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An Zheng carried Xiao QiDao while standing at the TianQi Martial School’s door. He looked at the Refine Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry surrounding the Illusory academy. An Zheng did not know what had happened to Ye Aunty and Mu ChangYan in the past. However, when Ye Aunty gave Xiao QiDao to him, he knew that their history had been the most touching, called, “till death do us part”.


However, what happened next was beyond An Zheng’s prediction. Mu ChangYan appeared in front of the academy freely, and Ye Aunty was next to him. The general of the Refine Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry jumped down from his horse. He moved towards Mu ChangYang and bowed down. After that, he smiled a bit,


– “I think that you still hide in there. I had been looking everywhere for you in the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan many, many times, but no one would have thought that you stayed here.”


Mu ChangYan said,


– “I left the Yan Kingdom and do not have any further relations with the Yang Kingdom at all. Why did you find me?”


The general said,


– “Anyway, your family name is Mu, so you still belong to Yan Kingdom. Now, the Yan Kingdom needs you.”


Mu ChangYan pointed to the academy,


– “I belong to this place.”


The general said,


– “In comparison with the Yan Kingdom, what meaning does this place have? If you want to open a academy, you can open ten of them in the capital of the Yan Kingdom. Before coming here, the Queen Mother had told me that if you did not return, it would have meant that you were not fond of us. The Queen Mother had also said that I had to force you in coming back eventhough you had refused. You surely must have known that the Queen Mother is a decisive person.”


Mu ChangYan thought for a while, and then he said,


– “What will happen, if I am to refuse?”


The General replied,


– “Then we will totally destroy this place.”


Mu ChangYan said,


– ” The Queen Mother and I can’t match each other, and I am not her son, either. Why does she want me to come back?”


The general said,


– “Because you are the most suitable one at hand.”


Mu ChangYan thought a little, and then he replied,


– “It’s good. I will come back. However, I have one condition. All the disciples in this academy must be granted status of being able to attend the grand ceremony in the next four years of Great Yan’s Autumn Harvest.


The general said,


– “If you come back, you just need one word, and everything will be accepted, won’t it?”


Mu ChangYan said yes shortly,


– “So, I will return. But wait…”


Mu ChangYan pointed to the opposite school,


– “There are some guys who have made a bet with my academy. Each half year, we will choose our best students to compete with one another. Those who lose will be the other’s servants. After I leave, this academy must not be downgraded. Men must be prestigious. Once I have agreed to bet, I cannot ignore it. No matter who will be the head of this academy, he must follow the rules.”


The general said,


– “My vice general Qiu ChangChen will stay here and be in charge of academy head. Is it fine now?”


Mu ChangYan nodded,


– “Qiu ChangChen is calm and quiet, so he can stay here.”


– “Well, let’s go!”


The general pointed to a combat vehicle behind:


– “Well G?ngz? come back.”


Mu ChangYan took Ye Aunty to get into the same combat vehicle.


In the martial school, the eyes of Xiao QiDao had turned red,


– “Bro An Zheng, doesn’t my mother care about me anymore?”


An Zheng shook his head,


– “QiDao, you must believe in one thing. Never doubt your mother’s love. Now, her choice seems to be cruel to you, but she must be broken-hearted. Your mother did not bring you with her because she has her own reasons. Moreover, you have also heard that within the next four years, we only need to win over the disciples of the academy, and then we can go to the capital of theYan Kingdom. At that time, you will meet your mother again.”


Xiao QiDao nodded strongly,


– “I will definitely try!”


The Refine Flowing Flame Heavy Cavalry left, a vice general in armor, along with thirty cavalries had stayed behind. The vice general named Qiu ChangChen looked through the academy, and then he turned back to look at the opposite martial school. When he saw the devastated school and An Zheng’s men lonely standing there, he could not help laughing and mumbled,


– “Mu ChangYan called himself Crazy Killer of the Yan Kingdom, but he had made a bet with a group of children… how interesting was he?”


In the combat vehicle, Mu ChangYan held Ye Aunty’s hands tightly, and he transmitted his voice to her,


– “I know that it’s very hard for you to accept, but your choice was correct. Once people of theYan Kingdom know that Xiao QiDao is his son, Xiao QiDao will be at risk. Now you will follow me to come back here. With my protection, they will not be able to harm you. Moreover, they don’t know of Xiao QiDao’s existence, so Xiao QiDao will be safer. Trust me! After four years, I will find a way to take Xiao QiDao to the capital.


Ye Aunty also held Mu ChangYan’s hand tightly, and her eyes were full of sorrow,


– “You and Xiao QiDao finally cannot escape from this destiny.”


In the TianQi Martial School, An Zheng took a deep breathe, and then he raised his hands up,


– “Firstly,  we will clean this place up. We only have half of a year to prepare for the competion with the disciples of the academy over there. Time is limited, but we can’t lose face. We must not only win, but we must also win big.


– Let’s get started!”


Everyone was busy, and the atmosphere was very motivating. For a while, Qu FengZi drove a carriage bringing all the properties of the infirmary. He pretended to be cold and not pay attention to Qu Liu’er. However, everyone knew that Qu FengZi was just cold on the outside, but he was weak on the inside.


Although Qu Liu’re was shy, she looked very motivated. She and Qu FengZi relied on each other. Now, Qu FengZi had moved to live here, so how could she have lost her motivation?


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Old Huo, the watchman, returned with many artisans in order to repair the TianQi Martial School. Old Huo looked at the children and the artisans. He could not help but wipe his eyes,:


– “For a long time this martial school has not been so exciting like this.”


In the next early morning, An Zheng found some fundamental guidance in the martial arts school. These guidances were not precious. Therefore, they could have also been found in the academy of the school. Almost all the books in the academy were brought to the Illusory academy. Therefore, a huge four floor academy had no more than one hundred books. However, for the beginners like Du ShouShou and the others, deadly complicated books could not have been learned at this moment.


