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When An Zheng had put the dried corpse into the coffin, something had fallen down from the corpse. He looked at the item and realized that it was a small purple box with a crystal wire through it. It had looked like any other ordinary jewelry.


– “A necklace?”


An Zheng picked it up and thought,  “It must have belonged to the old man’s corpse, and it might have fallen down due to my carelessness“. He picked up the necklace and returned it to the corpse’s chest. This cave was extremely cold, so he felt that is was freezing and went out.


– “Senior, please rest in peace. I will go outside to pick some herbs and leave. You have my word, Senior. I will never tell anyone about this valley.”


Having left for a while, An Zheng had heard some sounds. He looked back and saw a bracelet made from thirteen orient pearls. He looked back again and saw no one. “Just a moment ago, it was a necklace, but now it is a bracelet…”


An Zheng felt nervous. He picked up the purple bracelet. It might have been made of precious wood. When he touched the bracelet, it was smooth and shiny. He looked back to the crystal coffin and tried asking,


– “Senior, you gave me this bracelet?”


No one answered, but the crystal coffin suddenly shook, and a cover automatically slid in to close the coffin. An Zheng was thoughtful for a while, and he assumed that the corpse would not have allowed him to have returned the item. “The previous purple necklace must have been a small payment from the dried-corpse senior. However, I thought that I was careless to have dropped  this item, so I had returned it to him, and then he played a joke on me by closing the coffin so that I could not have returned the item to him.


An Zheng looked at the bracelet, but he could not see anything special. He thought to himself, “It is very beautiful, but it is quite big.”


He wore the bracelet on his left hand, and then the bracelet automatically squeezed his wrist. The bracelet had thirteen orient pearls, and each pearl had a small thorn poking at An Zheng’s wrist. They had made thirteen holes in his wrist, and each hole had bled. An Zheng knitted his brows in pain. When he looked at his wrist, he saw more than one red hole under each pearl.


An Zheng knew that only senior items had recognized its owner by blood. However, this bracelet was more awkward because it had automatically covered An Zheng’s wrist and recognized him as its owner. An Zheng tried taking off the bracelet, but he felt ‘Stunt’ in his head when he had tried to remove it.


All the information of the bracelet had been conveyed to his mind in a twinkling of an eye.


– “Senior treasure…”


An Zheng did not know if the information was automatically transferred to his mind by the bracelet or the senior. However, An Zheng was afraid of the item.


The bracelet had thirteen pearls, and each pearl had its own effect. An Zheng observed carefully, and he saw the blood stains under each pearl had different shapes. They were a three-star, a semicircle, a dot, and a six-star. They were completely different to each other.


Based on the separations, one of the thirteen pearls was used to store items, and its size would have increased following its owner’s cultivation base. If An Zheng’s cultivation base was in the Great Basic Sky Stage, then its size was just enough to have stored the entire Illusory Perennial Domicile inside of it. However, An Zheng’s current base was very low, so its size was as small as a room.


Another pearl was also an inventory, but it was not used to store any items except the great herbal valley. In other words, the dried-corpse senior had handed the entire herbal valley over to An Zheng. An Zheng was shocked because such a number of herbs in the valley were beyond his imagination. An Zheng did not check carefully, but he could see white, red, and even gold herbs in the valley. If he had checked more carefully, he must have found the amethyst herbs.


– “This gift is so big.”


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An Zheng turned back suddenly,


– “I will be very ashamed in taking this. The herbal valley outside was your lifetime confidential. I don’t dare to bring them all with me. I just needed some to have cured my friends.”


He tried taking off the bracelet, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not take it off.


The kitten turned out from An Zheng’s chest and made a sound as if it wanted to say something to An Zheng. An Zheng looked at the kitten,


– “What do you want to say? Keep it?”


The kitten nodded, but An Zheng still felt that the gift was so big compared with him. However, he had failed to take off the bracelet, so he gave up. He stood up and bowed to the crystal coffin again,


– “Thank you for your treasures.”


The kitten moved out from An Zheng’s chest and climbed up on his shoulder. It looked around, and the stars reflecting in its eyes were shinier. It rubbed his head onAn Zheng as if it had asked An Zheng to look at the seven dried corpses.


The seven dried corpses still sat cross-legged and closed their eyes. At the first sight, they seemed to be different from each other, older or younger, but they were really similar to each other by the longswords on their back.


– “What? How greedy you are!”


An Zheng gently slapped the kitten’s head,


– “I obviously know that those seven longswords are critical treasures, and each sword is damn good. However, those are their weapons, so we cannot take them. Shan ye, you must remember this. If you see ownerless items, it’s possible for us to take them. But it’s impossible with ones that are owned.”


The kitten said meow as if it wanted to say ‘I know’. The kitten could not help looking around with pity. An Zheng looked at the coffin and said ‘goodbye’. After that, he went out. In a twinkling of an eye, he felt as if the seven corpses had opened their eyes. A terrible feeling appeared in his mind, and he felt cold. He looked back and realized that he had just been imagining. Those seven corpses still had their eyes closed and sat cross-legged without any movements.


When An Zheng had left the cave, he always felt that he would have died if he had touched any of the longswords.


He did not dare to look back because he was afraid that those seven corpses would have gathered together and discuss about taking him in to be their friend because he was an honest and lovely child.


