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It took Xiao QiDao three months to reach the Second Stage of Essence, and three months for Fatty to reach the First Stage of Essence. At first sight, Xiao QiDao was not faster than Fatty. Actually, Fatty had just started, but Xiao QiDao had leveled up. They could not be compared to each other.


Fatty held his belly and found Qu FengZi. His stomach was terribly hurting him. Qu FengZi saw a big hole underneath the Fatty’s shorts, so he was frightened,


– “Who made you like this?”


Fatty was surprised for a while, and then he laughed,


– “I have just farted, just farted!”


Qu FengZi really did not understand, so he knitted his brows and told Du ShouShou to lay down to be checked. After a while, he slapped Du ShouShou’s buttocks,


– “It is fine. Only your hemorrhoid had come out, and just I stuffed it back in. Later on, you can use medicine for external injury. On the next few days, you should not eat too much, and you should not go to the restroom too much as well. If you can’t help, you should think about vomiting. Don’t go to the restroom.


Fatty covered his face,


– “My goodness, why me?!”


An Zheng saw that Du ShouShou was fine, so he carried Xiao QiDao back to his room. Xiao QiDao daydreamt like being drunk, laughing and crying uncontrollably. Sometimes he laughed happily, but sometimes he cried for his mother. The child was only four years old, so he did need his mother. However, Ye Aunty had arrived in the Yan Kingdom. Until they could meet each other, Xiao QiDao would have become an eight-year boy.


At the moment, the three disciples of An Zheng, Xiao QiDao who reached the Second Stage of Essence, Du ShouShou who had just started, and Qu Liu’er who had started one month ago. In contrast, the teacher, the sect head of the TianQi Sect, had not even started.


An Zheng put Xiao QiDao on the bed, covered the child with the blanket, and told the child about something good. Xiao QiDao took An Zheng’s hand and waved in confusion,


– “Bro An Zheng, don’t go. I want you to be here and protect me. There is a big tiger here! Oh no, not a tiger but a cat. Bro An Zheng, it is your kitten, but why does it become bro Fatty? Bro An Zheng, there is also a person behind you.”


An Zheng looked back, but he did not see anyone. Xiao QiDao looked like a drunkard.


An Zheng sat down next to Xiao QiDao, and he let Xiao QiDao wave his hand. Xiao QiDao talked more and more nonsense. Waiting until the child slept, An Zheng stood up.


He took off Xiao QiDao’s hand and intended to put it in the blanket. However, Xiao QiDao still mumbled,


– “I know how to sing children’s song… mom, please don’t go! Mom, I can finally practice. Wait until I become strong, I will go rescue you… Bro An Zheng, don’t be afraid! You will become the greatest sect head and the strongest practitioner… oops! Bro An Zheng, why do you have such a big door like that?”


An Zheng laughed out loud and covered Xiao QiDao with the blanket. After that, he left the room.


Xiao QiDao leaned his body,


– “Xiao QiDao also has a door, and it is as high as a great tree. The door of bro An Zheng is higher than mine, and it is as high as mountain. It is tiring to push open my door, but it is more tiring to push bro An Zheng’s.


An Zheng did not hear this saying from Xiao QiDao. He found old Huo to discuss moving the herbal valley into the Repugnant Seal. Those herbs did not have much meaning to An Zheng, but they were very important to Qu Liu’er. Anyone who practiced, had their own “Way”, and the “Way” of Qu Liu’er had been already defined. She preferred medical skills to practice. At first, Qu FengZi took her to the Illusory academy and begged for their admission, so she was quite frightened because she did not want to practice.


If he could help her to approach those precious herbs, she might understand more about the medical skills, and she would be very helpful for supporting them in practicing.


Old Huo and An Zheng had discussed for a long time, but they still did not find out any solutions. However, old Huo asked An Zheng not to be hasty because he just needed one thing. With that thing, it would not be difficult to move the herbal valley. An Zheng asked what he still needed, and old Huo answered, “It’s you. I will just wait until you can start, and then I will have a solution.”


An Zheng knitted his brows,


– “Don’t think that you can trap me. Is it true that you mean I am stuff?”


Old Huo shrugged his shoulders,


– “You’re stuff.”


An Zheng,


– “Is it really what you mean?”


Old Huo,


– “But you’re interesting.”


An Zheng,


– “Could you please be more serious? You should remember that you are a senior of the underworld.”


Old Huo curled his lips,


– “I have never been a senior of the underworld. If it wasn’t because of my son, I would have never come to the underworld.”


An Zheng could not help but asked,


– “You said that your cultivation base had been disabled, why?”


Old Huo’s face got upset, and then he smiled a bit,


– “Although I don’t want to recall, this has happened for a long time, so it has no problem if I tell you. Do you know how I could pass over those who were better than me and became the number one weapon refiner of the Star Goods Watchtower?”


An Zheng shook his head.


Old Huo said,


– “It is because I am cruel enough towards myself. I know that my natural talent is not as good as the other people. Therefore, I ruined the Qi Sea power on my own…”




An Zheng shouted at once, and he changed his look,


Old Huo did not express any pities. In contrast, he felt more and more relaxed when he said,


– “As you have known, weapon refining and medicine refining are similar in one point, they need a blockhouse. For medicine refining, the better a blockhouse is, the more senior medicines can be made. With a normal iron blockhouse, it can just create common items. If you want to create jade medicine, you need a special blockhouse. The better the material is, the stronger the block house will be. However, the best material in this world is meteorite, and meteorites are very rare.


