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An Zheng felt as if he had used to meet with the youth in white. However, there was no one like that in An Zheng’s memory. An Zheng felt acquainted because of the youth’s eyes. An Zheng tried hard to remember where he had met that face. However, he did not care much about it because everyone who wanted to study in the sect was similar in his eyes.


An Zheng always respected those who had dared to stand outside the sect to speak. That year, he was also the same. He also chose a sect to study at, and he also stood outside the sect to ask for permission studying there with a promise that he would become excellent.


After all, he was successful.


Receiving the youth in white were some cruel guards. Since Mu ChangYan had left, the Illusory academy had fallen into decadence. When Mu ChangYan still stayed there, at least those people did not dare to be arrogant. However, since Qiu ChangChen became the school dean, he had spent all his time enjoying himself in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. He did not look like a soldier anymore.


Maybe he had to suffer from the army for a long time. Therefore, when he came to the Illusory Perennial Domicile and had heard the sweet words from many people, he started letting lose of himself. If he did not go to a wine tavern, he would have gone to a parlor house in order to enjoy. Those thirty soldiers of the Refine Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry who had used to be strictly disciplined were also influenced by the evil of the Illusory Perennial Domicile.


Some guards went to the youth in white, and they intended to yell at him. However, the youth in white threw some bills to the ground, each  costing thousands of liangs.


– “Please receive this for your drink.”


Although he said “please”, his face was very arrogant. He did not also give the banknotes by his hand, but he threw them on the ground. The guards were completely surprised. When they saw the number on the money order, they smiled and bowed down to welcome him.


– “Dandy, do you need me to take you to the recruiting senior?”


– “No need. Just take me to the Nine Stars dais.”


– “This is quite difficult. Without permission from the senior, outsiders cannot go there.”


– “Take this for your wine.”


The youth in white again gave the guard some banknotes, and the guard smiled happily,


– “However, I see you are very acquainted, so it is really our fate. even if I am scolded, I will never care. On my lead, dandy.”


The youth in white said yes once. He did not say anything more.


He was quite polite with his appearance, in fact, he was very arrogant. He did not look at any of the guards.


An Zheng felt something weird. Those who came from great wealthy families in the Illusory Perennial Domicile would not usually assign their excellent disciple to the Illusory academy. Most of them would study outside or even went to a sect of the Fuxi Dynasty. Those who chose to practice in the academy were ones who did not dare to go outside, or their family was not rich enough to send them to the other better places.


This youth was really strange. He was quiet, deadly quiet. An Zheng could not but think very carefully about where he had used to meet that youth. However, he could not be clear.


Old Huo gulped some wine from the wine gourd which he assumed was wine. After that, he knitted his brows and looked at the opposite place,


– “That boy is not simple.”


– “How can you know?”


– “One of his arms has a problem. It swings very strangely. It’s not strange that you could not see that, but I am a specialist in weapon refining. Do you still remember the bone cover which I have made for our Fatty? With me, that item is just a toy. If I am not wrong, the arm of that youth is fake.”


– “Fake?”


An Zheng knitted his brows, and then he understood… “it’s him!”


An Zheng thought about Chen Qi, the only son of Chen Pu. However, Chen Qi’s face was not like that. “Did he change his face?” An Zheng used to hunt the scoundrels who had changed their face to hide from him. Therefore, he did not see the strangeness. “If that boy is really Chen Qi, and he comes to the Illusory academy to study, he may want to compete with me.” Chen Qi’s broken arm had been caused by An Zheng. An Zheng asked old Huo, and old Huo told him that arm was very suitable with the arm which An Zheng had broken.


– “Did he come here to ask me for his repayment?”


An Zheng mumbled and felt quite anxious. At the first time when he had met Chen Qi, An Zheng could have easily disabled him. However, at the moment, that boy was Chen Qi, so Chen Qi might have improved very fast. The cultivation of the boy in white had already been started. Moreover, he did not only reach the First Stage of Essence. His confident manner was because he was not simple.


Therefore, An Zheng was little doubtful. If he was Chen Qi, he could not have practiced so fast like that, except if he had met some miraculous chances.


An Zheng thought to himself, if he had a chance, he would try to see if that boy’s arm was real. If fake, the boy would be his fears.


In the Illusory Perennial Domicile.


Chen Qi put his hand on the Nine Stars Dais, and then he looked at the red glow that was increasing. The guard was also curious, so he leaned his head to look. He wanted to see how arrogant the boy was.


The red glow increased. It passed four stars, and stopped before the fifth star. Chen Qi was a little disappointed. He felt that he must have been stronger than this. When he was in Chen ShaoBai’s crew, he could not dare say that he could practice. Once people knew that his natural talent was better than Chen ShaoBai’s, he would surely be destroyed by the Chen family.


For hiding his potential talent, Chen Pu had even let him use medicine frequently so that people could not see his strength.


Chen Qi thought of things which Chen Pu used to tell him… “My son, I will temporarily hide your natural talents because I want you to be safe. Let’s wait until I have killed all the people who looked down on us and take over the Chen family’s properties, we will evolve. I will give you the best things in order to compensate for your loss. However, before we can do that, please remember clearly that you are now just Chen ShaoBai’s dog.


“I’m not a dog. I’m Chen Qi.”


He had just thought of that and the red glow passed the fifth star.


