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An Zheng was surprised while standing next to the Nine Stars dais for a while, and then he laughed:


Half star…


The leader of the Tribunal in the Fuxi Dynasty, who used to be one of the most powerful people in fully reaching the Basic Sky Stage, now had just got a half of a star…, An Zheng swore to himself in not telling this to Du ShouShou. Otherwise, he would have has wish fulfilled with this. An Zheng understood what meaning that half of a star was. It meant that he could never have recovered his powers to the Basic Sky Stage anymore, and even the Sumeru Stage was also too difficult for him to have reached.


If it was to be like that, how could he have returned to take revenge?


On that day when he stayed in the Blue Boorish Mountain and realized that whom he had wanted to save had been the instigator, his heart was most likely to die. However, he did not die, and he tried to overcome his pains and wrath so that he could take revenge.  Now this criticism from the stone slab was quite big, but he did not give up. What’s the problem with a half star? What’s the problem with common human power? What’s the problem if everyone knows that being a powerful person will never come true with these powers?


Just walk against.


An Zheng took a deep breath and talked to himself that it was only the low beginning, so it had no problems.


He went back to his room and asked himself how to become powerful. He insisted on this problem. Moreover, he believed that with his previous experience, he could have sped up very well. Now, he could not but thought again that he should not have chased something too far, and he should have had improved himself step by step. His previous body could have been seen as the matchless powerful one. Therefore, he insisted on using this standard to plan for his future. However, it was now impossible.


He suddenly remembered what he had used to tell Du ShouShou… we started slower than other people, so our only hope was to make more efforts than them.


An Zheng left the room and went to the martial yard of the school. Although the school had been left fallow for years, its facility was basically enough.  The men of the Illusory academy were offensive with the wooden sticks and bodies, so they did not take the stuff. When An Zheng stepped onto the moonlight and went to the martial yard, everyone still slept deeply.


An Zheng began with the most basic movements, sending out fists. Because he did not want to wake everyone up when he beat the wooden sticks, he covered the sticks with a quilted blanket. This most basic movement were to train stability and speed, not strength. Therefore, An Zheng had to tie his hands with two pieces of iron, each piece weighed about thirty Jin’s.


(1 Jin is equal to 1/2 kg).


Sending fists, sending fists, sending fists…


An Zheng felt that his hands were about to break. Although this body was not too bad, its potential power was not good. In other words, the Qi sea could not have consumed much cultivation base. Therefore, its power was impossible to be enduring. It required critical power to win over the enemy.


After an hour, the wooden stick was cracked, and An Zheng’s fists were also swollen. When he took off the iron pieces, he felt terrible pain on his arms.


Taking a rest for half an hour, An Zheng lit up the torches on the martial yard. He sat down and wrote down some practice guidelines for Du ShouShou, Xiao QiDao, and Qu Liu’er. For Xiao QiDao’s power, An Zheng knew that he could not help Xiao QiDao because what Xiao QiDao needed to do was to activate his potential powers by himself. For Du ShouShou and Qu Liu’er, they needed to be hard-working. Du ShouShou’s power was very common. If he wanted to be powerful, he must continuously improve his power and practice consistently. Qu Liu’er’s power was acceptable but she was still physically too weak. Therefore, she needed to do more physical training.


Having finished the guidelines, An Zheng stood up and tied two pieces of iron to his hands again. He once again concentrated on practicing until one more wooden stick was broken. When it was about one hour till dawn, he came back to his room and went to bed.


Until the sun shined, An Zheng woke up and washed his face. He changed new clothes and left the room. The morning sunshine was so warm that everyone felt relaxed.


– “Good morning, Senior!”


Xiao QiDao, Du ShouShou and Qu Liu’er stood at the main gate. They saw An Zheng and bowed down.


An Zheng seriously said,


– “How can you call me Senior? This is little unsuitable. It would be better if you called me mister rector.”


Having said that, he shook his head,


– “It’s no good, no good. TianQi Martial School, this name must not be good. I think it should be changed. Call it TianQi Martial Sect… From now on, you can call me the Sect Head.


Those three people just thought that An Zheng was humble. However, they did not believe that he could have been that arrogant. Therefore, they had to reconsider An Zheng.


An Zheng smiled and said,


– “Now we will just hang a new signboard. So, you along with me can practice in the morning, and don’t be lazy.”


The three followed An Zheng to the learning room. An Zheng moved to the lecturer stage and gave them the guidelines that he had wrote last night.


– “Keep them in your mind. Besides, each of you has your own basic book for practice. You must learn them by heart within three days.”


– “Three days?”


Du ShouShou looked at the thick guidance, and his eyes opened widely,


– “Three days are not enough for me to eat up such a thick book like this, but you are asking me to learn it by heart?!”


An Zheng seriously said,


– “I have said that we will begin slower than the other people. If they need three months to learn it by heart, we must finish it within three days.”


Du ShouShou scratched his head,


– “Alright. I don’t think that I will lose, but I don’t know many texts, how can I do it? I can’t recognize at least two-thirds of the texts here.


Xiao QiDao babbled,


– “Bro fatty, you don’t need to worry. Let me teach you. When I was two years old, I knew how to read. However, my mother said that I had learned too slow.”