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– A meteorite piece is just as big as a thumb. Mixing it more with refining steel can create a senior magical weapon. When I was young, I found out a meteorite piece which was as big as a palm. Therefore, I dared not tell to anyone because it could have caused my death. At that time, I was many times crueler than now.


– I wasn’t really fond of practicing. However, a person used to say that I was the most hopeful one in the Star Goods Watchtower who could become a person of the Basic Sky Stage within years. However, I did not like practicing. I only liked refining. Therefore, once I had liked refining, my biggest dream was to have the best blockhouse. At the same time, I picked up the meteorite, but creating a blockhouse was not my field. I wanted to make a blockhouse which can only be usedby me. Moreover, the blockhouse could create senior magical weapons… therefore, I disabled my Qi Sea power.”


He smiled a bit with bitterness,


– “I pretended to be sick so that I could live outside for half a year. I prepared enough medicine and other stuffs. I stayed in a cave and disemboweled myself. I took out my Qi Sea power, and then I gritted my teeth to sew the injury on my own. That I did not die at that time was a miracle. Waiting until I had gotten better, I mixed the Qi Sea power with the meteorite and created my own number one blockhouse which was as big as my palm.


– Although the blockhouse was small, you shouldn’t look down on it. Nothing more was mixed with this, nothing else, but my Qi Sea power and the meteorite. From then on, my cultivation base was ruined, and I could not practice at all. Therefore, when I returned to the Star Goods Watchtower, I told a lie that someone had ruined my Qi Sea power, and no one had doubted me. From then on, I became a wasted person in the Star Goods Watchtower. At that time, I was not dismissed thanks to the owner of the Star Goods Watchtower.


– A person who could not practice could never refine any magical weapons. However, I believed that I still could. Therefore, waiting until the people had not noticed my any longer, I studied crazily. I learnt by heart the methods of weapon refining. My brothers looked down on me when they saw me studying. Even the owner of the Star Goods Watchtower had to sigh. Later on, I heard that many people had asked the owner to kick me out of the Star Goods Watchtower so that I wouldn’t damage the reputation of the Star Goods Watchtower.


– However, the owner did not agree. He said that he would never kick me out even though I was the janitor of the Star Goods Watchtower. I heard this, and I knew that I could never break up the relationship between the Star Goods Watchtower and me. At that time, I was sixteen. My brothers passed over me at weapon refining, but I had never succeeded.”


Old Huo looked at An Zheng,


– “But you have to know that I only waited until my time came, a chance for my reputation. If my story had spread out, how greatly it would influence? I was not a practitioner, and I was not even as good as a normal person. However, I still could refine. I had no cultivation base, and I was even weak. However, my blockhouse had a combination with my blood.”


Saying this, old Huo was quite proud of himself, and An Zheng could understand his feeling. He was ignored for a long time, and then he showed up. He started from repression to releasing, so he would surely feel proud of himself.


– “It was a big event. My brothers and classmates all showed up there, but no one told me about that because they had assumed that I was rubbish. Other brothers had their own blockhouses. Most of the blockhouses were very big because at the very first step, the blockhouses must be big so that they could refine big weapons. The bigger the blockhouses were, the stronger their power was.  Therefore, the smallest blockhouses were half a body high.


– Those blockhouses were chosen very carefully by their master. They tried their best in the competition in the hopes that they would be counted on by the owner. At that time, I had also joined the event. I brought the palm-sized blockhouse with me, so everyone would obviously laugh at me. Some people wanted to throw me out, but the owner asked them to let me stay there so that he could observe.


– After that, they completed their works, and all of them were not bad. At least they seemed not bad at their age. Later on, I asked to try, and they spoke ironically of me and laughed at me. However, I was still cool as a cucumber. The owner told me that I just needed to try my best, and it would be fine. At that time, he basically did not pay any attention to the blockhouse in my hand which was made from meteorite because my blood had changed the shape of the meteorite.


– My brothers all refined the lowest-level magical weapons so that nothing could happen unpredictably. No one wanted to fail, so they did not take risks for their first time.”


Old Huo said,


– “At that time, I said that I would refine a white magical weapon.”


And then he laughed and kept saying,


– “They thought that I had gotten crazy, so they looked at me with their pitiful eyes.”


An Zheng said,


– “You must have been successful.”


Old Huo laughed out loud,


– “You’re wrong, I failed… I intended to refine a white magical weapon, but I realized that I could make it better. Therefore, I changed my mind and refined a red magical weapon.”


An Zheng was surprised for a while, and then he also laughed,


– “Did you succeed?”


Old Huo laughed satisfactorily,


– “I definitely succeeded. I was a disabled person, and I could not practice. However, I could refine the red magical weapon. At that time, the owner stood up, and he was surprised. He came down from the high dais quickly and looked at me carefully.


Old Huo pointed to him,


– “I said that from then on, I was the most important person of the Star Goods Watchtower.”


An Zheng asked,


– “Did the owner hug you and give you a kiss?”


Old Huo stared at An Zheng,


– “The owner was my father, but he had never been close to me.”


An Zheng was surprised, and he felt sorrow.


Old Huo sighed,


– “Why did I disable my Qi Sea power? Because I was the son of the head of Star Goods Watchtower, I could not lose to anyone. My natural talent in weapon refining was not good, so what could my natural talent in practice do?”


At that time, An Zheng saw a student at the door of the opposite academy. That student wore white clothes. He was tall and handsome. That student stood at the door. He bowed down and said,


– “I want to learn martial arts.”


When he stood straight, he looked around the TianQi Sect. An Zheng did not know this student, but in short time, he felt familiar with that student.


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