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Obviously, the old man with the white beard had never seen such a child who had so much knowledge like An Zheng. However, his actions were hard to accept. He was thinking that it was stingy of An Zheng to buy a pearl with a few crushed stones. However, An Zeng’s next action, had made the people widened their eyes.


An Zheng picked one of out the crushed silver bars and gave it to the old man:


– “Or sell it to me?”


The old man with the white beard had no time to speak until An Zheng had picked out another bar:


– “So, I will pay a bit more… what shame! This item can only be worth that much, so paying more makes me hurt.”


– “Hmm!”


The old man with the white beard waved his hand once:


– Once The Value Assembly Courtyard fixes its price, it cannot be changed.


An Zheng thought a bit and said:


– “Listen to me! If I can help you to earn the fifteen thousand liang’s back, you will give me that pearl. Deal?”


The old man was surprised, and then he spoke in an ironical voice:


– “You child, although you know about the boil of the Water Python, I think this relates somehow to your living conditions. You look absolutely poor, so I am just afraid that you had to live on hunting. Therefore, you are healthy and have some knowledge. You may not have over two hundred liang’s with you. I am only afraid that your money was made by someone rewarding you.


– Some dandies may think that you are such an interesting thing, so they keep you as their toy. If you think that you can rely on that dandy to be arrogant in this Value Assembly Courtyard, no matter who your boss is, he will surely fail to protect you. I respect your boss in giving you a chance, go back to your seat!. You help me to earn fifteen thousand liang’s back? On you own? If you really used to see what fifteen thousand liang’s looked like, I would be your mount.”


The old man with the white beard was always a polite man. He would not have abused such a ragged youth like An Zheng in front of the valued guests. However, An Zheng had revealed and made him lost fifteen thousand liang’s. “It’s fifteen thousand liang’s! How many lives can it buy?”


– “Will you keep your word?”


An Zheng smiled and said:


– “People usually say ‘an old hand is a good guide’. If I can help you to earn the fifteen thousand liang’s back, then I will mount you home so that you can know where your house is.”


(An old hand is a good guide: An old horse will remember its way)


He came to the stone-striking area where the Jade Melon had just been stroke. This area was still full of the crushed stones which had not been sold yet.


An Zheng moved forward and sought the crushed stone pile. After that, he picked up a piece of the stone and gave it to the old man;


– “If this one cannot be sold for fifteen thousand liang’s, I will be your mount. In the case that you can sell this one for more than fifteen thousand liang’s, I don’t need to mount you, but you must give me the boil of the Water Python. After that, you must say “An ye, I was wrong.”


The old man was so angry that he started to laugh:


– “What a crazy child!”


An Zheng did not care about his words. He stepped on the stage and raised the stone up:


– “Anyone here knows this? Can you recognize the red line on the edge of this stone?”


All the people stood up and leaned forward to see. They opened their eyes widely. As An Zheng had revealed, they really saw the red line on the edge of the stone. Although there were no professional men of stone among the buyers, they were intellectual people. After a while, someone realized this and changed his look:


– “Spiritual Root? Is it a Spiritual Root?”


An Zheng stared at the old man with the white beard, and then he applauded:


– “This guest is really sharp, but you were wrong at one point. This is not an entire Spiritual Root. It was a Spiritual Root which nearly ran out of its power. Do you know why the former holly germ was small but had scratches like that? Because it was too greedy, it took thousands of years for the Earth in gathering its power to create a low-level holly germ, tens of thousands years for a medium-level one, and thirty thousand years for an elite one.


– The holly germ in that Jade Melon was originally a medium-level one. You have also known that the medium-level holly germs have spirits. When they become elite, they can even evolve into human form with spiritual power. Spiritual Treasure Stone is more dangerous than the greatest wild beasts. The medium-level holly germ in that Jade Melon had its spirit which most likely came from creed. Because it had wanted to reach the elite stage, it forced itself in creating the Spiritual Root so that it could try to consume the perfection of sky and earth in order to have evolved into a human.


– Anyway, it is only medium, so when its power turns into a Spiritual Root, it will have exhausted itself. The Spiritual Root without supporting power will also be exhausted. Anyhow, that nearly-wasted Spiritual Root can be used to refine a Life Extension Pellet if you know how to make use of it. I just ask one question… Isn’t it worthy to use fifteen thousand liang’s to buy one life?”


On the second floor, everyone went out from their rooms. They held the balcony and looked at An Zheng. For them, a Life Extension Pellet was not a treasure, An Zheng was.


Chen ShaoBai mostly thought that he had found out a treasure. He was going to pick An Zheng to be his inferior because An Zheng had acted so wicked and absolute, but now he saw that the fellow was really talented.


– “I bet fifteen thousand liang’s!”


A strong man raised his hand:


– “Men of the underworld are hard to avoid fighting and killing. With the Life Extension Pellet, a piece of breath is very important. Your father’s life cannot stop at fifteen thousand liang’s even if it is at one hundred and fifteen thousand liang’s. I will still buy this!”


– “I bet sixteen thousand liang’s!”


– “I bet seventeen thousand liang’s!”


– “I bet twenty thousand liang’s!”


An Zheng heard a familiar voice. He turned back to look. That was the man who had used the twenty thousand liang’s to buy the Jade Melon. He came back…


That man was obviously wealthy. From then on, the underworld would call him “Twenty Thousand Bro!”


