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After killing Chen Pu, Chen ShaoBai looked at An Zheng.


Later on, Chen ShaoBai decided not to kill An Zheng. He did not want to kill An Zheng because he did not know if what An Zheng had said was just him showing off or if it was the truth. Chen ShaoBai could feel how creepy An Zheng was now. He also understood why An Zheng had fed the kitten with the crystal stone of the devil beast in front of him. Due to the kitten, Chen ShaoBai did not dare to act without carefully considering.


– “Had you planned everything carefully?”


Chen ShaoBai asked.


An Zheng shook his head:


– “I am not god, and I am not the legend Emperor of the Fuxi Dynasty either. How could I have carefully planned like that? It was only due to my habits. I always prepare many things ahead no matter if they are useful or not. How about you? What kind of person are you? Only I know that you have left the Value Assembly Courtyard, and only I know that you want to join a secret sect. Therefore, you want to kill me to shut me up.”


Chen ShaoBai said:


– “I hope that until we say goodbye, you will forget that I had wanted to kill you today.”


An Zheng did not say anything.


Chen ShaoBai asked:


– “Don’t you really want to go with me? Although you cannot practice now, you will also be able to do so if you have fate for Cleansing the Marrow. There are always no closed doors. You just need to try, and then everything can change.”


An Zheng smiled a bit:


– “Don’t talk nonsense. I will never follow you. I know your origins clearly. Once you arrive in that sect, I will be your object to bully.”


Chen ShaoBai laughed out loud. He clearly had no sorrows:


– “An Zheng, don’t die nonsensically because in the future, you may be my competitor, and not a bad competitor at that. Don’t let me pass you too far, or I will feel that it’s not interesting to kill you when we meet again.”


Having finished speaking, Chen ShaoBai turned back and left.


Waiting for him to disappear for after a while, An Zheng turned down and held the kitten in his arms. He petted the kitten and said:


– “You’re very good. I was even about to be cheated. Although you have just eaten some crystal stone of the devil beast, you are still a kitten.”


The white kitten said meow once with little arrogance.


– “Show yourself! I know you are hiding from me. Qian Men has many secrets, but you are pretty good at hiding.”


An Zheng had just finished speaking, Zhong JiuGe was ashamed. He showed up from behind a great tree:


– “You know, I am not his opponent. Therefore, when he took action on Du ShouShou, I could only choose to hide. However, I insisted on following him in the hopes that I could have rescued Du ShouShou. An Zheng. I hope you will forgive me.”


– “How could it be?”


An Zheng said:


– “You do me a favor. Qian Men has a basic skill which is in disguising. Now you look at that dead person clearly, and then you disguise yourself as him. Are there any problems?”


Zhong JiuGe nodded hurriedly:


– “Disguising is just child’s play. For Qian Men, it is as easy as eating breakfast. Give me some time and I assure you that even his wife cannot recognize him.”


Zhong JiuGe moved to the corpse of Chen Pu and looked at it carefully. He took a small bag from his chest and opened it. Inside the bag were some small jars. He opened the jar, and then he applied it on his face. About 10 minutes later, he stood up and looked at An Zheng:


– “So, is it good?”


An Zheng thought for a bit and said:


– “The brows should be upwards a little. Eyes are the most important. However, this can’t be helped. It’s lucky that it is dark now, and the Chen Pu men are busy with many things. Therefore, they will not doubt you.”


Zhong JiuGe took out a set of clothes in the back, and then he looked at the clothes which Chen Pu was wearing:


– “This is the Thousand Transforming Attire of the Qian Men. Although it is not seen as treasure, it took the Qian Men’s predecessors thousands years to create it. This outfit can change color and form. It is a useful weapon to cheat people on the outside.”


An Zheng used to see this item, so he was not too surprised at the Qian Men’s stuffs.


Zhong JiuGe had worn the clothes, and then he asked:


– “What’s next?”


An Zheng said:


– “Let’s check Chen Pu’s body. There must be some keys. Such a person like him will surely keep something precious with him. After that, you go to the Chen family and think about a solution to find the holly stones. Chen family’s properties are many times bigger than the Great Bandits Hall. Remember carefully! When you go there, you must keep calm. Don’t be hasty. If you cannot find out the Chen family’s treasure storage, you should tell the servants ‘I will follow you to the treasure storage’, and then you just need to follow him.


– “I don’t care how many items you pick. I and Du ShouShou just need 24 holly stones.”


An Zheng said:


– “The rest of them will be yours.”


Zhong JiuGe took a deep breath:


– “Riches and honors come from danger. An ye, I’ll go now.”


Waiting until Zhong JiuGe left, An Zheng dug a hole to bury Chen Pu’s body. He saw that Du ShouShou was still unconcious without any injuries. He found a robe and tied Du ShouShou’s left hand tightly. After that, he based on the moon’s shadow on the main street to find some chicken shit in order to apply it on Du ShouShou’s right hand. He squatted next to Du ShouShou and used the chicken feathers to tickle Du ShouShou’s nose.


For a while, Du ShouShou felt itchy in his nose. He scratched his nose by his left hand. However, his left hand was tied, so it could not move. Therefore, he scratched with his right hand, and slapped the chicken shit on his face.


An Zheng laughed out loud.


Du ShouShou woke up due to a terrible smell. He opened his eyes and got surprised:


– “What happened? – An Zheng, are you ok?”


An Zheng slapped Du ShouShou’s shoulder:


– “I’m ok, good brother!”