Qu Liu’er praised,


– “How talented QiDao is! Your big sis is far behind you. Only when I was five, I had known all the texts.”


Du ShouShou looked at An Zheng,


– “I feel like I am the only one who is normal in this place.”


An Zheng,


– “So, you have to make more effort than the two of them.”


Having handed them the guidelines, An Zheng left the learning room and went to the martial yard to keep practicing. He knew all the methodology, practice, and process in that guideline. Therefore, he did not need to learn by heart. Now he just relied on his efforts to improve his power. He tied a piece of iron to his hands and his legs, and he kept on practicing.


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The kitten was lazily lying on a wooden stick and watching him practicing.


An Zheng looked at the kitten and smiled a bit,


– “Shan ye, you are not much stronger than me. Let’s wait until you have finished consuming this holly germ, you can then become a low-level devil beast. I want to change my physical powers, but it is impossible without the Purple level treasure. My house in Fuxi has a little, but I am afraid that this Illusory Perennial Domicile will not have even a metal one, much less a Purple level treasure.


The kitten jumped from the wooden stick to An Zheng’s shoulder. It looked at another direction and meowed. An Zheng looked at the direction, and he saw nothing. There was a academy, a four-floor wooden building with a Nine Stars dais outside. There was nothing more except that item.


The kitten saw An Zheng stay still, and it looked like worrying. It jumped down from An Zheng’s shoulder and bit An Zheng’s trouser leg, pulling him to the academy. An Zheng felt weird, so he followed the kitten to the academy. When they arrived, the kitten jumped to the Nine Stars dais and meowed lowly. An Zheng came closer to see, but he could not find anything strange.


Only the kitten’s eyes had gotten weirder. The eyes of the kitten were as brilliant as the stars in the sky. They seemed to regularly move like the solar system.


Seeing that An Zheng was still stupefied, the kitten got more worried. It rubbed the Nine Stars dais with its paws. An Zheng was so curious that he came in much closer to see, and he saw a stain at the area where the kitten had rubbed. An Zheng turned down and opened his eyes widely… He realized a purple light at that area.


For a while, he thought to himself: Is it possible that this Nine Stars dais is not only a Nine Stars dais?


Almost the big-sized Nine Stars dais at the sects came from the Star Goods Watchtower of Fuxi. Star Goods Watchtower of Fuxi was the most famous factory for magical weapons. It could even be seen as a huge sect. The only one thing was that the men of Star Goods Watchtower just concentrated on weapon refining, and they were not interested in the underworld’s business. Years ago, the Star Goods Watchtower just paid attention to business. It was said to have been super rich.


At that time, Old Huo moved towards slowly from faraway. He was walking while smiling,


– “You can even lose this kitten. You cannot realize the difference of this Nine Stars dais. However, the kitten’s eyes are not common. If I am not wrong, it must be the Nine Cycles of Reincarnation, the treasure of the world. Nothing could be hidden from the eyes of the Nine Cycles of Reincarnation. The strange thing is the reason why a kitten can own such eyes like that? According to an ancient book, only the Blazing Flame Unicorn could have the eyes of the Nine Cycles of Reincarnation.”


An Zheng turned back,


– “You, who are you, finally?”


Old Huo smiled and said,


– “The Illusory Perennial Domicile was the place for people who came to their dead-end. You ask me who I am, so I don’t know how to answer… If I tell you who I am, you may have never heard of me.”


An Zheng knitted his brows and looked at Old Huo with caution.


– “You don’t need to look at me like that. If I had any bad intentions towards you, would I have waited until now? Later, what do you have so that I can pay attention?”


Old Huo sat down next to Nine Stars dais. He sighed and said,


– “This is a good item. It took me thirty six years to make it.”


An Zheng suddenly understood:,


– “You are a man of the Star Goods Watchtower?”


Old Huo said,


– “Let me tell you an old story… in the Star Goods Watchtower, everyone concentrated on weapon refining, and they did not pay attention to the underworld’s business. However, there was a young man who was not interested in weapon refining when he was a child. He just wanted to practice to show up in the attractive underworld. Therefore, he stealthily left his home. For proving himself strong, he did many things to bully people. Due to the victorious sense when he had won over the other people, he did worse and worse things. Finally, he drew attention from the men of the Tribunal.”


– “You also know about the Tribunal?”


Old Huo thought for a while and shook his head,


– “That was a place where Hades must have been afraid of death when he came to… when that young man came into the underworld, he did not dare to use the reputation of the Star Goods Watchtower. He even changed his name into Martial Huo. Later on, he was strictly chased by the men of the Tribunal, so he could help himself, but to return to the Star Goods Watchtower in order to ask for his father’s help. His father felt that although his son had made a mistake, he could not die. Therefore, he took his son to leave the Star Goods Watchtower and Fuxi in order to live in the Illusory Perennial Domicile of the Blue Boorish Mountain.


– When Martial Huo came here, he was most likely fish in water. He based himself on his talent to win over all the people in the Illusory Perennial Domicile and became a new landlord. However, diamond cuts diamond, so he was killed by a person named Mu ChangYan. His father gave him a spiritual item to extend his life, but he did not have time to use it.


Old Huo stroke Nine Stars dais softly,


– “That item was the elite item of treasures, called the Repugnant seal.”


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