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When An Zheng held the kitten to come out from the litter, everyone at the Value Assembly Courtyard had been terribly surprised. A youth in ragged clothes holding a snow white kitten in his hand would definitely have looked awkward. Two of the guards at the Value Assembly Courtyard door had seen An Zheng, but they did not know what to do. Should they stop the litter? It belonged to the Chen family. Their manners were quite good because they all realized that the people lifting the litter were also a man of the Chen family.


However, if they did not prevent but allowed such a dirty smelly guy in ragged clothes to come inside, the reputation of the Value Assembly Courtyard must have been ruined.


After the litter stopped, An Zheng asked the carrier politely:


– “Need some tips?”


The carrier knew that his dandy did count on this guy, so he did not dare to ask for any tips. He waved his hands to refuse:


– “No, thanks. This is my job.”


– “Yup… so did you bring money with you?”


An Zheng said:


– “Mine are just silver bars, so I don’t have little ones.”


The carrier was surprised for a while, and he took out a crushed silver bar which was around four liang’s:


– “I brought with me a little.”


An Zheng took out a five-liang silver bar and gave to the carrier. After that he took the four-liang one. He chose two of four liang’s and gave to the guard:


– “If you don’t mind, please lead me to Chen dandy. Thank you!”


The guard was startled. He hesitated for a while, and then he led An Zheng in. He looked through to the carrier, and he found that the carrier was more surprised than he was.


An Zheng walked while thinking: “This Value Assembly Courtyard is really luxurious.” The great hall was around five meters high supported with carved pillars. There were tens of big tables in the great hall, and each table was full of people. There were also many girls with elegant outfits walking around to take care of the people. Although those girls were not so beautiful, their appearances were attractive with slender waists, curved fanny, and big boobs. Under their skirts were the long slim legs.


The guards were still surprised, looking at the two liang’s in his hands. His knowledge was wide enough for him to know that he should not judge a book by its cover. Although An Zheng looked poor, he was generous. No one knew if he was a special person. However, although thinking like that, the guard still told off An Zheng.


– “The first floor is only for the common guests.”


The guard pointed to the second floor:


– “The Chen family has a private room on the second floor, and dandy Chen ShaoBai has already arrived.”


An Zheng nodded:


– “How much do you earn every month?”


The guard responded:


– “Eighty liang’s per month excluding tips from the guests. It’s enough to live on.”


An Zheng took out lots of silver bars from his sleeves and chose the smallest one to put in the guard’s hand:


– “Later, if you recruit someone, remember to call me.”


The guard:


– “…”


An Zheng went upstairs and found that all the rooms had people. There was a room which was decorated stylishly. There was a set of wooden pink tables with golden bowls and dishes on it. Just a pot might have cost 180 liang’s or more. When he passed by the balcony, everyone in that room looked at him. They did not know why such a youth like a beggar could have gone to the second floor of the Value Assembly Courtyard.


He should have known that the Value Assembly Courtyard welcomed not only the most important people of the South Mountain Town but also people from other places. Yet, being able to go to the second floor was more difficult. That a ragged youth like An Zheng dared to go to the second floor openly caused many people to be surprised.


When An Zheng had seen Chen ShaoBai, he was enjoying tea. A youth over ten years old picked up a cup of tea and pretended as if he was enjoying tea.


He had to admit that Chen ShaoBai was quite handsome. His brows were high, his lips were rosy, and his teeth were white. Such a youth like that must have caused young girls to be madly in love with him in the near future. He had not only a good background and an influential family, but also he was an inborn talent. People said that he had reached the third stage of the Ascended Marrow. He was only over ten years old, but he reached the level that many of the practitioners had to admire him.


An Zheng knew more clearly about the practitioners than the normal people. Therefore, he knew that such an over-ten-year old child could have reached the third stage of the Ascended Marrow would have also been a genius if he was in the Fuxi. With an inborn talent like Chen ShaoBai, if he had left the Illusory Perennial Domicile to a bigger world in order to show himself off, he must have harvested great success.


Moreover, when seeing Chen ShaoBai, An Zheng clearly knew that he was a wicked person. Although he was an inborn talent, in the future, his cultivation base would have slowed down or even affect his goals of higher levels if he continued to concentrate on his wickedness.


– “Sit down!”


Chen ShaoBai pointed to a chair next to him with a skilled face:


– “I was waiting for you for a while, but I don’t like to wait for people, so come earlier next time. I know that it was no good of me to tolerate my men too much. However, you are really stronger than Zhang Lei’s men.”


An Zheng shrugged his shoulder:


– “I’m not that kind of inferior, so you still have time to change your mind.”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “They do not dare to tell me like that, do you know why?”


He meant that those who had dared to talk him like that would not have had good results.


An Zheng answered:


– “Because they are rubbish.”


Chen ShaoBai stopped his hand while holding the teacup. He knitted his brows and looked at An Zheng:


– “Based on the reports I had, you cannot practice, can’t you? In summary, although your skills are very good, and you are very wicked and decisive, in the end you are the same as those wasted people.”


An Zheng asked:


– “How about you? For what reasons do you want the rubbish by your side? For proving if you are also rubbish or the other way around? I am still not fond of you no matter what the answer is.”


Chen ShaoBai’s finger-joint moved a little, and then appeared a crack on the cup without any leaked tea.


– “It’s obvious that you know nothing about fear.”


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Chen ShaoBai said:


– “If it isn’t because that the Value Assembly Courtyard do not allow people to fight each other, I would have dismembered your hands and legs and fed it to the dogs.  You have not demonstrated your capacities but your unruliness and arrogance.”


