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The scale of the Illusory academy was very large, but not many people could come there. In the Illusory Perennial Domicile, the Illusory academy was the highest sect. For the the so called “academy”, it was very simple and violent… the Landlord Mu ChangYan felt himself a scholar, so he insisted on calling this place “academy”.


Zhong JiuGe ran a small store nearby the academy. However, it was just his temporary place. An Zheng and DuShouShou had also helped in successfully carrying out the Cleansing  the Marrow by Ye Aunty. They along with Xiao QiDao went to the main gate of the Illusory academy.


The sects had their strict principles in selecting disciples. They started at a regular time every year. Parents who had wanted their children to be excellent would bring them to the sect for their choosing. Only a few people were accepted, most of them would be rejected. In comparison with Fuxi, the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan was only a wild place with ongoing battles for years, and there were many people dead. All the sects had a close relationship with the court. Therefore, being disciples of the sects was not really good luck. It was very easy for them to be forced to be human shields at the battle realms.


However, why did many people still stay and even live in such a dangerous place like the Blue Boorish Mountain?


It was because they could live within the regulations although this place was wicked. However, the battle between the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan seemed to have never end, and it could take its citizen’s lives very easily. Actually, in every battle, most of the people who died were civilians.


Xiao QiDao was very independent. He did not allow An Zheng to carry him but walked on his own. An Zheng asked him why, and he said that it was due to his mother’s instruction that a man must be strong. If he was afraid of even walking, he could never practice.


An Zheng smiled a bit, and he rubbed Xiao QiDao’s nose:


– “Practicing is not as simple as you think. You cannot succeed with only resistance. However, resistance is the most important thing, so you are successful a half.


Xiao QiDao was strongly motivated because An Zheng had praised him. That little child believed that he was really talented.


When they arrived at the main gate, they saw two acquaintances. They were Qu FengZi and his disciple, Qu Liu’er. They were scolded terribly by a caretaker at the yard.


– “Get out! Get out!”


The caretaker pointed at Qu FengZi:


– “Do you think that this academy is a place where everybody can come?”


Qu FengZi was quite humble:


– “Ye ye, I beg your listening. Hadn’t the landlord informed that we just needed to pay enough tuition fees in order to take my child here to compete? After the competition, if she passed, she would be accepted to study here. You see, it was very difficult for me to earn enough money. Could you please give us a chance?”


The caretaker curled his lips disrespectfully:


– “Get out! I have seen many poor people like you. Do you think that you can change your destiny by bringing enough money here? This place is not for you. Go away with haste, or I will release the dogs to bite you.”


The caretaker was walking a big Tibetan mastiff. It was as high as the caretaker and as big as an ox. The Tibetan mastiff had an aggressive look at Qu Fengzi and Qu Liu’er as if it could swallow them just once.


Qu Liu’er was terribly frightened and pulled Qu Fengzi’s sleeves:


– “Master, let’s go!”


Qu FengZi got mad:


– “Why leave? I bit the bullet, and I was also scolded for being greedy so that I could find enough money for you to come here to practice. At the present, we have just had some small troubles, but you already want to give up. Don’t you think that you’re letting him down?”


Qu Liu’er was pale white, and she did not dare say anything else.


The caretaker curled his lips:


– “It’s absolutely poor of you. So, will you leave now? I don’t want to ask twice.”


Qu FengZi suddenly knelt down and supplicated non-stop:


– “Ye ye, I beg your mercy. I beg your mercy. We live in poverty, so it’s not easy for us to earn enough money. Could you please give us a chance so that my child can try?”


He took out a gold bar from his sleeves and put it in the caretaker’s hand:


– “Ye ye, I beg your mercy.”


The caretaker kicked Qu FengZi:


– “You give the beggar, don’t you? A gold bar is not enough to even buy meat for my dog. – Just go away!”


Qu FengZi kept begging:


– “Ye ye, I beg your mercy. Please wait until I earn some more money, I will give it to you for your drinking.”


– “Your motherfucker, do I seem to need your money to buy wine?”


The caretaker kicked again:


– “Will you get out, now? If not, I will release the dog.”


The Tibetan mastiff rushed off headlong to push Qu FengZi down. Its big paws stepped on Qu FengZi’s chest. The Tibetan mastiff turned down, and its saliva dropped on Qu FengZi’s face.


Xiao QiDao saw the situation, he kept his hands tightly:


– “Bro An Zheng, can you help them?”


Qu FengZi struggled to stand up, and the Tibetan mastiff was mad. It opened his mouth and bit Qu FengZi’s neck. An Zheng released his hands, and the kitten jumped out from his chest. A white light glowed and landed on Qu FengZi’s body in the twinkling of an eye. That Tibetan mastiff was as high as human, but the kitten was too small. They looked like a child competing with a strong wicked man.


However, no one could expect that the Tibetan mastiff was terribly scared when it was faced with the kitten. It looked like it was facing its natural enemy, so it yelped and ran back. Even the caretaker could not keep it. The kitten moved forward, and the mastiff was so scared that it hid behind the caretaker and made him horribly frightened. After that, the mastiff ran non-stop towards the academy and ignored the caretakers calling.


There were other caretakers running towards them, and they tried to keep the mastiff tightly in order to save that man.


