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An Zheng went to the school in the South Mountain Town. He looked inside from the gate, but there was nobody in the classroom. No one of the Great Bandits Hall had come to teach, even Kou Lu, who was the most respected in the school also did not come to teach. Therefore, the students of the school had left early, and no one knew where they had gone.


An Zheng left the school and walked to the Value Assembly Courtyard. On the way he tried to recall everything that he knew about the Great Bandits Hall. In his memory, the Great Bandits Hall obviously was nothing. Only the Leader and the Ninth could practice. The others could not, and they were just hard working students. Kou Lu practiced the Body Refining, so he could be seen as a little practitioner. However, only people who had reached the First or Second Stage of the Ascended Marrow could have beaten Kou Lu to death.


Practicing was difficult, so a practitioner at the Pure Essence Stage could have lived very well in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. However, not only the Fuxi Dynasty but also the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan had lots of people who had reached the Pure Essence Stage.


While walking on the South Mountain Street, An Zheng stopped because there was a person who was standing on the main street that was looking at him coldly.


The Eighth Bandit


The Eighth Bandit was a strong man, and he was about two meters high. In comparison with An Zheng, he looked like a mountain. The Eighth could not practice or do Body Refining. However, this man had miraculous strength. He could carry a Mountain Widening Hatchet that weighed about 360 jins on his back to sweep out all his enemies. Although the Eighth was strong, he was ugly. His face typically looked like that of a black bear.


– “Mister Eighth!”


An Zheng stopped, bowed a little and clasped his hands.


The Eighth’s tone was hoarse and as loud as tiger roaring.


– “Fellow, are you a man of the Great Bandits Hall?


The Eighth asked loudly.


An Zheng smiled:


– “Why do Mister Eighth ask me like that?”


The Eighth was rough, and he was even seen as foolish. In the Great Bandits Hall, his strength ranked fifth. However, due to his foolery, he was usually bullied. Therefore, he was only ranked eighth. The Ninth Bandit was a special one because he could jump to the first rank if he liked. However, the Ninth was satisfied with his life. He was different from the others in the Great Bandits Hall.


The Eighth said hoarsely:


– “Based on the regulation, since you came to study at the school of the South Mountain Town, you have been a man of the Great Bandits Hall. You ate meals from the Great Bandits Hall and you wore our clothes. Therefore, you must be ready to die for the Great Bandits Hall. Now we will assign you a mission. You will go to the Value Assembly Courtyard and meet a child named Chen ShaoBai. We cannot go there, but you can. Kill that child for us.”


An Zheng smiled and pointed to his tummy:


– “I remembered that no piece of rice from the Great Bandits Hall was ever in my tummy. Even though I gave sh*t, there was no smell of the Great Bandits Hall. For the clothes, do you the Eighth, see that these clothes that were offered by you are worthy?”


The Eighth waved his hand to stop:


– “I don’t care. If your father asks for you to die, you must die.”


An Zheng still smiled:


– “As I have guessed, the Great Bandits Hall and the Chen family might be in conflict. Because you are the most stupid one, they assigned you to kill Chen ShaoBai. Is that right? But you are not really stupid. You know that you cannot come inside of the Value Assembly Courtyard because death is just waiting for you there. Therefore, you passed it to me so that I would kill Chen ShaoBai for you.”


The Eighth said:


– “What if is it true? You will kill Chen ShaoBai, and then I will spare your life. If you do not go, I’ll kill you first. Isn’t it enough for such a wasted thing like you to die with honor?


An Zheng said:


– “If I go, I die. If I don’t go, I also die. So, why should I follow you?”


The Eighth Bandit:


– “If you don’t follow, you will die sooner!”


He rushed forward. That huge body stepped on the ground, and the whole street seemed to be shaken.


This place was not far from Ye Aunty’s tavern. The distance was not even ten meters away. The flag with the word “Ji?” was flying strongly there. However, it was noon time, so there were not many guests in there. The pedestrians stepped on the sidewalk to hide when they saw the Eighth. An Zheng leaned his head to look at the tavern’s flag. The word “Ji?” looked like a swordsman working in the underworld.


After that, he saw Ye Aunty crossed her arms and stood at the windows to look at him. Her face had no emotions.


An Zheng would have smiled at Ye Aunty, but he couldn’t.  An Zheng was just ten years old, and he was 1.45 meters tall. If comparing him with the Eight who was 2 meters tall, he was too small.


– “So big!”


An Zheng suddenly said two words.


The Eighth was surprised, and so was Ye Aunty.


An Zheng imitated Ye Aunty. He crossed his arms and looked down to see:


– “So big!”


Ye Aunty looked down to see unconsciously, and she also recognized that her boobs were so big. Therefore, she got angry. She thought to herself that this naughty child needed to be taught a lesson. However, she did not want to see the Eighth beat An Zheng to death. Although she had always felt that everything in the Illusory Perennial Domicile was not related to her, and she also did not care who would live or die, however, she did feel different to that youth.


– “Mister Eighth!”


While the Eighth was rushing towards An Zheng, the Mountain Widening Hatchet was raised up, and An Zheng suddenly shouted.


– “Yup?”


The Eighth stopped his axe midair.


