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Old Huo had his old story.


An Zheng sat next to the Nine Stars dais and listened to Old Huo’s story about Martial Huo.


– “I had focused on weapon refining my entire life. I refined many precious weapons which caused the people in the underworld to have desired them, but I’m still a failure, I was not able to have changed my son into a precious one. I had refined weapons for more than half of my life, but I had failed in refining my son. This was not his fault but mine own because I hadn’t taught him well. When being a child, he practiced and relied only on himself. Whenever he came to find me, I was always busy, so I had let him play on his own…”


Old Huo gulped a little wine and coughed:


– “Therefore, God was fair. Because he felt that I did not care about my son, he had taken my son away from me.”


An Zheng slapped Old Huo’s shoulder:


– “Don’t you want to take revenge?”


Old Huo shook his head:


– “Revenge? I didn’t take revenge on his enemy, Mu ChangYan, but me. Mu ChangYan could have beaten Martial Huo to being severely injured but didn’t kill him. After that, Martial Huo returned. However, because he wanted to regain his face, he forced himself by using the Ming Emperor’s spiritual pillet.”


An Zheng’s face turned pale because the Ming Emperor’s spiritual pillet was the most precious treasure of the Fuxi Meditation Sect. It was said to have matchless effects, and was the only pillet which the leader of Meditation Sect had used when he revived. Using the Ming Emperor’s spiritual pillet would have definitely facilitated revivals. Moreover, the new Ming Emperor could have had perfectly inherited all the powers of the former Ming Emperor. This item had been the lost secret of Meditation Sect, but unexpectedly, Old Huo also had one.


– “Therefore, it was also me who had harmed my son.”


Old Huo gulped a little wine again:


– “I stored this spiritual pill so that I could last my life like that Repugnant seal. Martial Huo was aggressive, so I knew that he would have suffered a loss by himself sooner or later. It had taken me thirty-six years to create the Repugnant seal by mixing six Purple level treasures together. Later on, I again spent ten years fixing the Demon-Quelling Pestle for the Ming Emperor Meditation Sect, so the Ming Emperor gifted me one spiritual pill. I felt that my son would not have had to have worried about his life with the Repugnant seal and the Ming Emperor’s spiritual pillet.


– However, his injury had been too severe, and he did not know how to use it. Therefore, he swallowed Ming Emperor’s spiritual pillet directly. As a result, his body was not able to have withstood the power of the Ming Emperor’s spiritual pillet and was blown up…”


Old Huo looked at An Zheng and smiled with pain:


– “I have not talked to anyone for years. Therefore, I have talked to you quite much today. Please don’t mind, Sect Head.”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “Senior, you should not address me like that. I just played a joke with those children.”


– “No.”


Old Huo said:


– “The TianQi Martial School had been built up by my son, but he was not able to have kept this school. Therefore, when you came here, which could be seen as you were in charge of this duty. Last time when you said that you had wanted to change the name of the TianQi Martial School into the TianQi Sect so that this school could develop… maybe you didn’t know what I had felt when I had heard those words of yours. Martial Huo is no longer in this world, and I did not leave because this was Martial Huo’s desire.


– Therefore, you must be the Sect Head of this place.”


Old Huo took out a key from his chest and gave it to An Zheng:


– “In this Nine Stars dais is a small world. This key is used to open up into that world. Do you know why I had spent thirty-six years to have created the Repugnant seal? Because its effect was really repugnant. The Repugnant seal does not care about time. Once you come into the Repugnant seal to practice, the time inside of it will be frozen. If you stay there one year, then it would have been only today when you had come out. If you had stayed there for three years, then it would have only been three days from today when you have come out.”


An Zheng’s heart beat strongly:


– “It’s really repugnant.”


Old Huo said:


– “Due to its repugnance, it steals the time of god. However, god has his own path. If you are seen by his path, this item may be lost from your hands. Therefore, I had used the meteorite to create the Nine Stars dais in order to have covered and hide the Repugnant seal inside of it. However, I have never used it, so I don’t know if god will punish you for using it. If you want to use this, you must think carefully.”


