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An Zheng could not have raised his handsfor a long time. Therefore, it was impossible for him to have gotten healed. Although he did not lack of any herbs, he could not move at all. He had tried many times but it was impossible. He felt that his hand was heavy as if it had been covered by iron. Even if he just moved a little, he would have been in terrible pain. He used to think that he would get better after a while. However, his injury was getting more and more serious, and he also gradually lost his powers.


-“Shan ye.”


An Zheng licked his dried lips,


-“You should go. Staying here with me will just let you dissipate faster.”


The kitten said meow and lied down next to An Zheng as if it did not agree to leave.


An Zheng said with weak voice,


– “You cannot climb down? Don’t forget… that you are a cat. How can you not climb down?! Hurry up! No one can see or hear from this place. Maybe the Blue Boorish Mountain is destined to be my graveyard, and it is hard for me to escape.”


The kitten suddenly stood up. It said meow to An Zheng and jumped down from the mountain side. An Zheng was scared, and he wanted to roll over to look at the kitten because he could not move.


The kitten left, and An Zheng felt completely alone in this world. Moreover, he also felt that Death was slowly moving towards him.


A night and a day passed.


And again, a night and a day passed.


When the sun had risen again, An Zheng was so weak that he could not have opened his eyelids. His mind was getting more and more vague, and he felt cold from all sides. He felt a little funny for himself because he had owned two spiritual weapons, the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin and the Blood Cultivating Pearl. He also wore a Repugnant Seal on his neck… but nothing could have saved him.


Although the Blood Cultivating Pearl could take 1% worth of injury, it was meaningless to An Zheng’s condition at that time. An Zheng saw that his death had just been delayed a little. After that, An Zheng smirked unhappily because he realized that he could still think.


Looking back on his life, he really had nothing to regret. There were an unspecified amount of baddies that had died in his hands. If it was a life for a life, then he had more interests.


In the past, An Zheng was powerful, so he could have saved himself. However, this time was different. Because he was too weak, his soul could not have been released. Therefore, he would have died forever.


While An Zheng was surprisingly wondering why it was too dark, he heard some sounds. After that, while he was vague, he saw someone who looked like fatty coming towards him full of sweat. The kitten was in the lead and moved towards An Zheng, saying meow. In the past, An Zheng had saved it once, and now, it had saved An Zheng once. He did not also know how the kitten could have passed through the dangerous woods to come back to the Illusory Perennial Domicile.


– “Damn you! Are you dead?”


Fatty sat down next to An Zheng, and he was out of breath.


An Zheng knitted his brows. Maybe he still had some hopes, so he could look more clearly. He saw something made of bone on the fatty’s wrist. That item had been created very sharply.


– “If you died, I would have gone back to have announced it to people. After that, the TianQi Sect would be dismissed, and they would have received some money to go back to their parents.”


The fatty was out of breath, and he was yelling at An Zheng while tying An Zheng on his back,


– “You silently came here to die. At first sight, you had seemed to be interesting, but it is ridiculous of you to ly down nakedly under the sun in the woods like this.”


An Zheng could just smirked foolishly.


Fatty seemed to be very strenuous when he did this job. Although he had been protected by the bone guard, he was extremely hurt and full of sweat because his arm had been broken not long ago. However, he still bit his lips to have suffered without any shouting. After fatty had tied An Zheng tightly onto his back, he tied the robe to the rock wall and climbed down.


An Zheng looked down and saw Qu Liu’er and old Huo down there.


– “Your arm…”


An Zheng breathed weakly and asked.


Fatty sighed coldly,


– “It’s still better than yours. Only my arm had been hurt, but all of your limbs are hurt, even your “little bro”.


An Zheng laughed out loud,


– “How… how could you have known?”




– “Because I ‘have’ the fiery golden eyes… yours is swollen like a dumpling. How aren’t you in great pain?!”


An Zheng,


– “Can you please notice another position?”


