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After coming in, old Huo hesitated a little as if he was thinking of how to have mentioned the topic. After finding out that An Zheng was in the Blue Boorish Mountain, old Huo seemed to have something to say. His eyes revealed anxiety and complications.


– “Senior, don’t hesitate at what you are going to say.”


An Zheng sat up,


– “I will listen carefully.”


Old Huo looked at An Zheng, and he looked at the Blood Cultivating Pearl,


– “An Zheng, do you know what the item is?”


An Zheng nodded,


– “This item had unexpectedly come to me. It seems to have a spirit that can tell me what it is. Therefore, I know its name is the Blood Cultivating Pearl, a senior treasure. Don’t you also know of it?”


Old Huo was pofaced for a while and said,


– “It really is… the Blood Cultivating Pearl. I had also used to hear about it, but I have never seen it. If you can, please tell me in detail about what had happened to you. I hope you will believe me because this also relates to your life.


An Zheng saw that old Huo was so serious, so he was also po-faced. He did not want to tell about the story of the dried corpse senior, so he just told that he had seen a cottage in the herbal valley, and then he found the Blood Cultivating Pearl in the cottage. Seeing it as the best item, he wore on his wrist. As a result, after he had just worn it, it automatically recognized him as its owner, and he could not have taken it off afterwards.


After listening, old Huo became quite relaxed,


– “If it does not come from another one who had given it to you but if you had found it yourself, it will be very good.”


An Zheng was startled, but he still kept his calm,


– “Why did you say that?”


Old Huo went to the window. He stood there for a while and said,


– “For this Blood Cultivating Pearl, there was obviously a terrible story. People said that the Blood Cultivating Pearl did not come from the human world but from hell. When I was in the Star Goods Watchtower, I had used to read lots of books relating to the spiritual weapons in the Antiquity in which they had mentioned about the origin of the Blood Cultivating Pearl. Ancient books had written that the Blood Cultivating Pearl came from a bodhi tree that grew by the blood lake in hell, and it had used blood to self-nurture it.


– Later on, a great practitioner wrongly came to hell. He saw that the Bodhi Tree was so holly, so he cut its branch in order to make a Blood Cultivating Pearl bracelet. After the great practitioner had come back to the human world, many things had happened to him. He was hunted by his enemies, so he was still missing. His descendent had the bracelet, and from then on… his family could not develop anymore. Those who had owned this bracelet could not die of old age.”


An Zheng asked,


– “Why?”


Old Huo said,


– “According to ancient books, the cruelty of the Blood Cultivating Pearl came from two words “Blood Cultivating”. Once the Blood Cultivating Pearl recognized its owner, the owner was completely passive, and he could not but used his blood to nurture it. You said that when you had the Blood Cultivating Pearl, the pearls automatically had thorns that pierced your skin to steal your blood… therefore, the legend might be true. The Blood Cultivating Pearl needed blood to regularly nurture itself. Therefore, anyone who wore it would have had their blood regularly stolen by it. If that person could not maintain his physical powers, the Blood Cultivating Pearl would have used up all of his blood, and finally, he would then become a dried corpse.”


An Zheng immediately thought about the dried corpse senior, and he felt anxious.


Old Huo said,


– “Lately, I have told you that it would be good if this one did not come from another person who had given it to you because it has another crueler character. If the Blood Cultivating Pearl had used to have used up the blood of its former owner, the owner will have cursed the item before he had died. Therefore, the next owner of the Blood Cultivating Pearl will not only nurture it by his blood, but he will also nurture its former owner, in other words, the one who had become a dried corpse.


– When the corpse consumes enough blood of the new owner, the corpse will be gradually become alive. This is the mantra of the Blood Cultivating Pearl. Its mantra is said to have been created by the ruler of the underworld. No matter who wears the Blood Cultivating Pearl, that person could not help but to nurture it with his blood.”


An Zheng was terribly low in mood. However, he did not believe that he had been cheated. However, he saw that the dried corpse was really ghostly. It might have been as old as old Huo had said. The dried corpse might then have used him to become alive.


However, when he saw the dried corpse, this bracelet was not in his hand. Moreover, at first, the dried corpse had given him a necklace, not the Blood Cultivating Pearl. Was this a coincidence?


An Zheng comforted himself, but he realized that it was hard to self-comfort himself. Old Huo did not know what had happened to him, so he did not need to tell him a lie. In the past, An Zheng was the leader of the Tribunal, and his knowledge was wide. However, he was really worse at magical weapons than old Huo who had used to live in the Star Goods Watchtower for a long time. Each person had his own field. In the past, An Zheng’s field was the brutality which had scared people out of their wits. For old Huo, his knowledge on magical weapons was really on top.


– “From now on, you must be careful.”


Old Huo was po-faced for a while and said,


– “If… if you always feel like losing blood and anxious or tired, then you should prepare yourself. The power of the Blood Cultivating Pearl will increase in following its owner’s cultivation base. However, the stronger it gets, the more blood it consumes from its owner. If you have been cursed by its former owner, you will lose your blood much more quickly.


An Zheng tried to keep calm and asked,


– “Are there any solutions?”


Old Huo looked at An Zheng,


– “No. Even if you cut your arm and throw the Blood Cultivating Pearl far away from you, it will still consume your blood. Although you are thousands of miles away from the Blood Cultivating Pearl, it is still hopeless of you because there is a secret bloody relation between you and it. Only if when you have become a dried corpse, then you can make a curse to the next owner.