An Zheng nodded:


– “Thank you, Senior!”


Old Huo shook his head:


– “I don’t have anything left. These items cannot go with me when I die. I would rather give this to the one who is more suitable with it than to the underworld outside so that it will have created a massacre. You are a good child. Although my cultivation base is not very strong, I have more than a hundred years of experience. Therefore, I can evaluate a person’s true nature. Handing this to you, I feel safer in doing so, than to the other people outside.”


He weakly stood up:


– “In this Repugnant seal, there is another ‘Me’ inside. In the future, if I die, and you have something to ask, you can ask ‘Me’.”


An Zheng stood up. He did not know what to say for a while.


Old Huo waved his hand to tell An Zheng not to care about it:


– “There are good and bad people, and there are also good and bad situations. In the Repugnant seal, there is a small world, so the good or bad are based on your choices. The Illusory Perennial Domicile is also a small world which is a minimized world of the great world. Therefore, I hope that your heart will not be affected by the human world. If you are affected, my Repugnant seal will be affected as well. Black or white is based on your choice.”


Old Huo could not have had recognized An Zheng’s background not because that Old Huo’s cultivation base was not as good as Mu ChangYan’s. Mu ChangYan could have guessed that An Zheng had revived because An Zheng had written the guildelines for Xiao QiDao. When Ye Aunty had met An Zheng for the first time, she could also feel that An Zheng was a special child. She could not see the differences of An Zheng. This world had no fiery golden eyes [1] . No matter how powerful a person was, he could not have seen the spirit inside of a person.


An Zheng bowed down to look at the key in his hand. He felt as if he was in a dream.


Old Huo was walking, smiling and saying:


– “Why don’t you go practice? With your weak body, if you want to succeed, you must take more time in doing so.”


An Zheng suddenly knelt down and bowed to Old Huo respectfully.


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Old Huo stopped and said:


– “I am not a man of the sect. If I recruit a disciple, I will only recruit one who could have helped me in refining weapons. You don’t need to bow down to me. It’s all due to your good luck.”


An Zheng said:


– “Your great deed, Senior, the younger generations doest not now dare to bow.”


Old Huo gulped a little wine:


– “Get lost and practice! Based on the way you have practiced, you will never catch up with those genii. Although comparing with the students from the opposite academy, you are also far behind them. For a genius like Xiao QiDao, his one day of practice is equal to one year of yours… last night you beat the wooden stick too strongly, which made noise. However, I am old now, so it is hard for me to sleep. Therefore, this is the reason why I have given you the Repugnant seal. If you practice in the Repugnant seal, I can then sleep very well. Carefully keep in your mind! The Repugnant seal is only for you because one who uses this item will be punished by God. The more powerful that the user is, the easier that God punishes him. Your power is weak, so you must be luckier.”


An Zheng still bowed for three times respectfully, and then he stood up and bowed again.


Old Huo came back to the watching position. He sat next to the windows and drank wine.


An Zheng had intended to allow Du ShouShou and the others to practice inside of the Repugnant seal because it would have helped them speed up their progress. However, after he had heard Old Huo’s advice, he had thought carefully and decided to check if in using Repugnant seal would one be punished by God or not.


When An Zheng came to the learning room, Du ShouShou and the others were looking down and learning by heart the guidelines. After An Zheng had come in, he realized that Du ShouShou was looking down on the guidelines because he had fallen asleep.


Right then, from outside of the TianQi Martial School, a person suddenly shouted:


– “Anybody lives here?”


An Zheng went to the door and looked outside. He saw some young students in white clothes standing outside. Their leader was around sixteen or seventeen years old. His face was handsome but wicked. That boy was tall but thin. His hair was tidily fastened, and on his ear he wore a peony flower, which made him more yummy.


– “You are An Zheng?”