– “It’s yours now!”


An Zheng stared at that man:


– You lost twenty thousand liang’s to buy the holly germ. So, you are likely to be unfavorable, but fifteen thousand liang’s for this one is not unfavorable at all.”


The young man was surprised:


– “Fifteen thousand liang’s?”


An Zheng said:


– “Of course! I have been told that it cost about fifteen thousand liang’s, so it just cost fifteen thousand, no more. This was picked up by me, so it can be seen as my free offer to the Value Assembly Courtyard. So, what? You don’t respect the Value Assembly Courtyard, do you?”


He turned back and looked at the old man with the white beard. He realized that the old man’s face was extremely awkward, sometimes white sometimes blue.


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About this old man, he had been the manager of the Value Assembly Courtyard for decades. No good thing had he never met, so how could he have paid attention to such a wasted item like that? At that time however, the wasted item had cost fifteen thousand liang’s. He saw An Zheng looking at him, for a while, he could not know what to say.


– “Fifteen thousand is fifteen thousand.”


Right then, a strange girl showed up from behind. She wore a long purple skirt, and her body was attractive. However, she wore a silk mask and just revealed her eyes. Her skirt was not a seamless skirt, and the upper part was very small, so it revealed her sharp waist. When she walked, her body moved as smoothly as a snake, shaking the people’s feeling.


– “Why do you come here!”


The old man with the white beard moved forward with haste and bowed down respectfully.


The girl in purple skirt said:


– “If I had not come here, the Value Assembly Courtyard would have lost all of its reputation thanks to you. You have worked at this job for thirty-seven years, but you  cannot be compared to a ten-year-old child. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You have just deducted a year’s salary of the one who had traded the Jade Melon, so now I will deduct five years of your salary. Do you have any opinions?”


– “I don’t dare.”


The old man bowed down and he didn’t dare breathe or even exhale a little.


The girl in the purple skirt came in front of An Zheng. She smiled and half closed her eyes like a sprite:


– “Hey little bro, your eyesight is so good. You’re not like a poor child. You might meet some difficulties, mightn’t you? It would be better that you stay in the Value Assembly Courtyard to work for me, and two years later, I will promote you to be a manager. Is that ok?”


An Zheng pointed to the old man with the white beard:


– “After two years then I can replace him? No way, no way. It seems that you are the one who makes the final decisions here. If so, give the item to me.”


He stretched out his hand.


The girl in the purple skirt hesitated for a while, and then she softly nodded. The girl moved with haste to give the pearl to An Zheng. She seemed to be relieved of a burden.


The girl in the purple skirt said:


– “Little bro, it is a waste of your knowledge if it is used outside. Don’t look down on this management position. In the future, if you have enough experience, you can be promoted to the counter head of the Value Assembly Courtyard.”


– “It’s too low!”


An Zheng received the pearl and cleaned it on his clothes:


– “Is counter head a high position? I see that I can get higher. It would be better for me to work outside for three more years. You can wait until I grow up, and then I will find you. Is this ok?”


This saying was not similar to a saying from a ten-year-old child, and it made the girl in the purple skirt red in her face. She was obviously angry. However, when she saw An Zheng’s serious face, she could not help but laugh:


– “Little child… waiting until you grow up, I will have already gotten old, and I will not have been beautiful any longer. However, each person has his own goals, so I will not force you. When you have the final decision, come and find me.”


An Zheng nodded, and he stood there without any movements.


The girl in the purple skirt asked:


– “Anything else?”


An Zheng pointed at the old man:


– “He still owes me his word!


The old man’s face changed continuously, and he stared at An Zheng angrily. The girl in the purple skirt turned down to look at An Zheng, and she felt that this youth was so interesting. However, An Zheng looked forward, and he felt that ‘her hills’ were so high.


The girl in purple skirt stood up again:


– “Old man, don’t lose the Value Assembly Courtyard’s face.”


The old man with the white beard was crazily mad:


– “An Ye, I Was Wrong!”


An Zheng shrugged his shoulder:


– “Although your behavior is not sincere, but it’s accepted anyway. An ye is not an immoral person.”


After that, he walked to the second floor. Now Chen ShaoBai looked at An Zheng differently as a girl that was looking at her lover. An Zheng stepped back once:


– “Don’t look at me like that. My sexuality is very normal.”


Chen ShaoBai said:


– “I cannot lose my face either. I will keep what I have just said. You stay here, and your position is not to be my inferior but my assistant. From now on, you only have one position in the Chen family.”


An Zheng held the kitten and sat down. He rubbed the pearl gently until it was only powder left. He then let the kitten lick that powder, saying while looking:


– “I let you eat good food. Later, if I am poor, you shouldn’t leave me.”


The kitten looked at An Zheng, and then it rubbed itself into his chest.


An Zheng laughed:


– “You are really a nice child. You are kinder than a human.”


Chen ShaoBai asked:


– “An Zheng, was this one really the boil of Water Python?”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “It was definitely not. This is really the crystal stone of a low-level devil beast.”


Chen ShaoBai opened his eyes widely:


– “You… you cheated on the old man of Value Assembly Courtyard, didn’t you?”


An Zheng thought to himself: “Even you were cheated by me.” This one was definitely not the crystal stone of a low-level devil beast but medium-low level. Even fifteen thousand liang’s could not have bought it.


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