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It was as expected that the students of the school in the South Mountain Town who used to bully An Zheng did not come to the class. What An Zheng had done was scared the hell out of them. Wang Meng and the Wang Zhuang brothers who were beaten up by An Zheng still laid down at home. For Gao Di, Zhang Lei of the Tyrants had taken him out, and no one knew much more about him.


Yesterday, An Zheng had used medicine made by him, and then he took a shower with hot water. Although he had not fully healed, his health was better than what it used to be. He asked Zhong JiuGe to stay at home, opened the windows, sit cross-legged without any movements, and ignore everything that happened from the outside. Zhong JiuGe was po-faced for a while, and he went to take a potty, laid it on the coat so that he could prepare if he would pee… (i)


An Zheng and Du ShouShou went to school together. When they came to the classroom, they found that there were just a few people there. It was true that the scare could have spread as strongly as infectious diseases. In the school of the South Mountain Town, when Gao Di’s men had bullied An Zheng, other people had witnessed. They had also based on that to bully him. Herd mentality greatly affected people. Some students in the school saw An Zheng and Du ShouShou from faraway, so they seemed to be nervous.


An Zheng sat in his place, closed his eyes and thought to himself.


Although I can control the injuries, this body is still too weak. If I want to recover my powers to return to Fuxi for my revenge, I must find out a better way to train my body.


The Great Bandit Hall was obviously poor. It was not poor in money but facilities for body training. With An Zheng, he clearly knew what level the Great Bandit Hall was in the Illusory Perennial Domicile. The South Mountain Town was only a small town of the Illusory Perennial Domicile, but the Great Bandit Hall could not control all of it. On the other hand, they had to respect the Chen family in everything. Therefore, the Great Bandit Hall was just the typical inferior.


Now An Zheng’s body was just unwillingly acceptable. It still needed more material to carry out the Cleansing the Marrow in order to reach the Pure Essence Stage. Du ShouShou was trivial, so if he wanted to practice, he needed to use material in order to change his physical powers. An Zheng would not leave here alone. If he left, he must have brought Du ShouShou with him.


Therefore, looking back on it, he saw that the fastest way was to find some medical material from the Chen family.


– “Fatty, do you know any night markets in the Illusory Perennial Domicile?”


An Zheng suddenly asked.


Du ShouShou was surprised:


– “For what do you ask me?”


An Zheng said:


– “Do you want to practice?”


Du ShouShou said:


– “Of course, it’s even in my dream.”


An Zheng slapped Du ShouShou’s shoulder:


– “I know how to practice, but it requires a lot of spiritual stones. I even saw that the Great Bandit Hall could not have had any such cheap spiritual stones, so we could have only found them in night markets.


Du ShouShou could not practice, but he had an older brother who did the cleaning chores in the sect. Whenever his older brother came home, he told some stories about the practitioners. Therefore, Du ShouShou also knew that if a normal person had wanted to practice, the only way was to find some spiritual stones, and then asking a tartar to use the spiritual stone for training. If so, he could change his physical powers. However, with a normal person, it took a lifetime to even buy one spiritual stone.


– “My big brother used to say that a cheap spiritual stone may cost upwards of fifty thousand liang’s in the night market. He said that a normal person needed ten cheap spiritual stones if he wanted to change his physical powers for practicing. Moreover, a tartar who reached the Sumeru Stage was another requirement to help Cleansing the Marrow.


Du ShouShou shook his head:


– “It must cost tens of thousands liang’s, not three thousand liang’s. Although we have money, where can we find a tartar of the Sumeru Stage to help us? An Zheng, I have heard that there are two of the most powerful people in the Great Bandit Hall. They are the Leader and the Ninth. However, they have only reached the Basic Ascended Marrow.


An Zheng said:


– “We just need spiritual stones, and I will take care of the rest myself. The shortage of money is our biggest problem, so the only way is to find out in the night markets.”


Du ShouShou:


– “It’s useless. My brother said that the items in the market were all fake. Although they looked real, there were not any holy germs inside. Moreover, those night markets had a long arm behind them. Those who were deceived could only swallow the bitter bill. We are only children. If we go there, people will play joke on us.


An Zheng said:


– “If only the two of us go there, we surely cannot find out the true items. Therefore, we have to rely on some great influencing powers. Not that the Chen family had wanted to contact me. I am planning to meet them. Using the Chen family’s influence in the South Mountain Town may not be too useless to get a true spiritual stone.”


– “The Chen family is too dangerous.”


Du ShouShou took An Zhen’s hand:


– “You had also seen what kind of people the Chen family was. That Chen Pu was wicked as a snake in the grass. No one knows when he will show up and bite. You are also the one who used to beat their men into great injury. They will forgive you. Moreover, the injured one was Chen Pu’s son.”


An Zheng smiled a bit:


– “Chen Pu is only a small one. You only need to be passionate in practicing, I will definitely help you.”


Du ShouShou opened his mouth widely, and he did not know what else to say. He felt a warm stream flowing through him, and he was moved to tears. Although he knew that with power of a child like An Zheng, it was as difficult as grasping at the straws if he wanted to rely on his own capacities in order to practice. Though he still believed that An Zheng would succeed in what he had said.