The boy with the flower looked at An Zheng and sighed from his nose:


– “I thought that you were a genius, but you are only a poor child. I heard that you made a bet with rector Mu, so I came here to see who my enemy was. Remember! My name is Zhou MuShan, a disciple of the Illusory academy. A half year later, I will come here to compete with you.”


An Zheng looked at that boy and kept silent.


Zhou MuShan:


– “Coming here to see what my servant will look like, but I am disappointed when I have now seen you. Such people like you will make me lose my face for being my servants. Therefore, I think we should change the bet. After a half year, the loser will disable his cultivation base by himself.”


Du ShouShou and the others went out from the learning room. They had heard Zhou MuShan speak arrogantly, so Du ShouShou could not help nut point at Zhou MuShan and loudly said:


– “Grandson, wait for a half year, and your grandpa will teach you. You will not be able to have recognized even your grandma.”


Zhou MuShan’s face turned cold:


– “Do you believe me that I will disable you right now?”


Du ShouShou stepped forward, stood with arms akimbo, and said:


– “If you wanna give a salute to your ancestors now, your grandpa will not hesitate about teaching my grandson a little bit.”


Zhou MuShan kicked down the school’s doors. That kick was extremely strong. The doors flew towards Du ShouShou very fast. Du ShouShou had finished Cleansing the Marrow, and he thought that he could have taken care of it, so he did not try to have dodged it. An Zheng wanted to rush towards him and help, but it was too late. Du ShouShou had already used his two fists to brace himself against the doors, and his arms were then broken.


The doors had also been broken into pieces and flew disorderly. Du ShouShou fell to the ground. His arms became sickly because they had been broken.


Zhou MuShan coldly sighed:


– “You, with such a cultivation base like that had dared to provoke the Illusory academy. I don’t know if your parents are still alive or not. If yes, they must be ashamed of you. You wastes were born with a head shorter than other people, but you did not know your own strength. If you had accepted an inferior position you would have been fine. However, you had wanted to rush into a superior position… how could you? I have practiced since I was four, reached the second stage of Essence at ten, and mastered the third stage when I was fifteen. With my current power, I can destroy your entire school on my own.”


He sent out a kick again, taking down a wall piece.


– “Remember carefully, all of you! In this Illusory Perennial Domicile, only the Illusory academy is the strongest place. For you, poor children, you obviously don’t have enough levels to be considered our competitors. However, because the rector has had already given you a chance, I will allow you to live half of a year more. After a half year, this place will not have the TianQi Martial School standing here anymore, and you must get out of the Illusory Perennial Domicile.”


Zhou MuShan spat on the ground:


– “You are such bastards.”


Old Huo at the watching position drank a little wine and knitted his brows to look at Zhou MuShan. Zhou MuShan looked back and saw Old Huo looking at him, he yelled:


– “Screw you, old man! What are you looking at? Do you believe me that I will tear out your eyes and feed them to the dogs?”


Old Huo did not say anything, and he kept on drinking.


When Zhou MuShan had yelled enough, he moved towards An Zheng:


– “Little child, if you are scared, then fuck off.”


He pointed to An Zheng’s chest with three fingers:


– “Don’t let me see you again, or I will teach you a lesson whenever we meet.”


An Zheng helped Du ShouShou to stand up, and he was very calm:


– “A half year later.”


Zhou MuShan laughed with satisfaction:


– “It’s true that you don’t know how to write the word ‘death’. Your father here is not a rude person, so Iwill wait. After a half year, if you win, I will kneel and bow down to call you ‘father’.”


An Zheng waved his hand and said:


– “Go away!”


Zhou MuShan leaned his head forward and spat again. After that, he turned back and left.


In the TianQi Martial School, everyone had fiercely clenched their fists tightly. Xiao QiDao also had gotten terribly mad.


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[1] Fiery golden eyes (????): a common term used in the famous novel ‘Journey to the West’. It is used to describe sharp eyes that can determine the true nature of things or human.

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