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An Zheng obviously understood Chen ShaoBai’s characteristics. In such a place like the Illusory Perennial Domicile, the influential powers as well as influential families, no one was good. People easily understood why the Illusory Perennial Domicile was located in the Blue Boorish Mountain. Crimes from the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan ran into the faraway mountains and gathered in a small village, and then developed into a domicile. Its criminal history was hundreds, even thousands of years. It obviously had a long history of crime.


Since Chen ShaoBai had grown up in such a condition like that, and could have trained his henchmen to be such wicked killers, obviously showed his true nature.


With those kinds of people, no matter children or adults, An Zheng did not have good impressions of them. When he was in the Tribunal, his daily job was to make those people’s lives difficult. Therefore, An Zheng could not have known how many enemies that he had in the Fuxi Dynasty. After he had been trapped at that time, An Zheng had realized that those who he used to see as close friends were actually his true wicked enemies.


Today, the most shiny thing in the Value Assembly Courtyard was not any item but An Zheng. Everyone would always have remembered this interesting child. From now on, An Zheng’s reputation would have been spread out in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. Moreover, it was An Zheng’s idea. The reason why he had approached Chen ShaoBai was to take advantage of the Chen family so that he could have had a position in the Value Assembly Courtyard, and then he could have a chance to get himself a good name.


However, An Zheng clearly knew that the reputation might have been good or harmful. Actually, he was still a low-level, so those who had wanted to take advantage of him would never have refused any tricks to seek him.


Due to the event, the Value Assembly Courtyard had stopped the auction. An Zheng decided to go home, but Chen ShaoBai did not leave, and he still stayed on the second floor of the Value Assembly Courtyard.


When An Zheng arrived at his small house, Du ShouShou was trying to practice his speed. His wrist was swollen. Seeing An Zheng, Du ShouShou moved towards him with haste to ask if An Zheng had met any troubles.


– “Now is not yet. But it will come very soon.”


An Zheng sat down and drank some water:


– “Fatty, there is one thing I have to tell you clearly. If you want to be famous, and you want your parents to live well in such a place like the Illusory Perennial Domicile. Therefore, once you make your final decision, you must be ready to cope with unexpected dangers. Maybe you have not understood clearly, so you must keep in your mind what I have told you carefully.


– I have just made people of the Value Assembly Courtyard know my name. So, many people will hunt me because they want to take advantage of me in order to find the holly germs. Therefore, from now on, I have to face endless troubles. You are my best friend. So, many people may also find you. They can use you to overwhelm me.”


Du ShouShou stood straightly:


– “I don’t care!”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “No. You must care. Although you don’t care, I do. Therefore, if anyone catches you, please keep in your mind that you are not allowed to resist. Protecting your life is the most important factor. No matter what they want you to do, you must do it. Don’t worry! I can take care of everything on my own.”


Du ShouShou still shook his head:


– “It’s impossible! If you tell me to betray you, it would have been better for me to die.”


An Zheng knitted his brows:


– “Fatty, you and I are different. I am an orphan, but you have your parents. Although you don’t care about yourself, you have to think about your parents. Just follow my instructions! Now you should think about a way to go with your parents to find your brother. Your brother is just a servant in the sect, but the sect has its own discipline. So, although a servant who is looked down upon in the sect, they will not just stand and see their people be bullied by the people outside.


– You and your parents must find a way to go to your brother’s place and wait until I have finished up with the troubles, and then I will inform you to come back. Do you know why I keep Zhong JiuGe here? Because he was just an outsider, no one will know him… moreover, he has sat in the yard for a night and a day. So, many people will avoid him. I will ask Zong JiuGe to go with you. Although his cultivation base is low, he can disguise as a tartar, so it must be powerful somehow. But you shouldn’t be anxious, just gradually go find your brother.”


Du ShouShou still disagreed:


– “We all go away and leave you alone here? No way!”


An Zheng slapped Du ShouShou’s shoulder:


– “Fatty, trust me! I can take care of these problems. Moreover, Xiao Shan still stays with me?”


Du ShouShou looked at the kitten sleeping inside of An Zheng’s chest:


– “How can Xiao Shan help you? Just hear me! Don’t draw too much attention, and we will go together!”


An Zheng said:


– “It’s impossible! If we decide to practice, we must try. Is it true that you do hate the Chen family’s men and that headsman? Actually, I know that you do hate cruel people in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. What I want now is to make them kill each other. If I have power, I will do it myself. But now I don’t have such powers, so I can just make them kill each other.


– The Chen family began to count on me, and the other powers also pay attention to me. Therefore, it’s hard to avoid conflict.”


An Zheng smiled a bit:


– Fatty, we do hate cruel people, so we cannot become such people like them. Remember clearly! From now on, taking no notice on fasting comes after feasting, we cannot do as they do although we are pushed to a dead end.”


Du ShouShou said:


– An Zheng, fear not! I will not become such people like them although I have to die.”


He asked:


– “An Zheng, why can bad people do anything that they like, but it’s different for the good?”


