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Kou Lu was dead… by a toothpick.


This was the world of practitioners, but Kou Lu was outside of this world. It was not only the Value Assembly Courtyard’s gate, but also the gate between the practitioners and the normal people. Kou Lu had only just wanted to pass that gate, but he died.


An Zheng silently looked at the toothpick. The toothpick was very normal. It was made of bamboo, and its head had some of Kou Lu’s blood. An Zheng went to the gate of the Value Assembly Courtyard. He took out all the silver bars in his chest. It was about two or three hundred liang’s. After that, he put them in a guard’s hand:


– “If you don’t mind, please help me to buy a coffin and put his corpse inside. I am going to come back and and bury him in a while.”


The guard was going to say no. However, when he saw An Zheng’s eyes, he did not know why he had felt like his heart broken. He could only nod. He felt that if he said no, his soul would have vanished in a minute.


An Zheng at that time did not have obviously such powers, but his eyes did.


The guard received the silver bars from An Zheng, and he hesitated a bit. An Zheng went to the gate. He turned down to look at the threshold. In the past when An Zheng had come here, he did not notice this threshold. Now he suddenly understood that there was a threshold between the practitioners and normal people, and the threshold was very high. An Zheng even thought that if he had passed the gate, was it possible that a toothpick would also had flown out to kill him?


Therefore, he stepped on the threshold for a while like provoking it.


Nothing happened.


He came inside and saw the girl in a purple skirt. She was a special girl. People were attracted by her mysterious temperament. It was however strange. She was most likely similar to a widow who was holding her child under the sun. She caused no feelings of provoking. However, she revealed something elegant as if she was loved by tens of thousands people right after she had been born.


– “Welcome here again, Mister Little!”


Sha laughed and said.


In the past, she called An Zheng little friend. Now she called him Mister Little. An Zheng did not know if she changed her way of calling meant that she had changed her attitude towards him or not. It used to be hot, and now was even hotter.


– “What should I call you?”


An Zheng asked:


The girl in the purple skirt smiled. Although the silk mask hid her smile, it could not hide her eyes which were glowing like the moonlight.


– “You can call me Mistress Great.


An Zheng mumbled:


– “Mister Little, Mistress Great… It sounds like sister and brother.


The girl in purple skirt said softly:


– “People in this place call me Xiaojie [1], but my friends call me Mistress Great. If you feel that we have a fate of sister and brother, it will not be bad. I don’t mind if I have an interesting little brother like you. How about you? Do you mind?”


An Zheng nodded:


– “Yes, I do.”


The girl in purple skirt knitted her brows softly:


– “Why?


An Zheng seriously replied:


– “It’s because sister and brother cannot think far beyond their position.”


The girl in purple skirt was surprised:


– “Are you playing joke on me?”


An Zheng seriously replied:


– “No, I’m not. Don’t you feel that?”


The brows of the girl in purple skirt knitted more:


– “Do you think that you can play joke on me at this moment?”


An Zheng turned to look down, and then he sighed:


– “Fate is always miserable.”


The girl in the purple skirt might have felt that An Zheng was very interesting, so she did not get mad:


– “I have never seen such an interesting child like you for years. Last time, I had met a little child of the Su family in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. He was a little naughtier than you. Moreover, his natural talents were also higher than yours. He had reached Cleansing the Marrow at six. When he was seven, he had reached the First Essence Stage, and the Third Essence Stage at nine.”


She stroke on An Zheng’s head:


– “What a pity! He was dead when he was ten.”


An Zheng also knitted his brows. He looked at the big boobs while she was bending down:


– “It was really a pity. It’s my good luck that I am going to pass my tenth birthday in three days. Maybe I’ll live longer than that child a bit. Life is beautiful. The scene in front of me is an example. Therefore, life is better than death. Mistress Great can come directly to the topic. Although I am young, it doesn’t mean that I am not hard.”


The girl in purple skirt still did not get mad. If another man had told her off like that, he must have died for hundreds of thousands of times. However, again and again, she felt that An Zheng was a special child. Although he had said something naughty, it did not cause the people to hate him.


– “Hard?”


She smiled and half closed her eyes:


– “So, wait until you get hard enough so that you can play joke on me. I believe that you will be very hard in the future with your talents. But you are really not that talented now.”


She stood up and turned back to go inside. Her waist moved a little, her fanny perked up, and her legs kept straight. The most important thing was that if seeing her from behind, her fanny chink could be hazily seen. An Zheng was sure that she was purposeful. Therefore, An Zheng knew that he had failed. He played joke on her, and then she played one back.


– “I somehow want to be an adult.”


An Zheng smiled and went upstairs to the second floor. After that, he saw Chen ShaoBai standing at the corner of the second floor. That quiet youth was obviously crying.


– “An Zheng… the Chen family is no more.”


He said.


An Zheng was a little surprised, and then he nodded:


– “It’s inevitable that they could not wait but wanted to kill you. It was obviously a complete elimination.


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Just half a day had passed, and the Great Bandits Hall had disappeared, and so did the Chen family.” Without any clear information, no one had dared to bullsh*t about who was really running this South Mountain Town. An Zheng did not know how influential the Chen family was, but there was a thing that he knew very clearly. It was the power that had destroyed the Chen family. It was surely many times bigger. Was the young student whom he had met outside of Ye Aunty’s tavern involved in this story?