An Zheng was reading the bracelet’s information while he was walking. This item was the Blood Cultivating Pearl, a senior treasure. It would have changed based on its owner’s cultivation base. The higher its owner’s cultivation base had been, the more powerful it was. There were thirteen pearls on it, but only three pearls were usable at the moment. A pearl was the inventory, the other pearl was the storage of the herbal valley, and another one was the storage for surplus powers.


Surplus power was the power which was after a person had consumed great power from the outside, and if he could not have finished it all, so the remaining powers would have been stored in the Blood Cultivating Pearl. For its appearance, this pearl seemed not to have great effects with practitioners, but in fact, it did.


For instance, if An Zheng was injured but he just had a powerful spiritual pillet which a person who was lower than the Sumeru Stage would have died by comsuming its strength, and he would have also died if he did not use it, then the Blood Cultivating Pearl would have been effective for him. The remaining power of the pillet would be then transferred to the Blood Cultivating Pearl and it would not have burst his body apart with its strong effects.


Actually, this pearl had one more effect. When its owner was seriously injured, it could have decreased the damage of the injury on its owner’s body. For example, if a person, who was stronger than An Zheng had hit him, the Blood Cultivating Pearl could then heal the injury on An Zheng’s body. For a while when An Zheng was checking the item, he then saw that its healing effect was 1% at the moment.


In other words, if the enemy had hit An Zheng ten times, the Blood Cultivating Pearl could have taken one.


Until then, An Zheng stopped thinking, and then he just wanted to give him a thick ear… “Oh sh*t! How stupid am I. What shame!”


Consuming the injury was not seen as big, but An Zheng knew that he should not have been too greedy. He turned to the herbal valley, and based on what he knew, he just needed to move the semicircle pearl half… and Bang! The universe would have changed, for better or worse, one would not have possibly known.


The whole great mountain shook, and big stones strongly fell down in all directions. The mountain began to be cracked as if many demons were widening their bloody mouths. Suddenly, the huge herbal valley flew up slowly, creating an attractive scene which had made An Zheng surprised.


An Zheng was cleaning his eyes while watching the scene because the herbal valley flew up and caused dust to fly everywhere…


After that, a golden light glowed. The herbal valley squeezed and became a spotlight, moving towards the Blood Cultivating Pearl on An Zheng’s wrist. This purple bracelet was off and on for a while, and then it stopped. For its appearance, this bracelet did not have anything similar to a senior treasure, but normal jewelry.


The dried-corpse senior was so generous, and An Zheng did not know who the senior had used to be. Giving An Zheng a treasure, he must have been the most generous one. However, what made An Zheng the most excited was the herbal valley with hundreds of kinds of herbs because the people of the TianQi Martial School would not have worried about the supplies of medicines anymore.


At that time, in front of An Zheng was a terribly deep hole because the herbal valley had disappeared. A water pole launched from the deep hole fast. An Zheng looked at the water pole for a while, and he realized that he would definitely die if he did not leave. He followed a leaning area in the valley to go out. Anyway, the Unicorn engraved Bird was still out there, so An Zheng did not dare to take any risks.


Now An Zheng was like a three-yeard-old child who had just left home. On his neck and wrist was the beautiful jewelry. A child who had not reached the Pure Essence Stage had already owned two treasures. One was the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin which Xu Mei had given him. However, he could only have just used it like a simple dagger at that time. Another one was the Blood Cultivating Pearl which could be used as a drawer… An Zheng was thinking while walking, “It is only me who is wasting the godsent gifts.”


An Zheng did not know how far he had walked around. He just followed the direction in the north to go.


While he was walking, he was wondering what had really happened in this place. Why did that powerful senior die here? Moreover, how could he have lived for five hundred years to have guarded this area? This herbal valley was definitely grown with the boringness of this place. Moreover, who were those seven guardians of the crystal coffin? Were they the old man’s crews? Who had built the road along that rock wall? What did the wallpapers describe?


An Zheng did not have any answers.


He followed the rock wall to go towards the north. At small areas, he used the Blood Cultivating Pearl to cut the rock in order to have widened the path. He cut rocks that were in his way until night, and finally, he had escaped from the cave. An Zheng thought to himself, “It’s really lucky of me that the whole mountain had falling down without having harmed me. If I came out from the edge, I might have been smoked by rocks.


When he came out, it was already night time, and the moon was on top. An Zheng stood on a high place and looked at all the directions. The whole woods had been covered by the darkness, and everywhere was dangerous. An Zheng did not know what the place was, and he could just only rely on his senses to go through the mountain top towards the south east.


Walking until midnight, An Zheng felt that it was more dangerous. He carefully applied dung and urine of the Unicorn engraved Bird on his skin. When he applied it on the kitten, he knew that the kitten did not feel comfortable while being applied with those stuffs.


It was lucky of An Zheng, except him, no other creatures dared to come closer to the dung and urine of the Unicorn engraved Bird within thousands miles in the woods.


An Zheng took a nap to recover his health and power. Sleeping more than an hour, he climbed up a great tree and crossed his legs to sit down. He had intended to meditate for a while and then leave at dawn. All directions were too dangerous, so he could not sleep very well. While he was crossing his legs to sit down, he heard a sound from afar.


The Unicorn engraved Bird had come back again.


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