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The closer that the competition with the Illusory academy came, the more anxious An Zheng looked at Du ShouShou and the others. Xiao QiDao was still a child, so he did not did not understand what was called nervous whatsoever. Du ShouShou and Qu Liu’er had not concentrated all day. Anyway, both of them had just started to practice, so they were not really sure of winning over the disciples of the opposite academy who had been trained for many years.


Now, this was spread out everywhere, and people of the Illusory Perennial Domicile were waiting for that day. An Zheng and his accompanies could safely practice in the TianQi Sect because all the people wanted to see how talented they were. It was said that some disciples of the Illusory academy had wanted to find someone to kick An Zheng’s men out. However, a great person did not allow any outsiders to put their hands in. Otherwise, he would punish them.


The great person named Gao SanDuo. All the casinos of the Illusory Perennial Domicile were his belongings. It was said that the competition was between the children, but it was the biggest bet in the casinos, and many people had bet on it.


Therefore, An Zheng saw some boys in black walking around the martial school. They were arranged by Gao SanDuo to protect the martial school. At least, before the competition day, Gao SanDuo did not allow anyone to touch the martial school.


Not only all people in the underworld, but also those people in the Illusory Perennial Domicile used to see the competition as a trivial event. However, news of the competition had spread out everywhere, causing people to be curious. People had passed the martial school every day in order to see what those arrogant children looked like.


In the early morning when An Zheng left the learning room, Qi Liu’er and Xiao QiDao were discussing how to improve their fighting strength with low levels. This was a difficult matter. It was even difficult for the great practitioner to solve. Du ShouShou was sleeping on the table, and his sleeves were fully wet with his saliva.


An Zheng came in and slapped Du ShouShou’s shoulder. Du ShouShou immediately sat upright, and he orally transmitted the lessons of practice unconsciously. His eyes were not even open.


Qu Liu’er said,


– “It’s hard for him. He had practiced all night until early this morning.”


An Zheng smiled a bit, and he blamed himself. If he had been able to get started, he could have come to the Repugnant Seal in order to see if he would be punished by the gods. If the gods did not punish him, he could let Du ShouShou and the others come in the Repugnant Seal to practice. Therefore, although three months were not too many, they were definitely enough. However, An Zheng could not start, so he could not let Du ShouShou and the others take any risks.


– “How hardworking he is! But I don’t know if he has learned all his texts.”


An Zheng laughed and said.


Du ShouShou cleaned his eyes, and then he curled his lips,


– “It really is. The Fatty is not a stupid person. Such a thick book like that can be learned by me, how in the world can’t I learn the texts?”


Qu Liu’er said,


– “An Zheng, we need to talk about another thing…”


An Zheng smiled a bit,


– “I know you all feel nervous because you are not sure of your abilities. Now, the strongest person of us is Xiao QiDao. However, Xiao QiDao will not be involved in any fighting. Moreover, Fatty and you have reached the First Stage of Essence. Although I will teach you the best fighting skills, your powers are still limited.


– However, you shouldn’t worry too much.”


An Zheng leaned on the door and kept going,


– Although they are stronger than us, there is one thing you should remember carefully. At the same Essence Stage, fighting power is not different. Especially under the fourth stage, fighting power will not be too different. Firstly, we have to understand each other’s power. Follow me!”


They followed An Zheng to go outside, and they found that An Zheng had already built something new up in the martial yard.


There were many wooden piles. The smallest one was as big as an arm, and the biggest one was so big that an adult could not hold it all. They also did not know where An Zheng had found these wooden piles. The wooden piles were pitched tightly on the ground. There were thirty-six of them.


– An Zheng: “Fatty! Hit the wooden piles with your greatest strength and see how much your limitations are.”


Fatty nodded and moved forward. He chose a wooden pile with around 10cm of diameter. He made an average-high standing position, and then he sent out a fist to a wooden pile. Crack! The wooden pile was broken. Du ShouShou smiled a bit. He seemed to be satisfied with his fist. Therefore, he made two more steps and chose a wooden pile with 20cm of diameter. He also sent out a fist, but the wooden pile just shook a little, and it was not broken.


From the wooden pile which Du ShouShou had just hit, pieces of wood flew out disorderly.


An Zheng nodded,


– “This is your limititaion. It belongs to the medium level among the practitioner of the First Essence Stage. The herbs which Qu Liu’er gave you were not wasted because they could definitely improve your physical power.


Qu Liu’er took a deep breath and moved forward as well,


– “Let me try.”


She chose a wooden pile with 30cm of diameter, adjusted her breathing rate, held her hands, and hit the wooden pile. However, the wooden pile stood still. Du ShouShou was a little suprised, and then he said doubtfully,


– “Why? You must be stronger than me. Yesterday she still said that she was about to reach the Second Stage of Essence.”


