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An Zheng, Du ShouShou and Zhong JiuGe walked on the main street at night. They felt as if they were in another world. Tonight, the South Mountain Town was quiet as if there was no air existing. When they passed by the school of the South Mountain, they looked inside and saw that the corpses were still hanging on the beam. Looking from the outside, they just saw feet, feet, and feet.


There were some children at the door crying. After that, a child about six or seven years old stood up and crawled to the table with difficulty. He tried to take a corpse down, but he couldn’t. An Zheng stopped and hesitated for a while. Finally, he did nothing.


– “Crime always appears at night, and it also ends at night.”


Zhong JiuGe sighed:


– “And being stopped by another crime.”


– “You should go home. These corpses will be taken cared of later. If anyone sees you here, you will be beaten.”


An Zheng talked to the children, and then he went straight ahead. The children turned back and looked at An Zheng. One of them shouted:


– “An Zheng, this place used to be our school, anyway, and they were our teachers.”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “This place has never been our school, and they have never been our teachers.”


The children did not understand what An Zheng had meant. They just felt that he was quite cold-blooded. Finally, they gave up and left the school. They did not know that An Zheng did not allow them to touch the corpses was because he wanted to protect them. Although Chen Pu was dead, new powers would rise quickly in the South Mountain Town. Therefore, those nostalgic children like them would have been at risk.


– “Where will we go now?”


Du ShouShou asked.


– “Find a place to sleep.”


An Zheng replied softly, and then he moved forwards faster.


It was darker and darker.


The three did not return to An Zheng’s house because that place was not safe anymore. They left the South Mountain Town to a small jungle, and they found a great tree, climbed on its branch to rest. However, they did not feel sleepy.


– “An Zheng, can we change our destiny?”


Du ShouShou asked.


Through the leaves, An Zheng looked at the sky full of stars and nodded slowly:


– “Everyone can change their fate. The question is how. The truth is that we change our destinies every day, but we do not recognize it. The way we pass by every day is the direction of destiny. However, where we will arrive in is based on your way.”


Zhong JiuGe felt that An Zheng used to have a very detailed history of violence and valour, but he did not dare say it.


An Zheng asked Du ShouShou and Zhong JiuGe to go sleep and he would take the night watching shift. Du ShouShou and Zhong JiuGe were immature people, so they did not need to think too much. Moreover, they were tired, so they could sleep very quickly. An Zheng waited until they had slept deeply, and he climbed down from the great tree and returned to the South Mountain Town.


The flag with the word “Ji?” still flew streamed in the wind. However, the tavern was closed.


The skinny body of An Zheng in front of the tavern looked desolate under the dark night. He raised his hand up and intended to knock on the doors. However, he hesitated and decided not to do so. He had borrowed the sword soul in the flag to kill the Eighth, so Ye Aunty asked him not to come here anymore. However, a day did not pass, and An Zheng had again appeared in front of the tavern. He thought of the innocent face of Xiao QiDao, and he suddenly saw himself as selfish.


Ye Aunty was a practitioner. She hid her status in the South Mountain Town by running a tavern. She did not do it for herself. Xiao QiDao had powerful talents, but Ye Aunty did not allow him to practice. She also did not do that for herself. An Zheng suddenly understood that all Ye Aunty did was in protecting Xiao QiDao. Therefore, An Zheng felt himself as selfish. If Ye Aunty showed up as a practitioner, the results would have been hard to predict.


Therefore, he turned back and left.


He did not see, and he also did not feel that Ye Aunty was standing behind the door. Ye Aunty held a sword in her hand. The sword was very long, and it was as reflective as water. Her eyes revealed killing intentions, but she still hesitated. She brought up the sword two times, and then she had also put it down two times. When An Zheng had left, she suddenly felt very tired. After that, she felt that everything would not have been terrible as she had thought, so she opened the door.


In front of her was a bag.


Ye Aunty picked up the bag, she returned to her room, and she closed the door. Opening the bag, she found a medium-level holly stone inside. There was also a small book which had just been obviously written in.


– Xiao QiDao is very talented. Although I don’t know why you prevent him from practicing, it may be because you want to protect him. But how long can you protect him? His whole life? I don’t dare to say if this book suits with Xiao QiDao or not, but at least it can help him form enough capacity to protect himself. Sometimes, although you prevent a child from performing, he is still at risk. This book has something that can help you two, if Xiao QiDao applies it. It can be seen as my gratitude for lending me a sword.


Ye Aunty had just opened the second page, her look changed immediately. Her eyes revealed fear which could not come out in words. It seemed that the book had something written in it about her weakness.


– Why did you have the power of practice from Fuxi?


Ye Aunty mumbled. Her voice was a little shaken as if someone had opened the curtain inside of her and saw through the deepest places inside of her mind.


– “You are just an orphan in ghd South Mountain Town, how could you have clearly known about Xiao QiDao’s power?


She again kept the hilt of the sword tightly, and her eyes revealed killing intentions again.


– “Maybe he did not intend to be cruel!”


From outside, a male voice sounded. Its tone was low and deep. It was also peaceful.