“It’s acceptable.”


Chen Qi mumbled and then he turned back,


– “Please take me to the senior.”


The guard was terribly surprised. Although he could not practice, he could understand a little about practice. He knew how meaningful that five-star potential was, “He is really a genius.” When he had just seen the Nine Stars dais for the first time, he saw nine stars on the Nine Stars dais, but he did not understand why people of just two or three stars were so arrogant. After staying in the academy for sometime, he realized that he was really stupid.


Most of the practitioners in this world could not pass over two stars. If anyone could reach three stars, it meant he was the only one among a thousand practitioners. If he could reach four or five stars, he was the only one among ten thousand ones. If he could pass over six stars, he became awkward. Any sect which had an over-six-star disciple would have taken care of him very carefully. Not until over seven stars, in this world, those who could have reached seven stars were very rare.


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Therefore, the guard knew he had achieved a feat. He carefully led Chen Qi to the vice Dean Zheng ZhuangBi.


No one knew how old Zheng ZhuangBi was, but if he could become the vice president, he must have real talent. However, his greatest talent was double-thinking. When Mu ChangYan stayed there, he took care of Mu ChangYan very carefully. However, until Qiu ChangChen came there, he immediately changed his loyalty. With his appearance, Zheng ZhuangBi was around fifty. He was very thin, but he liked to wear wide silk clothes.


His eyes were small, and he had the goatee. When he spoke, he usually liked to show proof. Almost people in the Illusory Perennial Domicile did not know if his proof was true.


When he heard of the five-star genius, Zheng ZhuangBi was hyper active.


– “Where do you come from?”


He was lying on the sofa and getting massage from a young girl. When he heard what the guard had announced, he immediately stood up and went outside with haste,


– “Our Illusory academy is going to evolve.”


As soon as he went out, he saw Chen Qi standing and clasping his hands at the door. Being heard for what he had just said by Chen Qi, Zheng ZhuangBi was ashamed. He coughed a little to show up the impressive manner of a vice dean,


– “This… actually, we are not so interested of receiving new disciples because the Illusory academy is not a place where anyone can get in.”


Chen Qi nodded,


– “I know. Thanks for your consideration.”


Zheng ZhuangBi thought to himself, “This boy is really clever in communication.”


– “Because the president is not here now, I will temporarily lead you to visit the academy. Wait until the dean comes back, and he will arrange an instructor for you. As you have known, the Illusory academy is the biggest academy in the Illusory Perennial Domicile, so every instructor is busy with full of students. Therefore, you have also known that… the matter is not simple.”


Chen Qi bowed down a little,


– “I still need your consideration more.”


He silently took out a small bag from his chest and gave it to Zheng ZhuangBi,


– “This is the brew tea from the Suoyi Fuwu Mountain which my father liked. Although it is not very precious, it is rare and strange. Moreover, this one has one more effect. It can strengthen your virility …”


Zheng ZhuangBi opened the bag to look inside, and he found a teabag with a senior holly germ.


The eyes of Zheng ZhuangBi shined, and he laughed,


– “If it is not a precious one, I will receive it. If it is something precious, I will definitely refuse. All the people in the Illusory Perennial Domicile know that I am an honest person. I have never received any bribery. However, the tea leaves are only normal items. In the future, if you still have them, just bring to me. I am one who does like tea.”


Chen Qi nodded:


– “Wait until I have new kinds of tea, I will bring you some.”


– “Good! Very good!”


Zheng ZhuangBi laughed out loud. He asked while walking,


– “I still don’t know your name and where your house is.”


– “My name is Chen Zhou.”


Chen Qi replied,


– “I am not from the Illusory Perennial Domicile. Because my family had problems, I left home to study outside. I heard that the Illusory academy was very excellent, so I came here to ask for studying.”


– “Yes. You’re right.”


Zheng ZhuangBi said,


– “Thousands of miles around here, nowhere is more suitable than the Illusory academy. If you are an outsider, then you can tell me any of your difficulties in the future, and I will help you with my best effort. From your manners, I can guess your family…”


Chen Qi had a cold smile. He knew Zheng ZhuangBi was trying to investigate of his family status, so he replied,


– “I live in An Zhou. My family status is not so bad. We have thousands of fields with thousands of workers. My father’s relationship with the Zhao Kingdom is not bad. However, because the Zhao Kingdom has been involved in fighting for the throne, my father has told me to leave our homeland to study so that I could return to work for the kingdom then.”


Zheng ZhuangBi had gotten pale immediately,


– “Really? So, you can feel secure here. Once you come here, this place is not different from your house.”


Chen Qi said yes.


Zheng ZhuangBi,


– “Chen Zhou… Chem Chou, this name is not lucky.”


Chen Qi replied:


– “Chem Chou is the name of a sunken boat. However, I see that it is well suited with my personality.”


He looked at the opposite side,


– “Is that ragged place a martial school? Are there any disciples studying there?”


Zheng ZhuangBi said,


– “Yes, but they are only the grassroots who do not know anything outside. The leader is named An Zheng, an orphan with poor background. For three more months, this academy will have a competition with them. However, they are only the grassroots, so you should not care about them too much. Even the weakest disciple of this academy can horribly defeat them.”


Chen Qi smiled a bit,


– “It seems that I have come to the right place.”


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