While the two of them were talking, someone was standing at the door and looking inside sneakily. At that time, the school was quite quiet. Not one of the Great Nine Bandits had come to teach. Therefore, almost all the students laid on the table to sleep. That person had a look around the classroom, and then he waved at An Zheng:


– “An ye, could you please come outside for a while?”


An Zheng held the kitten, stood up and asked lazily:


– “What’s the problem?”


The person from the outside was a man of the Tyrants, Zhang Lei, closely disabled by An Zheng. Seeing An Zheng coming out, he bowed down:


– “An ye, our dandy said that he wanted to visit the Value Assembly Courtyard. If An ye has free time, please also go there.”


Their dandy obviously was Chen ShaoBai, the only son of the Chen family.


The Value Assembly Courtyard was the only place for auction in the South Mountain Town. People said that some wanted senior items could have only been available there. The majority of the people in the Illusory Perennial Domicile were reckless ones. Those people usually used their life for bets. They usually sought low-level devil beasts in faraway areas of the Blue Boorish Mountain so that they could harvest spiritual stones and bring them to sell at the auction. However, a great number of the profits fell into the hands of the auction association. Those reckless ones just owned some. However, they spent all of it for the parlor houses or the casinos of the big influencing powers.


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– “Yup!”


An Zheng replied shortly:


– “Tell Chen dandy that I will wait for him at the door of the Value Assembly Courtyard this afternoon.”


When Zhang Lei heard An Zheng’s answer, he sighed with relief as if he had gotten rid of a burden although his face was still black and blue.


– “Yes, me small-minded will go home and inform him of your agreement. One more thing, An ye! Gao Di… his four limbs were disabled by me, and now his existence is more horrible than death. I left that fellow behind the mountain, and he is waiting to die now. An ye please feel free to instruct me.”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “Nothing, you can leave.”


Zhang Lei bowed down, and then he turned back to run. With him, An Zheng was like a great wild beast.


– “Let’s go!”


An Zheng pulled Du ShouShou:


– “No one of the Great Bandit Hall came to teach today, so the Chen family and the Great Nine Bandits must be in conflict. If you want to practice, you must not be lazy. The world is obviously unfair. There are people who are already perfect for the first time, but almost all the people are just normal for the first time like you and me. We warmed up quite late. The genii who were perfect during their first time of practice, it just took them three or five years to have reached the Ascended Marrow. However, we are already ten years old, and we have not done anything.


Therefore, we need to make more efforts than the genii did. You go home with me, and we will start the Body Techniques Practice. From now on, I will not allow you to think about having fun any longer. Note the position of spots, and then train your speed and strength. Before you can change your physical powers, you must at least have a mind of practicing.”


Du ShouShou nodded strongly:


– “Don’t worry! I’ll not disappoint you!”


They left school, and the remaining children sighed with relief. It was hard to understand why those students were nervous as if they were carrying a whole mountain on their backs when An Zheng was sitting in the classroom.


Coming back home, An Zheng had found that the Chen family’s men who used to observe him had already left. This surprised An Zheng a bit. The Chen family had suddenly took back their men. They must have been in great trouble. Moreover, no one of the Great Nine Bandits came to teach today, and the dandy of the Chen family would like to visit the Value Assembly Courtyard. By combining the evidences, An Zheng felt that something terribly horrible was going to take place in South Mountain Town.


Zhong JiuGe with his poor face looked at An Zheng at home:


– “An ye, finally, you came back.”


Zhong JiuGe seemed to find out that a fairy godfather, his face was poor for real. When An Zheng came inside, he could have smelled the urine, so he could not help asking:


– “This is…?”


Zhong JiuGe said:


– “An ye did not allow me to move, so I only sat cross-legged like this. I even didn’t dare to drink a drop of water. But… but there were some problems that I failed to control…”


– “You wet your pants? Didn’t you prepare a pot?”


– “It’s not wrong that I prepared, but… I put it in the wrong position…”


An Zheng put his hands over his eyes:


– “Well, Fatty and I have to go outside for practice, and you go change your clothes.”


The fatty smiled while going outside. He turned back and gave a thumbs-up:


– “That’s professional. Even though wetting yourself, you did not move.”


Zhong JiuGe said:


– “It definitely is! It’s my job.”


An Zheng taught Du ShouShou the positions of the dangerous spots, and then training for speed and strength. To succeed in these tactics required diligence, and there were no shortcuts. In the past, An Zheng had to train hard to be him today. Du ShouShou was naturally lazy, but when he thought about his future when he practiced, he gritted his teeth in practicing. It was not an half hour, but his body shook painfully. He suddenly realized that he was too far behind An Zheng. Turning back to look at An Zheng, he found that An Zheng was sitting in the yard and grilling potatoes, blowing while eating.


– “An Zheng, didn’t you say that we would practice together…?”


– “I don’t need to practice for this stage. More practices cannot improve my current physical strength.”


An Zheng had just finished speaking when he saw a litter outside. Four strong men with black coats were carrying the litter and standing at the door.


– “An ye, by order of our dandy, we come here to take you to the Value Assembly Courtyard.”


An Zheng cleaned his hands on his clothes:


– “So, let’s go!”


A crew in black took out a set of purple silk clothes from inside the litter:


– “Our dandy prepared this for you.”


An Zheng turned down to look at his dirty clothes, and he shook his head:


– “Thank you, but I’m fine.”


(i) How lovely this guy was! [LOL]


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