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In this Illusory Perennial Domicile, the weak and good people must be very careful so that they did not get recognized by the others. People could not forget how the Illusory Perennial Domicile was built up in the past. The evils of the Sixteen Kingdoms of You Yan all came here to lord over its people. Therefore, if there was a person on the main street at night, that person must have definitely been evil.


An Zheng was holding the kitten and walking on the street while he was stopped by a small litter. A white guy without any beard came out from the litter. He was around twenty. He stared his eyes at the kitten:


– “What a beautiful kitten! Give it to me or I’ll smoke you.”


In this Illusory Perennial Domicile, it was inappropriate to look down on those who looked weird. Because they were many times as cruel as common crimes.


Being carried by four crews in the litter meant that that person was important.


An Zheng obviously did not give the kitten to that guy although the guy looked weird.


That young man knitted his brows a bit:


– “Don’t you fear death?”


An Zheng shrugged his shoulder:


– “Why don’t you try it?”


The young man asked:


– “Is it worth dying for a kitten?”


An Zheng said:


– “The kitten is mine.”


The young man said:


– “Because it is yours, I ask for you to give it to me. If you agree, I will spare your life. I am not a person who would like to beat about the bush. Do you dare refuse me again?” (i)


An Zheng:


– “The kitten is mine, so don’t tell me that you want it. Even if you had wanted it’s shit, I will still refuse.” (ii)


The young man was surprised:


– “How interesting your words are! There is blood all over your body. Have you just killed someone?”


An Zheng:


– “Let’s guess!”


The young man nodded:


– “It’s very nice. Good bye!”


Having finished speaking, he went away for sure. (iii)


Du ShouShou was as frightened as he had already met a great enemy:


– “Who is that guy?”


An Zheng shook his head:


– “This world is more complicated than your imagination. Many people can rely on their special methods to live well here.”


– “Who was that guy really? Why did he just walk away? I thought that he would have taught us a lesson.”


– “Because he couldn’t fight.”


An Zheng just finished his words and kept going. Du ShouShou was still stumped. He just felt that the young man was very arrogant. That guy was more arrogant than Chen Qi’s men, so he must have been a very important person. However, An Zheng just talked with that guy a little bit, and then that guy walked away. Therefore, Du ShouShou could not explain what that had meant.


– “An Zheng, why was that man so different then? How could you just look at him once and recognize that he could not fight?”


– “Because his cultivation base was poor, and his eyes sold him cheaply.”


An Zheng’s answer made Du ShouShou more and more stumped. It was because Du ShouShou did not know how experienced An Zheng had used to be in the past. At that time, An Zheng was the Leader of the Tribunal, so there was no kind of cruelty that he had not met, and no kind of eyes could have hid from him? Not only the evils in the Illusory Perennial Domicile but also the greatest cruel baddies used to cope with him. Many of scoundrels were killed by An Zheng, and a number of them were uncountable. Although An Zheng’s cultivation base was no more at that time, his eyesight was still good.


– “Wait!”


The young man who had just walked away came back and breathed strongly while saying:


– “Hey there young gallant, I have a question.”


– “What?”


– “Why weren’t you scared of me? This place is the Illusory Perennial Domicile. Those who wear silk clothes must not be normal. Why didn’t such a poor child like you be scared of me? Was it true that I revealed some weaknesses?”


An Zheng replied:


– “Is it true that you are practicing the art of cheating?”


The young man changed his look, turned him down, and said:


– “I am Zhong JiuGe. Could I ask you why you could  have recognized me?”


– “Your eyes.”


An Zheng coolly said:


– “You basically succeeded in the basic art of cheating, but it’s only a basic success. Your eyes could still reveal your weaknesses. Therefore, you were unable to swindle the tartar. If you still use your current powers to cheat people, you will definitely be beaten to death. So, you must have had just come to the Illusory Perennial Domicile for the first time, haven’t you? I wanna give you some advice. You should go to another better world for a short time before you come to live here to be a scoundrel.”


Zhong JiuGe said:


– “In my opinion, if I can cheat people here, I will probably succeed. Thank you for your guidance. You look young but have good eyesight. Moreover, you are more likely to be a person of history. I have time. You have wine and your history…”


An Zheng:


– “You are hungry, aren’t you?”


Zhong JiuGe smirked:


– “I have spent all of my money in renting those crews. The four crews you have just seen were hired by me… therefore, It’s true that I don’t have any money left even for eating.”


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An Zheng:


– “How could such an honest person like you succeed in the art of cheating?”


Zhong JiuGe said:


– “Honesty helped me to have your meal.”


– “How are you so sure?”


Zhong JiuGe pointed to his eyes and then to An Zheng’s.


– “The eyes as you said. We can see through one’s eyes. Although I cannot see through you, I can see through your eyes. Your eyes are pure.”


An Zheng:


– “Call me An ye!”


Zhong JiuGe said:


– “It’s not so good because you are still young…”


An Zheng:


– “How about drinking?”


– “An ye, where do you want to go?


– An ye, do you need my help?


– An ye, where do we go to enjoy our meal?”


When Du ShouShou looked at this person, he thought to himself that it was as exciting as the old story. However, Zhong JiuGe was not a bad one although he was quite shameless.


