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It was night time, so the voice of the Unicorn engraved Bird had spread out hundreds of miles afar. An Zheng smirked unhappily: “You are like an unreleased soul”. He suddenly understood the reason why the Unicorn engraved Bird could have found him. It was because of the smell on his body. He intended to use the dung and urine of the Unicorn engraved Bird to have scared off the other devil and wild beasts, but he had forgotten that the smell would have attracted the Unicorn engraved Bird.


When thinking of this, An Zheng felt a little safe.


The Unicorn engraved Bird did not go out at night because its eyes were not familiar with the darkness. In the daytime, when it flew high, it could see thousands of miles far. However, at night, its eyesight had decreased many times, and it might not have been able to have seen anything. If it was not due to the smell, it could not have chased after An Zheng. An Zheng stood on a high tree, and he saw a stream nearby. Suddenly, he made a decision.


Firstly, he put off some dung urine onto the tree branch. Secondly, he jumped down and went to the stream. Finally, a boy and a kitten had taken a bath in the stream. The kitten had been awakened by water while it was still sleeping. It said meow… meow… and An Zheng said: “Shan ye, keep silent. Otherwise, that great bird would eat you as if it was eating an ant.”


Xiao Shan suddenly kept silent. However, it did not know what An Zheng had meant. An Zheng carried the kitten in his arms to go ashore, but the smell had still clung onto his body. He immediately took off his clothes, carried the kitten, and swam in the stream.


After a while, the Unicorn engraved Bird flew toward and flapped its wings in hopes to have uprooted all the great trees within the hundreds of meters in that area. The Unicorn engraved Bird flew in the midair flapping its wings crazily, and its diamond-hard feathers were shooting out like rain drops. Each of its feathers was over one meter long, as sharp as a knife. It fell down like disaster.


An Zheng swam with all his strength. He could have hid the smell by the stream, so he just hoped that it would have been effective. However, for a very short while, there was no grass left on the other side. Not only were the great trees had been taken down but the land was also layered up. The Unicorn engraved Bird did not find out anything except a little trace of smell, so it flew down to check.


An one-meter big water python moved through the stream because it was scared by the Unicorn engraved Bird. Normally, that big python might have already eaten An Zheng. However, it was more nervous than An Zheng at the moment. The python passed by An Zheng and had terribly frightened him. He saw that the python was faster than him, so he held onto its body.


Because its skin was quite thick, it did not realize that An Zheng had been holding onto its body. Although even if it had realized so, it had no time to pay attention because the most important thing now was in running away.


The Unicorn engraved Bird turned down and looked around as an old man looked at something with his weak eyesight. After over ten minutes, it got crazy because it could not have found out anything. The Unicorn engraved Bird flew up again and continuously flapped its wings with confusion. Under the sharpness of its feathers, many great trees were cut down, and so were the rocks.


The water python got more nervous, so it swam much faster. At that time, An Zheng felt that something was shaking from the ground up, and it was not due to the feathers of the Unicorn engraved Bird. He looked back and had gotten pale.


“Launching water?”


It was the water pole which had appeared when An Zheng was about to leave after he had taken the herbal valley. At that time, the valley was full of water. Because it was narrow, the water had conquered it very quickly. Until the valley was underneath the water, it had exploded, and the water pole appeared. The thousands-high water pole was launched. If someone had been hit with it, he must have surely died.


The Unicorn engraved Bird had also smelled danger, so it flew away. The water pole was launched many times faster than the Unicorn engraved Bird, so its damage was also much stronger. Wherever the water pole had passed, great trees were completely uprooted, and big rocks were terribly blown up. The water python was so scared that it could not appear but dive into the stream.


An Zheng held his breath, but he could have held it for a minute because his physical powers were too weak at the moment. An Zheng could not hold the water python any further but leave it. At that time, the water flowed much faster, and the waves came nearer and nearer. At that time, even if he could just jump to have gone ashore, the water would have also damaged the shore just after some hundred meters. At that time, although An Zheng had an iron constitution, he could not have possibly stopped it.


Therefore, he flowed with the stream because it was at least safer.


The stream was like a wicked huge snake. In a twinkling of an eye, it had filled up the entire valley. With its strong waves, a layer of the entire mountain had been destroyed.


An Zheng forced himself to stay calm in order to find a solution. Otherwise, he would have died by the strong waves.


At that time, the water python might have been frightened out of its wits, so it appeared from under the water again and opened its mouth to An Zheng. An Zheng was frightened, and he immediately avoided it. He unconsciously stabbed the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin into the python’s head. The python struggled fiercely because it was hurt. An Zheng held onto the python’s body, and it was lucky of him that the python was not able to have rolled on top of him.


Maybe due to the appearance of the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin, the Unicorn engraved Bird in the midair screamed and flew down. It seemed to have seen the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin a critical treasure which had needed protection. Therefore, the bird would have rather been washed away downstream f by the wave more than having lost the item. The water python struggled more fiercely, and the Unicorn engraved Bird picked up the water python with its huge claws. No matter how fiercely the water python had struggled, it could not have escaped.