Outside the academy, An Zheng had found a black rock like a huge ink-slab. The center part had a concave like a lake. At the center point was a pretty attractive red spot about 10cm wide.


– “It’s unbelievable that this academy has Nine Stars dais.”


Having mumbled, he looked back and saw “Old Huo” standing and looking at him there.


– “You also know of the Nine Stars dais?”


Old Huo was little surprised,


– “The former landlord was a kung fu master, so he had constructed this martial art school. The current landlord was a scholar, so he built up an academy opposite of here. The exiles had all wanted to be the head there. Does it make sense if building up a martial art school or an academy and then recruiting the children could have satisfied the Illusory’s glory? However, when this Nine Stars dais was delivered here, it was broken because the rude kung fu master could not understand its value. There was a hole cracked in it so that it became useless. Later on, no one knew where the new one was robbed from, but from then on, this one was thrown here. Therefore, when the opposite academy had been built, the best Nine Stars dais was brought away, and this one was left here without anyone’s attention.”


An Zheng knitted his brows and looked at Old Huo,


– “Old man, you must not be a normal person.”


Old Huo smiled a bit,


– “Although you are observant, you may have made a mistake… I am really a normal person. I have just lived for a long time, so I have experiences of your practices. In the past, that kung fu master had liked drinking, but only I could have drunk with him. However, when he got drunk, he usually talked bullsh*t. He said that the most equal place in this world was here. If taking no action, no one would know the enemy’s capacity. Therefore, the martial arts school could not select disciples without the Nine Stars dais.”


Old Huo said,


– “That kung fu master said that this Nine Stars dais could check one’s potential power. You only needed to put your hand on the red spot, and six stars will glow if you can practice. The more your potential powers are, the more stars that will appear. However, in this world, there were just a few people who could have illuminated all nine stars. They could only need to illuminate just eight stars and already could have become the no.1. During the ten years in this martial arts school, the best student could have only illuminated three stars.”


An Zheng nodded,


– “Exactly! It is true that only a few people could have illuminated nine stars.”


He looked back to Du ShouShou and the others,


– “Come and try!”


Du ShouShou had heard An Zheng explain about the Nine Stars dais and asked,


– “It is broken. How can we check?”


An Zheng said,


– “Who says it’s broken? The Nine Stars dais is made from a meteorite. If it was easy to break, it would not be precious. Although the Nine Stars dais is broken, its crystal stone is still alive. That kung fu master just knew about the Nine Stars dais’s effect. He did not know how to use the Nine Stars dais… fatty, take a low-level holly germ and put it in the crack.”


Du ShouShou said yes and followed An Zheng’s instruction. The low-level holly germ had just been put inside, and the Nine Stars dais immediately illuminated. After a while, potential powers of the low-level holly germ had all been consumed. However the crack in the Nine Stars dais slowly healed and then disappeared.


Du ShouShou revealed pity,


– “Some tens of thousands Liang’s has just dissolved like this.”


An Zheng smiled and said,


– “How stingy you are! I will refund you later.”


Du ShouShou put his hand on the red spot in the Nine Stars dais. When his palm touched the spot, a piece of power was launched out from the Nine Stars dais, clearing all the dust covering it. There were nine round stars lining up on the Nine Stars dais. Then fatty put his hand at the central point, and then a red spot illuminated one star. After that, the light paused a little and kept moving upwards. It illuminated half of the second star and stopped.


– “One and half a stars.”


Du ShouShou said with pity,


– “It’s true that I am not suitable with practicing. This must belong to the lowest level.”


Old Huo smiled a bit,


– “It’s not true. The lowest level is just half a star.”


– “Let me try.”


Qu Liu’er moved forward. She still wore boy’s clothes. However, her manners were more natural. It was obvious that when a girl grew up, it was hard for her to have kept her gender hidden. Girls who could have disguised themselves as men and traveled around the world like in the stories only succeeded by two reasons, flat-chested, or people knew but they did not care about her.


Qu Liu’er was really not her name. That name was given to her by Qu FengZi.


Qu Liu’er’s hands were very beautiful, ice white, thin and slimly long. She put her hand to the center point, and the glow was many times more brilliant than Du ShouShou’s. However, it could just only reach three stars and slowed down until the fourth star to stop. Qu Liu’er seemed to have been very satisfied, and she was red in the face, which was very beautiful. Anyway, Old Huo used to say that the best disciple of this martial art school could just have reached three stars.


For Xiao QiDao’s turn, An Zheng was hasty a little, but Xiao QiDao was relaxed. Du ShouShou brought Xiao QiDao up and put the child’s hand to the center point. A dazzling beam flashed.


One star, two stars, three stars, four stars, five stars, six stars, seven stars…


– “He was really matchless.”


An Zheng suddenly moved toward and brought Xiao QiDao down,


– “Seven stars! You’re very good!”


Because An Zheng and Du ShouShou were standing in front of the Nine Stars dais, other people could not see that the beam still did not stop. Du ShouShou was surprised. He did not understand why An Zheng had stopped Xiao QiDao. However, he knew that An Zheng had reasons for that. Therefore, Du ShouShou did not reveal it.


– “An Zheng, why don’t you give it a try?”


Qu Liu’er looked at An Zheng, and her eyes were full of expectations.


– “Me?”


An Zheng smiled a bit,


– “No need. I am obviously a genius. At least I am not lower than Xiao QiDao’s.”


Having finished speaking, he brought Xiao QiDao and left without looking back.


That night, waiting until everyone had slept, An Zheng came to the Nine Stars dais alone and he could not help putting his hand on it… half a star.


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