An Zheng picked up a piece of cake on the table, took a bite, and fed the kitten the remaining piece:


– “You have also proved your little tolerance.”


– “How dare you!”


A youth in black shouted out:


– “If you still dare to be rude to dandy, I will disable you!”


An Zheng calmly sat down and petted the kitten:


– “You just need to say one more word. If it scares my kitten, you will die very ugly.”


The youth in black was just about to move forward, then he heard a voice from the outside.


– “The Value Assembly Courtyard would appreciate if you valued guests were to sit. Today, however, there are no chairs without you valued guests, which is the honor of Value Assembly Courtyard. You chose the Value Assembly Courtyard because this place is fair and safe for your tradings. No matter who is trading in the Value Assembly Courtyard, we will not allow anyone to interrupt it. As we have just said, you will meet no trouble when you leave the Value Assembly Courtyard even if you demolished the Illusory Perennial Domicile then. However, once you are in the Value Assembly Courtyard, you must follow the rules.”


An old man in white moved to the stage, honorably said:


– “This must be said first so that everyone can know. I will not be around more. You come to the Value Assembly Courtyard from everywhere, and the Value Assembly Courtyard has never disappointed anyone. Today, all items of the auction are of premium value. You guys just need to prepare money for yourselves.”


He turned back, and a beautiful girl with a short skirt brought a tray to him.  On the tray was a shiny blue stone. It was as big as a watermelon. On the top of it was a black line. If seeing it from far away, it was not too different from a watermelon. This item was very heavy. Even a strong man must carry it with difficulty, but that young girl could bring it easily.


– “This Jade Melon is served as the appetizer.”


An old man with white beard said:


– “You guys are the senior people of the precious stones, so you have known that germs are classified into five groups, Jade, White, Crimson, Gold, and Amethyst. This Jade Melon is the most attractive one. However, nothing is perfect. Some days ago, a person could have refined a white holly germ when he broke the Jade Melon. Moreover, this Jade Melon was big, and it weighs around 120 jins. Therefore, no one could know how many holly germs were contained in this.”


An Zheng sat on the second floor. He stretched his lips and said:


– “The Jade Melon is naturally heavy. However, although there are holly germs inside, they cannot be bigger than a walnut.”


Chen ShaoBai looked at An Zheng as if he was looking at an idiot:


– “It’s really a Jade Wooden Gemstone, but the items inside such a big one like that must not be small. If you can guess correctly, you can stay here, and I will not see you as my inferior from now on. You grew up in a poor village, so it is just very good of you to have known about the Jade Wooden Gemstone. However, do you know about the formations of the Jade Wooden Gemstone? The Jade Wooden Gemstone is called the Jade Garment, which means that there are nine stone layers covering the holly germs. Once the senior officials use this Jade Garment after they die, their bodies will be perfectly preserved. However, no Jade Garment which thickness is beyond 2cm. Therefore, the holly germs inside must not be small.”


An Zheng smiled a bit without responding:


– “Fifty thousand liang’s!”


Someone shouted downstairs.


The old man with white beard said:


– “A person just bet ten thousand, and five thousand liang’s for each increase. Is there anyone else betting?


– “Sixty thousand!”


– “Eighty thousand!”


– “Ninety-five thousand!”


People on the first floor scrambled to bet, but those who were on the second floor were quite quiet. Such the noisy kind of betting was nothing to them.


Chen ShaoBai said ironically:


– “Do you need me to buy it and show you if you are right or wrong?”


An Zheng said:


– “Normally, a holly germ which is as big as a fist can be seen as regular. It can be sold for fifty thousand liang’s in the market. They assumed that the items inside the Jade Melon are very big, so they bet high prices. As I have witnessed, the items inside that stone are only as big as a walnut. Its maximum value must be only ten thousand liang’s.”


Chen ShaoBai:


– “So, let’s show me! Try calling for it.”


An Zheng smiled without saying:


– “eighteen thousand liang’s!”


– “twenty thousand liang’s!”


Someone had bet this price, and the people downstairs were immediately quiet. They had their own ways to buy the holly germs with a cheaper price than in the market. If the items inside did not weigh more than eighty jins, they would have lost their capital although this Jade Melon was big. A cheap holly germ as big as a fists weighed about ten jins, and its true value cost was only thirty thousand liang’s, two hundred thousand liang’s at maximum.


An Zheng stared at the one who had just bet and thought: “His brain must not be bigger than a walnut.”


No one had bet more, so the old man with white beard immediately told the beautiful girl to bring the Jade Melon to a stone-breaking area.


The breaker was a tartar, and the long sword in his hand was extraordinary. He broke the Jade Garment by the longsword as easily as chopping a duck. However, after hundreds stabs, there were not any holly germs inside of it. The one who had just betted turned pale white.


Finally, the items inside were as small as a walnut. Moreover, there were some scratches on them. They were not even equivalent to the cheap items.


Chen ShaoBai could not have believed his eyes, and he looked at An Zheng doubtfully.


An Zheng moved to the windows to the one who had just bet, and he shouted:


– “One thousand liang’s, will you sell it or not?”


That person was surprised. He shouted once and turned back to leave:


– “It’s for you!”


An Zheng said thanks to that guy, and then he asked people to bring the holly germ with full of scratches to him. He held the kitten and sat down. He fed the kitten the holly germ:


– “This must be better than cake. Do not get addicted! Temporarily, I cannot always feed you this.”


Everyone got surprised.


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