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An Zheng sent out a fist to comfort Xiao QiDao. With his current power, breaking a 10cm wooden pile was the limitation. However, Xiao QiDao clapped his hands as if in seeing that An Zheng was the most perfect person in this child’s eyes. Qu Liu’er looked at An Zheng carefully, which made An Zheng uncomfortable. However, An Zheng was familiar with it, so he felt fine.


– “There is something strange.”


Qu FengZi leaned on the watchdoor, and he took the wine gourd from old Huo to drink,


– “Phew, why water?”


Old Huo stared at him,


– “Who says that wine gourds must contain wine?”


Qu FengZi returned the wine gourd and knitted his brows,


– “The medicines which Qu Liu’er had made were all not bad. I don’t understand about practice, and I don’t also understand about pillet refining, but I know a little bit about pharma. With the same type of medicine, Du ShouShou’s physical power was improved when he used it. However, when An Zheng used it, why did it have no effects?”


Old Huo shrugged his shoulder,


– “You even don’t know, so how can I know?”


Qu FengZi,


– “Don’t pretend. I know that you are a tartar.”


Old Huo curled his lip,


– “You must be blind.”


Qu FengZi,


– “To tellyou the truth. I do like An Zheng, he is straightforward and responsible. It’s a pity of him although he is very kind-hearted, his physical power is too weak. Sometimes I feel that this world is so unfair. Why do people who are cruel have good things and good fortune?! But a boy like An Zheng can just only live the rest of his life in silence.”


Old Huo,


– “If you like him, then marry Qu Liu’er to him!”


– “No!”


Qu FengZi said seriously,


– “Qu Liu’er can practice. Moreover, she is a genius, so her future is very prosperous. However, An Zheng is a weak boy. He may never be able to raise his head. Although he is a good person, how can he do anything with weak powers? I cannot waste my disciple. Qu Liu’er must marry a true husband who is a famous hero and rich in all over the world.”


Old Huo smiled coldly,


– “Is she happy with that?”


Qu FengZi said,


– “What does she know anything about happiness. That all depends on me.”


Old Huo said,


– “If my cultivation base had not been disabled, you would have been beaten by me.”


Qu FengZi,


– “I know you look down on me, and you also see that I attach special importance on wealth. However, if I only dream, how can I have money to live? Everyone can dream, and everyone wants a sweet dream. However, what happens after the dream? Do you think that I will let Qu Liu’er follow An Zheng and drink the northwest air? Although Qu Liu’er does not care, how will An Zheng think? If he needs Qu Liu’er’s to deign, he must lose his self-respect.”


Old Huo was pofaced, and he did not know what to say.


Qu FengZi sighed,


– “Therefore, the truth is that suitable alliance does not come from the wish of the predecessor, but it comes from the needs of real life. If dreams can change the world, I really want a peaceful world where everyone can be friendly to each other. However, it’s useless. It’s how the cookie crumbles. Strong people will be alive, and the weak ones will die. Therefore, old Huo… all people have their childhood. When they are young, they desire freedom. When they get old, they hate those kinds of people, why?


– Because once they get old, they are worldy-wise, and they realize that the things they used to hate are really right…”


Qu FengZi sighed, and he did not also know what he had experienced.


On the other side of the martial courtyard, An Zheng shouted loudly,


– “Recently, you have known your limitation, so we can predict our enemies’ limitation. Xiao QiDao is of the Third Stage of Essence. If I am not wrong, Zhou MuShan who had come there at the first time is one of the strongest people in the Illusory academy. Though his maximum limitation is not even equal to Xiao QiDao’s.


– The main point of the Essence Stage is strength and speed. For strength, we can not compete with our enemies because of the differences of the stages. However, we can train our speed and reaction. Only if the enemies cannot beat us, what can they do more with a higher level?”


An Zheng said,


– “At the Essence Stage, there is no absolute win or lose. At the Sumeru Stage, the practitioners can change their strength to great chi, longsword chi, sword chi, wind fist, wind kung fu… however, at the Essence Stage, it is not necessary to care about these things. Not that everyone is a genius like Xiao QiDao. Therefore, from now on, everybody will temporarily stop leveling up and focus on your speed and reaction.”


Qu Liu’er said,


– “But only three months are left until the competition. Is it enough time?”


An Zheng nodded,


– “Enough!”


He raised his head and asked old Huo,


– “Is it only safe if we were to come in there without using any cultivation base?”


Old Huo nodded,


– “Uhm!”


An Zheng said,


– “It’s good. Now everybody goes to bed. From now on, you will all play during the day time, and I will lead you to a place for your practice then.”


The repugnant seal is really dangerous because it makes one to be able to be punished by god. However, An Zheng thought carefully, “They only need not to use their cultivation base, and they just need to train their physical health, so how can the god find out?” Moreover, if they only train their physical health, then time in the repugnant seal will not change. Three months can become thirty years, three hundred years, and three thousand years. Therefore, if they want, they can practice their speed and reactions to the maximum level.”


This was the method which had taken An Zheng’s long time. It was also the only method which could help to win the Illusory academy.


– “The enemies are strong, so we may lose if we are to be hit by them.”