“Creak!” When opening the door, Ye Aunty was startled that she did not lock the door. At the door was a young scholar around 30 years old. His face revealed some fatigue, but he was very brilliant. It was a kind of blowzy brilliance. His beard grew on the chin and on both cheeks, but it did not affect his manners. He was young, but he seemed to have experienced painful events. When he looked at Ye Aunty, his eyes revealed hesitation.


– “I’m sorry for bothering you at night.”


He turned back and closed the door, but he did not move forward.


– “I have told you that this place does not welcome you.”


Ye Aunty replied coldly:


– “I and Xiao QiDao came to find refuge in the Illusory Perennial Domicile, but you still followed us like undissolved spirits.”


The scholar said:


– “The predecessor assigned me to protect you and your son. I know that you have some misunderstandings with me, but he has already assigned me, so I cannot do different.”


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– “Misunderstandings?”


Ye Aunty picked up the long sword and the sword tip was pretty cold:


– “I witnessed you stabbed in his chest once. Was it misunderstanding?”


The scholar revealed sorrows on his face:


– “He came to the Inner Courtyard alone. You knew his sorrows very well. I killed him because I didn’t want to see him keep suffering from pain. You also knew, but you felt hatred for me because I had killed him. You were obvious a woman who did not idly talked, but due to his death, you became self-opinionated. You felt that he and I had loved you, so I had intentionally killed him.”


– “Go away!”


Ye Aunty’s voice was shaken, and her hands holding the sword were also shaken.


– “I won’t go!”


The scholar waved his hand once, and the slim book on the table flew to him. He turned down to look:


– “That child must have suffered from an event, so he was not him anymore. But no matter who he is, he does not have cruel intentions towards you. The guidance in this book is really suitable with Xiao QiDao. I know that you have spent your whole life for Xiao QiDao because you want to protect him. Therefore, you didn’t allow him to practice.


– However, it is a wrong idea. What if Xiao QiDao is at risk, but he cannot practice, so what can he do?”


Ye Aunty had a cold smile:


– “Weren’t you the one who swore to protect us?”


The scholar nodded:


– “If I am dead, I will be dead in front of you. Therefore, if you also die, Xiao QiDao will have no one by his side.”


Ye Aunty got pale white, and she dropped the long sword down.


The scholar kept saying:


– “The youth named An Zheng must have reincarnated. He must be very powerful, if not, he couldn’t have written down such a senior guidance like this. You should help him because his future will be very hopeful. Find a friend for Xiao QiDao, and that friend will also be his supporter for a long time. You can help Xiao QiDao to have another person whom he can trust.”


Ye Aunty asked:


– “Why don’t you go help him on your own?”


The scholar smirked:


– “I am Mu ChangYan, the landlord of this Illusory Perennial Domicile. He will know me sooner or later. Therefore, if I help him, he will doubt me. You are different. You are Xiao QiDao’s mother. You help An Zheng by yourself first, and he will help Xiao QiDao later. You and I don’t know how strong our enemies are. Maybe two of us will die one day. Moreover, we don’t know when that day will come.


– You two came as refugees to the Illusory Perennial Domicile, so I also came here. I didn’t believe the people of this place. Therefore, I killed all the people who had possibly wanted to overwhelm you and your son, and I became the landlord of the Illusory Perennial Domicile. I remade the rules for this place and caused the people to fear me. I did all things in the hopes that I could bring safety to you and your son.”


Ye Aunty’s hand was shaken more, and she was speechless.


Mu ChangYan said:


– “He and I were brothers and we all loved you. However, you chose him, not me. I was zealous, and I was angry. However, he is my brother, and you are still the one I love. No matter what you think about me, I have made up my mind to protect you and your son.”


He thought for a while and said:


– “If you agree that I am right, then you should find An Zheng and help him to get the Cleansing the Marrow. After that, you take him and Xiao QiDao to the Illusory library. I opened the Illusory library so that Xiao QiDao could go there to study at any time. With An Zheng always with him and me, Xiao QiDao can grow up safely in the library.”


Mu ChangYan turned back. When he was about to leave, he said:


– “You and I have no future, but Xiao QiDao does. The way you are protecting him is just for your ideals, not him. It’s really yours.”


Ye Aunty was shaken a few times, and then she insensibly sat on the chair.


– “I can still suffer the poison in my body for a few more years.”


Mu ChangYan’s tone became peaceful:


– “Within these years, I will teach Xiao QiDao by my heart, and I will transfer his father’s skills to him.”


Having finished speaking, he pushed the door and left. His shadow, faraway, seemed to be lonely. Ye Aunty cried and stood up as if she had wanted to get something. However, her hands could just touch the air.


On that day, he was poisoned very badly, and she intended to help him, but he refused because that poison could not have been detoxified. Finally, My ChangYan detoxified himself, but he could not detoxify all of it. No one knew when the poison had come to effect. Ye Aunty burst into a convulsive sob. God was too unfair to her… the two most important men in her heart, one died, and another one was surely to be dead as well.


She turned her head to Xiao QiDao who was sleeping well.


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