– “You regretted? So, you will go to Value Assembly Courtyard and kill Chen ShaoBai, then I will spare your life.”


– “No!”


An Zheng pointed to the Eighth’s lower part:


– “I heard that you had never gone to the parlor house because your ‘baby’ could never have gotten an erection, hadn’t you? You are as strong as an ox, but you are undersexed. Your life is really dark.


– “I’ll burst you!”


The Eighth was so angry that his face turned white. He chopped down the axe once.


An Zheng stepped aside to avoid it. His movement was as fast as lightning. The big axe chopped down and damaged the ground. Crushed stones flew away like hail. A crushed stone flew to the tavern’s gate and made a sound. Other pieces of the stone flew into the pier on the sidewalk. The crash tore the wood into pieces.


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Ye Aunty made up her hair. Her action was slow and soft, but she could avoid a stone flying towards her. No one noticed that Ye Aunty just turned up her hand to make up her hair, and then she had flicked the small boulders away.


The stone flew back faster. Boof! It crashed into the Eighth’s knee. The Eighth lost his power while moving forward, and he kneeled down.


Ye Aunty looked at An Zheng as if she wanted to ask why An Zheng had not run away.


The stone crashed to a dangerous point, and the Eighth kneeled down. While he did not get better, An Zheng should have run away.


However, An Zheng did not run. He looked at Ye Aunty thankfully, and then he rushed towards the Eighth. The Eighth had just turned up, and An Zheng was in front of him. After that, An Zheng sent out a fist into his throat.


An Zheng was small, so his power was many times weaker than the Eighth, but he knew clearly about the human body. One fist to the throat was to the weakest point of the Eighth. However, when the fist was close to the Eighth’s throat, he turned down his chin and snapped An Zheng’s hand. An Zheng turned pale, bent his body, sank his belly, and used his two legs to kick the Eighth’s chest. At the same time, he took back his hand.


However, when kicking to the Eighth’s chest, An Zheng felt as if he had kicked a rock. The Eighth’s body was extremely hard.


– “You wanna die?”


The Eighth laughed cruelly. He turned his chin down more to hurt An Zheng’s wrist.


The Eighth stood up. An Zheng’s right hand was kept there, but An Zheng’s legs were still on his chest, which looked as if An Zheng was hanging onto his body.


The Eighth raised up the Mountain Widening Hatchet with one hand, and he kept An Zheng’s back by the other hand. He turned up his chin and lifted An Zheng up with his hand:


– “Black turtle, your father can kill you as easily as killing a little mouse. Such an orphan like you obviously did not have any status in your society.”


After lifting An Zheng up, he threw An Zheng to the ground.


An Zheng’s body landed as quickly as a firecracker that launched out. When he was close to the ground, An Zheng took the Eighth’s waist, and he flew to the Eighth’s back as smoothly as a snake. However, the Eighth did not stop at that time. After throwing An Zheng to the ground, he had chopped down his Mountain Widening Hatchet.


If An Zheng had fallen to the ground, the axe would have cut him in two pieces.




The axe chopped down to the ground strongly.


An Zheng rushed toward the Eighth’s back, took out a dagger from his sleeves. The dagger was the one that Gao Di had used to try to kill Du ShouShou. An Zheng stabbed the dagger exactly into the Eighth’s nape, and the dagger dashed off his neck bone. Normally, those who were dashed off their nape by a dagger would have been history. Unexpectedly, the Eighth was too aggressive.


The Eighth roared once, and then he stood up, stretched his hand backwards as if he had wanted to pull An Zheng down, but he couldn’t. He suddenly jumped back in order to push An Zheng towards a store. An Zheng stepped onto the front windows. The windows were broken, but An Zheng fell down into the store.


The Eighth used the big axe to chop up the store, and then he rushed into it. The throw was quite critical to An Zheng. Anyway, his body was too weak at that time. Not waiting until An Zheng had any time to fight back, the Eighth turned down to take An Zheng’s neck.


The Eighth caught An Zheng, and then he turned back to throw An Zheng away. An Zheng’s body was thrown away, breaking through the main gate, and then it flew towards Ye Aunty’s tavern.


At that time, Ye Aunty could not but take action.


On the other side, the Eighth also ran out and chased An Zheng. The axe made a shiny curve, striking towards An Zheng’s back.


– “Borrowing your flag for a while!”


In the middle of the air, An Zheng turned inside out. He kicked the tavern’s wall and caught the flag with the word “Ji?” in his hands. He kicked once while the flag in his hand was streaming in the wind.


An Zheng turned his body to avoid the big axe, and he used the flag to fight back at the same time. However, only the word “Ji?” on the flag was special. No matter how thick the flag was, it was useless to the Eighth’s head.


However, at that time, the flag was likely to have been a peerless divine weapon.


A shiny light glowed, and a long sword from the flag appeared. That long sword stroke the Eighth from his forehead to the groin.


Being sliced by the long sword, he died.


It made two terrible sounds. After that, the Eighth was divided into two pieces, and his blood with internal organs were mixed together. An Zheng landed safely and turned his body.


He carried the flag on his shoulders as if he was carrying a one-of-a-kind spiritual sword.


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