– “What’s your plan?”


An Zheng asked Chen ShaoBai:


– “The Chen family is now history. I am only afraid that the Value Assembly Courtyard would not allow me to stay here any longer.”


Chen ShaoBai replied:


– “They may allow me to stay until tomorrow morning because I had given them the most precious thing of the Chen family. So, they can protect me a night and a day. An Zheng, I want to practice. I want to be powerful, and I want to take revenge. However, until now I don’t know who my enemy is. My father did not tell me. I know that he did not want me to take revenge because the enemy was extremely powerful. So, my father did not hope for me to have risked my life.”


– “You are only ten years old, but you have already reached the Third Essence Stage. You and I are at the same age. I cannot even practice.”


An Zheng said:


– “With your style, I am afraid that you will die very easily. However, if you die, it will be ungrateful of you to your father. Therefore, I will just give you some advice. With your talents, you can find a good sect although you are in the Fuxi Dynasty. However, I hope that you remember your life during the past ten years. How many innocent people did you kill? How many people did you bully because they were inferior in comparison with you? If yes, don’t cry in front of me because I will not feel any sorrow for such people.”


Chen ShaoBai was surprised, and then he took a deep breath:


– “You are right. I am more powerful than other people. Therefore, I always bullied them in the past. Finally, I lost my family. This world is the way it is, so I will not prove myself innocent. An Zheng, please follow me. I know where I want to go. That is the place which can help me become powerful. It is a sect that no one knows about. Because my father knew about this secret by accident, my family had been destroyed today.


– They forced my father to tell them where the sect was, but my father had refused them. The remuneration for protecting this secret was that I could have come to that sect to study. An Zheng, please go with me because I feel so lonely.”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “I cannot practice. For what reasons do I follow you? Your father used his life to exchange it for your opportunity, but now you still don’t know of his love for you. Chen ShaoBai, I feel that I should kill you.”


Chen ShaoBai said:


– “I clearly know that my father loves me, but what can I do? Howling? I cried, but crying could not solve any problems, but made me weaker. The time when I had left, the death of my father, and the annihilation of my family are my motivations to practice, but they will not break my heart.”


An Zheng waved his hand:


– “Goodbye!”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “Please follow me and be my assistant. You should know that I only need to come inside of that sect, and then I will be on the top of the Ninth Stage once I come out. All the people must kneel down to respect me. At that time, since you are my assistant, you will also have this glory.”


An Zheng:


– “Go away!”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “Why can’t you understand?”


An Zheng did not say anything more. He turned back and left. Chen ShaoBai kept An Zheng’s hands tightly:


– “I am really scared. I have never lived alone. An Zheng, please just follow me. I will give you many good things from now on. In the future, if I become powerful, you will also be respected.”


An Zheng did not look back.


The Great Bandits Hall had disappeared, and so did the Chen family. This was what An Zheng would have liked to see. However, he realized that he had no feelings. Finding the 12 holly germs can change the human power. It certainly required a support from a powerful practitioner of the Sumeru Stage. This sect had its own way to help its fresh disciples with the Cleansing the Marrow. However, its requirements were too strict. With the current powers of An Zheng and Du ShouShou, they had no chances of entering into any sects.


– “You will regret this!”


Chen ShaoBai shouted from behind.


An Zheng looked back, and he saw that Chen ShaoBai’s hair had turned white.


A ten-year child that got white hair. It was very suitable with the name Chen ShaoBai.


An Zheng went down from the second floor. After that, he came to the front of the lobby on the first floor. He looked at the waiter with arrogance:


– “I would like to ask how I can meet Mistress Great? I would like to tell her that I have regretted my actions.”


The waiter was surprised, and then he scolded:


– “Stupid!”


An Zheng looked around, and he knew that the Mistress Great was looking at him and smiling silently. She had known that the Chen family would have disappeared very soon. Therefore, she appeared in front of An Zheng. She felt that this game was so exciting. An Zheng had lost the Chen family as his protection, so he must have certainly regretted because he had rejected her. Therefore, she would never have appeared again because she liked to see him regret.


Life is not boring. He who laughed that day might weep the next day.


An Zheng looked around, and he could not see the one whom he had wanted to meet. An Zheng turned back unhappily. However, no one could realize that An Zheng smiled happily when he turned back.


If I didn’t pretend to have regretted in front of you, you would have killed me due to my arrogance.


When An Zheng left the Value Assembly Courtyard, it had turned dark outside.


The main street of the South Mountain Town was very quiet. There was not even a person walking on the street. When he went to the school of the Great Bandits Hall, he realized that there was a lit oil lamp. After that, he saw all the corpses hanging on the beam of the house, except the corpse of Kou Lu and the Eighth. Those corpses had already gotten rigamortis, and they were still moving. There was a wicked devil sitting in the darkest area of the school. He looked at An Zheng.


This was not the first time An Zheng had experienced this, so he was not scared.


Leaving from the school of the Great Bandits Hall, An Zheng came back home. After that, he felt anxious because he saw that his house also had light. When he left, it was still in the morning.


He saw a person sitting at the gate and had a grim smile.


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[1] Xiaojie: The way Chinese people use to call a single girl who is their boss.

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