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Actually, there were many things happening in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. For the people of the South Mountain Town, it was a big event that the Great Bandits Hall and the Chen family had been destroyed. However, with people of the Illusory Perennial Domicile, this event was a chicken mess. If saying that the Illusory Perennial Domicile was a small underworld, then it was the small underworld where all the scoundrels had gathered together.


An Zheng saw who was sitting at the door with that grim smile. He also saw what that person was sitting on.


Du ShouShou was tightly tied up, and his mouth was gagged. He laid on the ground. He must have fainted.


Chen Pu sat on Du ShouShou’s body. He had a grim smile at An Zheng.


– “Is it very surprising?”


Chen Pu asked.


An Zheng took a deep breathe, and he felt a little sorrow for himself. In this world, such a performance like that could never have stopped performing. When he was in the Tribunal, he had coped with cruel people every day. Living in the Blue Boorish Mountain, a place in the middle of nowhere, the most seeing was also the evils. Therefore, An Zheng saw that it was difficult to understand if his entire life was to simply eliminate all evils.


– “I was just thinking that there was another big power that destroyed the Chen family.”


An Zheng sighed:


– “But it has turned out to be a Trojan horse.”


Chen Pu shook his shoulder:


– “Because the Chen family had owed me. Over the years, how many things have I done for them? Over half of the Chen family’s properties were created by me. However, they always treated me like a dog. I just took back my possessions because they were created by me. Those big faces of the Chen family only lived on the fat of the land. They were wastes. I took back what had belonged to me, and I want you to pay your debts to me next.”


He pointed at his arm:


– “You disabled one of the arms of my son. It felt as painful as you if you did it with mine.”


An Zheng said yes shortly:


– “Because it was the critical time of your plan, you still could stand although I had disabled your son’s arm so that yours could have happened at that time as well.  Having done this can be seen as your talent.”


Chen Pu had found that it was difficult to understand the emotionless and calm face of a ten-year-old child like An Zheng. Because he did not know that the people who An Zheng had faced before were many times crueler than he was.


– “You seem not to be scared?”


Chen Pu rotated the dagger in his hands. There was a hole in the dagger’s head. He put his finger inside of that hole and rotated the dagger like a wheel. Under the soft moonlight, the dagger revealed it’s coldness.


– “Actually, I shouldn’t be small-minded to a child like you. It is said that a big person must have a big heart.”


Chen Pu smiled while saying:


– “But it’s my personality. That I need to take revenge. It’s not because you are still a child that I should forgive your mistakes. This doesn’t suit with my life’s principles. In my eyes, the younger you are, the more that I shouldn’t forgive you. Young age is hard to evaluate in the future. What if you get stronger in the future, how can I kill you then? However, I am not a violent person. It still depends on your behavior.”


He set loose his finger, and the dagger flew out and landed on the ground next to An Zheng’s foot.


– “If you disable one of your arms, I may spare your friend’s life.”


Chen Pu pointed at Du ShouShou:


– “This foolish kid did not agree to say ‘An Zheng is a bastard’ although he was near death.”


An Zheng turned down to see the dagger, and then he turned up to look at Du ShouShou:


– “It was because he knew that I was not a bastard, but you are.”


– “It’s fine!”


Chen Pu smiled while saying:


– “If I was not a bastard, how could I have destroyed the Chen family? Now, only that cad Chen ShaoBai is alive. However, the Value Assembly Courtyard will just protect him until tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning, when he leaves the Value Assembly Courtyard, it will be his funeral day. Before that, you will have been waiting for him in hell. I have never assumed that to be a bastard was a bad thing. In this Illusory Perennial Domicile, there are no bad people.


– “I don’t even think there’s any ordinary people here. Let me tell you the truth.”


Chen Pu lowered down his tone:


– “Here, there are no normal people. Those who come to live in the Illusory Perennial Domicile are all criminals. Because they had used to commit their crimes, they came here on their beam-ends. After coming to the Illusory Perennial Domicile, they became normal people because they were weak. If they were stronger than the other people, would they have let the others bullied them? Don’t be so innocent like that! Except the children who were born here, no one here is not used to killing humans.”


An Zheng nodded:


– “I do not reject this, so the Illusory Perennial Domicile shouldn’t exist.”


Chen Pu pointed to the dagger on the ground:


– “Don’t try to temporize it. I know you so well. This fatty has an older brother in the JiuLi Sect, but he is just a little janitor. You are only an orphan, so you don’t even have a relative. Therefore, even though you temporize it, no one will come here to rescue you.”


An Zheng said:


– “I have!”


Chen Pu was surprised. He looked around carefully, and then he laughed out loud:


– “Don’t show off. You are only the one who has no parents. In this Illusory Perennial Domicile, if you are not valuable, who will save you?


An Zheng seriously said:


– “I really have a lot of people awaiting my orders.”


Chen Pu seemed to be doubtful, so he could not stop looking around. This was the weakness of such a person like him. Because he was dark inside, his doubts were too big.


An Zheng laughed out loud:


– “You’re scared!”


Chen Pu got mad:


– “I’m scared? From now on, the South Mountain Town will be mine. Why should I be scared of such a child like you? I am at the Fifth Stage of Essence now. Just one of my fingers can burst a little child like you. I am afraid of you? You are only an orphan and a cad who could not practice. You don’t need to pretend to be a devil. If you really have someone helping you, why doesn’t that one appear?