– “Why is it smelly here?”


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– “Because I used chicken shit to apply it on your face…”


– “Damn you!”


An Zheng untied Du ShouShou, and then he used water to clean Du ShouShou’s face. Du ShouShou turned up his nose smelling non-stop. He sometimes stared at An Zheng.


– “Let’s go! We will go to Chen family and wait outside.”


An Zheng and Du ShouShou left the house, and they talked together while walking.


Although the moonlight was not so bright, they could see each other. Walking for a while, An Zheng saw Du ShouShou frown and hold his waist, moving to a small alley. Some minutes later, Du ShouShou came out with shame.


– “What?


– “For two days, my stomach has not been good. I have diarrhea, and I have been to the toilet for more than seven times. I don’t know what I have eaten. I couldn’t shit but only fart a lot. Last time, my stomach had hurt terribly. I thought I could release something but it was only a fart. Thinking about the important things that we need to do, I decided to gamble once more. I was sure that it was also a fart, but finally it was not.”


An Zheng jumped aside:


– “Sh*t! how could you solve?”


– “By my panties!”


– “So, now you are not wearing any panties?”


– “Yup?”


Du ShouShou smirked:


– “Actually, you do not need to pay too much attention to this. This is more ashamed than what I have ever met. I remember one year ago, I used to get diarrhea once. In the middle of the night, my stomach was in too much pain for me to stand, so I left my bed and went to the toilet. When I had just came and squatted, I then felt nauseated. It must have been because I had eaten something rotted, so I turned back to vomit into the toilet. However, maybe because I vomited too strongly, I fainted on the ground.”


An Zheng knitted his brows as if he wanted to ask why he still hadn’t gone to hell.


Du ShouShou said:


– “It’s not all. I vomited into the toilet and shat on the ground. After that, I intended to clean up the stuffs, but I vomited again due to the dunghill. My mother heard the sound, and she was afraid that something bad had happened to me, so she ran to me. However, she saw me sitting on my heels with the dunghill in front of me… you must not know how my mother’s eyes were at that time…”


An Zheng said:


– “It is not easy for you to have lived until now. That your mother did not beat you to death can be seen as your happiness.”


The two were gossiping while walking. When they arrived at the Chen mansion, they sat down in a small alley to wait. Du ShouShou worried that Zhong JiuGe could not be flexible. An Zheng was very calm. He sat down and thought about something.


– “An Zheng! If we have holly stones, how can we get the Cleansing the Marrow? Without a powerful man of the Sumeru Stage, it will be useless although we have the holly stones.”


Du ShouShou:


– “Besides, that person must be trustworthy, if not, he will take all 24 stones from us, and we will lose everything.


An Zheng:


– “I know whom we must find. But I’m not sure if she will help or not.”


– “Who?”


– “Ye Aunty!”


– “Huh? – Ye Aunty?” Was Ye Aunty a practitioner?”


– “Yup! Moreover, her powers were very strong. However, she doesn’t want to show up. Therefore, we will go there and ask for help, but I don’t know how to open my mouth. I intend to use something to exchange, maybe Ye Aunty will accept.”


– “What’s it?”


– “It’s you. I will send you to the tavern to for a waiter job, and I will use your whole life to pay for the goodwill debt.


– I think it is good…”


Du ShouShou asked:


– “An Zheng, I see that you are totally different from the past. How can you understand so much? And how can you be so calm?”


This was not the first time that Du ShouShou had asked that question. An Zheng did not know how to explain.


– “Here he is!”


Right then, An Zheng saw Zhong JiuGe proudly coming out from the main gate of the Chen mansion. An Zheng pulled Du ShouShou. Zhong JiuGe stood at the main gate intentionally, and then he slowly moved towards the small house of An Zheng. Walking for half of the way, he saw An Zheng and Du ShouShou waiting for him in the small alley. He immediately moved to the alley, and his body was shaken.


– “You made me scared. It’s my first time doing such a big mission like this.”


Zhong JiuGe gave An Zheng the bag:


– “They are all low-level holly stones of the Chen family. There are just about seventy or eighty stones. There is also one medium-level holly stone. They are enough for you to get the Cleansing the Marrow. I also stole some more checks which cost tens of thousands liangs. They are also enough for us to leave. An Zheng, telling you the truth, I am very happy to meet you. Therefore, I can’t find it in my heart to separate. But I know we basically cannot go together… I want to go to Fuxi.”


His eyes got shiny:


– “I want to see the Tribunal. Maybe its doors are also worth for me to see. It’s a Holy Land in my heart because it stands for justice and equality.”


An Zheng was a little surprised, and then he said:


– “With your capacities, you temporarily should not go to Fuxi. The Tribunal is also not as holy as you had thought it was. It’d be better for you to imagine it. I and fatty are planning to go inside the Illusory Perennial Domicile. There is a library in the Illusory Perennial Domicile built up by the landlord Mu ChangYan. That is the best place to practice. You should also follow us.”


Zhong JiuGe laughed sorrowfully:


– “I know my abilities. I’m 20 now. I can only feel a little cultivation power. It’s hopeless for me to reach the First Stage of Essence… However, I agree to go with you. You can be my brothers. Although I am older than you, I am sure that you are a good big brother.”


An Zheng said:


– “I will surely lead you to the Tribunal.”


Zhong JiuGe curled his lips:


– “Big brother, you should be a little serious. Don’t boast…”


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