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Chen ShaoBai had never felt that his life would have become dark. Although he was just ten years old, he clearly knew that he had a more special life than the children in his age. However, when he saw that An Zheng had used the holly germs to feed the kitten, he felt that his ten-year old life was not more luxurious than that of the ragged youth who had used the holly germ to feed his kitten.


– “It was… a holly germ.”


Chen ShaoBai said:


An Zheng nodded:


– “Yes, a holly germ, but it has scratches, so it is useless with practitioners. Therefore, this type of holly germ is very soft. It is as soft as sugar, so the kitten will like it.”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “But this is a holly germ, and its value is at least ten thousand liang’s. If someone can make use of the spiritual power in that holly germ, it can be used to make a pellet. Once it becomes a pellet, its value must be at least thirty thousand liang’s. In other words, you used an item that cost thirty thousand liang’s to feed your kitten.” (i)


An Zheng softly petted the kitten’s back:


– “It’s my kitten, his name is Xiao Shan. Therefore, no matter what it eats, it has no problem because it’s my kitten.”


Chen ShaoBai was stumped a little, he felt little ridiculous. After that, he was surprised to realize that it should have been An Zheng who felt stupid, why him? But why was that idiot so arrogant when he had fed his kitten? It seemed to be obvious that a poor child like him could have fed his kitten with food that cost tens of thousands of liang’s.


It was obviously his manners!


Chen ShaoBai suddenly realized that the noble manners which he had spent ten years improving had also appeared on An Zheng, and it was even better although he wore ragged clothes or was absolutely poor.


When Chen ShaoBai was terrified of these things, the people downstairs were stupefied. A ragged youth had used the holly germ to feed his kitten. This must be spreaded out in Shout Mountain Town in the immediate future, even around the Illusory Perennial Domicile. However, not many people could have explained An Zheng’s level. Almost all the people severely scolded him as a bad son who ruined his family. Anyone who was cooler would have told him that he was fucking stupid.


The old man with the white beard was quite calm. However, since he had worked for the Value Assembly Courtyard, he had never seen such a strange thing like this.


– “Oops! This is due to the will of God. The item inside of the Jade Melon was really unexpected.”


The old man with the whitebeard coughed shortly and said:


– “Our friend who had just bought the Jade Melon left this hall, but Value Assembly Courtyard will use a Pure Flesh Pellet to refund.


Pure Flesh Pellet is only available in Value Assembly Courtyard . It is useless for practice, but it can help women get younger and preserve their white skin. Its effect are not too bad. That’s why it is said that the Value Assembly Courtyard is very fair and kind. That friend wasted twenty liang’s, so he must have been afraid that he could not have told his wife. Therefore, we have gifted him this Pure Flesh Pellet. This is very effective in calming down women.


However, the price of the Pure Flesh Pellet is only five thousand liang’s.”


The old man with white beard said:


– “I have just mentioned that the Jade Melon was only the appetizer. The next item must not be common. This one was brought here by the thirty-six heroes who had to risk their life to go far away inside of the Blue Boorish Mountain to find it, and they had to pay by the lives of sixteen people. Therefore, you can know how much it will cost.”


He waved his hand once, and a girl in an ice white skirt came to the stage slowly. The girl who brought the Jade Melon wore a short skirt. Her waist was thin, her legs were slim, and her wearings were hot. But the latter girl was purely beautiful. She wore a long-ground skirt, and she walked as sharply as a leaf. She was completely different from the first girl. However, the more beautiful the girl was, the more she attracted men.


The girl in the white skirt brought a tray. On the tray was only one shiny pearl. From faraway, its beauty had made people fix their eyes on it.


The old man with white beard said:


– “This pearl is a pellet of a devil beast, but what kind of devil beast is still my question. The leader who hunted this devil beast said that it was quite strong. Although it was injured at that time, it was still aggressive. Thirty-six people had embarked, but sixteen had died to take this crystal stone.”


Someone shouted downstairs:


– “Everyone knows that the best items are classified into five groups, Jade, White, Crimson, Golden, Amethyst. Spiritual stones are the same, and the crystal stone from the devil beast is not different either. Therefore, your words were just garrulous. That crystal stone is only a white one from a low-level devil beast. Moreover, humans cannot use crystal stone of the low-level devil beast. It can just be used to improve the powers of the mount or pet.”


The old man with white beard said:


– “This guest is not wrong. According to power, it is obviously the crystal stone of some low-level devil beast. However, can you feel that this one potentially contains special water powers?”


The one who had just said, asked:


– “Is it possible for humans to use it?”


The old man with white beard thought for a while:


– “It’s impossible!”


At that time, from a room on the second floor, a scholar’s houseboy in blue moved forward. His face was as elegant as a girl. Almost all the dandies of the big family had the same interests of hiring a scholar’s houseboy who was young and handsome.


– “My dandy said that his mount was the Water Cloud Wolf which was in need of this crystal stone in order to improve his powers. So, how much does it cost?”


The old man with white beard replied:


– “Fifteen thousand liang’s.”


“Wow!”, said the people downstairs.


– “Humans cannot use it, and its value is not even as equal as the Jade Melon. Just only the idiots will spend money on this.”


– “That’s right! It’s acceptable if it costs three to five thousand liang’s. However, the opening price was fifteen thousand liang’s. Did you think that our money grew on trees?”