Fatty ignored him. He climbed down from the rock wall with great difficutlty. When he was finally on land, he was in extreme pain.


Old Huo helped An Zheng down, and then he sighed,


– “If you had been late for some hours, even god could not have saved you.”


An Zheng said,


– “God had said that I had friends, so I did not need for him to have saved me.”


Seeing An Zheng’s appearance, Qu Liu’er was red in her eyes, and tears streamed down. She immediately came to apply medicine to An Zheng. Although An Zheng was naked, she did not care. Old Huo put An Zheng on a prepared stretcher.  Du ShouShou then carried the stretcher on his back. He was strenuous during the way back, but he did not say anything. Old Huo sighed and said, “If I hadn’t disabled my cultivation base, I would have never ever let such a child like you to have suffered from this difficulty.”


Fatty shook his head,


– “He made me like this because he had wanted to find medicine for me. So, I wouldn’t have had felt any difficulties.”


He could not, but admit that Qu Liu’er’s medical skills were not bad when she used the medicine to apply it to An Zheng’s injuries. It had taken them two days to escape from the woods, but An Zheng’s injury did not get any worse. On the other hand, it got little better. Until they arrived at the Illusory Perennial Domicile, An Zheng would not have been dangerous at all. His body was just shabby because he had lost half weight within some days. One special thing was Fatty. Although he was very strenuous, he was still fat without any weight losts.


When they had arrived the the Martial Courtyard, it was already night time. Xiao QiDao saw that An Zheng was back, so he ran towards An Zheng and said in tears,


– “Brother An Zheng, are you hurt?”


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An Zheng comforted him,


– “I am not hurt. I am only tired.”


Coming to the room, An Zheng took out many kinds of herbs, and then he told them about his journey. Old Huo looked at the bracelet on An Zheng’s wrist, and he was terribly surprised. An Zheng knew that old Huo had just found out something, but he could not mention it in front of so many people. With enough herbs, Qu FengZi and Qu Liu’er were now busy. Obviously, treating injuries was now not a difficult job.


Fatty stayed on a hammock and An Zheng had stayed in bed. They were both terribly tired, but they still looked at each other and smiled innocently.


– “Wait. You are really ugly while you are smiling.”


An Zheng said,


Fatty curled his lips,


– “Do you think you are handsome? Damn it! If it’s not due to my pains, I will show you my perfect body.”


Qu Liu’er glanced at them,


– “You two still play a joke like that.”


Fatty said,


– “Xiao Qu Liu’er, you don’t understand. This is a trend of life. Crying takes a day, and laughing also takes a day. So, why don’t we make our enemy cry andlaugh ourselves? You see. I am totally right, but you shouldn’t admire me or bow down to respect me because I don’t like thin girls like you… I only like voluptuous ones. Do you understand?”


Qu Liu’er had her eyes wide open and looked at him. She pushed her finger down on the fatty’s arm, and the fatty shouted in pain,


– “Are you taking revenge?”


Qu Liu’er said,


– “Your bone was quite wrong, so I just adjusted it.”




– “My aunt, do you think that my arm was made from mud so that you could adjust as you liked?”


Qu Liu’er said,


– “If you don’t let me adjust it for you, don’t you want your arm to be folded like spider legs?”


Fatty was thoughtful for a little bit, and he saw that it was weird to have seen such an arm like that. Therefore, he tried to suffer from the pain. Qu Liu’er helped Fatty to fix his arm, and then she changed medicines for An Zheng. Although she was still young, she was very elegant under the oil lamp light.  An Zheng thought to himself that Qiu Liu’er would be very beautiful if she had changed her clothes to girl’s wears.


– “An Zheng, old Huo is really hiding his powers.”


Fatty wanted to give a thumbs-up in praise, but he couldn’t. He kept saying,


– “He made a fake arm for me. It is really powerful. When the kitten came back, we immediately knew what had happened to you. Actually, Qu Liu’er and Qu FengZi had found you for more than three days, but they could not see you. Therefore, we guessed that you must have gone into the woods. However, we basically did not have any clues, so we did not know how to find you.