An Zheng dropped off and fell down, and the wave flowed towards him with tremendous force.


The Unicorn engraved Bird picked the water python up into the sky. Feeling no sense of the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin, the bird had gotten even madder. It squeezed its claws, and the claws had stabbed onto the body of the water python. The water python screamed in pain. The Unicorn engraved Bird then released its claws, and the water python fell down from the hundreds-meter height. The water python was still in the midair while no end of the feathers from the Unicorn engraved Bird had been shot out and cut it into small pieces.


One feather had just grazed over An Zheng’s head and pierced into the rock wall behind him. At that time, An Zheng could not have controlled his body, so he flowed with the stream.


Because the Unicorn engraved Bird had identified the stealer stealing its Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin was still in the water, it had shot out its feathers continuously into the water.


An Zheng drank much water, and he yelled at the bird while spitting out water:


– “Screw you! You are as tenacious as a hungry leech!”


Because the current of the stream had flowed too strongly, the Unicorn engraved Bird could not hear what An Zheng was saying. An Zheng flowed with the stream unwillingly because he did so just in trying to save his life. It was lucky for him that the water level was quite high, so he did not hit any of the jagged rock walls.


In An Zheng’s mind, he just heard the voice of the strong wave currents. Basically, he did not know how far he had been swept downstream. Suddenly, the current had flowed downstream even more ferociously.


An Zheng risked his life struggling, and he felt that gravity was lost. He fell down from the height.




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The water had flowed towards a huge waterfall, and An Zheng had been bounced off by the water waves. While in midair, the Unicorn engraved Bird had felt the sense of the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin, so it rushed towards An Zheng with its mouth open.


At that time, An Zheng was exhausted, so he basically could not have avoided it. Even if he had not been exhausted, he would not have been considered an enemy of a medium-level devil beast like the Unicorn engraved Bird.


An Zheng looked at the Unicorn engraved Bird coming closer and bigger to him. Behind the Unicorn engraved Bird was a brilliant moon. Therefore, at that time, when it had rushed towards An Zheng, it looked like dark cloud. At that time, An Zheng felt that death was near him again. It was similar to the day when he had been surrounded by the many tartars in the Blue Boorish Mountain.


While the beak of the Unicorn engraved Bird had came close to An Zheng, a big shadow appeared from the waterfall and bit the Unicorn engraved Bird. That shadow was extremely big. An Zheng felt as if half of the mountain was moving. After it had bit the Unicorn engraved Bird, the two of them fell downwards. An Zheng could only see some big scabs flowing in front of him. Each scab was some meters long.


Under the moonlight, in the middle of the waterfall, a huge carp appeared under the water and rushed in to bite the Unicorn engraved Bird, and then it fell down. When the carp jumped up, it had caused big waves surrounding the woods. An Zheng had never thought or heard about such a huge carp like that.


The carp swallowed the Unicorn engraved Bird, the boss within thousands of miles in this forest had died without time left to have screamed.


An Zheng fell down from the midair rapidly. At that time, he clearly saw the carp. His mind appeared a strange thought: “It is safe now!”


An Zheng lost his mind because he he had been swept away by the strong waves.


Until he had woken up, warm sunlight had shined directly on him. He was laying on a big rock jutting out from the mountain. Last time, the tide was thousands of miles high, so it was not strange that he was laying there. An Zheng was in great pain, and he remembered that he fell down more slowly than the carp. When the carp had fallen down, it had created huge waves pushing him up into the air.


The rock where he was laying was quite big, so he had stayed there after the tide had gotten low. It must have been very lucky for him.


An Zheng woke up, and the first thing he wanted to do was to find the kitten. However, when he moved, he felt his body was in great pain. After that, he saw that the kitten was still snuggling on his chest. It was looking at him sincerely.


– “It’s good to see you. – It’s good to see you.”


An Zheng kept talking nonsense. He intended to raise his hand, but he realized that he had still clutched onto the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin tightly.


After about two hours, An Zheng had gotten much better. He leaned on the rock wall to sit up, and he saw that his body extremely terrible. No position was unbroken. Everywhere on his body had been either injured or black and blue. He tried moving and realized that his arms were still good. However, some parts of his thigh and rib cages might have been broken.


He was at the edge of the mountain. Therefore, if he had not cured it quickly, he might have not suffered any longer. It was lucky of An Zheng that the herbal valley was in his hand. Otherwise, he would have died soon.


– “Shan ye. This is called alive after disaster. However, I don’t know if we would have a good ending. I just know that I am in f*cking pain.”


An Zheng talked to the kitten, and the kitten could not help rubbing his chest with its claws as if it did care about him.


– “It’s fine. Anyway, we have herbs.”


An Zheng rolled a pearl on the bracelet, and a huge herbal valley appeared in his mind. He just thought about the herb he needed, and it automatically flew out in front of An Zheng.


An Zheng took a deep breath and had a faraway look in his eyes, seeing many huge lakes near the mountain side.  He did not also know where that carp might have gone, maybe it had went to the sky.


An Zheng prayed that nothing bad would have had happened in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. Otherwise, many people would have died, especially his friends.


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