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Du ShouShou and Zhong JiuGe did not know that An Zheng had came to Ye Aunty’s tavern alone.


After coming back, An Zheng had a lot of suspicions. Why didn’t he feel any risks? He had used to be the leader of the Tribunal and experienced lots of danger. Therefore, he clearly knew that the death of Chen Pu would make South Mountain Town noisy. If he returned, he would be near the risks. Therefore, he went to meet Ye Aunty alone, and he planned to tell Du ShouShou after he had succeeded. If he did not succeed, he would not have mentioned about this at all.


However, the South Mountain Town was very quiet last night.


An Zheng did not know that there was a scholar last night who had killed two-hundred-seventy-nine bandits by himself. He just walked on the street, pointed randomly, and many of the people fell down. There were people of the Chen family, the Great Bandits Hall, and the others who had wanted to put their hands in this business. However, there was no blood on the main street. That scholar had killed people without letting them bleed. When An Zheng walked on the South Mountain Street, he looked at the alleys whenever he passed by. However, he did not see any bodies piled up in the alleys.


An Zheng sat down and thought. At that time, Du ShouSho moved to him and squatted next to him.


– “What are you thinking?”


Du ShouShou asked.


An Zheng replied:


– “I’m thinking about where to go. If Ye Aunty does not agree to help us to carry out Cleansing the Marrow, then we couldn’t join any sects.”


He looked at Du ShouShou:


– “You? What are you doing?”


Du ShouShou stretched his back:


– “In the past, whenever I got up, I went to the toilet first. Yesterday I went to the toilet many times. Now, I have nothing in my stomach. Although I went to the toilet as usual, I couldn’t shit anything out.”


An Zheng asked again:


– “So, you should sit down. Why do you need to squat like that?”


Zhong JiuGe leaned on the branch. He smiled and replied instead:


– “An ye, you must not know that his ass was hurt due to moving his bowels too much…”


An Zheng sighed softly. These two guys were really innocent.


– “An Zheng, I have a question.”


Du ShouShou sat down making the tree branch strongly shake.


– “Go ahead!”


– “Have you ever loved someone?”


– “Not yet!”


– “Why?”


An Zheng glanced at Du ShouShou:


– “How many girls are there in this South Mountain Town? Although there are girls, they will not run on the main street. You are only ten years old. Why do you think about it all day?”


Du ShouShou:


– “My life goal is to have a beautiful girl as my wife. After that I will open ten stores in the South Mountain Town so that I can take money every day. In the morning, I will lead her by my hand on the main street so that people will admire me. She will swing back and forth her thin waist and her big fanny while walking, and I will help her.”


Zhong JiuGe curled his lips:


– “Beautiful girls will not dare to look at an ugly guy like you.”


Du ShouShou:


– “Don’t you see that those who walk together with the beautiful girls are ugly people? Therefore, I can definitely do it in my future because I am uglier than them.”


Zhong JiuGe gave a thumbs-up, and he suddenly opened his eyes widely:


– “Great… greatly beautiful girl.”


Du ShouShou curled his lips:


– “Are you dreaming?”


After that he also realized that An Zheng was gazing at somebody in front of them. His eyes revealed caution and doubt. Following An Zheng’s eyesight, Du ShouShou saw a beautiful girl. She made lots of men in South Mountain Town shifty. She was Ye Aunty, the owner of the tavern. Ye Aunty wore a light yellow dress which made her more girly. She was a strange woman. Her temperament changed along with her style.


Ye Aunty looked at the three people and asked:


– “What are you doing here on the tree?”


Du ShouShou intended to answer, but An Zheng stopped him because he was afraid that Du ShouShou had said something rude.


– “We are waiting for the sunshine, and then tell Ye Aunty ‘Good morning’.”


An Zheng smiled happily, but he felt worried inside. Yesterday, he came to the tavern, but he did not knock on the door, and he just put a bag outside. He was afraid that someone stole the bag because he felt murderous air inside. At that time, Ye Aunty was about to take action. However, now she came to meet An Zheng. Therefore, he could not know what Ye Aunty wanted.


An Zheng was doubtful of Ye Aunty, and so was Ye Aunty of him. Mu ChangYan said that An Zheng did not have clear origins, which helped Ye Aunty understand why she did not see his eyes like a child at the first time.


– “Talk seriously.”


Having said that, Ye Aunty turned back and left. An Zheng jumped down from the tree and followed her. Du ShouShou looked at them and pitifully said:


– “This woman is not simple. I don’t know if An Zheng can conquer her.”


Zhong JiuGe:


– “You jerk!”


Du ShouShou was surprised for a while because he did not know why Zhong JiuGe had scolded him as a jerk.


Ye Aunty went first, and An Zheng followed after. They insisted on keeping a distance. It was the first time Ye Aunty had felt a close relationship with a child. Therefore, she believed in Mu ChangYang’s prediction more.


Going far into the jungle, Ye Aunty stopped and said:


– “I am curious about your origin. Anyway, an orphan of the South Mountain Town definitely cannot have written a skillful guidance like that. But I will not ask because everyone has their own secrets. As you asked for my help, but you didn’t ask me why I hid my status. I will not see you as a child, so you don’t need to pretend to be a child so that I can slacken my cautions… fairplay is good for both sides.”


An Zheng smiled a bit showing his white teeth. His smile looked so happy:


– “Ye Aunty, just go ahead!”


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Ye Aunty said:


– “So, we will go straight to the topic. You looked for me because you had wanted to ask me to help you to carry out Cleansing the Marrow?”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “Not only me, both Du ShouShou and me.”


Ye Aunty:


– “You two? So, that guidance is still not enough for my fee.”