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An Zheng said:


– “Once you see my supporter, you will die.”


Chen Pu looked around again, but he still could not see anything.


An Zheng smiled a bit:


– “At the first time, I found this strange. I had made conflict with men of the Tyrants, but it was not necessary for you to appear and make your peace with me. It was because you didn’t want your plan to have been affected by the unexpected events. Why didn’t the Chen family, based on the event that I fought with the Tyrants in order to finish with the Great Bandits Hall? It wasn’t because you had no chance. It was because you had cooperated with the Great Bandits Hall secretly.


– Although the Chen family looked down on you, they trusted you, even Chen ShaoBai. You said that you didn’t have any chances, so they immediately trusted in you. However, that time was the time when you had cooperated with the Great Bandits Hall and prepared to destroy the Chen family. Until the Chen family had fought back, they still did not know who their enemy was. Therefore, they needed to send Chen ShaoBai to hide in the Value Assembly Courtyard so that they could protect the only blood of the Chen family.


– If I think about all these suspects, wasn’t it true that I had prepared myself?”


An Zheng asked one question.


This made Chen Pu even more doubtful. However, he found it hard to understand. What could such an orphan like An Zheng have prepared?


It was not because Chen Pu looked down on An Zheng, but it was because An Zheng really had no powers behind him. An Zheng was no more than a ten-year-old child who could not practice. And he was not a genius. He had no origin and no support. Why should he have avoided such a child like that? However, An Zheng’s calmness had made Chen Pu more doubtful. He thought about the time when Chen ShaoBai had said that he would like to keep An Zheng. He felt that Chen ShaoBai was like a baby wolf. After that, he looked at An Zheng, and he found that An Zheng was scarier than Chen ShaoBai.


Until now, he still could not know why An Zheng was like that.


An Zheng smiled and said:


– “Keep in your mind clearly. Although you have succeeded, you shouldn’t let people see through you.”


Chen Pu was more doubtful of why An Zheng had spoken like that.


An Zheng bent down and picked up the dagger. He also rotated the dagger in his finger:


– “If you had not told me, I would not have known that your cultivation base was at the Fifth Stage of Essence. With your level, it is easy for you to kill me. If it was not because you were so arrogant, you would not have showed yourself. If you were more careful, you should have waited until you could have certainly killed me before saying these things.”


Chen Pu stood up, and his eyes were full of fierce light:


– “Now I will send you to hell!”


– “It’s too late.”


An Zheng smiled while saying:


– “Do you know why I drew attention in the Value Assembly Courtyard? It was because I had wanted to attract the other people. They would be curious as to why a child could have such good eyesight. They would be greedy because they thought that they could control their fortune once they had controlled me. I also got some items there, a pearl from the Value Assembly Courtyard. That pearl was not the boil of any Water Pythons. It was really the crystal stone of a low-level devil beast. However, I had already fed it to my kitten.


– Right! Have you ever met my kitten?”


Chen Pu’s face changed non-stop. He did not understand what An Zheng meant.


– “Finally, what do you want to say?”


He asked.


An Zheng was thoughtful for a while:


– “Do you feel that a Third Stage of Essence can kill you?”


Chen Pu got more nervous. He felt that he could not keep listening to An Zheng talking nonsense. This child talked without beginning or ending. He was really blabbering. However, those sayings had made Chen Pu anxious. He felt that something bad would have happened. Therefore, he decided to immediately kill An Zheng, and then he would have left that place.


An Zheng put the kitten down and pointed at Chen Pu:


– “I fed my kitten with a crystal stone of the devil beast. It’s my assistant. Now, do you know why I said those things? It was because I had waited for it to consume the power of crystal stone. Chen Pu, do you even dare move forwards now? You will regret it because you cannot even fight with a kitten.”


The white kitten was lazily standing there. Having listened to An Zheng, it turned up and roared. It had the tone of a mighty tiger.


At that time, Chen Pu had some delusions. He saw a great wild beast right behind the white kitten.


– “I’ll kill you all!”


Chen Pu rushed forward, suddenly, he felt that his back was terribly stiff. After that, there was something as cold as ice that penetrated his back. He turned back and saw Chen ShaoBai with white hair.


In Chen ShaoBai’s hand was a dagger. Within one second, he had stabbed Chen Pu’s back more than a hundred times, heart, kidney, and all of his weak points.


– “When he asked you if a Third Stage of Essence could have killed you, you should have thought of me.”


Chen ShaoBai’s dagger stabbed with no mercy. He continued stabbing while saying.


– “My power is weaker than yours. If he did not help me to attract your attention, and if you did not pay all that attention to the kitten, how could I have killed you, Third Uncle?”


Chen ShaoBai kicked Chen Pu down, and the dagger kept stabbing into Chen Pu’s chest. After that, it slid across Chen Pu’s throat:


– “I and An Zheng had quarreled in the Value Assembly Courtyard all day. Everyone had thought that I would have run for my life from the Value Assembly Courtyard by tomorrow. Therefore, no one would have any doubts about me. He and I went out together. However, he went from the front door, and I went from the back door. He told me that he would help me to know who my enemy was. He did it, and so did I.”


Chen ShaoBai licked the blood on the dagger:


– “Goodbye, Third Uncle!”


When saying this, An Zheng found that his eyes had revealed something devious.


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