An Zheng said:


– “Fatty, being a good person is not difficult. But good people have many obstacles. Good people must obey the laws, and they want to talk about morality. They also want to protect many things. On the other hand, bad people don’t need any of those stuffs, so they can do whatever they like, and they do not scruple. In the Fuxi Dynasty, there is a school known as the Meditation Temple which means using the good to get the bad converted, giving up killing and improving yourself to be the Buddha. However, in my opinion, following those instructions is to tolerate bad people. Good people already find it difficult to train themselves to become the Buddha. However, bad people just need to give up killing, and then they can become the Buddha, which is not true.”


An Zheng’s eyes revealed a kind of fierce light that Du ShouShou had never seen.


– “Facing the bad, the good will find it useless to convert it. Facing the bad, strict treatment is a good way to control it. If it is necessary to be disabled, just do it. If it is worthy of being killed, just kill it.”


An Zheng said:


– “Fatty, in the future of the practices, we will do such things like that. Do you agree?”


Du ShouShou nodded strongly:


– “Yup!”


Zhong JiuGe sat in the room, his hands were held tightly as if he was burnt inside.


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He knew that he had met a true person. His childhood dream could hopefully come true now. Why did he want to practice in the past? Because he had wanted to punish bad people in order to raise the good. However, his natural talents were too low. Although he could practice, he was the weakest. Finally, he could have just joined the Qian Men.


He had not told An Zheng the reason why he had left the Qian Men because he did not like to see his brothers do bad things. Are there any differences of the Qian Men? Is it possible to use the Art of Cheating to get rid of the bad in order to raise the good? However, after ten years practicing, his kind heart was gradually dissolved, but his faith was still alive. He did admire Du ShouShou because Du ShouShou had a friend like An Zheng.


Zhong JiuGe thought to himself that this time, he would not choose wrongly at all.


In the yard, An Zheng slapped Du ShouShou’s shoulder:


– “Now we have a chance to make the scoundrels of the South Mountain Town all die.” The conflict between the Great Bandits Hall and the Chen family was climbing upwards. For what reasons did Chen ShaoBai go to the Value Assembly Courtyard? Moreover, why did he stay inside of the Value Assembly Courtyard and not leave? Because he did not dare to go out, the Chen family must have taken him to the Value Assembly Courtyard in order to be a refugee. He only needed to stay in the Value Assembly Courtyard, and the Great Bandits Hall would not have dared to rush in, in order to cause trouble.


– “The Chen family just wants to get rid of the Great Bandits Hall. The South Mountain Town can just either contain the Chen family or the Great Bandits Hall. This is our only great chance so that we must take advantage of this.”


An Zheng said:


– “So, I need your cooperation. You have to go to take care of your parents well, and then you can come back here to help me.”


Du ShouShou nodded:


– “Yes! I will come back soon.”


An Zheng nodded and went into his house. He talked with Zhong JiuGe:


– “I would like for you to do me a favor… I have two thousand liang’s. Although it is not too much, it’s enough for you to travel. You must help me to take this fatty to his brother, and then you will tell his brother that he must not allow this fatty to come back to find me. These silver bars are for your tips.”


Zhong JiuGe wanted to refuse, but he thought for a while, and nodded:


– “Don’t worry! I will protect the both of us and escort his parents to the safe place.”


An Zheng clasped his hands:


– “Thank you! If we still meet some day, I will acknowledge today’s kindness.”


Zhong JiuGe said:


– “No need, just some more are ok…”


An Zheng laughed out loud:


– “Good! I will help you to become the richest man in the world.”


Having arranged everything, An Zheng felt a little safe. In such a place like the Illusory Perennial Domicile, recovering power required some outstanding tricks. Fatty did not have much experiences in life. Once he jumped into the deadly underworld, he might have coped with more danger than good luck. An Zheng was a person who would have rather died than get his friend involved. The more that he respected the friendship between fatty and him, the more he did not want to put fatty’s family in danger.


Seeing fatty and Zhong JiuGe leave, An Zheng’s eyes revealed complications.


He petted the kitten softly:


– “Xiao Shan, now there are only you and me. I know it’s selfish. I should have asked fatty to bring you with him. But this time, I want to be repugnant. Not only repugnance of my fate, but also yours. Now you are a normal kitten, and I am a normal youth… If we want to change this normality to recover our powers, I will have to make you strong.


– Do you still remember the wicked dogs which pushed you towards the wall? We must be stronger together so that no one can bully us like that.”


The kitten made a sound, and its eyes looked like the stars in the sky. An Zheng felt that the kitten was quite special, but he did not used to raise kittens in the past. Therefore, he thought that the kitten was it, not much attention.


He took out the pearl from his chest, and he crushed it into powder in order to feed it to the kitten:


– “This is the crystal stone of the low-level devil beast. It can change your powers. Although I may fail, I can help you to get stronger. At least you can protect yourself without me. You just need to gradually consume the powers of this pearl, and you can easily bully the other wicked dogs in the future.”


An Zheng turned up and looked faraway:


– “Just get repugnant! Nothing is difficult.”


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