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At first, An Zheng was afraid that his plan had been ruined because there was a baby Unicorn engraved Bird, but he later realized that he was wrong because if the baby bird had still been alive, he must have felt something while he was climbing up. Sometimes, An Zheng, himself, had felt strange. His current power was quite weak, but due to his previous power, he usually went directly towards his goal, and he did not think much.


In other word, he was daring. There was a saying, the more talented, the more daring.  However, An Zheng was not more talented as of right now, but he was definitely more daring.


Relying on the moonlight, An Zheng looked carefully, and it was not a living one but a corpse. In other correct words, a ruined corpse. Bones of the corpse glowed like a germ. An Zheng knew that this just only happened with one who had reached a specific cultivation base. The skull was undamaged, the upper body was visible, but the lower one was completely ruined.


The dark green light glowed from the orbit.


– “A Basic-Sky-Stage practitioner?”


An Zheng was surprised a little because he really did not know why there was a corpse of a practitioner who had reached Basic Sky Stage in the Unicorn engraved Bird’s nest. The person who had reached Basic Sky Stage could have become the ruler of the world. However, the Unicorn engraved Bird was no more than a medium-level devil beast. A person with the Basic Sky Stage just needed to have twinkled his eyes, and the Unicorn engraved Bird would have been smoked. Therefore, this one must not have been killed by the Unicorn engraved Bird. Moreover, it was because the Unicorn engraved Bird had found the corpse of this person, so it took him to its nest for eating.


For the devil beasts, eating a practitioner’s meat could have increased its power. Moreover, the corpse of the Basic Sky Stage person towards theUnicorn engraved Bird was like the treasures of a human. Anyway, the Unicorn engraved Bird’s power was not that high, so it could just have only ate his flesh, not bones. The bones of the Basic Sky Stage person had changed into germ. Not only did the Unicorn engraved Bird but also if the high-level devil beasts all had difficulties in digesting human bones.


An Zheng thought to himself, “It was understandable why this Unicorn engraved Bird was so wicked like that. It had consumed the blood and flesh of a Basic Sky Stage person.”


He then planned to bring the bone of that person with him tomorrow so that he could find a place to bury it. Anyway, the person was a practitioner who had used to take the wind out of his sails, so it was also a sight of pity seeing him at this result. An Zheng sat down to take a rest, and he found a soft light underneath the bone. At first he thought that the bone had been glowing, but when he looked more carefully, he found that the light did not radiate from the bone.


An Zheng moved towards and turned the bone up. Underneath the bone was something. When seeing that item, An Zheng had turned pale.


This is… the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin!


No one was more familiar with this item than him, so he got mad.


The Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin had used to be An Zheng’s item. It was dedicated to him by Xu Mei, the leader of the Clear Sky Palace at the Misty Cloud Mountain for an engagement. The Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin was a precious magical weapon of Xu Mei, but actually, it was her hairpin. Xu Mei was terribly talented. She always wore this hairpin since she was a child. Inheriting the powers of Xu Mei, the hairpin had become a magical treasure. Later on, Xu Mei had used her cultivation base to support the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin, changing it from a common item to a Purple level treasure.


For An Zheng, the most important thing from this hairpin was not its power, but its meaning. Everyone knew that the Clear Sky Palace and the Tribunal were always together whether in life or death. Once the Tribunal had needed some help, the Clear Sky Palace would have fully supported it. Whoever had brought this hairpin to Xu Mei, she would believe that the person had been An Zheng’s friend…


An Zheng was cold with fear. Those who had wanted to kill me must have planned to completely strike at the root of me. They had intended to bring this Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin to meet Xu Mei, and then they would have killed her as well.


Therefore, this dead person was one of the people who had set up the ambush for An Zheng.


An Zheng held the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin tightly for a long time, but he could not have possibly regained his calm.


This person might die in the dead-end of the Blue Boorish Mountain due to civil war. An Zheng had brought with him so many treasures that even a person of the Basic Sky Stage must have been shaky. An Zheng remembered that there were more than ten tartars of the Great Ampleness Stage and three of the Basic Sky Stage having attacked him at the same time on that very woeful day. Therefore, this person must have been one of them. An Zheng searched underneath the bones for a good while, and he did not find anything else except the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin.


– I will bring you back.


An Zheng mumbled coldly:


– You must have wanted to take my items, so you attacked me at the same time. At that time, although my body had been ruined, it had injured most of yours as well. You must have cut my waist. Only a powerful person like you could have, since no one knew of your background.


An Zheng picked the bone up and observed carefully. He found that the skull of that person had been different from a normal person’s. There was a hole at the forehead. It was not a trauma wound, but it was natural. In other words, this one had three eyes when he was born.


– Obviously, you were from the Yang family.


An Zheng had now satisfied his curiosities. On that day, those who had surrounded him had hid their faces. They did not dare to show their faces because they had came from the Yang family, and the Yang family men were too special.


An Zheng clutched at the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin, the gear inside of the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin had been activated, and a small space appeared. He put the bone inside of the bag and thought to himself:


– Du ShouShou’s power is too weak. Although he trains hard, it will be also hard as hell for him to have won over Zhou MuShan after only half of a year. Once the bone of this Basic-Sky-Stage person has been refined into a spiritual pillet, it can change Du ShouShou’s physical power. Just one problem, there are no pillet furnaces.


This is an unexpected income. Having chilled out, An Zheng felt that he was lucky. If it was not because the person who had kept the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin had died, Xu Mei would definitely have been at risk. Taking a break for a while, An Zheng took out the bag he was carrying and put some items at the nest of Unicorn engraved Bird into the bag. After that, he put the whole bag into the space of the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin.