– When the kitten came back, we knew that you were in trouble. However, in this school, I am the only strongest one. Therefore, old Huo found some materials, and he could have finished the bone guard within time for a cup of tea.”


An Zheng thought to himself that old Huo was a tartar of the Star Goods Watchtower and a master of weapon refining. Therefore, it was as easy as pie for him to have made a fake arm. However, old Huo did not tell them his story, so An Zheng did not reveal his secret. Sometimes, protecting a secret was not an easy job, especially from friends. Therefore, other people had usually revealed the secret when they were careless, but An Zhenghadn’t.


After changing medicine for An Zheng, Qu Liu’er helped An Zheng to wear his clothes, and Fatty made some noises noise next to them,


– “She is a girl, so how can she marry anyone if she does this job for you? An Zheng, you are a great gentleman, you cannot play this damn joke. From now on, Qu Liu’er is your woman, so you are not allowed to bully her. If you bully her, I will emasculate you.”


An Zheng smirked unhappily, and he did not know what to say. Qu Liu’er was really lovely, but there was a big gap in their age. Such a problem like that could not have been revealed by An Zheng.


Qu Liu’er was so ashamed that her face had turned red. After she had helped An Zheng wear his clothes, she stood up and stepped on Fatty’s foot. She sighed embarrassingly and ran out from the room.




– “Your wife just hit me!”


An Zheng glanced at him,


– “Don’t talk bullshit. Her personality is simple. Therefore, if you make a joke like that, she will be confused. It’s no problem if you and I play a joke on each other, but don’t play a joke on a girl like that.”


Fatty nodded,


– “Ok, it’s alright. I will learn from my experiences. However, you and she really match with each other. You two are thin… An Zheng, tell me what you have seen in the Blue Boorish Mountain that had made your body like this?”


An Zheng just told the story simply, and he did not say anything about the dried corpse senior. He just told that he came to a strange place and picked up a treasure. After that, he brought the herbal valley home. On his way home, he faced the Unicorn engraved Bird, and it chased after him to have killed him. As a result, he was seriously injured. It was not because An Zheng did not believe in Fatty, but he did not want anyone to bother with the dried corpse of the senior for weapons, the crystal coffin, and the treasure. If anyone had known about them, it would have been a disaster for the dead people, and maybe they could not have even saved their corpses.


Fatty was a talkative child, so he might have revealed the secret to people by his carelessness. Once this story had spread out, it must not have been good.


Although he just told the story with cursory, Fatty was still scared.


– “Damn it! It is a medium-level devil beast. It is as strong as a person at the Sumeru Stage. If that devil beast gets mad and comes here, not many people in the Illusory Perennial Domicile can stop it.”


An Zheng shook his head,


– “Don’t look down on the Illusory Perennial Domicile. This place surely hides many talented tartars, but they just don’t want to show up.”


An Zheng had guessed like that because the great flood had covered a huge area of the Blue Boorish Mountain. However, the Illusory Perennial Domicile did not take any damages. Therefore, it was not normal. If saying that no one had protected the place, An Zheng would not have believed it.


While they were talking, old Huo came in. When he came in, he looked at the bracelet on An Zheng’s wrist, and then he told Du ShouShou,


– “Fatty, please go out for a while. I have something to talk to with An Zheng.”


Fatty then stood up,


– “Yes, old Huo, you must teach him a lesson so that he can know that he made a terrible mistake when he left the sect alone. Moreover, he is the sect head, but he doesn’t have any discipline. In my opinion, he should be emasculated.”


An Zheng,


– “After having arrived here, you always want to emasculate me, so finally, what’s your reason?”


Fatty was pofaced for a while and unhappily said,


– “Because yours is bigger.”


An Zheng was surprised for a while, and then he said seriously,


– “Why don’t you try to swell yours?”




– “F*ck off!”


And then he left.


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