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An Zheng checked for Du ShouShou’s injury, his bone had just been broken. It would have taken a few months for a normal person to have gotten better. However, Du ShouShou had finished Cleansing The Marrow, so he could have gotten better faster that a person would normally have. An Zheng took Du ShouShou to find Qu FengZi, which made Qu FengZi worried. He took advantage of the occasion which An Zheng and DuShouShou did not notice, pulling Qu Liu’er aside:


– “We should leave here now. You also saw that people had went to the door to bully us, but we couldn’t do anything to retaliate to those fuck faces.”


Qu Liu’er shook her head strongly:


– “You can leave, but I can’t. The TianQi Sect only has us. If I leave, I will not have any dispositions to do good.”


When saying these words, she was very excited, and her face had turned red.


An Zheng heard the talkings of the two people, but he kept silent.


– “About the TianQi Sect!”


Qu FengZi unconsciously shouted:


– “Only you children would have wanted to create something called the TianQi Sect. I had used to grow up like you, so I know that you like to dream at your age, and you think you are very good. However, you are really nothing. The academyacademy opposite of us has senior instructors, and who do you have? Can An Zheng really help you to practice? That day I had also saw that your potential power was four stars, so, it would be very good of you to study at the Illusory academy. Listen to me! Wait until Du ShouShou gets better and leave here with me. If you don’t want to study in the Illusory academy, then I will take you to leave the Illusory Perennial Domicile and go to another sect outside. Is that ok?”


Qu Liu’er heaved her chest:


– “Never, ever!”


She ran to Du ShouShou and fixed his arm bone:


– “What’s problem with children? Aren’t children even allowed to dream big? This place is the TianQi Sect, and An Zheng is our rector. Although we are weak now, after half of a year, I don’t believe that we cannot win. Those people of the Illusory academy only rely on their long-term practice to bully us. If we win, won’t it be an honor?”


Qu FengZi looked at An Zheng with shame and did not know what to say.


An Zheng looked at Qu FengZi and smiled a bit. He slapped Du ShouShou’s shoulder:


– “You are feeling wrathful, aren’t you? Try to withstand a little more! We have only one hundred eighty days left.”


Du ShouShou gritted his teeth:


– “An Zheng, don’t worry. I will definitely take my face back.”


– “Don’t be bold with your speech.”


An Zheng said:


– “You have just finished the Cleansing the Marrow, but Zhou MuShan has already reached the third stage of Essence. To tell you the truth, even men of the Kou Lu may have failed towards him. Let me give you an example. Now you have just finished the Cleansing the Marrow, so you have not reached any stages, and your one fist can break a tree as big as your arm. However, Zhou MuShan has reached the third stage of Essence, and he can change his fist into a sword, so he can cut down a tree as big as your waist with his bare hand. Generally, you and him are not at the same level.


– However, don’t be discouraged because I am definitely stronger than the seniors of the opposite academy. Trust me.”


Du ShouShou nodded strongly:


– “Of course, An Zheng. I will not disappoint you.”


And then he shook his head:


– “I forgot. From now on, I have to call you the Sect Head. Although we are just children in people’s eyes, we know ourselves to be honest. I hopefully believe that TianQi Sect will become one of the strongest sects in the world sooner or later.”


An Zheng smiled and said:


– “Although I know you are sweet-talking, you have motivated the other people. I love it. Next time, you should control your mind.”


Du ShouShou smirked:


– “You are the Sect Head, can you just keep the appearance of a Sect Head?”


An Zheng nodded:


– “Alright. Now your Sect Head would like to prepare something to help your injuries.”


He turned to Qu FengZi and asked:


– “Is the Replenish Bone Grass the best herb for external injuries?”


Qu FengZi said:


– “The Replenish Bone Grass is definitely the best one, but it is so stupid of you to use the white herb to cure this small of an injury. The Replenish Bone Grass itself does not have any strong effects, but if it is used with the Snake Bone of The Seven Bongar Snake, it will create the Great Revivify Pill. The Small Revivify Pill is just a normal herb, but the Great Revivify Pill is the white herb, and it is quite effective. You just need not to get a terminal injury, and a Great Revivify Pill can quickly heal such an injury.


An Zheng asked again:


– “Are there any Replenish Bone Grass in the Blue Boorish Mountain?”


Qu FengZi said:


– “Maybe. But An Zheng, you should give up this thought. The Herb is classified into a white item as its limitation. Although the jade herb is not bad, it is not protected by the powerful wild beasts. From the white herb and above, it is protected. Until you have attained the crimson herb, it is even protected by the devil beasts. An Zheng, forgive me for my straight words. You cannot win over the wild beasts which protects the white herb.


An Zheng said yes shortly:


– “I know this.”


He turned to Qu Liu’er:


– “Help me to take care of fatty.”


The Illusory Perennial Domicile had been built deeply inside of the Blue Boorish Mountain, and its architecture was messy. At first, this place was a mix-pot of the scoundrels and rioters, so it was arranged like a chicken mess. The Blue Boorish Mountain was obviously a place in the middle of nowhere, so practitioners did not want to come there. Besides, sometimes the devil beasts had injured people by no means.


An Zheng wanted to find the herb not only to cure Du ShouShou’s injury. From now on, their practice would have easily met with unexpected situations. However, Qu FengZi did not have any senior herbs even the jade herb. And some basic herbs were not even available in the TianQi Martial School. An Zheng knew about herbs, so he planned on going outside to see wether he could find some.