An Zheng did not sleep the whole night. Waiting until dawn, he climbed down from the big nest.


However, after half of the way down, An Zheng suddenly realized why he had been acting too ridiculous like that.


For the devil beasts, they usually found places with treasures to have built their nests. The higher the level that the devil beasts were, the better places they had found to nest. This Unicorn engraved Bird was the boss within the thousands of miles here, so it had chosen this rock wall with its own reasons. An Zheng guessed that there must have been critical treasures within hundreds of meters around its nest.  When he was about to take the kitten out from his chest, he saw a dark shadow flying towards him from faraway.


“It’s not good now!


An Zheng shouted silently because he did not know that the Unicorn engraved Bird would have came back too early. With An Zheng’s current powers, even a thousand of him could not have fought against the Unicorn engraved Bird. Not only a thousand people, but also tens of thousands were impossible. Under the emergency situation, An Zheng opened the space in the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin and took out some dung of the Unicorn engraved Bird which he had just put in in order to have applied it onto his body.


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An Zheng picked some dung of the Unicorn engraved Bird in order to mask his human scent. Because the Unicorn engraved Bird was the boss of the woods, the other devil and wild beasts would not have dared to have gotten close. Therefore, An Zheng had planned to bring with him some dung and urine of the Unicorn engraved Bird in order to apply on his body when taking a rest so that the other devil and wild beasts would have avoided him. However, the Unicorn engraved Bird had came back too early, so An Zheng and his kitten had to be strenuous for a little while.


He applied the dung and the urine on his body and the kitten’s. On the rock wall was a small gap big enough for a child to have crawled through Luckily for An Zheng, he was small enough to hide in there, because he was so skinny.


He just hid for a while, when the Unicorn engraved Bird came back. It was not beyond An Zheng’s prediction that the Unicorn engraved Bird got mad not long after it had came back. It stretched its great wings out and flew up again, screaming angrily. Its voice was spread out very far, shaking the entire forest. The great boss was angry, making other weak devil and wild beasts scared.


Losing its treasure, the Unicorn engraved Bird began to fly around and scream nonstop. Whenever it stretched out its great long wings, it had created a terrible whirlwind. An Zheng sneaked into the crevice, but the tunnel was smaller and smaller inside. Finally, he could not go any further through the cave.


Watching from inside of the cave, he could see that the Unicorn engraved Bird together with its great body flying around and around. After a while, the Unicorn engraved Bird flew away, and An Zheng sighed with relief. It was lucky of him in having brought along some dung and urine…


He leaned on the cave wall and took a rest. He found that the Unicorn engraved Bird had just flew for a while and stopped midair. After that, it shook its legs, and its diamond-hard feather had then shot out like rain. The forest was at risk, numerous of trees and beasts were taken down. The Unicorn engraved Bird did not know who had stolen its treasure, so it started to kill everything in its sight.


Some minutes had went by, and the forest had become a chicken mess.. There was a terrible squeal in the woods. No one knew what beast had been killed by the madness of the Unicorn engraved Bird. An Zheng mumbled, “Sorry for harming you.”


The Unicorn engraved Bird flew around that area for a while, and it suddenly flew back. An Zheng was about to take a rest on scene, but he suddenly felt a strong wind blowing with terrible smell. He looked through the gap and saw a big eye of the Unicorn engraved Bird. He did not know how the Unicorn engraved Bird couldhave found him. When it saw that small child, it then got terribly mad.


It could not help breaking the rock wall with its diamond-hard beak, causing rocks to fall down disorderly. An Zheng sneaked deeper into the cave and saw the cave being taken down by the Unicorn Engraved Bird.


An Zheng took out the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin, and he used it to cut the rock in order to widen the cave. The Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin was a critical treasure, but An Zheng could not use it with his current cultivation base. He could just use the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin like using a shovel. It was lucky for him that the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin had been very sharp. Therefore, although it was small, it could have cut through the rock like cutting tofu. An Zheng dug deeper into the cave, and the Unicorn engraved Bird ruined the cave nonstop outside. The whole mountain was most likely shaking as well.


An Zheng took advantage of the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin’s sharpness to dig around six or seven meters deeper. Suddenly, underneath him had opened a space, and he fell down into it. Because the inside space had gotten bigger all of a sudden, and An Zheng was too busy focusing at the Unicorn engraved Bird, so he had fallen down. In the midair, he pinned the Crimson Mythical Bird Hairpin to the rock wall in order to have slowed down his falling. After that, he stepped his feet to the rock wall in order to stop falling downwards any further.


He found that the cave was now big enough for a person to have gone through it. Moreover, both sides of the cave were shinny as if they had been created by human hands.


The Unicorn engraved Bird was still angry outside, so An Zheng did not dare to stop. Therefore, he had to keep crawling forward. After a while, An Zheng saw a road near the rock wall. That road was damaged. No one knew when it had been built, though it might have been built hundreds of years ago. However, this road was built along the mountain line, so it would not have fallen down. The problems were… that the road was now broken, and that there were many perilous gaps.


An Zheng had no other choice, so he had to jump to the road and leaned on the rock wall to have gone further ahead. From the outside, the Unicorn engraved Bird dug in about ten meters, and no one knew when it would have obliterated the entire mountain.


An Zheng followed the road carefully to come inside. He had just walked for around two miles when he suddenly glowered.


On the cave wall, he saw the motley wallpaper.


(Wallpaper: Picture on the wall)


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