For An Zheng’s house, the Chen family’s men still protected it silently. An Zheng obviously knew that the Chen family’s detectives were everywhere around his house, so he contained Zhong JiuGe there. When they walked on the road, An Zheng had asked Zhong JiuGe to take the role of  a supreme master who did not need to show up any powers but only strong eyes. Zhong JiuGe had just been disguised, he seemed most likely in how to be a supreme master.


An Zheng knew that Zhong JiuGe could not have cheated the senior people but only Chen family’s men.


An Zheng was in need of such a person like that, and it was lucky of him to have seen Zhong JiuGe. Now more and more people in the South Mountain Town were curious about An Zheng. They all wanted to know who was behind An Zheng so that he could be so arrogant like that. Zhong JiuGe had just appeared, the people who meant mischief with An Zheng became more careful. An Zheng would have liked to take extra time to heal his injuries because his next enemy would not have been as easy as the Tyrants.


The Chen family and the Great Nine Bandits were following An Zheng in silence.  An Zheng needed to find the healing medicines from these powers, especially the Chen family. If he had wanted to fully heal, he would have needed a complete plan.


An Zheng found that Zhong JiuGe had come through the door and saw the silver bars with a knife full of blood, but he did not notice. He did not even stare at them. However, his steps were a little slow. It was obvious that he had noticed the blood on the silver bars. However, this guy had learned some of the cheating skills, but no one knew the reason why he had moved to the Illusory Perennial Domicile.


– “An Zheng, I understand now.”


After coming in, Zhong JiuGe was discouraged:


– “There were many people outside staring persistently at us, so you asked me to disguise not for fun, but as your human shield, didn’t you? This party seems not to be easy. It seems that you have many enemies here, and this is not so good, so I must charge you more.”


An Zheng:


– “Tell me! Why did you come to the Illusory Perennial Domicile?”


Zhong JiuGe said:


– “We are talking about the fee, the others will be later. Although Qian Men are not that high of cultivation base, why do the tartars in our sect have such a high value? It’s because we can accomplish our mission well. Moreover, we work with high quality. An ye asked for me to disguise myself because you worried that someone would have come here and cause trouble during your healing time. Therefore, I need more money so that I can fully complete my mission.”


An Zheng:


– “There are about three thousand liang’s outside, and I will give you half of them. Only the tartars from Qian Men have high value. If you have not become a tartar, you can’t cost that much.”


– “It’s alright!”


Zhong JiuGe laughed out loudly:


– “I like generous customers like you. I left the sect wisely because my skill was so good that my master had nothing to keep training me. Therefore, he told me to visit the worldwide outside to broaden my knowledge. Why is it called worldwide? Because this world contains full of deception, and it is the battlefield for Qian Men to perform.


An Zheng:


– “Are you serious?”


Zhong JiuGe widened his mouth:


– “Due to poverty, I have had no job for a long time. Moreover, no one has come to find us since the time our sect was in trouble. However An ye, how could you know that I did not tell the truth? Don’t tell me that my eyesight sold me cheaply again.”


“I knew that Qian Men was closed.”


An Zheng calmly said:


– “Your Qian Men should not have cheated other people so that you would not have been closed by the Tribunal of the Fuxi Dynasty. I had just known about this.”


Zhong JiuGe suppressed his desire:


– “This world is obviously sensational. Such a growing child like you can know of things outside of the Illusory Perennial Domicile.”


Du ShouShou:


– “That’s right. An Zheng, how could you have known?”


An Zheng shrugged his shoulder:


– “I just made a wild guess, but it’s unexpectedly true.”


Zhong JiuGe glowered:


– “I think you are more talented than me in the art of cheating…”


An Zheng steadily calmed down. His face was serious:


– “By accident, the three of us have met together, so I have one thing to make clear. This fatty and me are brothers. It takes the two of us to tango. Zhong JiuGe, you want experience to improve your cultivation base. Temporarily, you cannot find anyone suitable to help you but me. This place is the Illusory Perennial Domicile. I tell you the truth that in front of the three of us are only the lowest-level characters. Therefore, if we want to have a better life from now on, we cannot let anyone bully us. If so, we must unite as tightly as a robe.


An Zheng looked at Zhong JiuGe:


– “Although you can practice, you may not like this truth, that you were the worst practitioner, so you joined Qian Men in order to search for food. If you had joined another sect, your results would have been clearly seen, even by you. Follow me and this fatty to fight for the Illusory Perennial Domicile. In the future, although you cannot become an invincible supreme master, you can still improve yourself. Moreover, you will deserve things from your efforts.


Zhong JiuGe hesitated for a while:


– “My first reason was in going to the Fuxi Dynasty. I passed by here because I wanted to earn some money for my trip. It was unexpected that I was caught by you. Maybe this is our fate. If so, I will follow you two. Although I practice the Art of Cheating, I know how to treat my friends. From now on, we are An ye’s men. We will fight for a position in this Illusory Perennial Domicile.”


Du ShouShou was crazily excited by the words of An Zheng and Zhong JiuGe. He stood up and said:


– “Fighting for Jianghu!”


– “But have you fulfilled your filial duty yet?” (iv)


(i) If I were An Zheng, I would piss off myself [LOL]


(ii) “Oh sh*t! An Zheng’s injury will be more serious then…” I just thought like that when I read this line! But…


(iii) He was shaken, really shaken then…


(iv) Ooops!


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