Wherever, if there were herbs, people would always have been crazy about them. In spite of the doctors or the ones who wanted to sell herbs, they all risked their lives. Especially those who had desired wealth, they just needed to find out a jade herb and could easily have sold them for more than tens of thousands liang’s, then everything would have been of no problem. If they could have found a white herb, they would not have to worry about their living costs anymore.


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Therefore, herbs around the Illusory Perennial Domicile were con pletely wiped out a very long time ago. If they were true doctors, they would not have completely pulled the herb out, but just took the fruit or leaves, and they should have left the root so that they could come back and harvest more later on. However, for those who had just wanted to earn money, they did not care about the year afterwards.


An Zheng brought with him a short sword, a dagger, a robe, crossbow, some hot water, a little strong wine, and a basket which he had found in a room at the school. After collecting them all, he silently left the school.


It was now noon, and An Zheng calculated that he could have walked ten miles in the woods before nightfall. Within ten miles, he must not have found any precious herbs. Therefore, An Zheng prepared dry provisions for three days because he had planned to spend one day just to have traveled deeply into Blue Boorish Mountain, one more day to find good luck, and another day to return.


The Blue Boorish Mountain was the famous dangerous mountain in the North, separating the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan. The mountain laid from east to west throughout many countries. The Yan Kingdom was a great kingdom in the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan, but one-fifth of its land was located deeply in the Blue Boorish Mountain, so it was quite exhausting.


Leaving the Illusory Perennial Domicile, An Zheng chose a desolate road to go to the mountain. Although he had just finished Cleansing the Marrow and his base was weak, he was quite flexible and sturdy. For the first ten miles, there were roads to go upon, but until night, there were no roads left. An Zheng used the short sword to cut down the trees along the road, and his speed was getting slower and slower.


Night in the Blue Boorish Mountain was so scary but no one could clearly explain why. Even practitioners did not dare to go deep into the woods at night because the most fearful things had begun at night.


The kitten Xiao Shan hid in An Zheng’s chest, but it did not sleep, and its eyes opened widely to look outwards. The stars reflected in its eyes moved as beautiful as the night sky. An Zheng could feel that the kitten was worried, so he petted it and said in a low tone:


– “We will move forward for a while, and then we will find a place to rest. We will continue tomorrow.”


The kitten seemed to understand An Zheng’s words, and it meowed once.


A boy and a kitten went through the dark and dangerous woods. When the moon rose high, An Zheng stopped to find a place to hide because the dangerous atmosphere that had surrounded them was getting heavier.


Until midnight, the hunters had appeared.


In the primitive woods, in spite of hiding on great trees, it was not really safe. The pythons of one meter length were not rare to see.


An Zheng’s eyesight was quite good. In the dark, he could have seen a short distance. While he was finding a safe place to hide, wind blew on his head, and a dark shadow covered him from the midair. On the sky was the sound of a metal collision, spreading the waves afar. An Zheng suddenly lowered down his body and laughed:


– “It must be the Unicorn engraved Bird, a medium-level devil beast. Any feather on its body can be used to make crimson herbs. They do hate small preys like us.”


He touched the kitten’s head:


– “However, the Unicorn engraved Bird is used to living alone. However, it dares to draw attention in the woods like this. It must be proving its power here. The Unicorn engraved Bird goes hunting at night, and it returns to its nest at dawn. At this time, its nest is usualy empty, so we can go to hide in its nest, and then we will not be at risk.”


The kitten rubbed An Zheng’s chest. It must have been scared, so it withdrew into An Zheng’s chest more.


An Zheng sniffed:


– “However, the Unicorn engraved Bird is very stinky. We will go along with this smell. I hope we will find out its nest.”


If An Zheng was at his strongest period, he could have defeated the Unicorn engraved Bird by a lock of hair. However, he had to be careful then.


He followed the smell in traveling so he did not meet any dangers. The places where the Unicorn engraved Bird had passed by, no devil or wild beasts would have dared to appear. An Zheng might be lucky when he saw the nest of Unicorn engraved Bird on a rock wall. A big nest was built on a rock wall. Relying on the moonlight, he could see that the nest was about ten meters wide. However, there were no ways to go up there. If he wanted to come to the nest of the Unicorn engraved Bird, he must have climbed onto the rock wall.


An Zheng touched the kitten to ask it to stay still in his chest. After that, he climbed on the rock wall slowly. In the night, although the appearance of that boy was small, he looked steadfast. The nest of the Unicorn engraved Bird was located on the rock wall which were hundreds of meters high. It was not easy for him to have climbed up it. Moreover, it was dark outside, so this job was even more dangerous.


However, faraway in the Blue Boorish Mountain, there were no places safer than the nest of the Unicorn engraved Bird. It took An Zheng half an hour to have arrived in the nest. When he came closer, he knew how big the nest was. At least it could have contained more than a hundred people. The items that the Unicorn engraved Bird had used to make its nest were the great trees which it had cut down. An Zheng followed the gap to come inside, and then he laid down, out of breath.


At least, he did not need to worry tonight.


Lying down, An Zheng found that the kitten was moving inside his shirt, and then An Zheng saw the dark green eyes  that were staring at him.


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