Du ShouShou still had not finished speaking, and the wooden pile was broken into pieces. It was not cut off disorderly, but each piece was as if it was being segmented then fell down. Therefore, the wood segments fell down like flying hair.


– “What a strange talent she has.”


An Zheng could not help but shouted. Although his knowledge was wide, he had never seen anyone do anything like that. Qu Liu’er cultivation base was like an accurate sharp scalpel which had cut its target into even pieces. It would be hard to imagine how scary the result of the person who had been hit by that fist was.


An Zheng thought to himself, “This must relate to the enlightment of Qu Liu’er relating to medical skill. Such the scary cultivation base like that may wipe out everything once it becomes powerful.”


Qu Liu’er moved to stand next to An Zheng syly,


– “I think I can try one more time.”


She chose a bigger wooden pile, and then she sent out a fist. When her fist hit the wooden pile, the result was the same as the previous time. At first, the wooden pile did not have any movements, but later when the wind blew by, the wooden pile scaled off. However, the scaled segments were not similar to each other. Therefore, the 30cm-diameter wooden pile might have been Qu Liu’er’s limitation.


Du ShouShou said,


– “It’s amazing… Xiao QiDao! Won’t you try?!”


Xiao QiDao ran towards, and then he learned from Du ShouShou’s manner, making a standing position and sending his small fist forward. Unfortunately, he could not measure the distance well, so his punch did not reach the wooden pile. Du ShouShou laughed happily. As soon as he had intended to tease Xiao QiDao, the 40cm-diameter wooden pile was holed because Xiao QiDao’s hand was not long enough, and the size of the hole was as big as Xiao QiDao’s.


The wooden pile did not shake, but it was holed by Xiao QiDao’s fist.


– “Wind fist!”


An Zheng opened his eyes widely.


Based on a normal situation, a person of the Essence Stage could not create chi outside of his body, which could be called the sword chi. Only if he had reached the Sumeru Stage could he transform his chi into the sword chi and wind fist so that he could injure people from a distance. The Essence Stage could just train physical health so that it could create optimal strength. In association with the cultivation base, strength would then be showed up.


However, if not facing other people, it was hard to cause any damages. Xiao QiDao had just reached the Second Stage of Essence, how could he have made a wind fist?


An Zheng was surprised for a while, and then he asked,


– “Xiao QiDao, are you drunk again?”


Xiao QiDao nodded and babbled,


– “Last night when I was sleeping, I felt dizzy again. I was lying in the bed, but I felt like I was in a boat.”


An Zheng laughed out loud,


– “You’re really the best genius. You’re just four years old, but you can reach the Third Stage of Essence within four months.”


Xiao QiDao said with satisfaction,


– “Bro An Zheng, I also know another thing.”


He bustled to a bigger wooden pile, and then he cut the pile with his small hand. His white soft hand was as sharp as a knife cutting the wooden pile sharply.


Du ShouShou took a cold breath, and his face was pale white,


– “Xiao QiDao. From now on, my security relies on you.”


This must not suit with a normal situation. Although the Essence Stage was the lowest level, the genii could develop very fast. They could have reached the Fourth Stage within one year. However, Xiao QiDao was really too young. He was only four and a half years old.  A practitioner who reached the Third Stage of Essence would be strong, so it was not too easy for him to change his fist into the sword chi because the hand was the place to release the cultivation base. Moreover, regular training could make his hand hard.


However, Xiao QiDao did not use his hand, but his arm. How could the soft, white hand cut through the wooden pile? Moreover, he could only change his cultivation base to great chi covering his body. This was really beyond his imagination.


An Zheng seriously said,


– “When competing, don’t let Xiao QiDao go on stage, seriously!”


Two people nodded because they knew what An Zheng was worrying about. Once Xiao QiDao’s talent had showed up, it would have been disasterous to him. There would be many people wanting him, and he could become a sacrifice.


Xiao QiDao asked unhappily,


– “Why can’t I join?”


An Zheng thought for a while and said,


– “Before leaving here, your mother reminded me that I was not allowed to let you fight with other people before you were eight.”


Xiao QiDao shouted out, and his eyes were red.


Old Huo guarding at the door sighed silently. He thought to himself that Xiao QiDao’s future would be rocky. His physical power was so special. If he was taken advantaged of by bad people, he would become the worst nightmare. Only following An Zheng was his best choice. Old Huo understood people of the underworld very well. Any sect which had Xiao QiDao would be seen as it had a treasure. However, cramming teaching styles could ruin this child.


– “Bro An Zheng. Why don’t you try hitting?”


Xiao QiDao sniffed with an unhappy face.


An Zheng laughed out loud,


– “ I… haha… I feel shy. Can I not try?”

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