An Zheng said,


– “We are weak, so we may need ten times in beating them so that we can win. However, it’s fine. We only need to avoid their hits, and we can hit them at any given time. Clearly remember not to be too confident. At the Essence Stage, a suprising situation can take place at anytime.”


Du ShouShou raised his fist,


– “Get them defeated!”


On the following days, the TianQi Sect made people curious. They usually saw the children going to their classroom or to the martial courtyard for everyday practice. However, from then on, they just played noisily as if they did not care about the competition. Such a change like that made people of the Illusory academy doubtful.


– “What? The children are grilling meat?”


Zheng ZhuangBi stood on the third floor of the academy and watched them,


– “They spend all day playing but not practicing. They know that they will win? It’s nonsense, those children are very normal. Moreover, they are taught by no instructor. How can they pass over our disciples in such a short time? Or they have given up?”


The Dean, Qiu ChangChen, showed up from other room with his bare arms. He had a perfect muscular body which could make people jealous. A naked girl in a very thin coat was coddling herself in his chest with her toady smile. Through the coat, her body could be seen clearly. Her “flower buds” showed up beautifully, and her waist was splendid with the dark “grass plot” under.


After having come to the Illusory academy, Qiu ChangChen was completely libertine. At the first sight, he was not a deputy general of the Refine Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry anymore.


He ran the danger of the opposite martial school, and then he smiled a bit,


– “Just showing off, no need to care about. Zheng ZhuangBi. They are just children, so you shouldn’t care about them.”


The girl softly laughed. Her manner was as flatter as a nine-tail fox. Qiu ChangChen could not help putting his hand inside her coat to fondle her breast. The girl sighed softly, and Qiu ChangChen laughed out loud with satisfaction.


Zheng ZhuangBi said,


– “Mr. President may not know that Gao SanDuo made a big bet which is so noisy that everyone knows. If we lose, our reputation will be ruined.”


Qiu ChangChen,:


– “Gao SanDuo is just a trader, so he knows how to take advantage of information in order to earn his money. However, he knows how to give respect. Is it possible for him to make a mistake towards the academy just because of those children? He is not that stupid. Therefore, he will definitely pretend so that people think the children in that martial school will win. Therefore, he made such a big bet. He also knows once people of the martial school win, his casino and this academy will have a great conflict which will be hard to resolve.”


Zheng ZhuangBi,


– “You are always wise. I am still far behind you.”


When saying this word, he could not control himself while looking at the girl’s breast.


– “You like?”


Qiu ChangChen smiled and pushed the girl to Zheng ZhuangBi,


– “She is for you.”


Zheng ZhuangBi was frightened,


– “I dare not, dare not.”


Qiu ChangChen,


– “Dare not? She is just a girl. You should remember that brotherhood is heavier than anything. If you like, just get her. Don’t mind me.”


Zheng ZhuangBi,


– “If so… it’s disrespectful of me refuse.”


Qiu ChangChen laughed,


– “Let’s go, let’s go.”


He waited until Zheng ZhuangBi took the girl away, then Qiu ChangChen got cold,


– “You really dare take her…”


Behind the academy, Chen Zhou stood at the sidewalk and looked at the wild flower amazedly. Until he heard a footstep, his mind was awakened, and then he saw some disciples of the academy coming towards him,


– “Amongst you, who is Zhou MuShan?”


Zhou MuShan knitted his brows,


– “It’s me. Are you a newcomer?”


Chen Zhou nodded,


– “I have heard that you are one of the recruited students in the academy who will join the competition?”


Zhou MuShan raised his brows,


-“So, what? You wanna pick a quarrel?”


Chen Zhou said,


– “No.”


Zhou MuShan laughed out loud,


– “Because you have your support, I will not resent you. If you were another person, I would have beaten you to being disabled. But I tell you, don’t mess with my position. In this Illusory academy, everything is based on my decisions. Supposedly, you understand yourself, so you dare not pick a quarrel.”


Chen Zhou shook his head,


– “No. I don’t want to mess with you because you cannot be my rival, so you are not worthy for me to mess with.”


Zhou MuShan changed his look immediately,


– “You look down on me?”


Chen Zhou said,


– “It doesn’t matter that I look down on you or not. Your level is not worthy for me to care about. However, if you, on behalf of the academy compete with those people, then the matter relates to me. Carefully remember, you can fight with anybody, but you should not fight with the boy named An Zheng. He is mine, so no one is allowed to touch him.


Zhou MuShan was so mad that he laughed,


– “You kids, don’t think you are supported so you can speak thoughtlessly. Maybe your family was destroyed, so you came here to find refuge. You have nothing to show off. That your father wants to fight with whom is not your business.”


Chen Zhou moved forward. Shou MuShan did not have time to react and Chen Zhou’s shoulder had already touched his chest. Shou MuShan was a head taller than him, but it was meaningless. After the touch, Shou MuShan was pushed ten meters backwards, and then he fell on the ground, getting unconcious. No one knew how many ribs were broken.


– “You don’t obey me, so I have to disable you and move to another one who is more obedient than you. All of you should remember, from now on in the Illusory academy, my word is the order. Anyone who doesn’t agree can come to see me, and I will disable you.


Chen Zhou turned back and left as if nothing had happened.

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