That scholar’s houseboy returned to the room to ask for an order. After a while, he also did not go out. It was most likely that he was quite disappointed with the price of fifteen thousand liang’s.


The old man with white beard said:


– “The Value Assembly Courtyard has never changed its fixed price. Because even if you used a higher amount of money to buy, we still did not care to trace your money back to its origin. If you feel unworthy of it after buying, we are not going to return your money. Therefore, its price is still fifteen thousand liang’s. Anyone wanting this can bet your price, or I will take it away.”


An Zheng opened his eyes widely. He stood up and looked at the crystal stone, saying lowly:


– “I must own this by all means!”


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Chen ShaoBai was startled:


– “For what do you want this for?”


– “To feed my kitten.”


An Zheng replied coldly, and then he jumped down from the second floor. His actions had made everyone there surprised. What was Value Assembly Courtyard  for? No one had dared to show off here. No matter where the people had come from, patrician family or influential one, they had to follow the Value Assembly Courtyard’s rules. An Zheng was perhaps the first one who dared to jump down from the second floor of the Value Assembly Courtyard.


Some practitioners flew towards An Zheng in the hopes of holding him back. Those people had reached the Ascended Marrow in spite of being the lowest level, they were scary enough for An Zheng, and even though he had not begun to practice.


– “What are you doing?”


One guardian pointed at An Zheng and said angrily.


– “I wanna see.”


An Zheng pointed to the crystal stone:


– “Really? Do you really want to prevent me from coming closer to see it?”


The guardian was angry:


– “If you want to come closer to see it, you should have told me first, then you would have been allowed to. However, such an unsystematic person like you will have been beaten to death easily. So now, you can choose to go back or get away from the Value Assembly Courtyard.


An Zheng leaned forward to look at the old man:


– “Only I in this Value Assembly Courtyard can recognize what that item is, other people cannot.”


The old man with the white beard was anxious, and he waved his hand to ask the guardian to suspend. An Zheng’s clothes were too ragged and pungent. In the past, blood stains of the people outside of Ye Aunty’s tavern and of the others outside the small yard were stuck on his clothes. Now the blood stains were dried, but they still smelled. Moreover, the way that An Zheng had spoken had made the people doubtful.


The old man with white beard said:


– “My little friend, if you can tell me what this item is, I will forgive you for disturbing the Value Assembly Courtyard.


An Zheng went backwards once, smiled and said:


– “This stone is shiny, so at the first sight it looks like a crystal stone from a low-level devil beast. A thing like that can only be used for low-level devil beasts. If a medium-level or high-level one uses this item, it is not as good as eating a nut. At least nuts have a sweet smell. For humans, this item is not cheaper than a penny.


– “I have heard that your Pure Flesh Pellet could whiten women’s skin, and it costs only five thousand liang’s. If it can recover youth, five thousand liang’s is not too much. So, how about that item? In my eyes, it can’t be worth a penny to the practitioners.”


An Zheng pointed to the tray which was in the hand of the girl in white:


– “From far away, it will glow white, so everyone will naturally see that it is the crystal stone of a low-level devil beast. However, if everyone comes closer and sees more clearly, they will realize that inside of the pearl is a thin line as thin as a strand of hair. Only that the outside glow made the line quite blurry. Therefore, if you do not see it clearly, it will basically be unseen.”


– “He turned out to be alright.”


– “In the middle of that pearl is a very small spot. Even though you may see it clearly, you may not be able to see it. However, the longer you look, the more you will be able to find out.”


At first all the people looked down on him, but later they had got totally surprised. No one knew of his origin, but he had said everything correctly. They were ready to hear for An Zheng’s answer.


– “This is not the crystal stone of the low-level devil beast basically, but a boil of the Water Python.”


An Zheng kept saying:


– “This is usually found on the skin of the Water Python which is more than thirty years old. Although Water Pythons are aggressive, they are not devil beasts. Their maximum size may be over 20 meters, as big as a bucket. Water Pythons live in a pond or lagoon. They rarely go on land, so their body is quite wet. Living in an dirty environment for a long time, Water Pythons get typhus easily. This boil is only from the Water Python’s disease. The glow you are seeing is only due to the poison line of the Water Python. This item cannot only be used to eat, but it can also damage your hands if you hold it for a long time.”


He had just finished speaking, when the girl who was bringing the tray turned pale. Unconsciously, she wanted to drop it off, but she was still afraid of the old man with white beard.


An Zheng said:


– “This one is not worth even one penny to practitioners, and it is also useless for medicine.”


He shook his shoulders and went back to his seat.


The old man with white beard came to the girl hurriedly. He observed carefully and found out some details as An Zheng had said. Hesitating for a while, he waved his hand and said:


– “Throw this one away. Moreover, deduct one year’s salary of those who had received this item.”


– “Wait!”


An Zheng suddenly stood up:


– “It is waste to throw this item away. Although it is useless to practitioners, it may cost ten liang’s or so. Putting it on a high position can avoid insects.”


The old man with white beard looked at An Zheng as if he would have liked to kill him.


An Zheng’s words had caused him to lose at least fifteen thousand liang’s. If An Zheng had not said this, an idiot would have bought this sooner or later.


An Zheng seemed to be filled with pity again:


– “But you here, are super wealthy people, and I am poor. There are many mice and insects in my house. So, would it have been better to have given it to me?”


The old man with white hair sighed coldly, and he turned back to the stage.


An Zheng took out the crushed silver bars in his chest:


– “Or sell it to me?”


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