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Maybe old Huo’s word had a great influence on An Zheng, so he always felt that something was wrong with his body. Almost all people would become nervous if they knew that they would meet something bad. Although there was nothing for real, they still assumed that they would have definitely met something bad. An Zheng was more optimistic because he had more experiences than the other people, and he was also brave.


An Zheng found that the Blood Cultivating Pearl did not affect him much, but it might have affected his cultivating speed.


Although his potential power was half a star, and even when he had used many jade and white herbs in order to feed up himself every day, he didn’t gain much power. Theoretically, he must have improved. Actually, An Zheng felt that his Qi Sea power had just opened a small groove.


At night, An Zheng went to the Nine Stars dais alone to check, and it was still half a star.


After his body had gotten better, An Zheng made a detailed practice plan for Du ShouShou and the others. After that, he gave Qu Liu’er some prescriptions to refine medicine in order to help them improve their physical powers. Then, every silent night, when the others had gone to bed, he went into the Repugnant Seal to practice.


Old Huo said that time in the Repugnant Seal stood still. Therefore, no matter how long he stayed there, it would have remained the same time as when he came in. In other words, An Zheng still had plenty of time for practition. For a person who was as weak as him, this was the best advantage. Although he was weak, he would not have cared about time. Therefore, An Zheng really felt thankful to old Huo. Such a big favor like that was hard to fully repay.


Old Huo was a generous person, and he was also truthful. Although he said that he was disabled, An Zheng still believed in old Huo’s influence and position in the Star Goods Watchtower. He believed that it would be very easy for old Huo to have caused trouble to Mu ChangYan with just some of his red or gold level of magical weapons. Although he could not kill Mu ChangYan, he could make Mu ChangYan’s life, suffer hard.


However, old Huo understood that the death of Martial Huo did not have anything to do with Mu ChangYan. Martial Huo had declared war to the former landlord so that he could become the new landlord. Therefore, he must accept the challenge, and it was hard for Mu ChangYan to avoid hurting Martial Huo in the fight. If Mu ChangYan was crueler, he could have killed Martial Huo at that time.


However, Mu ChangYan did not do so. Therefore, old Huo did not feel hatred for Mu ChangYan but himself, because he had not taught his son well.


Sometimes, An Zheng felt that old Huo transferred his love to him, so An Zheng would not have done anything to betray his feelings.


Except part of the time, when he taught those people how to practice, the rest was used by An Zheng for self-practicing.


The space inside the Repugnant Seal was very strange. Old Huo used to say that it was a small world, and its feature was freezing time. When An Zheng came in, everything had remained unchanged, and the plants were not withered. An Zheng walked along a small street, and he saw an ant. However, the ant had stood still until An Zheng came back.


Moreover, it was stranger that those items were not fake. They were real. The ant lived its own life, and so did the flowers.


Although the spiritual weapon was a great one which could reverse the universe, it still had a mistake.


Although time in the Repugnant Seal stood still, the blood was also slowly transferred. Therefore, the practice rate was slow as well.


An Zheng came to the Repugnant Seal with old Huo. Old Huo did not tell An Zheng to practice immediately, but he told An Zheng to sit down.


– “You are quite hasty.”


Old Huo said,


– “However, the more hasty that you are, the easier it is that you will fail.”


An Zheng said,


– “I dare not to be hasty. I have only four more months until the competition with the Illusory academy, but I have not even started.”


Old Huo took the cover off of the wine gourd and gave it to An Zheng,


– “You should priorly have listened to me before using this Repugnant Seal. This Repugnant Seal can reverse the universe because it freezes time. However, this is just the very first stage of a practitioner. Time is frozen, so the rate of improvement is also very slow. If you stay in here, you will never get old, but you will not develop either. If you want to use the Repugnant Seal with the best results, you must understand magical weapons, especially the senior ones.”


He smiled a bit and pointed at An Zheng,


– “Now you are the upstart rich. You now own three senior magical weapons, but you basically cannot use them. Senior magical weapons are seen as elite weapons because they develop together with their owners. Senior magical weapons know how to adjust themselves to adapt with their owner’s power so that they can help their owner to release the strongest powers in both fighting and defending.


– However, their owner must have some powers at first, but you have not even started. Therefore, you basically have nothing. This is also the reason why you cannot use the senior weapons although they are in your hands. The Repugnant Seal can give you time, but this is not a really good job. Only if you can unfreeze the time in the Repugnant Seal, otherwise, you will not develop much at this rate.”


An Zheng was quite surprised,


– “What do you mean?”


Old Huo kept saying,


– “As I have told you. You cannot fully activate the Repugnant Seal with your current powers because it is too weak. Therefore, the time in here is still frozen. Because it is frozen, you still fail to practice. Let’s wait until you reach the First Stage of Essence, then you will see that the time in here flies slowly whenever you come in. The ant which you have seen will move slowly. For a small creature like it, it takes a very long time for it to get to the end of the road. However, once it can move, it will be a good start.


– If you still don’t begin, no matter how long you practice in the Repugnant Gateway, you cannot reach any stages. The stronger that your power is, the faster that time flies. As I measured, if you can reach the Ninth Stage of Essence, and you come in the Repugnant Seal to practice, then the time in there will fly one thousand times more slowly than the outside. In other words, if you spend one thousand hours to practice in here, it is equal to one hour outside.