An Zheng said:


– “I will write down another one!”


Ye Aunty said:


– “No need. Although that elite guidance suits with Xiao QiDao’s power, he is still a child. Therefore, he will not surely use it within the next ten years. I plan to bring Xiao QiDao to the Illusory Academy. After helping you to carry out the Cleansing the Marrow, you must help me to protect him and do him a favor. I will find a way to lead you to the academy. Moreover, you will be deigned more than other people.”


An Zheng did not doubt it because he knew that Ye Aunty had her own powers behind it.


This must be a mutual benefit. Therefore, they did not bargain anymore. For the Illusory Academy, Ye Aunty felt very secure. The academy belonged to Mu ChangYan, and she trusted him.


While An Zheng and Ye Aunty were talking, a youth showed up from an artificial mountain in the yard of Chen mansion. Very few people knew that the fake mountain behind the Chen mansion garden had a secret way leading directly to a secret room. All the treasures of the Chen family were kept in that secret room. After completing the plan, the first thing Chen Pu did was take his son, Chen Qi, to the secret room. He left almost all of the guards there to protect his son so that he could come to An Zheng’s house alone.


The Chen family had many secret stories which no one could know. Chen Pu had worked for the Chen family for many years, so he knew everything about the Chen family. The things in the secret room were much more than what Zhong JiuGe had found out.


Chen Qi carried a big bag to go outside. He waved his hand and the henchmen of Chen Pu followed to wait for the orders from Chen Qi.


– “Lead me to the Devil Hand Jiu ye.”


Chen Qi just said two sentences, and the second one was:


– “Tell me in detail how my father died.”


In the Illusory Perennial Domicile, there were many kinds of people because they had the same reasons to find refuge here, being chased for murder, or being in a dead-end. During the past years, the Chen family involved many people from whom they could have taken advantage, and the Devil Hand Jiu ye was one of them. There was a list in the bag which Chen Qi was carrying. In the list were names of the people who the Chen family could control, during the many years in the South Mountain Town.


With this list, Chen Qi could have controlled a network of people. The official properties of the Chen family definitely fell in his hands.


Deng Ba, Chen Pu’s appointed man, carried Chen Qi to go outside. He was running while saying:


– “Dandy, your father might be dead in An Zheng’s house. Our men found the body, but there was a strange power preventing us. Therefore, everything is not very good now. Now we need to hide, and then we can take revenge. Moreover, people of the South Mountain Town know you, so we must be more careful because not few of them intend to let go of the Chen family’s properties.”


Chen Qi nodded:


– “Deng uncle, I know how to do it. So, I ask you to take me to Devil Hand Jiu ye.”


Deng Ba revealed difficulties. He hesitated for a while and said:


– “Dandy, if you want to do that, you must change your status.”


Chen Qi said yes shortly:


– “Just the name, so it’s not too big. I only need to avenge my father. Although you ask me to get the same family name with my enemy, I also agree because it was not just for revenge. My father appointed you to me, and he also did vice versa. If we betray his feelings, we cannot live in this world honorably. We must become the strongest force in Illusory Perennial Domicile which causes people to kneel before us.”


Deng Ba said:


– “Don’t worry, dandy. Although I have to die, I will also protect you.”


They passed by small alleys, and then they stopped at a silent house.


Chen Qi stepped down, adjusted his clothes, and moved to the bamboo gate. He cleared his throat with a cough and said:


– “I am Chen Qi, I come to visit Jiu ye.”


The gate opened, and an old man appeared. He was smelly of wine, his eyes were hot red, and his body was thin. He stood there, knitted his brows, and looked at Chen Qi:


– “Is it a man of the Chen family?”


– “That’s right! I have some troubles, so I want to ask for some help from Jiu ye.”


– “What?”


The old man asked.


Chen Qi took out a jade from his chest:


– “Follower Jade of the Chen family, Jiu ye must recognize it, mustn’t you?”


The old man said yes shortly, and he turned back to go inside:


– “The Chen family is done, and they left only you to be the host.”


Chen Qi followed him. He walked while asking:


– “Qiánbèi [1], you don’t need to worry much like that. You just need to do your business well.”


The old man stopped and coldly said:


– “You are not wrong. I owe the gratitude of your Chen family, and debt must be paid. Therefore, don’t be garrulous.”


– “Let’s tell me. What do you want?”


The old man asked.


Chen Qi pointed to his sickly arm:


– “Help me to recover this arm.”


The old man looked at Chen Qi’s arm and shook his head:


– “It’s impossible. Veins are broken. Moreover, you let it be for a long time. If you had come here one day earlier, it would have been possible.”


Chen Qi asked:


– “So, what should I do so that I can use this arm again?”


The old man replied:


– “Cut it and change a new one.”


Chen Qi knitted his brows. He thought for a while and nodded:


– “So, cut it, and change a new one.”


The old man asked:


– “Aren’t you afraid of being hurt?”


Chen Qi had a cold smile:


– “My heart is hurtful, so I am not afraid anything else.”


The old man got pale, and then he sighed:


– “Changing an arm is not as easy as you think. It acquires at least three medium-level holly germs. It also acquires an arm which has just been cut. Moreover, the owner of the arm must have the same type of your blood.”


Chen Qi turned back and looked at Deng Ba:


– “Go find the children at my age, as many as you can. If not, find the children older than me. Hurry up! I can’t wait anymore.”


Deng Ba nodded:


– “Yes, sir! Although there are no children in the South Mountain Town, I will also go to another place to cut.”


Having finished saying, he turned back and left.


Chen Qi was thoughtful for a while and said:


– “Help me to change my face!”


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