– And…”


Old Huo was most likely to comfort An Zheng, but he was helpless,


– “You must hurry to improve your physical powers so that you are always full of blood. In other words, you must develop faster than the Blood Cultivating Pearl. As long as you always satisfy the requirements of the Blood Cultivating Pearl, and your body is not injured, then you will be fine. Another solution, you don’t need to become stronger. You just need to maintain your current powers, and the Blood Cultivating Pearl won’t need too much blood.


– But the essential condition is that the former owner of the Blood Cultivating Pearl did not curse you. Otherwise, your blood will still be quickly stolen. An Zheng, I will ask you again. Finally, were there any dried corpses next to the Blood Cultivating Pearl?”


An Zheng opened his mouth widely,


– “No.”


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Old Huo looked at An Zheng doubtfully, and then he sighed,


– “I hope it will be fine. It is good for you to be careful. Now, we don’t have any ways to take off the Blood Cultivating Pearl from your wrist. Our only hope is that it will not consume too much of your blood.”


An Zheng smirked,


– “Maybe I will become stronger than it.”


Old Huo was po-faced for long time, and then he left.


An Zheng knew that old Huo could not find any words to comfort him. His potential powers were just half of a star. How could he have improved so quickly?


He just made nonsense.


After old Huo had left, An Zheng began to worry. He knew that old Huo did not cheat him because old Huo did not need to do so. An Zheng would not have doubted an old man who had given him a senior Repugnant Seal, and he would not also believe that the dried corpse senior had wanted his blood to have become alive again.


“What’s the problem if this is true?”


An Zheng took a deep breath and comforted himself out of sadness. The dried corpse senior had given him a senior magical treasure along with hundreds of types of herbs. He thought to himself, “The dried corpse senior had used these items to exchange it with my blood, wasn’t that equal? Moreover, it was not impossible to dispel the curse of the Blood Cultivating Pearl, so I only need to speed up my practice process faster than the Blood Cultivating Pearl, and I will be fine.”


An Zheng unconsciously looked at the bracelet, and he saw that thirteen pearls had different red colors.


It could be seen as a method of self-comforting.


Time went by, and it went by faster when someone sleeping. An Zheng was injured, so he had always felt sleepy. However, he realized that sleeping just wasted his time. An Zheng did not dare to waste time because he knew that he did not have any time to waste with the Blood Cultivating Pearl.


Although he was in bed and had taken a rest, he did not allow himself to stop practicing. The so-called Cleansing the Marrow not only strengthened his bones and vessels so that he could have transferred his cultivation base, but it had also activated the Qi Sea power. Everyone who had the Qi Sea power no matter whether he was a normal person or a practitioner had belonged to nature, and it was a human’s talent.


The genius was different from the other people in one point, the ability of the Qi Sea power activation. The genius was really a genius because he could have activated the Qi Sea power when he was born. Moreover, he could have greatly activated it. However, for a common person, the Qi Sea power was potentially consistent. If he had wanted to have activated it, he must have relied on the holly germs along with a practitioner of the Sumeru Stage or above so that he could have carried out the Cleansing the Marrow.


An Zheng’s potential power was half of a star, in other words, his Qi Sea power had just been activated a little bit. The greater that it was activated, the wider he could have come in. The less that it was activated, the smaller he could have come in. They were the abilities of consuming and releasing. Consuming was collecting the cultivation base in the Qi Sea power, and releasing was the strength of fighting.


The more he could have activated his powers, the stronger he was because his cultivation base had been strongly released. Therefore, the division of the level was not so close. At the same level of the First Stage of Essence, if An Zheng had been compared with Xiao QiDao, then a kick of Xiao QiDao could not only have been ten times stronger than An Zheng’s, but it was twenty times or even hundreds and thousands of times….the more that Xiao QiDao had increased his cultivation base, the stronger he could have fought in comparison with An Zheng.


Moreover, the most important thing was, if he could have just activated the power by a little, then his cultivation base could have just reached a limited level, and he could not have reached any higher. If his consuming power could just maintain the First Stage of Essence, then he would never ever have reached the Second Stage.


Now, the urgent problem which An Zheng needed to solve was to greatly activate the Qi Sea power.


However, the problem of the physical power was too difficult to solve. This was different from Cleansing the Marrow. Cleansing the Marrow just required for the Qi Sea power to have been activated because it had already been available. However, changing physical powers was in increasing powers.


An Zheng was in the bed and took a rest. It had taken him one month to have completely healed. With him, the good news was not this information but the demands of the Blood Cultivating Pearl. It was not too much. Otherwise, he would not have been healed. However, An Zheng also knew that if it was not because the Blood Cultivating Pearl had consumed his blood, he would not have needed one month to have been completely healed. Anyway, Qu Liu’er day by day brought jade herbs and even the white ones to feed up his body.


If he was a genius, he would have gotten healed earlier and even increased his cultivation base because he was fed up with the jade and white herbs. However, if An Zheng could have just healed his body, He would have been not able to have improved anything else.


There was only four months left until the competition with the Illusory academy. If he wanted to win over them, it might then be hopeless of him.


However, An Zheng would not give up because he was An Zheng, the one who had never bowed down on his fate.


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