The caretaker was dirty, and he was crazily mad. He stood up and looked around. When he realized that the thing which had made his mastiff frightened was just a kitten, his face was quite weird. An Zheng moved forward and picked the kitten up. After that he helped Qu FengZi to stand up. Qu FengZi saw An Zheng. He was a little surprised and said thanks. His face revealed a little disappointment:


– “Thank you for saving me. However, if you had let his dog bite me dead, he might have allowed Qu Liu’er to attend the competition.”


An Zheng gave Qu FengZi a thick ear:


– “I saved you was because I liked it. I don’t need you to thank me. I gave you a thick ear for your saying… that I should let his dog bite you dead so that he could allow Qu Liu’er to attend the competition. Such a god-damned arrogant person like him could have survived because he was raised by part of people like you. Although if the mastiff had bitten you to death, do you think he would have allowed Qu Liu’er to go inside?”


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An Zheng had a cold smile:


– “Qu FengZi, you make me look down on you.”


Qu FengZi roared:


– “You know nothing! I did it like that so that she could have gotten into the academy.”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “You must be crazy. I can save your life, but I give up on your mind.”


Qu FengZi wanted to move forward and take action, but Qu Liu’er pulled his hand and begged him in tears.


At that time, the caretaker accompanied with some others appeared and pointed at An Zheng. He scolded:


– “Where are you god-damned little bunnies from? You dare to cause trouble in front of the academy!”


An Zheng turned up to look at that caretaker, and then he went back. The caretaker assumed that An Zheng had wanted to run, so he and the others rushed forwards. An Zheng pulled Qu Liu’er back and cleaned her tears:


– “You were protected by Qu FengZi so well. Therefore, you have never seen the dark places in this world. Do you know why that caretaker did not allow you to get in? It was because you didn’t have money for him. Qu FengZi suffered from sorrows and pains so that he could save enough money for you to attend the competition, but the money required was much more.”


He took out a low-level holly germ and gave it to Qu Liu’er:


– “Keep this.”


Qu Liu’er received it in fear, and she did not know what to do.


An Zheng turned back and pointed to the caretaker:


– “Do you see his face? Use this holly germ and throw it to his face.”


Qu Liu’er shook her head scarily, and she did not dare do do so. Du ShouShou ran forward and took the holly germ angrily, and then he threw to the caretaker. Du ShouShou finished Cleansing The Marrow, so he got stronger. The holly germ changed into a glow, and it slapped on the caretaker’s nose, making his nose bleed terribly.


A low-level holly germ had cost thousands of liang’s. This caretaker saw clearly what had been slapped on his nose. He immediately turned down to take the holly germ.


An Zheng released Qu Liu’er’s hand and moved to the caretaker. He stepped on the holly germ. He turned down to look at the face of the caretaker who was having difficulties in trying to pick the holly germ up:


– “You looked down on a gold bar, but you became enslaved by a holly germ… do you want it?”


The caretaker cleaned the blood on his nose, and he nodded continuously:


– “Yes!”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “But I don’t want to give it to you.”


He turned down to pick the holly germ up and put in his chest:


– “Such a person like you could also be arranged to watch the door of the academy. I am beginning to become quite disappointed with this place.”


A joke had been played on the caretaker, so his face was very weird. However, he did not dare to take any actions because such a child who could freely take out the holly germ to throw it would not have been normal. Therefore, he watched out for An Zheng.


– “This academy was my house, so the landlord allowed me to be a caretaker here.”


After explaining, the caretaker carefully said:


– “Who are you?”


An Zheng turned his look to Xiao QiDao:


– “I feet regretful now, and I don’t want to go into this academy now. So, what should I do?”


Xiao QiDao jerked his chin up and said intentionally:


– “It’s up to bro An Zheng. If you tell us where to go, we will go. If you tell us where not to go, we won’t. QiDao follows An Zheng.


Du ShouShou also said:


– “It’s really a bullshit place. It makes me sick. Although this place is the best place in the Illusory Perennial Domicile, your father doesn’t want to go in.”


Actually, An Zheng had wanted to go to Illusory academy to study so that he could have hid his status. He really was skillful for practice, and he did not lack any experiences. In comparison with the sect heads or any sect seniors, he was many times stronger. He just did not want people to know his secret. Therefore, he decided to go to the academy to study. If so, no one would have doubted him.


However, the Illusory academy had such a jerk like the caretaker. Therefore, he really did not want to stay there.


He looked around and saw some high buildings adjoining each other opposite with the Illusory Perennial Domicile. However, the buildings were quite ragged. There was not even a watcher. There was a signboard on the door. The text on the board could be barely seen… TianQi Martial School. An Zheng knew a little about this TianQi Martial School. It was said that this place was a famous school of the Illusory Perennial Domicile many years ago. The head of this school used to be the landlord of the Illusory Perennial Domicile. However, since Mu ChangYan had killed him, the TianQi Martial School had fallen into decay.


Mu ChangYan had intentionally built the Illusory academy opposite of the TianQi Martial School. In comparison with the majestic huge Illusory academy, the TianQi Martial School was more desolate.


– “We’ll go there.”


An Zheng pulled Xiao QiDao and Qu Liu’er’s hands:


– “We are just practicing, so anywhere is fine.”


That caretaker was surprised, and then he scolded: “You’re such penniless fools.” However, he did not dare to speak loudly because he did not know An Zheng’s background. At that time, the scholar Mu ChangYan went out. He looked at them and said:


– “Come in, all!”


An Zheng turned down and asked Xiao QiDao:


– “Will you come?”


Xiao QiDao shook his head:


– “No, I won’t. I’ll follow you!”


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