– Once you reach the Sumeru Stage, you can make a rapid jump. Time in the Repugnant Seal will fly five hundred times slower than the outside. When you reach the Ninth Stage of Sumeru, time will fly one hundred times more slower. When you reach the Desire Internment Stage, time will be fifty times slower. Until the Ninth Stage of the Desire Internment, it will be about forty times slower. Waiting until the Basic Ampleness Stage, then one month in here is equal to one day outside. Until the Great Ampleness Stage, twenty days practicing in here are equal to one day outside. Finally, when you reach the Basic Sky Stage, ten days in here are equal to one day outside.”


An Zheng understood.


The stronger he was, the faster the time in the Repugnant Seal flied. It seemed that the power of the Repugnant Seal would be weaker when the practitioner was stronger. However, actually, this was the repugnant point. Until the Basic Sky Stage, thinking of where to practice was not a problem anymore.


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Old Huo said,


– “Once you reach the Great Sky Stage, then the Repugnant Seal will stop freezing time. Therefore, if you stay in here one day to practice, it will still be one day outside because the power of the person in the Great Sky Stage is beyond the capacity of magical weapons.


He smiled and talked to An Zheng,


– “Therefore, seeing you so hasty, I must give you some advices. The Repugnant Seal is different from those two senior weapons of yours. The Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin’s power increases with the owner’s power. If you reach the Basic Sky Stage, the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin also reaches the Basic Sky Stage. Even if you let the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin stop a person of the Great Sky Stage on it own, it is not too difficult. However, the Repugnant Seal is just a space. It’s just a magical weapon which can change time. It cannot be used to fight anyone. However, it can be used for defense.


Old Huo stood up and helped An Zheng to stand up,


– “Trust yourself. Even the Blood Cultivating Pearl can’t smack you down, so what else scares you? Sometime, good luck is part of your powers. I have never seen anyone who is luckier than you. Maybe you are blessed by the god’s.”


An Zheng followed old Huo and left the Repugnant Seal.


– “Don’t be hasty. Let’s wait until you can start to come in the Repugnant Seal.”


Old Huo took back the wine gourd, and then he knitted his brows,


– “Why did you drink too much? It’s not good for the youth to drink much.”


An Zheng smiled a bit,


– “You are always joking. There is only water in your wine gourd.”


Old Huo,


– “Oh, I forgot. The highest level of drinking is drinking water like wine.”


An Zheng thought to himself if he told Zhong JiuGe about this, it might be helpful for Zhong JiuGe to increase his Art of Cheating. However, Zhong JiuGe was not in the Illusory Perennial Domicile then because An Zheng had asked Zhong JiuGe to do him a favor, coming to the Clear Sky Palace in the South. An Zheng guessed that those people who had assassinated him could have taken actions with the Clear Sky Palace. Therefore, he asked Zhong JiuGe to go there and take notice Xu Mei.


After old Huo had left, An Zheng was depressed. He did not know how to improve his potential power so that he could have activated more powers.


His physical power was still too weak, so he could not see his Qi Sea power inside. However, he relied on his physical power to guess… the power was just activated a little. Such a genius like Xiao QiDao could activate the door of power at least one zhang (1) high. After the door opened, everything could come in, even large river. However, An Zheng’s door was just opened half a meter high. Moreover, its way in was just a small gap, and even a drop of water could not come in.


The less that the cultivation base had consumed, the slower the improvement rate was.


An Zheng was a little sad, so he intended to do another job in order to forget the feeling so that he could be calm first. An Zheng planned to take out the herbal valley from the Blood Cultivating Pearl. However, he could not come in, so he could not take care of the herbs. If he could find out a way to move the herbal valley into the Repugnant Seal, Qu Liu’er might also come in. Such a medical master like Qu Liu’er would be very happy if she saw a herbal valley.


Therefore, An Zheng came to old Huo and told him about his plan.


Old Huo asked An Zheng to keep practicing so that he could see if there were any ways to do so.


An Zheng went to the learning room, and he felt inspired a little. He saw Xiao QiDao sitting on a chair and reading a book with his face turning red as if he had just drunk wine.


– “Xiao QiDao, what happened to you?”


An Zheng came inside the learning room and asked immediately.


Xiao QiDao shook his small head,


– “Bro An Zheng… hihi… hihi… I feel dizzy, it’s really good.”


An Zheng was startled for a while and said,


– “You are about to increase your level!”


A month ago, Xiao QiDao reached the First Stage of Essence. It was unbelievable that Xiao QiDao could increase too fast like that. This rate made other practitioners jealous. Because people would react differently when they increased their level, An Zheng had not known that Xiao QiDao had increased his level. At that time, Du ShouShou brought a bowl of medicine and moved toward unhappily. Seeing Xiao QiDao’s appearance, he hurriedly ran forward,


– “Hurry up! Use this to counter your drunkenness!”


Qu Liu’er held Xiao QiDao back,


– “This is the medicine which my master had made it for you to increase your physical health. This is not for drunkenness countering… moreover, Xiao QiDao did not drink wine.”


The fatty sighed,


– “Genius is not normal. Saying level up, and then leveling up.”


He held his nose and finished up the medicine bowl. After a while, he held his belly and ran to the restroom,


– “What the hell is going on here? Going to the restroom after using the medicine?”


An Zheng carried Xiao QiDao back to his room and got some sleep. He had just walked for half a way when he heard an explosive sound.


An Zheng suddenly looked back and saw the restroom exploding.


Du ShouShou picked up his shorts and ran to An Zheng frightfully,


– “Damn it! Holly sh*t… I have just farted, and the restroom had exploded.”


At the guarding place, old Huo laughed,


– “Some people will increase their level while they are sleeping. Some will increase their level while they are fighting. However, the fatty increases his level by farting. It’s really funny.”


(1) Zhang: a length measurement unit. One zhang is equal to 3.33 meters.


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