scared the hell out of them.


An Zheng said,


– “If he again shouts, it’s not too late to cut his tongue.”


Gao SanDuo said yes at once,


– “If you ask, then I will temporarily spare them. Later on, if anyone makes any noise again, it’s not necessary to cut his tongue because it’s bothering you. Just kill him!”


The crews said ‘yes’ at the same time, and no one in the crowd dared to say anything else.


– “What else is it that i can be of help?”


Gao SanDuo asked.


An Zheng replied very sincerely,


– “Is there anything to eat?”


Gao SanDuo turned back,


– “The little senior wants to have breakfast. Go to the clean resturants and bring food here.”


More than hundreds of the strong men separated. Only ten minutes had passed and there was a table placed on the main street. On the table, was served many kinds of delicious food. Moreover, the crews continuously served the food, and the table was quickly full of food.


– “Let’s have breakfast!”


An Zheng said cooly.


Du ShouShou’s people turned down,


– “Yes, sect head.”


– “Sect head?”


Gao SanDuo was surprised for a while, and then he laughed. Seeing An Zheng looking at him, he immediately explained,


– “Never mind! I just… cannot help laughing.”


An Zheng also did not care. He, together with the three sat down and had breakfast. After that, he asked Du ShouShou to call old Huo and Qu FengZi to come. All the people of the TianQi martial school sat down and enjoyed their meal in front of thousands of people. However, they seemed to pleasantly enjoy their meal. They also commented on what food was good and what was not. However, the disciples of the opposite academy were very anxious.


Zhen ZhuangBi stood at the gate and felt that his side was inferior of their spirits. Therefore, he was somewhat angry. He turned back,


– “Open the gate wide so that the outside people can see our disciples’ spirit.”


The main gate of the academy was opened. Over hundreds of disciples in white uniforms went out in line. They lined up the two sides of the main road. Zhen ZhuangBi moved to the front and behind him were the disciples who would join the competition. Among them was Chen Zhou.


Anyway, there were much more people betting on the academy. Seeing the disciples coming out from the lirabry, all the people unconciously cheered. Then when seeing the strong men in black, they immediately shut their mouths, making the disciples of the opposite academy ashamed.


– “Are you full?”


Zhen ZhuangBi pointed at An Zheng,


– “If yes, go there to fight!”


An Zheng cleaned his mouth with a cloth and he calmly replied,


– “Three rounds!”


Zhen ZhuangBi said,


– “Good! Three rounds, two winning rounds for victory!”


An Zheng shook his head,


– “No. Losing one round means losing the entire competition.”


He stood up and moved towards Zhen ZhuangBi slowly,


– “If you cannot win for all three rounds, we will leave the Illusory Perennial Domicile on our own.”

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